seb128hey there, could anyone help me figuring out how ubiquity translations are working exactly?14:32
seb128in particular the UI from gui/gtk/ubiquity.ui14:32
seb128those are not in the translation template and the file is not in the po/POTFILES.in14:32
seb128it looks like debian/ubiquity.templates and debian/ubiquity.templates-imported have some of those strings14:33
seb128but I couldn't figure out how those files are used/updated and if the strings are supposed to be common14:33
xnoxseb128:  strings are extraced into debian translation templates.... one place for it to be stripped, the otherone that persists and remains in the package, and then translations are queried from debconf and applied.15:08
seb128xnox, how does one do the 'extract to template' bits?15:08
xnoxseb128:  but like some strings are "reused" from other places15:08
xnoxseb128:  ./ubiquity/i18n.py15:08
xnoxseb128:  not sure i remember. I try not to introduce new strings =)15:09
cyphermoxoh my15:09
xnoxseb128:  i thought something like cd po/; make something =)15:09
cyphermoxthere was a trick to it, but I don't remember what it is15:09
cyphermoxdef some make command15:09
seb128that does extract thins from files listed in po/POTFILES.in (mainly the .desktop)15:09
seb128the po/ target15:10
seb128but gui/gtk/ubiquity.ui isn't handled like that15:10
seb128cjwatson, ^ do you maybe remember?15:10
xnoxseb128:  oh15:10
cjwatsonI think there's another .pot file for that15:10
xnoxseb128:  i think ubiquity.ui one has to manually edit in the template with the matching template id under ubiquity/15:10
xnoxunless that was the wrong way to do it.15:11
cjwatsonThat does not sound like a thing I would have done15:11
seb128it does look like it15:11
seb128cjwatson, no launchpad template is mentioning gui/gtk/ubiquity.ui atm15:11
seb128so it does look like the same strings do end up in debian/ubiquity.templates by some magic15:11
seb128or manual work15:12
seb128I can't really make sense of it though :/15:12
seb128I'm just trying to fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/173107015:12
seb128which in principle is easy, get '_Skip' in the template15:12
seb128or I could rename it 'Skip' which is existing/translated15:12
seb128but that would be a keyboard navigation regression15:13
cjwatsonIs _Skip a GTK string?15:13
seb128let me look15:13
cjwatsonBecause if so you may just need to do 'make -C debian/imported-po update' with some variables set that it will tell you about15:14
seb128no, it's not15:14
xnoxit would be nice if it was, cause then the translation would be there for all languages15:15
cjwatsonOK, so it does look as though somebody updated the string for progress_cancel_button in ubiquity.ui without modifying debian/ubiquity.templates15:15
cjwatsonI guess it's possible those need to be kept in sync manually; maybe I couldn't figure out a better way to do it15:16
seb128is there some architecture document somewhere describing how those things are supposed to work? (I tried to look for one but without real luck)15:16
cjwatsonI fear probably not15:17
seb128cjwatson, ok, so basically the fix is to edit15:18
seb128Template: ubiquity/text/progress_cancel_button15:18
seb128Type: text15:18
seb128_Description: Skip15:18
seb128to add the _15:18
cjwatsonI think so15:18
cjwatsonUnfortunate but there you go15:18
cjwatsonWould be nice if that were automatically extracted, which is surely possible15:19
seb128I don't understand ubiquity enough to know why that's not going through standard gtk translations/listing the .ui in po/POTFILES.in but I guess there is a reason15:19
cjwatsonBut maybe nobody wants to put that much effort into ubiquity15:19
seb128right, I doubt we are going to do that sort of changes on ubiquity at this point15:19
cjwatsonI think it may have made sense in 200615:19
cjwatsonOtherwise, apologies15:19
seb128cjwatson, xnox, cyphermox, thanks for the replies/help!15:19
seb128xnox, good news is that this string exists/is translated in nautilus so we can probably just re-validate the translations which already exist on launchpad15:20
xnoxseb128:  possibly we may want to import from that po/mo/etc ?15:21
seb128xnox, I think launchpad does know about the string existing in another template and then suggest the existing translation in the web UI15:23
seb128so we just need translators to go check and click the approve button15:23
seb128should be easy enough15:23
xnoxseb128:  yes, but then one has to click on them, and rexport, and reimport, and reupload ubiquity15:23
seb128well, you will need an export/import anyway since it doesn't use langpacks...15:23
xnoxseb128:  well, i have simply made ubiquity upload with a new templae and hand edited po files to include new string, base on prefetched processing using msggrep tooling before. To speed up coverage.15:28
xnoxinstead of doing ubiquity upload with 0 translations; then wait; then export; reimport 30 translations.15:28
xnoxi did the upload with new string & 25 translations in place.15:28
seb128xnox, you mean in the past, or you just did for that _Skip one?15:29
xnoxbut yeah, possibly a false optimisation15:29
xnoxseb128:  in the past when introducing a "new" string which has common translations elsewhere.15:29
seb128we have been living for ever with that string not translated, I don't think it's a big issue for 19.1015:29
seb128but if someone want to do the msgmerge dance I will not stop them ;)15:30
xnoxi vouched to never introduce new strings after it15:30
seb128good choice :)15:30
seb128xnox, cyphermox, https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/ubiquity/+git/ubiquity/+merge/373977 if you feel like reviewing/merging. The previous string was not matching the .ui so not translated so it doesn't regress translations and should be fine to include if we do another upload (which we will probably do before release)16:47

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