masonJust curious - I read that Eoan Ermine's desktop installer can install to ZFS by default, but I'm not finding how to get the installer to present this.00:20
masonubiquity --help doesn't show an "experimental" mode and the partitioner doesn't offer ZFS.00:22
masonGoing to try again after manually installing zfsutils-linux in the live environment.00:23
OerHeksit is in the installer, https://youtu.be/z9XT8Tn4Z8c?t=8100:26
masonOerHeks: ty, looking00:26
OerHeksit needs full disk, be aware of that00:26
masonOerHeks: I have a full disk to see it. I don't see the EXPERIMENTAL option, though. Under "erase disk and install Ubuntu" I have an encrypt checkbox, LVM, and "something else" which gives me the partitioner00:27
masonThis is with ubuntu-19.10-beta-desktop-amd64.iso as downloaded a day or two ago.00:27
masonHm, yeah, definitely not the same. I wonder if I somehow got the wrong installer.00:28
OerHeksi haven't touched zfs yet..00:28
masonOerHeks: When you do, I imagine you'll be quite happy with it.00:31
masonOh, that says something about master. I wonder if I need to grab a new Ubiquity from the live environment.00:32
masonOerHeks: Ah, and that's it. The comment on that YouTube video mentions Ubiquity 19.10.14, and I've got 19.10.12 on this disk.00:34
masonOerHeks: Is there a nightly build directory somewhere where I can get a new image?00:35
masonFound it: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/00:37
masonwill be back after download00:37
masonOerHeks: Argh, I saw. The daily image doesn't even have the latest Ubiquity. I wonder if I can just install it...01:42
OerHeksoh, i am still searching what goes wrong, do not see it either01:43
masonOerHeks: Ah. So, the latest daily has .13, the video has .14, and an update seems to have .16. I'll confirm.01:44
masonYar, after updating I have Ubiquity 19.10.16. I assume that has it, but we'll see.01:46
masonThere it is.01:48
masonOerHeks: So, it has the option, and then lets you use "Advanced Partitioning Tool for more control" one you've selected ZFS, but the tool doesn't seem to know ZFS, and there's no evident way to select more than one disk, or encryption, so I'm guessing for their first try they're only allowing unmirrored, unencrypted ZFS.01:51
masonAnd... It's populated it with ext4 for some reason.01:53
masonMaybe it needed the tools installed and the kernel module loaded. I'll explore that tomorrow, I guess.01:53
masonIn the meantime, it's not hard doing a root (even on LUKS, even on mirrors) install with debootstrap, and I might try THAT tomorrow as well.01:54
masonOh, it did some funny conversion... Curious. I killed Ubiquity, and now instead of seeing an ext4 I see a ZFS pool. I'll let it go through and do its thing I guess.01:55
lotuspsychjejust noticing passby: bug #184740604:21
ubottubug 1847406 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Installing 19.10 daily for 2019-10-08 + zfs failed install" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184740604:21
tomreyni assume this would already be fixed in todays' daily.09:26
tomreynwohoo, did a uefi zfs install, which was stated had succeeded, but it can't boot, grub only knows about "System setup"10:17
tomreynbug 184746910:39
ubottubug 1847469 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "19.10 daily 20191009: amd64 UEFI zfs_install succeeds but cannot boot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184746910:39
lotuspsychjeRikMills: ^11:01
RikMillsasking in #ubuntu-desktop11:05
lotuspsychjetnx RikMills 11:05
tomreyni just noticed the installer / live system has upgrades available - so it may be PEBKAC11:21
tomreyni'll redo the installation after apt full-uüpgrade on the live system11:21
lotuspsychjewelcoem LuckyMan 11:47
LuckyManthank you11:47
LuckyManTo test I only do do-release-upgrade -d ?11:48
lotuspsychjeLuckyMan: right now there's 2 options to try for testers, using the daily iso (reccomended) or testing the 19.10 beta11:48
lotuspsychjeLuckyMan: we try to advice not to upgrade before final, to prevent giving the developers too much work11:49
lotuspsychjeLuckyMan: clean install daily is the 'better' way to help testing out bugs on devel versions11:50
LuckyManlotuspsychje, ok where do I get the .iso?11:50
lotuspsychjeLuckyMan: see the topic in this channel for the daily iso11:50
LuckyManlotuspsychje, downloading. I will install this on old Toshiba L-30011:56
lotuspsychjethank you for helping testing ubuntu 19.10 LuckyMan 11:56
lotuspsychje!final | LuckyMan TIP:11:57
ubottuLuckyMan TIP:: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Eoan and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 19.10 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade » in a terminal.11:57
LuckyManis the experimental ZFS ready in the current build?11:59
lotuspsychjeshould be yes LuckyMan 12:00
lotuspsychjeLuckyMan: let us know if its available :p12:08
LuckyManI usually have an issue on this computer, it uses intel graphics old processor and I have to do a GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”quiet splash vídeo=SVIDEO-1:d”12:10
LuckyManotherwise it will take ages to boot12:10
lotuspsychjeLuckyMan: nomodeset could also help on graphics issues12:10
lotuspsychjeLuckyMan: if its a real old system, may i advice a lubuntu/xubuntu 19.10?12:11
LuckyManlotuspsychje, it has 2Gb RAM, it's currently running Ubuntu 19.04 with no problems (other than a little slow)12:12
lotuspsychjeyeah i agree LuckyMan if you tweak ubuntu with gnome a bit, you can make it work more decent12:13
lotuspsychjei ran ubuntu-desktop long time on an amd3200 with 2gb ram without issues12:14
lotuspsychjebut general we reccomend more then 4GB ram for gnome running smooth12:14
LuckyManI can see a big difference on just 4GB, and my main system with 8GB is runs it wonderfully12:16
lotuspsychjeLuckyMan: the ubuntu disk creator overwrites your usb with the new .iso you downloaded12:22
LuckyManlotuspsychje, ok thanks12:39
tomreynLuckyMan: be sure to run this after boot on the current daily installer: sudo systemctl start cdrom.mount12:43
tomreynshould be needed if you run the beta12:44
tomreynthis is bug 184745712:46
ubottubug 1847457 in casper (Ubuntu) "No /cdrom mounted on live" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184745712:46
LuckyMantomreyn, this should be run after all the boot process?12:49
tomreynLuckyMan: once the live/installer has booted and before you start installing12:49
tomreyn(so when the desktop loads and you can interact with it.)12:50
LuckyManhow do I access command line there?12:50
tomreynctrl-alt-t is a way12:51
tomreynor click on activieis and type term12:51
tomreynbasically, the same as always on gnome-shell12:51
tomreyn* activities12:51
tomreynright--click on desktop and select "Open in Terminal" is yet another way.12:52
LuckyManoh, I didn't read you well, I see12:52
tomreyninstalling with just 2 GB RAM should work, but it will take a bit longer. my 2 GB RAM VM ran into a situation where it needed to recover RAM repeatedly during installation.12:56
LuckyMantomreyn, failed to start cdrom.mount: Unit cdrom.mount is masked13:21
tomreynLuckyMan: which installer are yuo using?13:22
tomreyndo you see files listed wheny ou run   ls /cdrom/    ?13:22
LuckyMantomreyn, yes13:23
tomreynthanks for answering one of two questions so far13:23
LuckyMantomreyn, sorry, I'm using the firt link I found from the daily-live/current13:24
LuckyManthe desktop image13:25
tomreynokay, just go on then, should be fine13:26
tomreynah so the 'current' URL currently points to http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20191006/ so the installer from sunday13:28
LuckyManI can't see the option for ZFS13:29
LuckyManat least on the portuguese menu13:29
LuckyManI will proceed with the installation anyway13:30
tomreynoh you want zfs? then you may need to use todays' image and do the    sudo systemctl start cdrom.mount13:31
LuckyMantomreyn, nevermind I'm curious about zfs, but I will install this one first13:31
LuckyMando you guys usually use LVM?13:32
tomreynpersonally i do, yes13:33
LuckyManok it's coying files, this will take a while, I'm going to lunch13:36
tomreynso the reason the current/ URL points to 20191006/ is that the builds after that failed some automated tests, so the link was not updated and points ot the 'known good' test build from Sunday.13:40
tomreynSome people (incl.. me) have been able to install fine using todays' 20191009/ iso with the ZFS option, though (but running "sudo systemctl start cdrom.mount" once may be needed there).13:42
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LuckyManThe install process didn't asked me to remove my usb flash and press enter14:07
lotus|i5LuckyMan: can you press F1 to switch to text shutdown?14:07
LuckyManlotus|i5, it restarted without my intervention, I currently logged in14:09
LuckyManshould I make updates?14:10
LuckyManit's saying there are some14:10
=== lotus|i5 is now known as lotuspsychje
LuckyManlotus, update the system. I currently doing it.14:12
lotuspsychjeyeah always update the system to latest14:13
LuckyManbtw, examples.desktop doesn't show an icon with shortcut on the personal folder.14:14
LuckyManit shows a text file icon, and I think it opens as text14:15
LuckyMan(I think it had the same behaviour on 19.04) maybe it should be erased or corrected14:17
LuckyManabout 80 secs to boot to login on this L-300 is very good (specially since I didn't had to tweek grub)14:23
lotuspsychje19.04 and higher have fast bootings14:31
LuckyManlotuspsychje, not on this machine14:33
LuckyMan19.04 has some sort of boot problem because of of intel graphics bug14:34
LuckyManand with this one I didn't notice anything14:35
LuckyManI've just installed 2 snaps, the first worked fine (bzoing). I'm testing olivia now14:37
LuckyManwell, at first sight everything looks fine, I will now pass the computer to a great tester: my 13 years old niece14:54
LuckyManIn 19.10 when I switch to High Contrast in Universal Access and then back to normal, the desktop icons remain High Contrast until I reboot.18:59
LuckyManNot a big issue thow.19:00
LuckyManAlso I don't understand why (Ubuntu all versions) at login I can't use the touchpad to select the Login user, I have to press the button (can't tap)19:03
LuckyManto select user19:03

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