svendrehi, does anyone know if ZFS was merged into Ubiquity for Eoan Ermine yet?01:07
Bashing-omsvendre: In the latest spins -yes .01:08
svendreBashing-om: oh that's exciting, thanks!01:08
Bashing-omsvendre: Long awaited :D01:09
svendreyeah.. I think it's a really excellent decision. It's going to sway me off debian.01:09
OerHeks Ubiquity 19.10.16 iirc01:12
tomreynhas anyone else tested suspend (to ram) with the intallers' zfs option? it may be due to my test environment (the latest virtualbox guest utils do not fully support the 5.3 guest kernel, yet), though, and i have not yet compared to a standard installation.08:25
tomreyn"it" being: power management does kick in on the acpi signal and logs shutdown of disks, but the system does not shut off, it keeps shoing a blinking cursor on screen. this *could* be just how virtualbox represents / handles it, however.08:27
tomreynto clarify, when i say "suspend (to ram) with the intallers' zfs option" i mean: install using the zfs option, boot into the now installed system, enter suspend to RAM.08:28
tomreynhmm, i don't really use nautilus much, but i guess it's a general expectation that drag and drop interactions with files and folders should work on a graphical file manager and desktop. that's only partially so with nautilus and the 19.04 desktop still.08:36
tomreyndrag and drop within nautilus always moves, never copies, from what i can tell.08:37
tomreynthe desktop gnome-shell-extension still really only implements some 75% of the features it'd need to.08:42
tomreynbut the dekstop feels faster and more responsive now, that's nice indeed.08:43
tomreyni should maybe have posted this to -discuss instead, sorry if anyone minds it.08:44
danboidDoes eoan have a command for creating ZFS/GRUB boot environments yet?09:48
danboidI tried my first Ubuntu ZFS root install last night. There is a typo in ubiquity as it still says it is creating ext4 partitions when you choose ZFS09:53
danboidI would imagine ZFS boot envs will be handled by the zsys command but it doesn't seem to do anything yet10:38
lotuspsychjedanboid: is this ubuntu-desktop iso? beta or live daily?10:39
danboidlotuspsychje, daily10:39
lotuspsychjedanboid: maybe you can the #ubuntu-desktop team10:40
lotuspsychjeRikMills: maybe inetresting for you too ^10:40
tomreyndanboid: which daily iso is it?11:07
danboidtomreyn, I've mailed the zsys dev, he'll know11:08
tomreynhe'll know which image you used?11:08
tomreynoh you mean you told him, i see.11:08
danboidNo, if it can create ZFS boot envs yet11:08
tomreyni did it yesterday, that's why i'm asking which daily image you used11:09
danboidWhy would that matter anyway? I used a eoan daily from yesterday11:09
tomreynhe can certainly tell you better, of course. mightr also be very busy these days, though11:10
tomreynthere were two yesterday. the first one may have required running     sudo systemctl start cdrom.mount     after the desktop started11:10
tomreynbut that's just to ensure the kernel gets installed, independant of the installation type you used11:11
tomreyni also used the first one anfd got a zfs booting system11:12
danboidYeah it installs and boots but thats not my question11:18
tomreynah then i got you wrong there, sorry11:19
RikMillslotuspsychje: not tried it yet, on any iso11:36
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bittin_RC of 19.10 in 10 minutes16:51
dax^ nope. when they *are* out, they'll be listed on http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/ i believe17:44
tomreyn<infinity> [..] RCs are just the dailies leading up to final release, there's no formal publishing for them.18:04
tomreynso, yes, looks like bittin made this up18:05
archetechgot a hard freeze during  ssh session     after fresh update today19:01
archetechusing nouveau fyi19:02
masontomreyn: Does Eoan install zfs-initramfs or does it use something else to boot the ZFS root?21:20
tomreynmason: i don't know OTOH21:25
tomreynjust give it a try maybe21:25
masonWell. I did, and it failed to set up the bootloader, but it won't do mirroring or encryption anyway.21:26
masonI'm updating my old debootstrap-based script I used to do ZFS root installs on Xenial, but I'm curious if they have any new tricks I want to integrate.21:26
tomreynzfs-initramfs is installed on my test system21:26
masonkk, cool, they're probably using it then21:27
masontomreyn: If I could pester you for a pastebin of bootloader config I'd be grateful.21:27
tomreynmason: if you can pass me some commands i am happy to run them there21:27
masonLike, /etc/default/grub, or /boot/grub/grub.cfg21:27
masonSure. Catting those two would be most useful.21:28
masonAlright, that's pretty standard then.21:28
masonAh, definitely zfs-initramfs then, as that root=ZFS=rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_pdy54c is one of the bits of syntax it'll accept.21:29
masonThank you very much.21:29
tomreynyou're welcome.21:30
masontomreyn: Is the hd0,gpt3 it's looking at a straight ext4 /boot or something?21:30
masonOr are they pulling from the actual rpool?21:30
masonThey're saying "insmod zfs" so I could see it going either way.21:31
tomreyncommands i can run please21:31
masonhm, hm... If it gives actual device names, zpool status rpool would be useful21:32
tomreyncat /proc/partitions21:32
masonThat's cool but it doesn't tell us who's in there. :)21:32
masonHm, so sda4 is likely gpt3 if I'm remembering right, with the gpt naming starting at zero.21:33
masontomreyn: Thank you. I suspect GRUB isn't up to native encryption, so I'll probably keep my kernel/initramfs in the ESP, but it's useful seeing which way they're going. Thank you.21:34
tomreynmason: you're welcome. i suggest just installing in a VM again, i don't see why it wouldn't work with the latest snapshots21:36
masonYeah, I may well do that. I updated my Xenial install doc to cover Devuan, and now I'm updating that for Eoan. I'll share the results once I've got them, and yeah, I'll poke at it in a VM too.21:37
masontomreyn: for kicks: https://bpaste.net/show/glQ422:05
tomreynoh encryption, hmm?22:06
masontomreyn: and mirroring, together22:07
tomreyni was thinking encryption was one of the features that's not considered stable, yet, but i really have pretty much no clue about zfs at all22:07
masontomreyn: Well, there's an issue with variable record sizes that can bite folks using crypto under some circumstances.22:08
masonthat one22:08
masonBut for this test laptop, I'm okay with it.22:08
tomreyndoh, they're already at issue 6000+22:09
masonBeen going for some years now.22:09
tomreynalmost 10k22:09
tomreyni'll need to read a zfs primer the other day, and play with it. not tonight, though. ;)22:10
masonIt's good stuff, and Ubuntu's making it pretty easy to get.22:10
wonkoAre there any known issues with nginx on the current 19.10? I installed nginx, didn't do anything at all to the config so it's all default and I get this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YKwNBq4qgp/23:51

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