xrandrI'd even take that.....my laptop is 1376 x something01:02
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tMHhiya everyone12:44
tMHI am planning to install fresh ubuntu version on lowcost machine (old one, with P3 cpu), I've tried to install 18.04-alternative, but for some reason gfx32 (or how it spelled) did not load.12:45
tMHI unpacked one by one those distro isos: lubuntu-16.04.1-alternate-amd64.iso, lubuntu-16.04.1-alternate-i386.iso, lubuntu-16.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso, lubuntu-18.04-alternate-amd64.iso, lubuntu-18.04-alternate-i386.iso - all they have tens of missed files - I've check md5sum inside...12:52
tMHonly one disto has no problems - lubuntu-16.04.3-desktop-i386.iso12:52
tMHiso files were dloaded from https://lubuntu.net/downloads/12:52
guiverc2P3 as in pentium-III (3)?   Lubuntu 16.04 LTS is EOL; flavors only come with 3 years of supported life; 2016.April + 3 years = 2019.April EOL.12:52
tMHeven http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/16.04/release/lubuntu-16.04.3-desktop-i386.iso12:52
tMHguiverc2: can you tell why there are md5sum errors (missed files) in those isos ?12:53
tMHwhen I try to load one of them - loading is failed because gfx*.c32 file is not found!12:53
tMHI did read about "tab, choose live or install" - that's nice, but install starts in text mode...12:54
tomreyntMH: end of live (EOL) is when something is no lonfger supported. try 18.04.312:54
guiverc2there shouldn't be md5sum errors in the files; I've downloaded & never had issues (I tend to download from more local mirror, but grab md5sum/sha256sum from main site)12:54
tMHtomreyn - both of 18.04 has missing files in their isos...12:54
guiverc2I also don't expand the ISO, just write to my install media. (usually thumb-drive & install from that)12:55
tMHok, wait here, I'll check out 18.04 386/amd64 versions and paste what I've met by md5sum testings.12:55
guiverc2(expand as in the write will expand ISO to boot, but I don't manually expand it prior to write)12:55
tomreyni guess if you're saying that the 18.04.3 iso's you have verified to have downloaded AND written to the boot media with the correct checksums, cannot verify the md5sum of some components when you do the live media test, then thats's probably worth reporting a bug if there's no such report, yet12:57
tomreynbut it also shouldn't pose any issues if you verified the iso was proerly written to the installer storage12:57
tMHamd64 md5sum test errors: https://justpaste.it/48u3g12:57
tomreynhow do you run these tests?12:58
tomreynunpack the iso, then md5sum --check <MD5SUM ?13:00
tomreyntMH: the lubuntu website is the one in the topic, not the one you seem to have downloaded from.13:00
guiverc2If I run the `md5sum lubuntu-18.04.1-desktop-i386.iso`  i get "7b0a543da70aafe476796f536842d408  lubuntu-18.04.1-desktop-i386.iso"  which matches perfectly the value in the MD5SUMS file http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/18.04/release/MD5SUMS13:00
guiverc2(likewise the amd64 file)13:01
tMHtomreyn - yes, unpack the iso and run md5sum over md5sum.txt13:01
tMHinside unpacked folder, of course13:01
tomreynso tMH is referring to the MD5SUMS over single files contained in the ISOs13:02
tMHreload the paste, I wrote new md5sum errors there.13:02
tomreynwhats the checksums on those isos you tested? do they match what's given on lubuntu.ME and cdimage.ubuntu.com ?13:03
tMHtomreyn - once again - I unpack .iso file and check md5sum.txt file inside by md5sum. results you can see on justpaste.it I posted earlier.13:04
tMHthe reason I decided to check the content of those isos is because usb is not loading as it supposed - in gfx mode.13:04
tomreyntMH: i understand what you're doing. you're testing *some* ISO files' contained files against the contained MD5SUMs13:04
tMHit stops by "gfx*.c32" not found.13:04
tMHtomreyn - yes.13:04
tMHtomreyn - not some - but those are listed in md5sum.txt file13:05
tomreynbut you're not understanding this part: there i no use in testing random ISO files. only test those official ISOs please13:05
tMHtomreyn - give me the link of "official iso", please, I check it right after.13:05
tomreynas i said, the lubuntu website is given on the channel topic13:06
tMHof the "official iso" even.13:06
tomreynit's lubuntu.ME13:06
tomreyncdimage.ubuntu.com also works13:06
tMHtomreyn - not lubuntu.net ?13:06
tMHok, cdimage.13:06
tMHtomreyn - http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/18.04/release/lubuntu-18.04-alternate-i386.iso13:06
tMHok ?13:06
tMHthis one ?13:06
tomreynyes this is an official one. though the current release is probably 18.04.313:06
tMHthen this one13:07
tomreynlooks good13:07
tMHok, let me get it and check the md5sum.txt inside13:07
guiverc2tMH, lubuntu.net is NOT related to Lubuntu/Ubuntu; if you're unsure what is, ask ubuntu.com (ie. https://www.ubuntu.com/download/flavours) and do NOT ask google - it'll send you wrong.13:07
tMHguiverc2 - hm.13:07
tMHguiverc2 - ok, ok, I am using ubuntu.com to get lubuntu isos13:08
guiverc2(ubuntu.com will send you where tomreyn already said to go)13:08
tMH18 seconds dl ETA13:08
tMH5, 4..13:08
tMHI noticed that if iso contains large squashfs file - there are NO md5sum errors.13:09
tMHbut if iso does not have such file - it contain md5sum13:09
tMHthis 18.04.03 has squashfs file, but I'll check it anyway13:09
tMHok, no errors at all13:10
tMHbut let me check out prev version 18.04-alt13:10
tMHfrom ubuntu.com13:10
tMHthis one: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/18.04/release/lubuntu-18.04-alternate-i386.iso13:10
tMHsame thing: https://justpaste.it/48u3g (reload the page to get new paste)13:13
tMHany ideas ?13:13
tomreyn<tomreyn> i guess if you're saying that the 18.04.3 iso's you have verified to have downloaded AND written to the boot media with the correct checksums, cannot verify the md5sum of some components when you do the live media test, then thats's probably worth reporting a bug if there's no such report, yet13:14
tMHbtw, can someone tell me what is the difference between desktop and alternative versions ?13:14
tMHas I see there is no alt 18.04.03 version at all..13:16
guiverc2https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Alternate_ISO reports alternative are for low-ram machines  ; but no longer used13:16
tMHguiverc2 - please tell me - does it mean that lubuntu is always for lowcost machines, no matter - desktop version of alternative version is used ?13:16
tMHis always targeted to lowcost/old machines13:17
guiverc2this will be more up-to-date on alterate - https://lubuntu.me/alternate-insta/  (ie. installer is different)13:17
guiverc2Lubuntu historically concentrated on low-end; but that's not a CORE item anymore  -- https://lubuntu.me/taking-a-new-direction/13:19
guiverc2"Therefore, our main focus is shifting from providing a distribution for old hardware to a functional yet modular distribution focused on getting out of the way and letting users use their computer."13:19
tMHguiverc2 - btw, P3 and 512mb ram - what distro can you recommend in this case ?13:19
tMHubuntu related, of course.13:19
tMHbut might be debian one:)13:20
tomreyni just loop mounted lubuntu-18.04-alternate-i386.iso and ran    md5sum --check <md5sum.txt | grep -v 'OK$'      and got no output13:20
guiverc2I won't go off-topic here... but P3 is unsupported in many browsers, in loads of software which requires CPU to have functions that don't exist in P313:20
tMHguiverc2 - might me v16? or 12 ?13:21
guiverc2even debian requires i686  (they just call it i386 as does Ubuntu)13:21
tomreyn... the same with     md5sum --quiet --strict --check <md5sum.txt13:21
tMHearlier I did upgrade 16.04 xubuntu to 18.04.03 and got a problem with geforce 6200 - no resolution except 1024x768 can be used... tried to compile nvidia drivers, got no success - get info that kernel stuff is messed up so nvidia drivers are messing up with it - too...13:22
tMHthat is why I deciced to install all-new fresh system...13:22
guiverc2the base of Ubuntu systems (be it xubuntu, lubuntu) is the same... the major difference is GUI/desktop over that Ubuntu base.13:23
tMH18.04 is heavy weight, as I noticed... even if I run firefox with _two_ tabs - the system load goes up to 100% ....13:24
tomreyntMH: the files you state are missing are present for me13:24
tMHtomreyn - really ?13:24
tMHtomreyn - where do you unpack that iso - windows, linux ?13:24
tomreyn<tomreyn> i just loop mounted lubuntu-18.04-alternate-i386.iso and ran    md5sum --check <md5sum.txt | grep -v 'OK$'      and got no output13:24
tMHand what program do you use to unpack them ?13:24
tomreyn<tomreyn> ... the same with     md5sum --quiet --strict --check <md5sum.txt13:24
tMHtomreyn - hm....13:24
tomreynjust read what i wrote ;)13:24
tMHshould I write that .iso from linux, then ?13:25
tMHpretty strange. I use ultraiso - as always did...13:25
tMHgot no problem until this day...13:25
tomreynuse any software that's not broken, i guess13:25
tMHok, I dloaded lubuntu-18.04-alternate-i386.iso once again.13:27
tomreynwhy? use checksumming13:27
tMHok, I'll run linux mint now , get that iso into.. and try to mount it.13:28
tMHjust tell me command how to mount .iso, PLEASE:)13:28
tMHor let me find this info13:29
tomreynsudo losetup --verbose --find lubuntu-18.04-alternate-i386.iso; losetup --all; sudo mount /dev/loopXXX /mnt/; cd /mnt; sudo md5sum --quiet --strict --check <md5sum.txt13:29
tMHuploading 18.04.03-desktop both files, and 18.04-alt both files.13:30
tomreynyou're uploading what where why?13:31
tMHtomreyn - iso files to linux box13:31
tomreynthat's fine with me then ;)13:32
tomreyni won't personally support linux mint, though13:32
tMHtomreyn - very interesting...13:34
tomreynthat i dont support linux mint? i would not have thought so.13:35
tMH[2019-10-10][16:34]{tmh@rd2}[20] /mnt/iso>md5sum -c md5sum.txt | grep FAILED13:35
tMH[2019-10-10][16:34]{tmh@rd2}[21] /mnt/iso>13:35
tMHtomreyn - I have no questions about linux mint, just about lubuntu...13:35
tomreynthen you came to the right place13:36
tMHnice to know ;)13:36
tomreynthere's more placed listed on the channel topic, though13:37
tMHtomreyn - might be those isos have some cross-linked files ?13:38
tMHvery strange thing...13:38
tomreyni don't know what "cross-linked files" are, and even if i would, i probably don't know any more about those ISOs than you do13:39
tMHcomparing mounted folders/files with unpacked ones...13:41
tMHok, I'll install version 16 then..14:04
tMHat least it worked OK with my nvidia card, and wasn't THAT slow.14:04
tomreynbut end of life14:04
tomreynyou'll run a system with exploitable security vulnerabilities, wont be able to get support with this installation here.14:06
tMHtomreyn - anyway , the host is located on local network with no access from outside it, so fsck it, let it work ;)14:07
tMHbtw, I know about archive.ubuntu.com14:07
tMHsome support after official support end exists14:07
tMHok, I 'mixed up' what was mount with what was unpacked into usb flash14:22
tMHmd5sum on windows shows no errors.14:22
tMHlet me run it now!;)14:22
tMHtomreyn - with squashfs big file everything is loading ok:)14:57
tomreyni'm glad you worked it out14:57
tMHtomreyn - btw, do you know default root password for lubuntu v16 ?15:01
tMHI want to mount some disk in live mode I loaded.15:01
tMHah, sudo passwd..15:06
tomreynalso, "unsupported" means "unsupported"15:08
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dnz_hi all, can someone help me? i 'm using my desktop with 1024x768 resolution.17:43
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:44
dnz_in past there was xorg.conf file. now ubuntu doesn't use it. and i don't know the way to increase resolution17:46
wxldnz_: ubuntu or lubuntu?17:52
wxlwhat version?17:53
dnz_19.04 stable17:53
wxlyou should just be able to use the monitor settings17:53
dnz_i have intel graphics card17:54
wxlif for some reason, it doesn't expose all the options, you've probably got some funky monitor that doesn't behave right, in which case, you can use the xorg.conf (which, yes, is still a thing) or xrandr in an autostart17:54
dnz_i am trying xrandr but nothing changes17:55
wxlso the monitor settings doesn't show you additional resolutions?17:55
dnz_no highest is 1024 76817:56
wxlhere's how xrandr works:17:57
wxlhere's a discussion of using xorg.conf:17:58
wxlthat's nice and empty18:02
dnz_how can i add 1280x1024 res.18:04
geniidnz_:  Creating and enabling a new resolution using xrandr is the best method18:07
dnz_genii, how? i'm not so good with comands18:08
geniidnz_: If you read the xrandr webpage wxl linked to, it has the instructions step by step18:09
dnz_thanx a lot18:18
akemhpHey, does LUbuntu works well with dual screen especially on TV via HDMI? Can i choose between extended display or mirrored?18:39
wxlakemhp: with the latest version you will get the best support. don't use 18.04.19:05
akemhpwxl, ok, yeah i got 19.04 in a virtual machine to test it actually.19:11
lubot<HMollerCl> @akemhp [<akemhp> Hey, does LUbuntu works well with dual screen especially on TV via HDMI …], yes19:11
akemhpOk, cool.19:11
lubot<HMollerCl> only that wallpapers assume one big screen when extended in >18.0419:12
lubot<HMollerCl> I've done a script to solve it in case you need it19:12
lubot<HMollerCl> https://code.launchpad.net/~hmollercl/stitchwp/+git/stitchwp19:13

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