EickmeyerOh, those are cheap. 01:13
EickmeyerOvenWerks: ^01:13
OvenWerksNot too bad anyway. most have a via chipset, I want the TI if I can get it.01:39
OvenWerkscatia looks like it will soon be separate from cadence02:07
OvenWerksIt would be nice to have a stand alone patch bay. starting Carla up just for patch bay it a bit much.02:08
wonkoEh, it doesn't bother me too much02:09
wonkobut I wouldn't argue against it either02:09
OvenWerkswonko:  you missed the first line :)02:10
OvenWerks19:07 < OvenWerks> catia looks like it will soon be separate from cadence02:11
wonkoI don't think I've ever used catia?02:11
wonkoI don't remember, it's been more than a week02:11
wonkoyeah, I used Claudia and Cadence02:12
wonkoClaudia is basically just Catia + session02:12
OvenWerksold unmaintained session02:14
wonkohey, I had no idea what I was doing. :)02:14
OvenWerksI don't think anyone wanys to revive ladish02:15
EickmeyerLadish can rot in a dark place. It's very buggy. 02:15
OvenWerksTry write only memory...02:28
=== meetingology` is now known as meetingology
wonkoOvenWerks: Quick question. Is there a reason you didn't use something like configparser for the config file?18:58
OvenWerkswonko cause I have never heard of it?19:01
OvenWerks :)19:01
wonkoCan I switch to that instead? :)19:02
OvenWerksconfig and reconfig should get merged and probably configstart should deal with only some params changed19:02
wonkoI'm trying to clean up that nightmare known as the config stuff in this code.19:02
OvenWerksso long as no breakage happens19:04
OvenWerksis it an easy incude?19:04
OvenWerks(ie make sure /debian/control has the right include19:05
wonkoyeah, I've been trying to just re-use your code but it's getting kinda gunky to do so. I'm going to see if I can do it cleaner with configparser19:05
wonkoit's python standard library19:05
wonkoI will have to support legacy though19:06
wonkobut I'll get it writing out to your new location (and reading it back in if it exists) using configparser19:06
wonkois launchpad borked?19:09
wonkowonko@deepthought:~/Documents/projects/ubuntustudio-controls (master)*$ git pull19:09
wonkofatal: unable to access 'https://git.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio-controls/': The requested URL returned error: 50319:09
wonkoOvenWerks: Is there a reason the SysInfo class exists to your knowledge? It's bad for in python to make a class of what are standalone static methods.19:16
wonkos/bad for/bad form/19:19
* OvenWerks is not on his dev computer right now and so is not sure.19:30
wonkodoesn't need to be answered right away. I'm going to close my eyes and try to not look at all the wrongness and focus on config for now. :-D19:37
OvenWerkswonko: one thing to remember is that this started out as python 2 and some things maybe the way they are for that reason... or because I found python 2 docs to refer to.19:42
wonkoI'll try to be nice. :)19:42
Eickmeyerwonko: Can you link me to your launchpad profile so I can add you to the ubuntustudio-dev group? 20:05
EickmeyerI consider you an official part of the team now.20:05
EickmeyerIt'll allow you to push commits.20:05
OvenWerkswonko: almost everything above the class ubuntustudiocontrols predates my messing around with it.20:08
OvenWerksSo class SysInfo is from an olde version that only installed /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf (Ithink it is) and made sure th euser was in the audio group. I have never written anything similar since.20:09
wonkoOk, I'll make those just standalone static methods then20:09
OvenWerksno problem.20:09
wonkoEickmeyer: https://launchpad.net/~bhechinger20:10
wonkoand thanks. I appreciate the trust. :)20:10
OvenWerkswonko: autojack is mine as a rewrite from the bash script I used before on my family's computers20:12
OvenWerksI will wait till you have made changes before I continue20:12
wonkoI haven't looked at that one yet. I'll let you know how it is when I get to it. :)20:12
OvenWerksautojack is where the good stuff happens. controls just sets up the config file and signals to autojack to use the new config.20:13
Eickmeyerwonko: Welcome to the team. :)20:16
wonkoEickmeyer: Thanks!20:16
EickmeyerI figured since you and OvenWerks are working so hard and collaborating on Controls, that we just make it official.20:16
wonkoI certainly appreciate it.20:44
wonkoXDEV is a pain. :)20:44
wonkoOvenWerks: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/jKscvsdjK5/21:17
wonkoThe new save file format21:17
wonkoLooks suspciously like the old format. :)21:17
wonkoEickmeyer: What's the trick to authenticating to do a git push?21:22
wonkooh, wait21:25
wonkoyou can't push via https?21:25
OvenWerksWhats the default for? Just automaticly generated?21:29
wonkoconfigparser supports multiple sections21:30
wonkoit needs at least one, which is default21:30
wonkoin this case because I didn't think it needed a different name21:30
wonkolater on we can break the config file up logically if we see fit21:31
wonkobranch configparser pushed up with the changes to controle21:31
wonkoneed to do autojack next21:31
wonkoAre there plans to deprecate the old config file at some point? That would be nice. We could axe a bunch of ugly code. :)21:32
OvenWerksso you mean the old location?21:34
OvenWerksnot before the 18.04 LTS has died.21:34
wonkothat big if/elif block is replaced by: self.config.read(c_file)21:35
wonkomuch easier on the eyes. :)21:35
OvenWerksI would expect that.21:35
wonkowhen's EOS for 18.04?21:35
OvenWerksEickmeyer: ^^??21:36
EickmeyerEOL for 18.04 is April 2021 for flavors, 2023 for regular Ubuntu support.21:37
OvenWerksin autojack it needs to be different. We need to fist save the old config parameters then read in the new ones and check what has changed.21:37
EickmeyerEasy way to check: !18.0421:38
ubottuUbuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) is the 28th release of Ubuntu and the current LTS release. Download at https://www.ubuntu.com/download - Release Notes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BionicBeaver/ReleaseNotes21:38
EickmeyerHmmm.... I know there's a command for this.21:38
Eickmeyer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯21:38
OvenWerkswonko: there are some things where a config change does not have to restart jack21:38
wonkoOvenWerks: Yeah, I noticed that. I'll make sure to maintain that.21:38
wonkowhat does autojack do? watch the config file for changes?21:39
wonkoI can just read the code too. :)21:39
OvenWerksno it has a callback from dbus... well 5 or 6 of them21:39
OvenWerksso even if there is no config file change it can restart the world or things like that. the dbus set up is right at the bottom at startup.21:40
wonkoSo autojack doesn't write the config file ever, riight?21:40
OvenWerksit only reads21:41
wonkocan it be safely assumed controls has run first to make sure the new config file exists?21:41
wonkoor is that an unsafe assumption?21:41
wonkobleh, ok21:41
OvenWerksif a person upgrades, it will have run first21:41
wonkoI'll put the config migration code in there as well then21:42
OvenWerksor even first run.. because it autostarts at session start21:42
wonkook, April 2021 can't come fast enough. :)21:42
wonkoanyway, time for me to toodle off for the day. I'll pick this back up tomorrow morning.21:42
wonkoI should have all the changes ready for you then21:43
OvenWerksSo it has to A) have defaults, B) read old stuff,21:43
wonkoyeah, i'll definitely do that21:43
OvenWerksand C) convert the old to new21:43
OvenWerkswonko the first time controls runs, if it finds and old audojack it kills it.21:44
wonkook, so both need to read old and convert (or create new if it doesn't exist)21:45
OvenWerkswonko: controls pings autojack and if it doesn't get an answer that includes the right version, it sends a quit message and starts a new one21:45
OvenWerksautojack just reads but converts to new variables21:45
wonkoHow atomic is the autojack/controls interaction? Meaning, whichever one runs first will definitely have had time to write the new config file if needed before the other tries to read?21:46
OvenWerksboth jsut read old formats if they exist21:46
wonkoright, but only if the new file doesn't exist yet21:47
OvenWerkscontrols removes the old one before writing... should make sure it is just before writing or just after I guess21:48
wonkoso my concern is the situation where the new file doesn't exist yet and needs to be converted from old. Will whichever program that starts up first definitely have written the new version before the other one starts up and reads?21:48
OvenWerksautojack run at session start21:48
wonkoI just worry about those two colliding21:48
OvenWerksso it always runs first21:48
wonkoanyway, being paged for dinner, talk later21:48
wonkoI had a thought while eating. Wouldn't it make more sense to have the config file conversion as part of the deb package post script instead of relying on the apps to handle it?22:21
OvenWerksIt is generally frowned on to mess with files within the user's directory.22:23
OvenWerks(during an install or removal22:24
OvenWerkswonko: to me saving a few lines of code is not such a big deal.22:26
OvenWerksA few if statements can solve a lot stuff22:31
wonkoOh right, user dirs22:41
wonkoDuh, that wouldn't work anyway22:41

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