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eamonnHello there! I was just going to upgrade to the latest Lubuntu and realized that 19.10 is in beta anyway...21:53
eamonnAnything I should know before jumping into testing? Is there some pre-beta-testing Readme I should check out?21:53
lubot* HMollerCl just use the system and see if bugs appear21:57
eamonnOk, thanks, will do!21:58
wxleamonn: also head over to #lubuntu-devel where all the fun development/testing discussion happens21:59
lubot<HMollerCl> Read the release notes of the beta21:59
wxlsee also https://phab.lubuntu.me/w/testing/21:59
xrandr2Hmm...got a lubuntu install to work :)22:44
* xrandr2 does a happy dance22:47
xrandr2I just wish this laptop monitor had a higher screen resolution. I like the 1920x1280 resolution :)22:57
Meadit is amazing how laptop manufactures keep putting sub 1080p screens in laptops these days.  Was looking for laptops the other day, sooo many 17inch 1600X900 laptops23:19

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