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cpaelzerahasenack: the replies on the ZFS fallocate case seem good, lets see what further happens08:02
cpaelzerit seems to get partially philosophic about "lying to userspace" :-)08:03
cpaelzerjamespage: there are no ovs 2.12 release notes yet - what do you think we should add as link to our release notes?08:10
cpaelzeroh the link already works http://openvswitch.org/releases/NEWS-2.12.008:25
cpaelzerwell I'lla dd this then08:25
seb128k, so network-manager's autopkgtest started failing on eoan/i386 because linux-headers-generic went missing08:51
seb128which I expect is a wanted archive change?08:51
seb128does anyone know the recommended alternative/what the pkg should install/do instead?08:51
seb128Laney, ^ can you mark the n-m i386 test buggy until I figure out what we should be doing without an i386 kernel?09:37
Laneyseb128: guess so09:45
Laneyyou probably want vorlon for this09:45
seb128vorlon, ^09:45
seb128help please :)09:45
seb128Laney, thx09:45
LaneyI'll do the hint for now09:45
Laneywould be good to have an update and some advice on what to do in general09:46
seb128would also have been nice to some announce of such changes happening that late in the cycle but I will stop batting this drum I did it enough09:47
cpaelzerxnox: thanks for your words on openssl11:52
cpaelzerreads good and I feel better now11:52
cpaelzerI'll give the DEFAULT@SECLEVEL a test somewhen soon11:52
cpaelzerI knew you'll be the one with the best answers being involved in all of this, but it also provides a chance for anyone else to speak up :-)11:53
xnoxcpaelzer:  there is nothing new in them =) it's just repeats of things that were said in Brussels & Malta11:53
cpaelzerI haven't heard about dh-keysize being known or the related potential workaround yet11:53
cpaelzermaybe I haven't heard all in Brussels/Malta or was in different sessions at the time11:54
cpaelzerI remember we talked in Paris (and before) about the reasoning being long term maintainability11:59
xnoxcpaelzer:  dh-keysize was not known explicitely, it was more of a general what-if given the set of new key-exchange and encryption algos introduced, and their priority / order / size has changed.11:59
xnoxcpaelzer:  and given that tlsv1.3 is siletnly enabled, so slightly higher level concern than dh-size.11:59
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ahasenackcpaelzer: I can use a workaround of some sort: use zvols, libvirt has integration for that12:03
ahasenackeach vm will get its own zvol, instead of a qcow2 image12:03
cpaelzerI'd have wondered if apparmor for these work12:04
cpaelzerdoes it?12:04
cpaelzerbut surely if that works for you, feel free to do so12:04
ahasenackwell, I installed eoan on a vm using this scheme12:05
cpaelzerwithout manually tweaking apparmor12:05
ahasenackthat was the extent of my testing, and I also snapshotted the volume, but using zfs, not libvirt's snapshot12:05
cpaelzerthat should be enough, then the labelling changes I did a while ago might pay off12:05
cpaelzerI haven't tested it in regard to zvols back then12:05
cpaelzertwo positive news in sequence much better than the rest of the morning, keep going ahasenack and xnox :-)12:06
dokoseb128: hmm, why is valgrind expecting debug info in the shared libs, they should be stripped anyway?12:25
seb128doko, I don't know but those warnings might not be the issue, there is something weird going on though with glib/gtk symbols from my testing, unsure where to start to figure it out though :/12:44
dokovalgrind is rebuilt after the glibc upload, so that should be ok12:47
dokoseb128: when did you start seeing these?12:47
seb128doko, I didn't do much valgrind debugging on eoan so I can't really tell, I tried to use it on gnome-calendar yesterday and it failed to give me anything useful ... could also be something to do with gnome-calendar though, I will try on some other gnome binaries12:48
dokoseb128: and mono/s390x, I didn't upload, just synced the python2 removal over there. contacted debian/upstream and xnox for now13:02
seb128doko, thx13:04
xnoxdoko:  ftbfs in debian too, just attempted a rebuild in sid chroot with sbuild13:19
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tarzeaurequestsync doesn't work for me anymore but i'd suggest to not release proposed fasttracker2 with 19.10, either take the 1.00 or don't release14:12
tarzeaudphys-config; aptitude-robot-session14:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1815447 in fasttracker2 (Ubuntu) "upstream does not wish a stable release of the software yet" [Undecided,In progress]14:12
seb128doko, thanks for that next cycle archive opening email, it's useful to see what's going on!15:01
seb128fossfreedom, hey, did modern toolbar used to be default for rhythmbox-plugin-alternative-toolbar? it's not in 19.10 atm and I wonder if that's a regression/some distro default we lost on the way, do you know maybe?15:27
fossfreedomIt's the default for budgie as of a couple of days ago. I will have to look later to see what happened with ubuntu gnome... driving at the mo'15:38
HokarPokarHey guys. I'm trying to write a piece of code that can detect keypresses in background, for any application opened. Does anyone know of an API in ubuntu that can help me achieve this ? The long term goal is to map those sequential keypresses to a command, pretty much like keyboard shortcuts. Except that, keys in keyboard shortcuts need to held15:42
HokarPokardown. What I want is to detect a certain sequence of keypresses and then, map that to a command15:42
HokarPokarThe subtlety that I am not aware of is, how to detect keypresses for all the applications in ubuntu.15:43
rbasakHokarPokar: you're probably looking for some API against X11 or one of the toolkits that wraps it. But you're offtopic here. Try Stack Overflow maybe?15:51
rbasakIt won't be Ubuntu specific either - just specific to X probably.15:51
xnoxHokarPokar:  sounds like you are trying to implement a keylogger16:10
xnoxHokarPokar:  or look at other similar launchers, like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNOME_Do or gnome-settings-daemon16:11
xnoxHokarPokar:  cause one can setup a few keyboard shortcuts there. Study their source cod?16:11
HokarPokarxnox It does look like I'm implementing a key logger sort of thing. But the intention is different. I want to map certain sequences of key press events to commands.16:13
udevbotError: "xnox" is not a valid command.16:13
HokarPokarxnox Can I share a question I just posted on stack overflow ? It has all the details. I hope that doesn't count as promotion16:14
xnoxreally don't care =) i don't work on graphical level stack16:22
sarnoldHokarPokar: what's your question url? I can't spot it in the list of SO questions16:44
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seb128vorlon, hey, unsure if you saw the ping earlier? I'm unsure what should happen to the network-manager i386 autopkgtest now that the kernel headers are not installable?16:53
seb128would welcome some help16:53
vorlonseb128: I thought Laney had already hinted it?16:54
vorlonseb128: I think we should add a permanent badtest hint for network-manager on i386, because running i386 as a host OS is no longer supported16:54
seb128vorlon, Laney said he hinted that version but was unsure what we were supposed to do16:54
vorlonseb128: and in fact this is the hint Laney already added16:55
seb128vorlon, k, so nothing to do from the source? I'm asking because I want to do an upload to include a bug fix, so I was wondering if I should do any change to the autopkgtest while I'm at it16:55
vorlonseb128: I don't think you should bother with sourceful changes16:55
seb128vorlon, k, wfm. L_aney reply this morning was "I'll do the hint for now, would be good to have an update and some advice on what to do in general"16:56
seb128vorlon, sounds like 'just hint those" is what is recommended then16:57
seb128vorlon, thanks!16:57
vorlonand I'll write a longer answer to a mailing list later16:57
seb128vorlon, thx for the ubiquity review, I need someone to merge for me since I don't have commit rights to that vcs if you want also to do that step... ;)17:05
fossfreedomseb128: re alternative-toolbar - at some-point in this cycle gnome-shell or Ubuntu has changed this key from True to False https://lazka.github.io/pgi-docs/#Gtk-3.0/classes/Settings.html#Gtk.Settings.props.gtk_shell_shows_app_menu    - the plugin is relying on that to set the CSD header - it is defaulting to the compact toolbar instead. Two ways to solve this.  One: I could perhaps look instead for "GNOME" in the session19:17
fossfreedomenvironment variable - or alternatively the distro can force the modern toolbar via a gsettings override like this https://github.com/UbuntuBudgie/budgie-desktop-environment/blob/master/debian/budgie-desktop-environment.gsettings-override#L1019:17
seb128fossfreedom, thx20:59

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