seb128mwhudson, bug #1845571 ... if fixing it properly isn't an option, what about reverting the casper change that created the issue for this cycle?07:29
ubottubug 1845571 in partman-auto (Ubuntu Eoan) "ubiquity offers installation media as an install target" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184557107:29
Tuxisthi i have problem with dak and ubuntu especaily with ddeb packages they seems not to be supported any dak alternative ?08:14
Laneyddstreet: xnox: do you see any problem if we delete the systemd-upstream autopkgtest results from when it used to use pi_tti's PPA? they are all quite old, right?08:27
seb128sforshee, hey, how likely are we going to see that tpm kernel bug fixed in 19.10 before release?08:35
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ddstreetLaney i think that's fine; it looks like there are over 3000 test results per arch using the ~upstream-systemd-ci team ppa, so any older than that are unlikely to be needed for anything11:35
ddstreetLaney and you'll keep the results from ~upstream-systemd-ci, right?11:36
ddstreetawesome.  thnx!11:36
Laneywe just got a note from IS asking us to stop using all the bytes on the planet11:37
sforsheeseb128: the bug is fixed in the eoan-proposed kernel, which should be about ready to promote ...11:53
seb128sforshee, ah nice, thx11:53
ddstreetLaney i see you approved freeze exceptions for a couple ubuntu-kylin packages (which I uploaded yesterday), it looks like he has 2 more that need excptions lp: #1847391 and lp #1847101, can he have exceptions for those?  I can upload them if so11:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1847391 in kylin-nm (Ubuntu) "[FFe] Please sync kylin-nm 1.0.3-1 from Debian unstable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184739111:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1847101 in ubuntukylin-theme (Ubuntu) "[UIFe] Please upgrade ubuntukylin-theme to 1.8.3" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184710111:55
ddstreethe said he is also going to apply for upload rights for his pkgs too, which he definitely needs to do11:56
ddstreeti'm not asking for myself, so if you have any concerns about giving exceptions i am fine with that11:57
Laneyddstreet: yep, sounds fine to me (feel free to paste into the bugs)11:59
xnoxLaney:  yes old.12:10
xnoxLaney:  imho they should be purged frequently. No idea if we can track if like a PR was closed and delete those. Or like if we can purge things older than 3 months.12:11
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seb128doko, do you know if that's a known problem on current e with valgrind?13:26
seb128--6234-- WARNING: Serious error when reading debug info13:26
seb128--6234-- When reading debug info from /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libglib-2.0.so.0.6200.0:13:26
seb128--6234--    debuginfo section duplicates a section in the main ELF file13:26
seb128same for gtk and some other libs13:27
seb128and the result is lack of debug symbols13:27
seb128(that's on amd64)13:27
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rbasakrafaeldtinoco: not sure whose triage it'll come up on next, but the reporter responded to bug 1846714. Since you're our haproxy expert now, could you take a look please to judge importance?13:54
ubottubug 1846714 in haproxy (Ubuntu Disco) "Merge "BUG/MEDIUM: server: Also copy "check-sni" for server templates."" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184671413:54
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rafaeldtinocorbasak: doing it13:55
rafaeldtinocorbasak: you are evil13:57
rafaeldtinocoits been some time now i dont have to google for 3 acronyms in the same sentence13:57
rafaeldtinocorbasak: let me handle it #)13:57
rbasakrafaeldtinoco: no need to do it right now, we can just tag it and move on13:58
rafaeldtinoconah, let it hang there for sometime, ill keep it open and do it by eod then13:58
rbasakrafaeldtinoco: I'm only asking because I thought you might immediately understand the issue and therefore understand its priority13:58
rbasakThanks :)13:58
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bdmurraysil2100: bug 1847313 is a duplicate of bug 181335415:06
ubottubug 1847313 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "update to 19.04 to 19.10 terminal " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184731315:06
ubottubug 1813354 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "release-upgrader unable to deal with sources.list entries of "deb mirror://"" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/181335415:06
sil2100bdmurray: good to know, thanks o/15:16
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infinityjibel: Why is zfs a unique snowflake in how we're seeing/installing tools?18:33
infinityjibel: Everything else (other than ext4, whose tools are essential) ships tools in live-common, not *-desktop, and said tools are removed if unused.18:34
ahasenackif I *have* to parse text output from a tool, because it doesn't use an exit status for a particular error condition, what's the right way to set the locale to "neutral"?18:49
ahasenackLC_ALL=C LANG=C <command>?18:49
FauxSounds reasonable. TERM=dumb may help sometimes.18:55
infinityricotz: Was dropping all the libvala* files from debian/ intentional in this vala upload...?20:35
ricotzinfinity, how do you mean?20:36
infinityricotz: ^-- All those files got dropped.20:37
infinityricotz: That seems suboptimal.20:38
infinity(debdiff is your friend)20:38
ricotzhuh, where did they came from20:38
ricotzI didn't built the package, seb128 picked it up from debian salsa20:38
ricotzI guess something went wrong when building 0.44.8-0ubuntu120:39
ricotzinfinity, so those files should never have been there20:39
ricotzinfinity, the content of 0.44.9-0ubuntu1 looks good that way20:42
infinityricotz: Oh, huh.  I just realised those files are for a future version of vala.  Special.20:43
infinityricotz: Maybe the previous upload was an aborted attempt to merge with unstable, and then the uploader decided against it and didn't clean up. :P20:44
ricotzmaybe some gbp hiccup20:46
petersaintsHi guys! I have a question regarding the inclusion of the NVIDIA proprietary drivers into the Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine ISO. From what I've read and tested, the Live session still boots using the nouveau drivers by default. The NVIDIA drivers are only enabled after installation. Is there any way to use the NVIDIA proprietary drivers in the Live22:32
petersaintssession before installation?22:32
xnoxpetersaints:  actually when the installer selects them, they are installed both for the live session and the target, but i'm not sure there is anyway to "live" switch from one to the other without like killing the desktop.22:34
xnoxpetersaints:  i guess in theory, one could switch to tty1 and orchestrate a switch. But by default, no the debs are not "pre-installed" in anyway shape or form to boot live session into them, as the user must agree to EULA to use/install them.22:35
xnox* any way, shape, or form22:35
petersaintsOk. I thought that there could be some "nonfree" boot flag that I could enable to directly boot into a Live version with the NVIDIA proprietary drivers.22:35
xnoxpetersaints:  no, cannot do from legal reasons, not technical ones.22:35
xnoxpetersaints:  we do not pre-link nvidia modules for the users.22:36
petersaintsIt's not that the nouveau drivers don't work for me. I just wanted to test the latest GNOME 3.24 didn't leak memory with NVIDIA drivers.22:36
xnoxpetersaints:  i agree it would be nice, you might want to open a bug report requesting that against ubiquity (ie. ubuntu-bug ubiquity or over at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity )22:37
xnoxpetersaints:  such that it's not forgotten, and discussed the blockers in doing it. Most likely the bug will stay open, or be closed as wont-fix / opinion.22:37
petersaintsThis is not Ubuntu specific, but GNOME Shell has a number of issues when running with the NVIDIA proprietary drivers. For instance, if I snap two windows side by side and move the divider between the two back and forth for a little while GNOME Shell memory usage keeps increasing and even after you stop it's never reclaimed.22:38
petersaintsHowever, if you use the nouveau drivers or an Intel GPU the problem doesn't occur.22:39
infinityI'd act surprised, except no, I won't.22:39
petersaintsEhehe... I've been able to make my PC run out of memory just with this little trick22:40
petersaintsThat's why I've been using KDE for the past 2 years or so, but from time to time I check if it has been fixed... but nope!22:40
infinityHave you tried figuring out how to report it to nvidia?22:41
petersaintsI'm not sure whose fault it is. I commented about it in a GNOME Shell bug report some time ago.22:41
infinityGranted, it would end up low on their TODO list, which is roughly: 1) Windows gaming performance, 2) Windows desktop stability, 3-97) Count money, 98) Linux gaming performance, 99) Linux desktop stability.22:42
infinityBut it's still worth a shot.22:42
sarnoldmaybe linux desktop got shoved off the list when they started making a play for datacenters22:42
petersaintsbut considering that the problem doesn't occur with other drivers it's probably their fault22:42
petersaintsthere were some GNOME Shell leaks that were not driver specific, but the most sever ones have been fixed by now.22:43
infinitypetersaints: Well, "fault" and "blame" are hard to pinpoint when you're talking the bizarre interaction between renderering applications, OpenGL/Vulkan/etc stacks, low level drivers, kernels, firmware, sketchy hardware.22:43
petersaintsThe only thing NVIDIA cares a little bit in Linux is probably CUDA performance for their Quadros and Teslas.22:44
infinitypetersaints: Really, every layer is grudgingly responsible for working around all the bugs in every other layer in both directions.  It's a "fun" space to work in, if you don't value clean solutions and general sanity.22:44
infinityA large chunk of nvidia/amd 3D drivers are hackish workaround for crap software (mostly games, but desktops too!), like, ridiculously large amounts of code.  And every one of those hacks breaks someone else's equally sort-of-legit non-bug-but-kinda-bug hack elsewhere. :P22:45
petersaintsinfinity yeah, I said fault in a broad sense. As in, where do I need to make the smallest change to make the problem go away without blowing stuff for every other scenario. For instance, to fix stuff to work better with the NVIDIA proprietary driver you could end up inadvertently breaking something else.22:47
xnoxpetersaints:  so.... you say that nvidia drivers are bad for gnome-shell, we don't use them by default, and you don't want to use them by default, yet want installer to boot into nvidia..... to test things?22:48
infinityxnox: To test is that combination now works.22:48
xnoxpetersaints:  i'm just trying to understand the reasoning behind your nvidia ubiquity request.22:48
infinityTo be fair, it's a pretty niche use-case. :)22:48
petersaintsexactly, to test if the problem  still occurs without having to perform an install22:49
petersaintsI was just asking if there was already a process to make it happen22:49
petersaintsit's not worth it to implement it just for my super edge case22:49
sarnoldon the other hand maybe "download this, dd it to usb, reboot, wiggle your mouse for ten minutes" is a decent enough reproducer script that someone would *do* it :)22:49
infinitypetersaints: Sadly, no.  It would have to happen at very early boot (once one driver claims the card, it's basically busted for the other until a pretty hard reset), and at early pre-module boot, it's not really feasible to present you with informed consent sort of "do you want this non-free stuff, and do you bow to your nvidia overlords?"22:50
petersaintsManjaro has been the distro where I have tried a few times if the problem is still there22:50
petersaintsthey have a nonfree boot option for drivers and they bundle the nvidia  proprietary drivers22:51
xnoxpetersaints:  you could try with booting 'break=bottom" when you boot installer, and press esc and edit the boot entry.22:51
petersaintssadly, the last time I tried a couple of months ago still no luck22:51
infinityManjaro is a much smaller target than us, and we're trying to be on the right side of the copyright sketch involved.22:51
xnoxpetersaints:  then you can bind mount proc, sys, dev, dev/pts, run into /root/* and chroot into there.22:51
xnoxcdrom pool should be configured22:52
xnoxand install nvidia drivers22:52
xnoxi think that might do it.22:52
xnoxexit the shell22:52
infinityThat would do, yes.22:52
petersaints@xnox thanks for the tips, but it's too much of a hassle for what it is :P22:52
udevbotError: "xnox" is not a valid command.22:52
udevbotError: "infi" is not a valid command.22:52
xnoxand see if you boot with nvidia sutff, check settings, about this computer to ensure it's nvidia22:52
infinityThis episode of IRC is not Twitter has been brought to you by udevbot.22:53
xnoxpetersaints:  well, i'm at release sprint next week with my nvidia capable laptop, i just might try all of that =)22:53
xnoxudevbot well job =)22:53
udevbotError: "well" is not a valid command.22:53
petersaintsinfinity: sure, I wasn't aware of the legal stuff. I was under the impression that you had struck a deal with NVIDIA for the inclusion of the drivers. If that's not the case, it makes sense to be cautious.22:54
infinitypetersaints: It's less about nvidia and more about how you interpret the linking bits in the GPL.22:54
petersaintsxnox nice, but I believe that it must be an NVIDIA-only laptop like mine. I have a 6700HQ and a GTX 1060. The Intel GPU is completely disabled on my laptop. Only the NVIDIA GPU works and all output comes from it.22:55
infinitypetersaints: We link the drivers at install, with your consent, so it's the end-user (who isn't bound by the license) linking, not Ubuntu/Canonical (who are the distributor, and are bound by it).22:55
infinityIt's a fine line and vaguely sketchy distinction, but there you go.22:56
infinityThe best part about it all is that we *did* link the drivers in our build farm, so we could sign them.  Strip off the sig.  And throw away the binaries that we refuse to ship to you.22:56
infinitySo we can reattach the sig to the identical binary we create with your consent on your system.22:56
xnoxand perform signed secureboot with lockdown22:58
petersaintsinfinity: that's quite a loot of hoops you go through to make things work without cross the line.22:59
xnoxpetersaints:  NVIDIA-only laptop sounds sketchy. Are you sure you don't have any options in uefi bios menus to enable integrated graphics?22:59
petersaints* lop of hoops22:59
infinityAn nvidia-only laptop would be the most power-hungry thing known to man.22:59
infinityBut maybe he meant it's nvidia-only because he hard disabled the Intel graphics in the BIOS?23:00
infinityWhich, see point 1:  Power hungry.  But I guess everyone has their reasons.23:00
petersaintsxnox: Nope. This is an ASUS ROG GL502VM and it was built this way in order to allow G-Sync.23:00
petersaintsyou can't G-Sync from an Intel GPU and the laptop panel is G-Sync enable (60Hz which is kind of useless for G-Sync but oh well)23:01
infinityYeah, "gamer" laptops, all bets are off there.  Heat and power consumption aren't concerns, they're points of pride. :)23:01
infinityIf you can't bake cookies on the bezel, are you really gaming?23:01
petersaintsI've read that later models, such as the GL504 can switch between NVIDIA exclusive mode and hybrid GPU mode.23:01
petersaintsThe battery isn't too bad for what it is. I can squeeze 4h out of it on Windows with ThrottleStop.23:02
petersaintsOn Linux I get half of that!23:02
infinityIf nvidia would just admit that Freesync is the much saner (and far more widely adoptable strategy), they could standardize, and everyone would have nice things.23:02
petersaintsactually they now support FreeSync23:03
infinityDo they support it without registry hacks now?23:03
infinityCause they used to "support" it in the sense that you could force it. :P23:03
petersaintsI think so. You now have different levels of certification23:05
petersaintsG-Sync, G-Sync Compatible and I think it tries to work with any FreeSync monitor on a best try basis23:05
petersaintsI have a crappy LG 75Hz FreeSync monitor but I can't use G-Sync with it because it doesn't have DisplayPort. It's HDMI and FreeSync over HDMI only works with some AMD specific extensions to the standard.23:06
petersaintsHowever, in theory, if I the monitor had a DisplayPort input it could work with my laptop's GTX 106023:07
infinity"AMD specific extensions" ... AMD wrote the standard, so I suspect that's okay. :P23:08
infinityThe Display-Port specific protocol is Adaptive Sync.23:09

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