OvenWerksThose look like bigger screens than mine... well mic is nicer too even being an mx.00:10
OvenWerksHaving the mic above pointing down is a good thing anyway as it keeps the mic out of your windstream00:12
wonkoOvenWerks: It's almost like I know what I'm doing! (I don't. Getting lucky)00:55
wonkomic sounds really good for being a $65 condenser mic (that I bought for $36 on ebay)00:55
wonkoMontors are 27", btw (1440p)00:56
CheetahPixieMorning fine folks.02:32
CheetahPixieSo I lost the ability to do anything with my USB mic in Carla very recently.02:32
CheetahPixieAlso turns out my actual outputs changed from 78 to 1202:32
CheetahPixieWhat's up with that?02:32
CheetahPixieActually, nevermind the issue with 78/12.02:34
CheetahPixieMy speakers are probably on line out.02:34
Scott42I agree to them08:50
Scott42i keep getting an error while trying to install by usb booting or from unetbootin.08:51
Scott42i looked at the journal that was causing the trouble and it appears to be a block put on my computer by microsoft08:52
Scott42it was something like initramfs was corrupted or something , can anyone hel08:54
pragomerhi. I want to do audiorecording with a focusrite scarlett 18i6 and bitwig. would you recommend ubuntu-studio lts version vs non-lts version?15:23
OvenWerkspragomer: if there is a version that bitwig recomends I would use that.15:24
OvenWerkspragomer: If you feel 18.04 is too old, I would prefer the beta for 19.10 over 19.04 as 19.04 has trouble with memlock15:27
OvenWerksSo use 18.04 (the LTS) with the ubuntustudio-backports PPA for the up to date changes, or use 19.10 which will release later this month but which seems to work well already.15:28
studiobotSomeIrrelevantPerson0000 was added by: SomeIrrelevantPerson000019:06
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Ello everyone! New user to Ubuntu Studio. :)19:07
tomreynhey there! who is it? oh, just SomeIrrelevantPerson000019:11
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Lol19:12
Someone0000Ello everyone! New user here!19:23
studiobotReese Albiter was added by: Reese Albiter20:18
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> 👋 Hello! Welcome!20:19
studiobot<Reese Albiter> hello!20:19
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> You use Ubuntu Studio as well?20:20
studiobot<Reese Albiter> i used ubuntu studio  for some months and is a great distro c:20:20
studiobot<Reese Albiter> i am animator and digital artist and this distro is perfect for my work20:21
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> That's so cool!20:22
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Have any pieces of work, that I may see?20:23
studiobot<Reese Albiter> i only get it in this group for curiosity20:23
studiobot<Reese Albiter> of course!20:23
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Nice. Links?20:24
studiobot<Reese Albiter> I'm on that, I haven't had access to the internet for a while and it's like re-discover20:25
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Lol20:27
studiobot<Reese Albiter> (Document) http://studiobot.ericheickmeyer.com:9090/vY31gW1S/file_68.mkv20:29
studiobot<Reese Albiter> i made this teaser in blender and opentoonz20:30
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> That is sooooooo cool20:31
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> I would definitely watch!20:31
studiobot<Reese Albiter> c:20:31
studiobot<Reese Albiter> that project was presented to mexiquense tv as a pilot of an animated series but the times would be too long taking into account the people working on the project. Even so, we are currently developing it in short film format20:35
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> If you make a series, I would definitely watch.20:36
studiobot<Reese Albiter> (Photo, 1280x488) https://i.imgur.com/gNT3SRD.jpg20:36
studiobot<Reese Albiter> (Photo, 1280x677) https://i.imgur.com/5RSdrTd.jpg20:36
studiobot<Reese Albiter> owwwww20:36
studiobot<Reese Albiter> c: thats so cute20:36
studiobot<Reese Albiter> and my other project is a personal short film about ponys and freedom20:37
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> https://drive.google.com/file/d/12nNYvDWQHoxvHFU1DRvnnblFdzl27Vg5/view?usp=drivesdk20:37
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> That's a teaser of a small project in the works. … Taking old .sid tunes and remaking them. This video I was just covering.20:38
studiobot<Reese Albiter> 8bit music!20:39
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Of courseeee20:39
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> ❤️❤️❤️❤️☺️20:39
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> My favorite type20:40
studiobot<Reese Albiter> whats that name?20:40
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Of the song?20:40
studiobot<Reese Albiter> the gender20:40
studiobot<Reese Albiter> i like it!20:41
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Gender?20:41
studiobot<Reese Albiter> music genre20:41
studiobot<Reese Albiter> lol{20:41
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Oh.20:41
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> It's basically 8 bit music/chiptunes20:41
studiobot<Reese Albiter> chiptunes!20:42
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Here's the original song.20:42
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> http://deepsid.chordian.net/?file=/MUSICIANS/W/Wizard_Oxygen/Flashback.sid20:42
studiobot<Reese Polilla> :020:43
studiobot<Reese Polilla> its your music?20:44
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> No.20:44
EickmeyerPlease be advised this is an official support channel. This type of conversation needs to be in the Ubuntu Studio Cafe channel linked at https://ubuntustudio.org/community.20:45
studiobot<Reese Polilla> :0 oh! do you make a cover?20:46
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Yeah.20:46
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> @Eickmeyer [<Eickmeyer> Please be advised this is an official support channel. This type of …], Sorry20:46
studiobot<Eickmeyer> So, if you wouldn't mind, take your conversation there. I'd appreciate it. :)20:47
studiobot<Reese Polilla> :´v rigth20:47
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> @Eickmeyer [So, if you wouldn't mind, take your conversation there. I'd appreciate it. :)], Is there a telegram chat for it as well?20:47
studiobot<Eickmeyer> @SomeIrrelevantPerson0000 [Is there a telegram chat for it as well?], Yes, it's linked at ubuntustudio.org/community20:47
studiobot<Reese Polilla> sorry20:48
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Thanks20:48
studiobot<Eickmeyer> I mean, I appreciate the conversation, we just can't be gumming-up the support chat.20:48
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> I understand! No worries :)20:49
studiobot<Reese Polilla> yep i get it20:49
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> @Reese Polilla [yep i get it], I joined the chat. Join it as well!20:49
reesepolillarecientemente quise instalar ubuntu studio con windows 10, mi compu tiene dos discos duros, uno es HDD y el otro es SDD. dividi a la mitad ambos discos duros y a la hora de instalacion quedo como: mitad windows, mitad ubuntu en una particion expandida donde dentro está /linux-swap/efi/raíz/  y el otro disco duro quedo como windows y el /home/22:52
reesepolillaubuntu. al terminar la instalación me salio un error que el grub no pudo ser instalado y ahora cuando inicio me marca un error en la ventana de grub22:52
Eickmeyer!es | reesepolilla22:56
ubottureesepolilla: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:56
reesepolillaI recently wanted to install ubuntu studio with windows 10, my computer has two hard drives, one is HDD and the other is SDD. I split both hard drives in half and at the time of installation I look like: half windows, half ubuntu in an expanded partition where inside is / linux-swap / efi / root / and the other hard drive is like windows and / home22:57
reesepolilla/ ubuntu .At the end of the installation I got an error that the grub could not be installed and now when I start it marks an error in the grub window22:57
Eickmeyerreesepolilla: Check in #ubuntu, we only really specialize in the multimedia components here.22:57
reesepolillaok thanks22:58
Eickmeyerreesepolilla: Just telling you, you're likely to get faster help there. This channel is highly inactive.22:58

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