OerHeksbmflinux, no clue there, try to format to fat32 with disks utility?00:00
OerHeksor try a fresh usb00:00
OerHekswhy do i help with windows iso's?00:01
sarnoldOerHeks: because someone stuck using windows doubtless needs help :)00:01
OerHekswell, as long as you install windows first, then ubuntu :-P00:02
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vonsanchezhello brown linux users00:58
sarnoldaubergine now00:58
vonsanchezoh nice00:58
vonsanchezi have inherited an ubuntu 12.04 lts box running a postgres database00:58
vonsancheztrouble with it is, every time it reboots all my changes to the root filesystem are gone00:59
vonsanchezdoes anyone remember how 12.04 did this or how to turn it off?00:59
vonsanchezif i attach the volume to a Debian box and mount it it's persistent rw00:59
OerHeksno support for 12.04. it is EOL, dead.01:00
sarnoldvonsanchez: wow. that's crazy :/ my 12.04 systems certainly never threw away changes to /01:01
FuseteamIs there a way to check what causes the01:01
FuseteamDE to hang via ssh?01:01
sarnoldvonsanchez: is it perhaps hosted in a VM environment that restores from a snapshot while rebooting?01:01
vonsanchezsarnold: yeah its strange.01:01
vonsanchezsarnold: it's on virtualbox exported from a vmware server01:02
vonsanchezbut i can see the volume is rw and i can write to the volume01:02
wondowsI don't think anyone could help with this,, but this happened again... whilst debugging an application on gdb, when a breakpoint was hit, Ubuntu partially freezes, the keyboard does nothing, the cursor moves but clicks do nothing, the clock continues to move forward so it's not completely frozen, I just have no control, no input at all. My only01:02
wondowschoice is a hard reset. Happened twice in succession01:02
vonsanchezlike connected to another vm01:02
vonsanchezits only when its booted into itself that it seems to be ro01:03
vonsanchezand doesn't go "read only filesystem" - it will let you make changes then they just vanish on reboot01:03
sarnoldvonsanchez: before you spend too much more time on it, I'd suggest poking around the vmware interfaces. this sure feels like some "fresh snapshot" sort of thing.01:03
vonsanchezlike even if the disk image is attached to a fresh machine on vbox it does it01:04
sarnoldman it's Crazy Problem Hour or something :)01:04
vonsanchezyeah sure is01:04
vonsanchezsarnold: all i really need is the postgres off it so I might just leave the image jacked to a newer machine and see if i can get it to start the dbs and ignore the rest of the system01:12
sarnoldvonsanchez: aha, and let you sidestep solving it entirely :)01:12
wondowshmm that seems to happen if a breakpoint is hit after a call to Qt's `QWidget::grabKeyboard`01:13
vonsanchezi just thought it was weird. and wondered if it was a feature so nobody can screw up your box01:13
sarnoldwondows: aha!!01:13
sarnoldvonsanchez: certainly not one I've seen *inside* ubuntu; it sure feels like something done from the outside01:13
vonsanchezsarnold: yeah maybe like https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/181421/building-a-read-only-linux-system-with-a-writable-layer-in-ram but ubuntu instead of rhel01:14
sarnoldvonsanchez: I think if you do those things within the system, it'll show up clear as day because mount output etc will show overlayfs or overlay or aufs or similar things and upperdir= and lowerdir= and so on and so on. very noisy very grunky.01:17
sarnoldvonsanchez: but it'd be super-easy to have a checkbox in a VM storage manager that says "revert all block writes on poweroff" or "discard all unsaved writes" or something01:18
vonsanchezmount says / is aufs01:18
vonsanchezwwth is aufs01:18
vonsanchezoh it is layered01:18
vonsanchezaufs=tempfs buried in the grub line01:20
vonsanchezthanks sarnold01:20
sarnoldvonsanchez: woot. sorry i ttook so long to get there :/01:20
vonsanchezyeah thats a neat trick though01:23
FuseteamHmm for some reason ubuntu 18.04.3 seems to freeze occasionally01:31
FuseteamEven the clock stops moving for a while01:32
porygon-zHello, does anyone have any useful power management guides for using Ubuntu on a laptop? I was thinking of wiping my windows OS on my laptop and switching to only Ubuntu. However my only problem with Ubuntu in the past was power management01:42
porygon-zwas thinking of getting 18.04 if that matters. Please let me know if anyone has any good resources for power management01:42
OerHeksTLP can do great stuff, https://www.reallinuxuser.com/tlpui-is-a-great-graphical-user-interface-for-tlp-power-management-for-linux/01:46
porygon-zOerHeks thanks a lot. Ill take a look!01:48
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OerHeks0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.02:18
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nekrozeI have installed autossh via snap, but it seems it cannot read anything under /root where normal ssh can (access denied trying to read the ssh key for example or update known_hosts). Is this some kind of snap sandboxing and how can I enable this use case?02:28
OerHeksi have never tried autossh snap, does it generate ~/.ssh/config ? or a config file under ~/snap/autossh ? there you could enable rootlogin so you would have access to /root02:31
sarnoldnekroze: you may need to 'plug' an interface or something similar for files02:32
OerHekssnap page says logout/login or reboot first02:32
sarnoldit's also possible that /root isn't allowed via the "home" interface02:32
fairuzGood day people02:42
fairuzin 2 of my servers, running Ubuntu 18.04, sometimes the up arrow doesnt work. It just shows ^[[A. How can fix this? Thanks02:43
nekrozeOerHeks: sarnold: thanks for the pointers, I will look at it02:48
loganleehello is unity back in the recent release?02:52
Bashing-om!unity | loganlee02:53
ubottuloganlee: Unity is a graphical shell for the GNOME desktop environment. Ubuntu used it by default from 11.04 to 17.04. For more information, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity02:53
loganleeBashing-om, i think the most recent version has unity02:54
akemhp_It would be strange, i think it's just normal GNOME.02:54
akemhp_But you can still install it.02:54
Bashing-omloganlee: unity is community supported - is in the universe repo .02:55
loganleei would use ubuntu exclusive if i can run all my windows apps02:59
loganleei managed to run aoe3 on playonlinux03:02
loganleebasically had to winetrick several libraries03:02
loganleecopied all dvd files into a single directory and install from there03:02
ironpillowHi all, I am trying to install ubuntu 18.04LTS server. I am getting this error: "Unable to install GRUB in /dev/mapper  Executing 'grub-install /dev/mapper' failed." I see that my usb flash drive is /dev/sda and my SSD (msata) is /dev/sdb. I need to install grub on /dev/sdb. Any advice? thanks!03:17
queskerI unplugged all other drives when this crazy installer threatened to wipe them all.  easiest way03:26
herewegoaginhello everyone, im using ubuntu 19.04 desktop and would like to share a 25Gig folder (friends wedding footage)-can anyone suggest a good foss choice for 2019-my thoughts so far ftp torrent,setup a server and host it-too hard for other user05:22
herewegoaginany suggestions appreciated =)05:23
ericadamsMaybe something like Nextcloud?05:23
herewegoaginfor that id install on ubuntu server make an account and host locally (is the setup convoluted and verbose?)05:25
herewegoaginthats a question sorry05:25
herewegoaginalso if you know would nextcloud transfer likely be faster than torrent given the protocol?05:26
herewegoaginps thanks for the suggestion05:26
OerHeksyour provider might squeeze torrents05:27
herewegoaginOerHeks, is there an easy way to check if so (sqeezing me shaping .tor)05:27
herewegoaginand thanks also05:28
OerHeksherewegoagin, no, just try it05:29
OerHeksi would do nextcloud too, easy setup and administration of users05:29
OerHeksand some hardening https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/12/admin_manual/configuration_server/harden_server.html05:30
lotuspsychjeherewegoagin: ftp as protocol not reccomended, a security flaw these days05:31
lotuspsychjeherewegoagin: sftp as alternate05:31
herewegoaginthanks man05:32
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k_szeCan somebody explain why a command pipeline like this could get stuck? `~/.cargo/bin/rg --help | /usr/games/lolcat -f | /usr/bin/ponysay -Wi | less -R`08:55
k_sze`rg` is ripgrep from rust cargo08:55
Triffid_Hunterk_sze: when less stops reading the pipe, all the preceding commands get blocked once the buffer is full08:55
Triffid_Hunterk_sze: if you press 'end' in less, it'll let everything complete then display all the output08:56
geirharg might be writing the --help on stderr. Some commands are silly like that08:56
k_szeTriffid_Hunter, end?08:56
k_szeas in capital G?08:57
Triffid_Hunterk_sze: yeah, it's a button on your keyboard unless you have a mac08:57
k_szeoh, let me try08:57
k_szeRight. that worked.08:57
k_szeSo why would less stop reading the pipe?08:57
Triffid_Hunterk_sze: because it's already filled the screen with text, and you haven't told it to scroll down08:57
k_szeWhich somewhat begs the question: if it has "already filled the screen with text", why don't I see anything until I press "End" on the keyboard?08:59
Triffid_Hunterk_sze: dunno, usually it fills one screen then stops reading. when you press end, it waits for the input pipe to close then displays the last text received09:00
Triffid_Hunterif you press page down, it should read one more screen worth of text then stop reading the pipe again09:00
k_szeTriffid_Hunter, if I just press page down, I still see nothing.09:01
Triffid_Hunterk_sze: no idea, dmesg | less and friends works as expected here, perhaps it's some odd quirk of your command chain?09:02
Triffid_Hunterk_sze: what happens if you pipe to more or another paginator instead of less? or through tee logfile?09:03
k_szelet me try09:03
k_szeoh, nvm09:05
k_szeit's just slow09:05
KOLANICHsudo dpkg -i ./libsolv-0.7.6-Linux-libsolvext-dev.deb09:05
KOLANICHdpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of libsolvext-dev:09:05
KOLANICH libsolvext-dev depends on libsolv0-dev; however:09:05
KOLANICH  Package libsolv0-dev:amd64 is not configured yet.09:06
k_szeBecause of all the colour codes added to many many pages, heh.09:06
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SkyriderMmhhh.. Why won't /var/log/auth.log no longer log things after you've cleaned it with vim?09:49
MikjaerI have a small embeded system thats runs a scaled down version of Ubuntu, it's running a plain X with just a browser and a composite window manager on it, and im trying to rotate the screen, using the xrandr command, and this works great on my emulator and on a vga monitor ... but when i try to do it on a system with a hdmi monitor it does nothing and gives me the error message: xrandr: Configure crtc 0 fa09:52
Mikjaeriled , i am lost for ideas as to what can cause this?09:52
Triffid_HunterSkyrider: because your logging daemon is probably still logging to a stale filehandle. send it a SIGHUP09:54
Triffid_HunterSkyrider: lsof -p $(pidof rsyslogd) shows which logs are being written to here, perhaps yours has some marked as '[deleted]' ?09:56
tomreynor would that be /lib/systemd/systemd-journald nowadays?09:58
Skyriderrsyslogd 879 syslog    9w   REG                8,2  1274754     394443 /var/log/auth.log~ (deleted) <- this one?09:58
tomreynsounds right to me09:59
Triffid_HunterSkyrider: bingo09:59
SkyriderOdd it says deleted though. It exists.09:59
Triffid_HunterSkyrider: so sudo killall -HUP rsyslogd and it'll reopen the file09:59
Triffid_HunterSkyrider: probably it was renamed, deleted, then the new auth.log was renambed again10:00
Triffid_HunterSkyrider: if you ls -li /var/log/auth.log* you'll probably notice the inode number is different10:00
SkyriderAlready ran the command though ^_^ works perfectly again10:01
Triffid_HunterSkyrider: btw, this is caused by the exact same design choice that allows us to update stuff without rebooting10:01
SkyriderShould I use > to clean the log file instead?10:01
Triffid_HunterSkyrider: use logrotate10:01
SkyriderAh, okay. Got it :D thanks10:02
Triffid_HunterSkyrider: it basically renames the file, issues HUP, then optionally compresses the old file10:02
SkyriderNow to figure out why my ssh key won't work..  Authentication refused: bad ownership or modes for directory /etc/ssh/keys10:02
Triffid_HunterSkyrider: either we can rename/delete files that are open elsewhere, or we can't. If we can, then this happens but we can update things that are being used. If we can't then we have to reboot to install updates. Guess which OSes made each choice ;)10:03
tomreynls -ld /etc/ssh/keys10:03
SkyriderWindows I'd assume XD10:03
Skyriderdrwxrwxrwx 9 root root 4096 Oct  4 21:49 /etc/ssh/keys -- Which is weird though, because the sub directory inside keys is owned by the user10:04
Triffid_HunterSkyrider: haha bingo again :P10:04
Skyridersshd config is set for the auth key file to be found under /etc/ssh/keys/user/.ssh10:04
Skyriderthe user is properly chowned. chmod 0755 for the user, 0700 for .ssh and 0600 for the auth key file.10:05
SkyriderOnly /etc/ssh directory is owned by root, not its sub-directories.10:05
SkyriderAnd to be fair, linux also requires updates for specific updates :p10:07
Skyridererrrrrrrr, reboots.. typing too fast.10:07
Triffid_HunterSkyrider: like what? can even switch kernel without technically rebooting using kexec, and I frequently swap graphics drivers without rebooting10:07
SkyriderCan't recall atm.. Guess mostly security updates that requires restarts10:08
SkyriderI randomly see" system restart required" or along the lines after performing updates.10:08
SkyriderLike so :p10:09
SkyriderBut I'd appreciate to get the ssh key to work :D10:12
SkyriderUsing in sshd_config -> AuthorizedKeysFile /etc/ssh/keys/%u/.ssh/authorized_keys10:13
SkyriderFixed it ^_^10:22
Triffid_HunterSkyrider: why there instead of the traditional ~/.ssh ?10:31
SkyriderUser has no home directory.10:31
Baikonurif I make http requests from multiple processes, do they block each other on my end, or are there circumstances that affect that?10:43
BaikonurI guess that's not specifically ubuntu related10:43
Triffid_HunterBaikonur: nope, but the network stack will have to funnel all the requests up your default route, and then the replies come back whenever they come and are doled out to the relevant processes10:44
BaikonurTriffid_Hunter: so I can't really "make it faster" by doing something on my end?10:45
danliiThis is perhaps a stupid question, but I have installed an Ubuntu 19.04 Server machine, without internet connectivity, and I need to install some additional packages. I thought I could do that by adding the installation CD to apt sources, but it hardly has any packages on it, and certainly not the ones I need. What to do?10:45
Triffid_HunterBaikonur: you could buy faster internet10:51
Baikonurdanlii: http://www.penguintutor.com/linux/apt-get-offline those directions under the first headline seem ok for that maybe?10:52
danliiBaikonur: Would be if I had another 19.04 machine to do it on, but thanks. :)10:58
lotuspsychjedanlii: are you testing server or production?11:05
BluesKajHi folks11:05
danliilotuspsychje: Grey area in between, I would say.11:05
lotuspsychjedanlii: see also #ubuntu-server if you like11:06
Baikonurare you planning to keep the server without internet connection?11:11
LuckyManDoes a distribution upgrade affects grub? I currently have two OS on grub (18.04) and (19.04), will it change the 19.04 to 19.10 and will it change the boot order?11:21
LuckyMan(currently booting on 18.04)11:21
Ben64depends what you mean by 'distribution upgrade'11:21
LuckyManBen64, I intend to upgrade from 19.04 to 19.10 when it's out11:22
LuckyMana release upgrade11:25
BluesKajone week from tomorrow11:26
lotuspsychjeLuckyMan: an upgrade should not influence your existing grub, but..its always wise to keep a backup of your data & settings11:27
lotuspsychjeLuckyMan: specialy on non-lts versions of ubuntu, where its not always as stable11:27
LuckyManlotuspsychje, most of my data is already on an extra ssd11:28
lotuspsychjeLuckyMan: we cannot predict bugs that could appear in final release, i hope you understand11:28
LuckyManlotuspsychje, of course11:28
LuckyManI just wanted to know if the boot order is changed, because I would like to keep it booting from 18.0411:29
LuckyManusually the last ubutu installed is the first to boot11:30
LuckyManon grub11:30
jeremy31If you do a fresh install it will boot the newest11:31
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LuckyManI'm not planning a fresh install because I have too many apps installed11:31
jeremy31LuckyMan: that might not make any changes to the grub then11:33
LuckyManis it wise to upgrade now, or wait?11:33
LuckyManwill the repositories for the command line be available at the same time as the download file from ubuntu.com ?11:39
BluesKajLuckyMan, they have to be, otherwise the the new release can't update or upgrade11:41
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lotuspsychjeLuckyMan: is your purpose testing, or using ubuntu as daily driver?11:44
LuckyManlotuspsychje, using11:44
lotuspsychjeLuckyMan: ok, then its reccomended as BluesKaj adviced to wait until final11:45
LuckyManlotuspsychje, I will probably test it on another computer, now that you gave me that ideia, if it helps devs11:46
lotuspsychjeLuckyMan: for testing purposes, please visit #ubuntu+111:47
BluesKajLuckyMan, Eoan 19.10 is very stable on the KDE/plasma desktop so far, but if you run a different flavour ask in #ubuntu+1 chat as lotuspsychje suggested11:50
SooPhoohi all am new to using libreoffice with ubuntu and was wondering if i will have any issues sharing libre office word docs with people running windows+ms word12:00
lotuspsychjeSooPhoo: libreoffice has the option to safe in MS office formats12:01
CQhi, quick question, what do I need to do to change the domain on my ubuntu box? It is getting its address from DHCP, and when I ping something it pings olddomaon.com instead of newdomain.com ...12:02
CQwhen I ping something local that is12:02
lotuspsychjeSooPhoo: there's also a #libreoffice channel if you want deeper investigation12:02
SooPhoothanks lotuspsychje12:03
mgedminCQ: you mean when you ping x it tries to ping x.olddomain.com?  check for 'search olddomain.com' in /etc/resolv.conf12:03
mgedminCQ: (also, is /etc/resolv.conf a file you manually set up, or is it a symlink pointing to a file in /run/ that is dynamically created?  in which case it might be the DHCP server telling you the wrong domain)12:03
SooPhoolotuspsychje, what method of searching for channels via keyword yields best results in spite of network-dont feel like im getting the most from irc atm methods of searching i know of include alist online search engine for irc channels-any suggestions?12:08
CQmgedmin, I haven't rebooted since the domain change, but I thinkthats the issue. OK, rebooting gets the right domain in there. Thanks!12:08
lotuspsychje!alis | SooPhoo12:09
ubottuSooPhoo: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"12:09
lotuspsychjeSooPhoo: are you interested in ubuntu-minded channels?12:09
SooPhooall sorts12:09
lotuspsychjeSooPhoo: if you are looking for a specific ubuntu channel you can also ask here, general channels= !alis12:10
LuckyManwhat's the best way to clean a usb drive (with an old ubuntu live image installed)?12:20
LuckyMandelete the partitions?12:21
EriC^LuckyMan: make a fresh partition table12:22
LuckyManEriC^, how?12:23
LuckyManit's a flash drive12:24
ioriaLuckyMan, open gparted -> Device -> Create new pt12:25
cybercryptoLuckyMan: You want to erase usb data for use with another image, or general storage purpose?12:39
LuckyMancybercrypto, another image12:40
cybercryptoLuckyMan: great... this is the most simple way: you can sudo and use dd tool12:41
cybercryptoLuckyMan: something (using your drive instead of X)      # dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=1k count=204812:42
ducasseLuckyMan: you can just write the image over the old one, no need to 'clean' it12:42
mgedminno need to erase anything, just overwrite with the new image and be done with it12:42
cybercryptoLuckyMan: to make sure what is your usb drive, use blkid12:42
cybercryptoLuckyMan: since you will write another image onto it, no need to 'partition' after you erase using dd. just use dd to write image and you are good to go12:43
LuckyManI know I can overwrite it, but sometimes this flash drive is annoying...12:44
cybercryptoLuckyMan: there is a good guideline related to dd on the wiki, take a look if you wheel.12:44
LuckyManI'm trying to overwrite it first. Btw why does startup disk creator asks for my password?12:46
mgedminto elevate privileges so it can access raw block devices12:47
cybercryptoLuckyMan: correct mgedmin, managing disks are admin tasks that you have to have certain permissions to be able to execute them.12:49
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Guest_53hello is this a place where I can ask for help about a ubuntu thing?13:26
GusjGuest_53: Yes, pose your question and wait for somebody to reply to you..13:27
Guest_53How can I put wi-fi in my computer I recently installed linux and I don't know how to put the wi-fi13:28
ducasseis this plain ubuntu, with gnome?13:31
Guest_53yes, 18.0413:32
ducasselotuspsychje: can you help?13:32
Guest_53ok, do you know how to do it?13:33
ducassei don't have gnome, but there should be a networking icon you can click to open a menu13:33
ducassethe desktop is called gnome13:34
Guest_53I'm new to linux13:34
lotuspsychjeGuest_53: wich chipset do you have?13:34
Guest_53I don't know, how do I verify that?13:35
lotuspsychjeGuest_53: pastebin: sudo lshw -C network please13:35
Guest_53ok, I've done that, how can I verify the chipset?13:37
ducassecan you pastebin the output of that command?13:38
Guest_53no, my mouse is a little bit damaged.13:39
Guest_53wait, is it the part saying product?13:39
mgedminsudo lswh -C network | pastebinit13:39
mgedmin(assuming the machine is online via a cable or something)13:39
lotuspsychjeGuest_53: under your wifi chipset at bottom, does it show a driver= loaded?13:39
Guest_53wait, could find a new mouse13:40
Guest_53this was the result13:41
Guest_53 description: Ethernet interface       product: RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller       vendor: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.       physical id: 0       bus info: pci@0000:01:00.0       logical name: enp1s0       version: 15       serial: 1c:83:41:04:72:61       size: 1Gbit/s       capacity: 1Gbit/s       width: 64 bits13:41
Guest_53clock: 33MHz       capabilities: pm msi pciexpress msix bus_master cap_list ethernet physical tp mii 10bt 10bt-fd 100bt 100bt-fd 1000bt-fd autonegotiation       configuration: autonegotiation=on broadcast=yes driver=r8169 duplex=full firmware=rtl8168h-2_0.0.2 02/26/15 ip= latency=0 link=yes multicast=yes port=MII speed=1Gbit/s13:41
Guest_53resources: irq:16 ioport:1000(size=256) memory:90504000-90504fff memory:90500000-90503fff  *-network UNCLAIMED       description: Network controller       product: BCM43142 802.11b/g/n       vendor: Broadcom Inc. and subsidiaries       physical id: 0       bus info: pci@0000:02:00.0       version: 01       width: 64 bits       clock: 33MHz13:41
Guest_53capabilities: pm msi pciexpress cap_list       configuration: latency=0       resources: memory:90400000-90407fff13:41
lotuspsychje!paste | Guest_5313:42
ubottuGuest_53: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:42
Guest_53ok, but I pasted the result13:43
lotuspsychjeGuest_53: your broadcom card is unclaimed, means no driver active13:43
lotuspsychjeGuest_53: did you update your system yet?13:43
Guest_53well, it was a windows pc13:43
Guest_53no, I installed it an hour ago13:44
lotuspsychje!uptodate | Guest_53 first13:44
ubottuGuest_53 first: To ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.13:44
tomreynit's a bcm4313:47
lotuspsychjeGuest_53: do you have cable internet on that machine?13:47
Guest_53yes, that's why I have internet13:47
lotuspsychjeGuest_53: update first then please13:47
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lotus|i5Guest_53: rebooted after updates?13:57
lotus|i5Guest_53: after reboot, could you check software&sources tab additional drivers if you see broadcom drivers to select?13:58
Guest_53I see something called software updater is it the drivers thing?13:59
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lotus|i5Guest_53: no, software&updates is the icon with a box and a globe13:59
Guest_53Yes, Isee14:00
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Guest_53I'm in it now14:00
Guest_53what do I do now?14:01
lotus|i5Guest_53: tab additional drivers14:01
Guest_53I'm in it it is saying to use a driver saying broadcom 802.11 something14:02
lotus|i5Guest_53: do you see another driver also?14:03
Guest_53no, only that14:03
lotus|i5Guest_53: did you reboot after your updates yet?14:04
AlexPortableHow can I get multitouch to work on my touchpad?14:04
lotus|i5Guest_53: you see no wifi icon?14:04
Guest_53What do I do after reboot?14:04
afidegnumhello, in ubuntu 18, how do i hibernate?14:05
lotus|i5Guest_53: check your wifi again14:05
Guest_53and after that there is a wi-fi icon?14:06
lotus|i5Guest_53: we will have to await, and see14:06
Guest_53ok, I'll reboot14:06
mgedmin(actually is there a wifi icon when you're not connected to wifi?  I seem to remember the icon showing an ethernet socket in that case, but you should be able to click there and see a wifi submenu with option to connect)14:07
lotus|i5yeah good notice mgedmin14:08
Guest_53ok, I clicked in a part saying to apply the changes14:11
lotus|i5Guest_53: apply changes to what?14:11
=== lotus|i5 is now known as lotuspsychje
Guest_53it has given me a part saying the driver and then in the bottom saying apply changes, revert and restart14:12
lotuspsychjeGuest_53: sounds promising14:13
Guest_53ok, I'll just reboot14:13
tomreynBCM43142 seems to need braodcom-sta: sudo apt install bcmwl-kernel-source     - but hopefully that's what ubuntu-drivers did.14:16
Gusjtomreyn: : Hi Tom, as per Lotus instructions to the other user, I just noticed I also have *-serial UNCLAIMED, could this be related to my not recognizing laptop keyboard and trackpad problem?14:17
Guest_53ok, I rebooted and nothing14:18
tomreynGusj: let's see the full command and output (pastebin)14:18
lotuspsychjeGuest_53: try what mgedmin adviced, pull out cable and see if wifi icon shows?14:19
Guest_53I used the cable and nothing14:19
lotuspsychjeGuest_53: plug out cable to test please14:20
MarqeauxGuest_53 could also try if his Wifi-card is blocked. Try the command: "sudo rfkill list all" and see if there is something that prevents wifi from working...14:20
tomreynGusj: did i send you something via memoserv the other day? did you test it, what was the result?14:20
Guest_53I tried and this was the result14:21
Guest_530: ideapad_wlan: Wireless LANSoft blocked: noHard blocked: no1: ideapad_bluetooth: BluetoothSoft blocked: noHard blocked: no2: hci0: BluetoothSoft blocked: noHard blocked: no14:21
Gusjtomreyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/W8KT4MpsFh/ this is sudo lshw14:21
Gusjtomreyn: No did not receive it I don't think... how can I check now, do i go /memoserv ?14:22
mgedminI did not advise to pull out the cable!14:22
mgedminI suggested opening the top-right menu and seeing if wifi connection options are there14:22
MarqeauxGuest_53: Hmm... so nothing blocks your wifi. at least that's a good thing...14:22
ioriaGuest_53, what's  the chipset exactly ? lspci -nnk | nc termbin.com 999914:23
mgedminBCM43142, from backlog14:23
Guest_53how can I see the chipset?14:23
ioriaGuest_53, what's  the chipset exactly ? lspci -nnk | nc termbin.com 999914:23
Guest_53I don't know14:24
ioriaGuest_53, run this in terminal :   lspci -nnk | nc termbin.com 999914:24
jeremy31Guest_53: what result for.    mokutil --sb-state14:24
doug16kGusj, smbus is more likely to be thermal and power management stuff14:25
Guest_53what it is only a link14:25
ioriaGuest_53, paste it here14:25
Gusjdoug16k: Ahh I c.. I thought it was the serial port, the laptop has one.. on the right side next to the hdmi14:26
doug16ksm = system management14:26
ioriaGuest_53, ok  : lsmod | nc termbin.com 999914:26
ioriaGuest_53, and check  what jeremy31 suggested14:27
jeremy31Guest_53:  disable secure boot14:27
Guest_53how do I disable it?14:27
jeremy31Guest_53:  in BIOS/UEFI settings14:28
ioriaGuest_53, yes, disable Secure Boot from bios)14:28
jeremy31Got to go now14:28
Gusjdoug16k: I understand thank you14:29
Guest_53Oh sorry, I thought she was asking for that command14:29
GusjGuest_53: you ahve to see how to enter your bios when the comp boots, either 'del' 'f2' keys you can look that up with the brand of computer14:29
GusjGuest_53: Inside there is an option called 'Secure Boot'14:30
Guest_53and after that?14:30
ioriaGuest_53, you need to reboot and access your BIOS14:30
Guest_53ok, I disabled it14:33
lotuspsychjeGuest_53: working wifi now?14:34
Guest_53let me see14:34
Guest_53yes it is14:34
Guest_53thank you14:34
lotuspsychjecookies for ioria & jeremy3114:35
iorialotuspsychje, gnam14:35
mgedminsecure boot, that's not even mentioned on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx14:35
mgedminI would not in a million years14:35
Guest_53thank you all14:35
lotuspsychjemgedmin: i know that wifi is pretty outdated14:35
mgedmin(the entire ubuntu wiki seems to be pretty outdated)14:35
tomreynGusj: sorry, had a phone call incoming there14:40
tomreynGusj: /msg memoserv list14:41
tomreynbut it's possible i'm mixing something up then14:42
tomreynGusj: so you were asking about SMBus, line 310 of your output. that's the system message bus: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/System_Management_Bus14:43
tomreynerr management, not message14:43
Gusjtomreyn: ahh no probl Tom, Just read them, yes I had responded to you that yes I had tried that resetting the laptop and then inmediately after going into bios to reset defaults, yes tried that a long time ago... thank you14:43
Gusjtomreyn: yes that is correct that it says 'unclaimmed'14:44
Gusjtomreyn: but when I go to additional driver tab, there is nothing there, since the beginning have not seen anything there listed..14:44
tomreynGusj: the SMBus would not be unclaimed if a matching driver was available.14:46
tomreyn"additional drivers" is just a way to install a few proprietary drivers which have explicitly been prepared by ubuntu developers to be installed this way.14:47
Gusjtomreyn: ahh thank you Tom, so it is unclaimed because then no driver is avaliable? the power options are all good in the laptop14:50
inershaWould my IP changing cause the downloading of a large file to fail?15:09
doug16kwhen I change usb headset volume, left channel mutes. If I unplug and reconnect the headset, it returns to normal (stereo), touch volume and it mutes again15:09
inershaI'm trying to scp a large file to my home computer (500GB). However, it seems to fail after a few hours. I think this is because my ISP changes my IP address and it causes the download to fail.15:10
doug16kbeen using this setup unchanged for months. first time I have had audio issue like this15:10
mgedmininersha: yes, your IP changing breaks all TCP connections15:12
tomreyninersha: your isp disconnecting you shortly would cause it.15:12
mgedmininersha: you can use rsync -P to resume partial transfers15:12
doug16k`pulseaudio -k` followed by `pulseaudio --start` and now no sound. sound GUI has two copies of headset now. neither works15:12
Gusjtomreyn: Tom, when I do a xinput list, or run the hardware info in Lubuntu I have the following info, the keyboard shows up now apparently, look: “AT Raw Set 2 keyboard” type: keyboard / bus 0x11 / vendor 0x1 /product 0x2 version 0xab00 /connected to isa0060/serio0/input0  == the original Log message that we pinned it down to with TJ- is the following: "atkbd serio1: keyboard reset failed on isa0060/serio1" could it be that it s15:12
Gusjhows up as serio0 in xinput list, when in actuality it is in serio0 according to xinput?15:12
inershamgedmin: tomreyn: Thanks, thought it would be. I'm guessing there's not a lot I can do about that aside from getting a static IP?15:13
inershamgedmin: Okay thanks, will try that15:13
tomreynGusj: i don't really know enough about xinput handling to help you diagnose this. chances are someone else here or in ##linux knows better.15:17
tomreyni suspect that "keyboard reset failed" is a result of your kernel parameters15:18
Gusjtomreyn: Ahh I see, and those parameters can only by altered by recompiling a kernel, is this the correct thinking?15:19
doug16kok weird. rebooted and changed volume. left channel muted. before I touched the volume, balance sounds centered. touching volume mutes left channel. I looked in sound control panel, balance slider most of the way to the right. center it and sound centered again15:19
doug16kbuggy initialization doesn't apply balance. oh well, working ok now15:20
CaTaCaSHi, I have an Problem with vpnc. The Problem, I become this Error: vpnc response was invalid 1 (isakmp_n_invalid_exchange_type)(7) , looks like that the "aggressive mode" is disabled in vpnc. I try some Post from the Internet how aktivate the "agressive mode" but it is not working15:21
tomreynGusj: those you see in the output of "cat /proc/cmdline"? no, that's the ones you set yourself15:38
tomreyn...in /etc/default/grub15:39
tomreyn(you need to run   sudo update-grub   after editing this file to apply the changes on next reboot)15:39
Gusjtomreyn: No it cannot be any of those I don't think, because without those the problem was the same, with these or some of these at least IO can change the brightness, and turn wifi on/off but that is it..15:43
Gusjtomreyn: Without one of those, I can see the keyboard is frozen, I can tell bu the numlock light staying on all the way.. as soon as the system starts to load, while in the grub, the keyboard works15:44
tomreyni see, ok, that's all i could think of.15:45
Gusjtomreyn: these are the ones now there: root=/dev/mapper/lubuntu--vg-root ro locale=en_EN i8042.direct atkbd.reset=1 i8042.kbdreset=1 i8042.dumbkbd=1 acpi_osi=! "acpi_osi=Windows 2013"15:45
tomreynright, "atkbd serio1: keyboard reset failed on isa0060/serio1" sounds like a result of specifying atkbd.reset=115:47
tomreynbut if you can't use the keyboard without it, i guess you better keep it15:47
Gusjtomreyn: Let me try it right now withot it to see, will update after modification,15:48
Gusjtomreyn: before I do that, does the 1 in 'atkbd.reset=1' relate to serio1? or it is doing is giving that parameter the ON value?15:49
Gusjtomreyn: because the keyboard according to lshw is in: ==> "isa0060/serio0/input0"15:50
tomreyni don't know15:51
tomreynhave you tried reading up on it?15:51
Gusjtomreyn: before I did, let me check again thank you15:52
vadiquehow to delete file -rw-r--r--  1 vadique vadique 4137718 Okt  9 18:20 ''$'\033''`'15:55
vadique''$'\033''`' is its name15:56
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makr8100vadique: try typing the following16:00
makr8100then hit tab and see if it auto-completes16:01
vadiquemakr8100, it just bbeps16:01
makr8100try: \'\'\$\\033\'\'\`\'16:01
tomreynls \'    then tab16:01
makr8100that's a lot of escape chars lol16:01
CaTaCaSDo not anyone know about vpnc?16:02
vadiquels ' [tab] gives ^[`16:02
makr8100I'm pretty basic with vpn's - I just get the .ovpn file from the router then use openvpn16:02
CaTaCaSI have an Problem with configuration the vpnc16:03
lordcirth_vadique, honestly, it might be easier to install 'mc' and use that to delete it :P16:03
CaTaCaSI can't aktivate the "aggressive mode" in vpnc16:06
tomreynvadique: here's another way:   ls -li    against the directory it's in, then note down the number returned for it in the first column. then     find . -inum NUMBER -ls    to verify it's the correct file, then, if it is correct,     find . -inum NUMBER -delete16:07
lordcirth_tomreyn, didn't think of that, good idea!16:07
tomreynme neither, i stole it from some website.16:08
mgedminanother trick is to use interactive rm, e.g. rm -i ./*, then answer 'yes' for this file and 'no' for other files16:10
mgedmin(mc is the best)16:11
tomreyn!pm | CaTaCaS16:18
ubottuCaTaCaS: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.16:18
lenny_lemonis there some way to have multiple terminal sessions in 1 window?16:31
tomreyna terminal multiplexer16:32
royalewithcheeselenny_lemon you should look at Tmux, which is more popular and possibly more feature rich, though I prefer screen16:33
lenny_lemonjust found it as tomreyn mentioned multiplexer...16:33
lenny_lemonthanks guys16:33
lenny_lemonfound tmux16:34
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rypervenchelenny_lemon: Yep, tmux is good. :)16:37
octav1aI am going to manage a small cluster of dev machines, in house. They are just for testing before the real runs are done on a bigger HPC. There are four boxes, each with their own bank of disks in raid. In order to make it easier for developers, I was considering some way to JBOD all of the storage volumes over the group to one mounted directory, so that there is no need to move files manually between machines. Does NFS support16:38
octav1aanything like that?16:38
rfmoctav1a, I can't think of any NFS way to make them one big file system spanning all the disks.16:44
rfmoctav1a, you can certainly have all the machines export their file systems and mount them in the same spots on every box, so every box looks the same16:45
rfmoctav1a, the one big file system (however it could be done) sounds pretty fragile, if any one box is down all the space is unusable.16:47
octav1arfm: that's a good middle ground, then the only exposed part is having 4 random folders to keep track of space usage16:47
octav1ait looks like "glusterfs" might be able to handle something like this: https://docs.gluster.org/en/latest/Quick-Start-Guide/Architecture/16:49
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
rfmoctav1a, I don't know anything about gluster. ZFS (raidz) on iSCSI might do this, but googling for experiences shows people have had trouble..16:56
rfmoctav1a, and the ZFS-on-iSCSI is still pretty fragile since you'd have to nominate one box to run zfs and export the big file system as nfs to the other boxes   If that box died moving that load to a different box would be challenging...17:02
ewpHey. In Ubuntu 16.04 I'm able to prepend a nameserver to those discovered by DHCP by editing /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head17:24
ewpThings seem to have changed in 18.04.1 and now /etc/resolv.conf is managed by systemd-resolved (instead of resolvconf) as it was in 16.0417:25
ewpcan anyone help me understand the "correct" way to persistently prepend a nameserver to those my system will discover by DHCP?17:25
ewpI've tried adding "DNS=" under "[Network]" in /run/systemd/network/10-netplan-eth0.network but the change doesn't filter through to /etc/resolv.conf (despite systemctl restart systemd-networkd) do didn't work for me, and doesn't persist a reboot17:27
lordcirth_ewp, if you are not using networkmanager, than you will want to edit the files under /etc/netplan/17:27
ewpGood point, I'm running on an AWS instance, is networkmanager the default if I was to download an Ubuntu ISO and install?17:30
ewpIt does look like this AWS instance could be using netplan, I've not heard that before. thanks -i'll investigate.17:30
sarnoldewp: network manager is the default on desktop instances but not server instances17:33
lordcirth_ewp, networkmanager is only default on desktops.17:33
ewpfab, ok that's useful to know thanks - its been a long time since I've had cause to use ubuntu desktop. what is the default on ubuntu server?17:35
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doug16khow do I allow libvirtd to use /usr/local/bin/qemu-system-x86_64 and /usr/local/bin/qemu-img ? virt-manager is broken with custom qemu unless I add the kernel parameter apparmor=017:38
doug16klibvirtd gets "permission denied" if apparmor is on17:38
lordcirth_ewp, netplan, rendering to networkd17:39
PCatineanHey guys17:39
PCatineanI reset a dlink router and tried to connect to it and didn't work. I then booted into windows, succesfully connected to the router, changed the password and now back to ubuntu 18.0417:40
PCatineanIt connects to the network but no internet connection or web interface available17:40
PCatineanhow can I debug this?17:40
lordcirth_PCatinean, do you get an IP from DHCP?17:41
PCatineanlordcirth_, wlp2s0 interface says inet
PCatineanI assume that's it17:43
PCatineanand pinging returns a reply17:43
PCatineanand yes checking shows
sarnolddoug16k: what are the DENIED lines in your logs when apparmor is enabled?17:44
acebrianjuanHi, my Ubuntu 18.04 machine always starts up with no sound enabled (volume can be increased but nothing comes out of the speakers), and I have to run the alsamixer program in the terminal and increase the Headphones channel manually17:47
acebrianjuanHow can I make it so I don't have to run alsamixer every time I boot up my machine?17:49
tomreynPCatinean: does    wget -O-    return something that looks like the routers' web page HTML code?17:50
tomreyn!sound | acebrianjuan: we have this generic how-to on debugging sound issues, it's partially outdated, but may still help, though17:52
ubottuacebrianjuan: we have this generic how-to on debugging sound issues, it's partially outdated, but may still help, though: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - https://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !p17:52
tomreyn!sound > acebrianjuan17:52
ubottuacebrianjuan, please see my private message17:52
PCatineanSorry instance crashed17:55
tomreynacebrianjuan: it may also help to clarify which playback devices you have connected. you're discussing speakers and headphones, it's not clear to me from reading what you wrote which of those are an issue, or whether it's one or two separate devices. (i will personally not be able to help, most likely, but others might, and may appreciate the clarifications)17:55
PCatineanAny ideas on debugging this?17:55
tomreynPCatinean: what crashed? do you want to debug the 'crash' or the network issue?17:56
PCatineantomreyn, network issue18:01
PCatineanNot sure if it's a dhcp issue or a DNS issue18:01
PCatineanI now have my phone connected via usb with reverse tether so I can talk to you18:01
tomreyn<tomreyn> PCatinean: does    wget -O-    return something that looks like the routers' web page HTML code?18:01
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acebrianjuantomreyn: The issue I have is with the built-in speakers of my MSI laptop GP73 Leopard 8RE. Every time I boot up I need to raise the "Headphones" channel in alsamixer as it is at 0 level every time I boot up18:02
acebrianjuanI found this workaround through trial and error18:03
acebrianjuanI myself can't explain why there is a "Headphones" channel next to the "Master" and "Speaker" channels in alsamixer18:04
acebrianjuanIf I have no headphones plugged in, the "Headphones" channels should be disabled right?18:04
tomreynacebrianjuan: hmm, ok, i'm afraid i really don't know where to start there. have a look at the wiki maybe.18:04
acebrianjuantomreyn: I guess, the most immediate solution I could find to make my settings persistent is this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/50067/howto-save-alsamixer-settings18:05
acebrianjuanI'll try and see if it works18:06
PCatineantomreyn, connection refused18:07
tomreynPCatinean: which url do you access your web browser at?18:07
tomreynPCatinean: which url do you access your router at?18:08
tomreyn^ sorry ;)18:08
PCatineanthe same one you posted, but in windows it works18:08
PCatineaneven from my mobile phone it works18:08
tomreyndo you have a firewall configured? or a proxy server?18:10
tomreynsudo iptables -L; env | grep -i proxy18:11
doug16ksolved my apparmor issue. Had to grant permission "  /usr/local/bin/qemu-system-x86_64 rwix," and "  /usr/local/share/qemu/** r," in "/etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/libvirt-qemu"18:12
adamitschI've installed IntelliJ IDEA via snap and I don't have option to create desktop entry inside program. Do I have always to run it with "snap run..."?18:12
sarnolddoug16k: nice, thanks :)18:13
doug16ksarnold, ah sorry I missed your message, must have got it moments before I rebooted to take apparmor=0 off kernel command line18:14
doug16kthanks for reply18:14
sarnolddoug16k: d'oh18:14
sarnolddoug16k: I'm glad you got it sorted though :) hooray :)18:15
doug16kyes, that has been a pain for a while now. finally put some time into it18:15
PCatineantomreyn, how can I read the output?18:16
doug16kbeen hand-crafting 20 line long qemu command lines in scripts to work around not being able to create vms :D18:16
PCatineanit's a lot of docker output as well18:16
tomreynPCatinean: shutdown docker then, and see whether this cleans it up, and whether it fixes your issue.18:17
RonaldsMazitishello,I came home from my random janitor work, with my ubuntu destroyed in one partition and kubuntu working in another18:18
RonaldsMazitissomething does not start on startup, what do Yall advise me to do18:18
PCatineanStill has quite a few references18:18
bumblefuzzI'm trying to specify the autoconnect timeout for network manager18:19
tomreynPCatinean: you can share the output with us if it's not too sensitive (only).   iptables -L | nc 9999    (while you have internet access)18:19
RonaldsMazitiscan I reinstall ubuntu with 64 bit image18:19
RonaldsMazitisif I have installed 32 bit?18:19
PCatineanjust internal ips so I don't think it's a problem18:19
bumblefuzzaccording to https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_enterprise_linux/7/html/networking_guide/configuring_the_dhcp_client_behavior "Note that after 5 minutes, the auto-connection process starts again and the dhcp client retries to acquire an address from the dhcp server."18:19
bumblefuzzI would like to change this from 5 minutes to 1 minute18:19
bumblefuzzcan anyone help with this?18:20
PCatineantomreyn, brb18:20
tomreynPCatinean: it doesn't look like docker was shutdown there18:20
RonaldsMazitisagain, can I reinstall ubuntu with 64 bit image, if I have installed 32 bit?18:20
RonaldsMazitismaybe I should download kubuntu 32 bit instead and reinstall it18:21
bumblefuzzis anyone good at network manager?18:22
tomreynRonaldsMazitis: there is no way to convert an intel 32-bit to 64-bit installation. all you can do is to install it fresh. you can keep your data by macking backups, or if you have it on a separate /home file system.18:23
RonaldsMazitisOK, that's what I thought18:24
tomreynbumblefuzz: this is rather special / specific configuration, so i'm wondering whether you're maybe trying to solve an issue that you don't have, instead of focussing on the other issue that you should tackle?18:24
sarnolddoug16k: hah, and to think, I've wanted to replace libvirt with something much less generic and more like a good collection of twenty-line-long qemu commands .. :)18:24
RonaldsMazitisI'm still insecure18:25
tomreynRonaldsMazitis: i may be mixing you up with someone, but wasn't it you who also had a broken hdd?18:25
RonaldsMazitishow do I know if my machine supports 64 bit18:26
tomreynRonaldsMazitis: ok, so i was mixing you up with someone else then18:26
tomreyndmesg | grep ' DMI: ' should work18:27
sarnoldRonaldsMazitis: if you're very brave and want to *try* upgrading a 32 bit install to 64 bit install on the fly, there's some hints on https://wiki.debian.org/CrossGrading18:28
=== jmcgnh_ is now known as jmcgnh
sarnoldRonaldsMazitis: I suggest checking the cpu name from /proc/cpuinfo against intel's ark, or if it's not intel, then whoever made the chip :)18:28
RonaldsMazitislscpu|grep "CPU op-mode"CPU op-mode(s):        32-bit, 64-bit18:29
RonaldsMazitisthis means it supports 64 bit right?18:29
psilly0-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('18:30
sarnoldRonaldsMazitis: oh nice, yeah18:30
bumblefuzztomreyn what issue is that?18:31
bumblefuzzI just need this system to come back online after the wifi restarts18:33
bumblefuzznot wait 5 minutes and then come back online18:33
bumblefuzzand it's just a timeout18:33
bumblefuzzthat should be easy to change18:33
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RonaldsMazitiswhile I'm here,  why 64 bit version comes with amd19:08
RonaldsMazitisit's confusing19:08
tomreynvery roughly spoken, they developed this variant of an 80x86 like 64-bit architecture (whereas 80x86 was intels').19:10
RonaldsMazitisbut will I be able to install iiit19:12
PCatineantomreyn, still there?19:15
renn0xtk9I can ssh into another machine but when trying ot mnount it with sshfs i get read: Connection reset by peer19:15
renn0xtk9anyone an idea?19:15
ioriarenn0xtk9, using keys ? and what's the exact command you used ?19:18
renn0xtk9ioria: I issue sudo sshfs -o allow_other max@dell:/ /media/max/dell19:21
renn0xtk9It did work yesterday with the same machines, today I reinstalled the target machine19:21
ioriarenn0xtk9, using keys or password ?19:21
renn0xtk9I just issue the command and get  read: Connection reset by peer withotut prompted for password19:21
renn0xtk9but when sshing i am prompted for password19:22
tomreynPCatinean: yes19:22
renn0xtk9I have jut put my keys into the known_hosts but that doess not chagne19:22
ioriawhat ?19:23
renn0xtk9So now i cann ssh into the target machine wihtout being prompted for password anymore19:23
royalewithcheeserenn: if you use the IP rather than dell, do you still get the error?19:24
renn0xtk9but the problem remain with sshfs19:24
renn0xtk9royalewithcheese: no, same error19:25
royalewithcheeseare you a member of the fuse group?19:26
royalewithcheesesudo gpasswd -a USERNAME fuse19:26
royalewithcheesealso you may need to edit your /etc/fuse.conf to all include "user_allow_other" to be uncommented19:27
ioriarenn0xtk9, or  host key is changed or you need to remove the option ; try  :  sshfs  max@dell:/ /media/max/dell19:27
renn0xtk9it says there is no group fuse ( usermod: group 'fuse' does not exist)19:28
royalewithcheeseif the key is wrong, you'll just get prompted for the password19:28
PCatineantomreyn, any advice on what to do next?19:28
multifractalhttps://pastebin.com/jnxzFZHC This identical L2TP VPN config works on my old machine 16.04. But I'm transferring over to a new machine with 18.04 and the VPN won't connect. Can anyone help me understand the logs and where the problem is occurring?19:53
multifractalI'm not able to get L2TP VPN working on 18.04 (as described above). Also I'm unable to enter a password into the box in the network-manager dialog. No text cursor appears when you click it and it's unable to accept any text.20:29
sarnoldmultifractal: Oct  9 20:47:53 sal9000-XPS-13-9370 nm-l2tp-service[29497]: Can't bind to port 170120:44
multifractalsarnold: And what is the cause/solution of that?20:49
sarnoldmultifractal: the usual cause is something else is already bound on that port20:52
eraggo3rd monitor \o/ for a while20:54
multifractalsarnold: using lsof not as far as i can tell20:55
ryuowould lsof even reveal that? it's usually for files not networking.20:56
ryuomultifractal: sudo ss -lptu21:00
ryuomultifractal: good place to start.21:00
ryuoactually... might want to include -n too21:00
ryuoit can tell you what process is listening on what ports.21:01
NoOovaGuys, bionic uses systemd or something else?21:08
sarnoldNoOova: yes, bionic uses systemd21:12
multifractalryuo: I don't see 1701 listed21:19
tommy``'ve a question about 19.04 and nvidia drivers (i've nvidia-390)... i've set: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset" from /etc/default/grub and i've uncommented the  WaylandEnable=false in gdm3.conf. Is this all correct?21:21
john4jhow to `execute a command | send to clipbord`, echo for exemple ?21:22
john4jecho a info and send to clipboard21:22
devslash2I have a GTX 750 video card with Nvidia 418 on Ubuntu 19.04 After about 1 hour of using my PC it locks up and i have to force reset. This only started after installing these nvidia drivers. is there a different version that I should be using ?21:23
tommy``devslash2: i think we are on the same boat21:24
tommy``i've nvidia-390 drivers21:25
tommy``check my message i've set something on grub21:25
devslash2what do you mean check message21:25
tommy``ah sorry you weren't in channel21:26
tommy``i've set: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset" from /etc/default/grub and i've uncommented the  WaylandEnable=false in gdm3.conf.21:26
devslash2and that fixed it for you ?21:26
tommy``i had some lock on login now seems all good21:27
tommy``paste your grub and gdm3 conf21:27
devslash2let me check my grumble21:28
tommy``maybe someone more expert could help us21:28
devslash2i dont have gdm3.conf21:29
devslash2what version did you say youre on ?21:34
tommy``sorry i meant /etc/gdm3/custom.con21:39
tommy``sorry i meant /etc/gdm3/custom.conf21:39
multifractalryuo: FWIW I found that the solution was to stop a service called 'xl2tpd'. Not sure what that is, and I thought I had already done so in the sequence of several attempts to remedy the problem from AskUbuntu posts and so forth... But I'm now connected!21:54
cluelesspersonWhenever I open a link now, it crashes the browser.22:05
cluelesspersondoes anyone know how to fix this sort of thing?22:05
kwhat4The easy-rsa part of the openvpn guide here is outdated: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/openvpn.html  Is this the official documentation?22:16
sarnoldkwhat4: yeah; could you hit the 'file a bug report' link in the bottom line of the page and report the problem?22:17
sarnoldkwhat4: thanks :)22:17
kwhat4sarnold, thanks I missed that hiding down there.22:20
sarnoldkwhat4: hehe yeah, I know I missed it until someone else pointed it out to me :)22:21
amrasouli7910Hello to all, I trying to install spotify on ubuntu but I was confused in one of the steps,can any one  say: what is the  job of this two lines code?22:44
amrasouli7910curl -sS https://download.spotify.com/debian/pubkey.gpg | sudo apt-key add - echo "deb http://repository.spotify.com stable non-free" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/spotify.list22:44
sarnoldthat downloads their gpg key and sets its trust in apt, so that your apt will trust their repository22:45
sarnoldonce their key is trusted, you can download and install their packages with apt22:46
sarnolddo note that when you do this, they get to run their package pre and post scripts as root, etc. so be sure you trust them completely.22:47
amrasouli7910sarnold: Thank you  for your response, but trusted  and  I  want  to  remove trust line.How I can do that?22:50
sarnoldamrasouli7910: apt-key del can remove the key22:51
amrasouli7910sarnold: So mutch thank you22:53
sarnoldamrasouli7910: note that there's a spotify snap, which provides some amount of sandboxing around an application https://snapcraft.io/spotify22:55
sarnoldamrasouli7910: if you like snap and want to give this a shot, it's an option22:56
cluelesspersoncan someone please help me23:21
cluelesspersonhtis isdriving me crazy23:21
=== SuperL4g is now known as SuperLag
sarnoldcluelessperson: try running firefox from a terminal window, it'll probably print a huge pile of debugging output23:25
cluelesspersonsarnold, do you know what the method is that something usually opens the browser?23:26
cluelesspersonlike, is it www-browser or something in the terminal?23:26
sarnoldcluelessperson: many programs will use xdg-open23:26
cluelesspersonbecause calling  firefox or google-chrome from browser doesn't crash anything23:26
sarnoldcluelessperson: others might just call firefox with an url23:26
cluelesspersonfrom terminal23:26
sarnoldcluelessperson: there's also sensible-browser23:27
cluelesspersonsarnold, hm, that's not crashing23:28
cocofanswers  your questions :)23:28
cluelesspersonxdg-open https://randomlink.com23:28
cocofsarnold: do you agree? :P23:28
cluelesspersonsarnold, crashes occur when I click links in text editors, or ide, or in hexchat, or in discord/slack23:28
black_Hi, I just now ran `sudo apt upgrade` and now my chromium is broken. When I run "chromium-browser &" from the command line I get a "error while loading shared libraries: librt.so.1: cannot open shared object file:" error23:29
black_anyone else experiencing this problem?23:29
sarnoldblack_: are you using the deb or the snap?23:31
sarnoldcocof: No match for domain "SARNOLD247.COM".23:31
sarnoldcocof: woo23:31
black_sarnold, apt-get23:39
black_sarnold, I guess that's dpkg in the background23:39
sarnoldblack_: hmm nothing obvious on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium-browser/+bugs?orderby=-id&start=023:41
black_I was thinking of re-installing a package but I'm guessing it's related to libc6 so that's probably not a good idea to remove and install again23:42
black_it's a bit annoying since a lot of my work is in the chromium tabs23:43
sarnoldblack_: I don't spot anything on errors.ubuntu.com that feels similar to this23:45
sarnoldblack_: is there anything in your dmesg?23:45
black_good call!23:46
black_I think it's some apparmor23:46
black_how do I disable chromium23:46
Bashing-omblack_: Broke symlink ? What shows ' ls -al /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/librt.so.1 ' ?23:46
black_err profile for chromium23:47
sarnoldoho; can you pastebin your dmesg?23:47
black_lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 13 Apr 27 00:56 /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/librt.so.1 -> librt-2.27.so23:47
cluelesspersondamn it, it's not happening now23:48
Bashing-omblack_: Correct - Hummm so the file is there too.23:48
black_Bashing-om, yes, I guess the appamor is blocking it23:48
black_I'm wondering how to either fix apparmor (seemingly hard) vs disabling a single profile for chromium23:49
Bashing-omblack_: I put on my learning cap now - follow sarnold's lead :)23:50
sarnoldthe easiest thing to do is pastebin your denials, and then we edit the profile as needed23:50
black_sarnold, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ZPV9DBwPx5/23:51
Bashing-omsarnold: black_ "sandbox" A snap install of chromium ?23:53
black_Bashing-om, not sure23:54
sarnoldBashing-om: the profile name suggests the profile came from the apparmor-profiles package, which is a collection of .. "iffy" profiles, they're not good enough to enable by default23:54
black_Bashing-om, no, it's not listed in "snap list"23:54
black_ok, got it to work for now..23:56
black_sudo apparmor_parser -R /etc/apparmor.d/usr.bin.chromium-browser23:57
black_it's only temporary. I would rather have apparmor enabled on chromium23:57
texlaBashing-om, I have a Moneydance app I can open by clicking neno>Dowloads>opt>Moneydance Moneydance if I trying using a terminal I get error file not found !!23:58
black_thanks sarnold for your help.23:58
sarnoldblack_: you can edit that file, find this comment "# Be fanatical since it is setuid root and don't use an abstraction" and within that block add in /lib/@{multiarch}/librt-*.so* mr,23:59
black_sarnold, thanks, let me check23:59

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