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Regorwhats best application to connect android ? i see two gsconnect and kdeconnect . any xfce native tool ?  on bionic07:33
gnrpRegor: What do you want to achieve with the connection? Exchanging data, using it as a modem, ...?07:34
Regoronly exchanging files07:34
Regorwifi based tool07:35
blankmanyo peeps07:41
blankmani dont get about terms07:41
blankmanalso bye bye07:42
gnrpRegor: ah, you want it wifi-based?09:14
gnrpthen what I really like is some tool to use ftp09:14
gnrpso installing an ftp server on your phone, activating it when required, and connecting with e.g. filezilla09:15
gnrpbut only works on trusted networks09:15
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sublevelgnrp: have you looked at Termux? It does ftp server but also sshd, rsync, etc.    https://wiki.termux.com/wiki/Remote_Access11:30
gnrpsublevel: Hm, good idea, will have a look11:44
Regorgnrp: thanks ! ftp is cool !12:06
RegorTermux looks cool12:07
sublevelit's fantastic, I'm typing here using termux->ssh->my server running weechat12:08
Regorthats awesome !12:08
Regori also use weechat ...so it would have fun :D12:10
sublevelI haven't tried ssh/sftp'ing from laptop to Termux, but it looks pretty easy12:10
Regoryeah i would see that stuff12:11
sublevelThe screenshot on its wiki homepage is running weechat, they know their audience!12:13
pjotterHi everyone.12:25
pjotterI have set up a dual boot with Xubuntu 16.04 and 18.0412:26
pjotterStrange thing is... I can only edit and change grub from 18.04. When I try the saem via 16.04 it has no effect on grub.12:27
gnrphow do you do this "edit and change grub"?12:27
pjotterIs this normal behaviour? I use grub-customizer to edit grub here.12:27
gnrpI don't know grub-customizer, but I can well imagine that 16.04 is editing some configuration that the actual grub, installed by 18.04, does not care about12:28
pjotterYou mean that maybe 18.04 uses a newer grub version or something?12:29
pjotterMaybe it's just a little glitch. I might try to reinstall the whole thing and see if the problem remains.12:30
pjotterThere isn't some special I should do in order to create a dual boot, is there? Just install 16.04 from a live USB, and then do the same for 18.04, right?12:31
gnrpI don't think a reinstallation would help12:31
gnrpI don't know grub-customizer, but can't you set the configuration that shall be edited in there?12:31
pjotterWell, there other problems aswell, so I really need to reinstall the whole thing.12:31
pjotterAh, bingo! :p12:33
pjotterYes, you can switch partitions. :D12:33
pjotterThanks for thinking along here. I think this solved it12:33
gnrpgood :)12:34
pjotterI'm having a lot of trouble with an nvida videocard. It seems the standard xorg driver is not working properly for that card. But that's someting I'll look into when I reinstall the whole thing again.12:35
gnrpdepends on the card. The proprietary nvidia driver is a bit of a pain, but usually works fine12:53
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talinhello. when my screen goes blank, i have to type a password to unlock it... but the screen remains blank... so i tohught at first that my laptop had crashed, but it turns out it does accept passwords, the screen is just blank until i type the right password16:25
diogenes_does it come back after you type the passwd?16:30
brainwashtalin: bug 180160916:51
ubottubug 1801609 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Fails to deactivate dpms off mode after user initiated wake-up events(not system-suspended, just locked and dpms active)" [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/180160916:51
veegeehello all. I've just installed Xubuntu 16.04  and am facing a problem with keyboard shortcuts. I use F12 in qt creator for a particular function but even after disabling the system shortcut (meant to switch to workspace 12) I can't get xubuntu to pass the F12 keystroke to any application23:44
veegeeAny help is appreciated23:44
veegeeOther shortcuts work. E.g. F3 does get passed on to the application. It was assigned to the system function "Switch to workspace 3"23:45

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