lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:14
akemhp_Hello ;)04:27
lotuspsychjehey akemhp_04:28
lotuspsychjeall good over there?04:29
akemhp_Yep, coffee and fruit juice, i'm all ok :) and you?04:31
akemhp_I installed Lubuntu in Virtual box to try it and do some tests.04:32
lotuspsychjecool, wich lubuntu are you testing04:32
lotuspsychjeive been installing alot of 18.04 lubuntu's on older laptops, works pretty great04:33
* RikMills needs a lot of coffee04:35
lotuspsychjemorning RikMills ; )04:36
RikMillsanyone testing 19.10 installs? should be fixes for zfs install in next bunch of isos04:54
lotuspsychjeRikMills: yes we having some crew doing 19.10 dailys04:55
lotuspsychjethink guiverc does lubuntu, blueskaj doing KDE's tomreyn does testing too04:56
lotuspsychjeEoflaOE too04:56
* Bashing-om xubuntu :P04:56
lotuspsychjethere we go :p04:56
RikMillsgreat. Kubuntu doesn't have the zfs option, as desktop-team only adapted the ubiquity gtk front end so far. But it was causing the KDE from end to crash as it uses the same scripts under the hood04:57
guivercRikMills, Lubuntu 19.10 installed with XFS & BTRFS yesterday; we don't test/do ZFS04:57
RikMillsguiverc: you don't use ubiquity either. lol04:58
guivercnope :)04:58
guivercI've got a ubiquity installed running curretnly (xubuntu - but default ext4)04:59
guivercinstalled/install ^04:59
RikMillsnew ubiquity landed last night, so all things are reset. just need to test now so to try to avoid a bazillion RC iso respins later in the next week ;)05:01
guivercwell my xubuntu install appears to have hung.. haven't worked out issue yet05:02
RikMillsguiverc: iso date?05:04
RikMillsnew one spun just 2 hrs ago I think05:04
guivercWed 09 Oct 201905:05
* RikMills waits for cron to do kubuntu05:05
RikMillsyou have latest ubiquity on that then05:06
OerHeks Ubiquity 19.10.14 ?05:06
RikMillsOerHeks: latest is 19.10.1605:07
OerHeksoh oke05:08
guivercapt-cache policy says 19.10.16 ; but bird feed time, back in ~20 mins05:08
RikMillslanded in -release pocket 7 hrs ago, so only isos spun after that will have it. though you can update it in the live session if not05:09
lotuspsychjewe will spread the word RikMills05:16
guiverclp 1847415  for my issue; no idea what it is (xubuntu 19.10 daily)05:38
ubot5Launchpad bug 1847415 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "xubuntu 19.10 daily (Wed 09 Oct 2019 ) is stuck on install" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184741505:38
RikMillslast thing it seemed to be doing was getting ready to install nvidia drivers :/05:42
guivercthumb-drive check-disc-for-defects passed again, trying again...05:44
guiverc(isn't trying the same thing again expecting different results the first sign of insanity???)05:45
RikMillsnot with ubiquity!05:46
guiverc:)  LOL05:46
guiverclooks the same... but it's still somewhat early... I'll give it 15-20 mins05:46
RikMillsI am zsyncing new kubuntu now05:47
guivercgood luck RikMills    want me to try Kubuntu on the same box?  (xubuntu install will be killed about same time zsync would complete..)05:58
RikMillsguiverc: might be handy, as I cannot test with a nvidia machine right now05:58
RikMillsthe partitioning crash after zfs bits were added seems fixed :)05:59
guiverc:)  !!! for ZFS issue06:02
RikMillsinstalled :)06:03
ducassegood morning06:21
lordievaderGood morning06:31
guivercno issues with kubuntu install RikMills06:58
RikMillsguiverc: thanks!06:59
guiverclove the Flying Konqui wallpaper :)07:01
RikMillsoh, in the plasma default. lol07:02
guivercdoing a live install - generic play ; changing wallpapers "Flying Konqui" is the name of a very cute wallpaper :)07:02
guivercs/live install/live test/ (different box)07:03
RikMillsnext time KDE ship a horrible default wallpaper, maybe I should make that Kubuntu default :D07:04
ducassehi guiverc - good morning07:05
guivercyou can't please everyone with photos/wallpapers; picking the default wallpaper maybe should be the respsobility of our a D&D die spin maybe07:06
guivercHowdy ducasse07:06
ducasseguiverc: all well?07:08
guivercYep thanks ducasse, how about you?07:09
ducasseall good, thanks, leaving for kiel today07:10
guivercducasse, short-term or long term  -- I'm no fan of change, so I'd find it stressful..07:12
ducassevery short-term, will be back on friday. i like staying at home myself, but need to get out now and then.07:14
guivercnothing is like home... nortern DE - will it be warmer?07:16
guivercmore probably colder; it's getting warmer down here (south)..07:16
ducasseabout the same temp, i guesss07:17
guivercgot plans whilst your there?07:18
ducassenot really, just eat and relax07:18
ducassei'm buying a new vape mod, but that's about it07:19
guivercsounds good..07:19
guivercI'm jealous that VLC works in kubuntu (live), but NOT Lubuntu07:22
BluesKajHi folks11:05
ubot5For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade11:23
marcoagpintohey BluesKaj! lotuspsychje!12:01
lotuspsychjeafternoon marcoagpinto12:02
BluesKajhi marcoagpinto12:06
ducasselotuspsychje: won't he need to manually install the broadcom drivers?13:45
lotuspsychjeducasse: depends if he got cable access13:45
ducasseyep, but he needs those drivers to get wifi13:46
lotuspsychjeif no access he can do the offline broadcom method from install media13:46

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