sarnoldblack_: I'm not 100% sure what to suggest about the cap sys_admin deniel. that's outside the sandbox profile, it might *real* root, rather than just a "namespace" root.00:00
sarnoldblack_: I think you could address that by adding: "capability sys_admin," to /etc/apparmor.d/local/usr.bin.chromium-browser00:02
black_sarnold, how to I add the capability?00:04
sarnoldblack_: your favourite text editor00:04
black_I think it's already there00:04
sarnoldit's in the child profile chromium_browser_sandbox00:05
sarnold(at least in the one I'm viewing)00:05
sarnoldbut that DENIED line shows it coming from the main profile: profile="/usr/lib/chromium-browser/chromium-browser"00:06
black_thanks, it looks like I"m already there. right now I just need chromium working; I'll check again on reboot00:06
black_thanks again for your help00:07
sarnoldblack_: you're welcome, good luck :00:08
Bashing-omtexla: Verify the paths ? 'sudo echo $PATH' - is the target in the paths ?00:12
MannyLStrange problem here. I have a PC that is dual booting Ubuntuc 19.04 and Windows 10. Two days ago when I last used it I could boot into either OS fine. Now the systems boot but just after the sign in screen the screen goes out with loss of signal. I don't think it is the screen because if I boot with an Ubuntu Live CD it works fine and also if I switch to another PC I have using Ubuntu. I am able to alt-f2 to another console01:02
MannyLand do a cli logon with no issue. Any ideas?01:02
MannyLbrb swithing to other pc01:07
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helpphe e1-id like to know if watching netflix via firefox v 69.0.2 (64-bit) should be an issue found alot of posts on google but not having luck getting it running01:19
helpphave tried in safe mode also01:20
sarnoldare you getting errors? (I haven't got a clue if it is expected to work, but if you get an error message, at least that's something concrete :)01:21
OerHeksdrm enable and addons check https://itsfoss.com/netflix-firefox-linux/01:21
OerHeksif you choose a vpn or proxy, not sure we can help01:23
helpperror code i get is Error code: F7701-1003 will have a look at link now OerHeks01:23
helppi have not01:23
helppvpn not on01:23
helppnor is proxy01:23
OerHeksmake sure you have the latest FF 69.0.2 , else i have no clue01:26
helppim missing shockwaveflash01:27
helppok so i got it in the end i had to install shockwave change settings to remember history and change the content settings to 'standard' thanks to all for your suggestions01:36
ponyrideromg shockwave wow01:36
helppshockwave aka flash01:36
OerHekshave fun!01:36
OerHekssome mono hack, iirc01:37
helppwide vine was there prior01:37
helppponyrider, is shockwave real old or something?01:43
sarnoldhelpp: it was hugely popular in 1995 .. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adobe_Shockwave01:48
ponyriderwhy do you need shockwave anyway?01:49
helppto fire up netflix and get it to play01:50
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RadSurfer_How do I install Skype on Ubuntu Studio please?03:09
OerHeksRadSurfer_, install the skype snap03:11
OerHekshttps://snapcraft.io/skype or via softwarecenter03:11
RadSurfer_what softwarecenter?03:13
suboneIs there any way I can add the checkmark icon to files in nautilus, like dropbox does, but with my rsync script?03:17
FiftyEy folks, got a wee bit of a problem.03:59
FiftyWas following this guide for setting up 2FA: https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/configure-ssh-2fa#003:59
FiftyBut now I cannae log into my accounts, both my root and sudo accounts get "Access denied", when trying to log in with their passwords.03:59
FiftyRe-ran google-authenticator, double checked all the settings, all went fine.04:00
FiftyJust won't let me login for some reason.04:00
ponyriderFifty: there is a PermitRootLogin setting in sshd04:19
FiftyOh my, I'll give that a try.04:19
ponyriderFifty: the default is ProhibitPassword, but maybe try chaning to yes04:19
ponyriderdont forget to systemctl restart sshd04:20
ponyriderFifty: also what does $ journalctl -eu sshd04:20
FiftyI'll paste it, gimme a sec. Not finding PermitRootLogin in the SSHD text file04:21
FiftyIt says "--- No entries ---"04:21
FiftyWith a large block of empty space before it.04:22
ponyriderset LogLevel INFO04:22
ponyriderin the sshd_config04:22
FiftyHere's a screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/V6KKyYN.png04:22
FiftyRighty, I'll do that the now04:22
FiftyThat setting isn't present either, in sshd_config04:23
ponyrideri am on a different distro right now but i am positive it will work04:23
FiftyGotcha, sorry if I'm noob at this04:24
FiftyTotal novice to Linux, using Ubuntu for a server to mess around with04:24
FiftyThe log has the same output.04:25
Fifty"--- No entries ---"04:25
ponyridersystemctl status sshd04:25
FiftyBelow that are the connections I made to my server.04:28
Fifty"Received disconnect from some.external.ip port 55200:11 Bye Bye [preauth]"04:29
FiftyAs well as "Failed password for root from some.external.ip port 46602 [preauth]"04:30
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:31
ponyriderFifty: just to be clear: your are only being denied access as root?04:32
FiftyI can log in with my sudo account04:33
FiftyI added "PermitRootLogin yes" to the bottom of /etc/ssh/sshd04:33
FiftyThen restarted sshd again04:33
FiftyNo dice04:33
kinghatanyone get this from the docker repo?:04:34
kinghatFatal error: E: Repository 'https://download.docker.com/linux/ubuntu bionic InRelease' changed its 'Label' value from 'Docker CE' to 'Docker EE'04:34
Fiftyponyrider Trying again to log in with my sudo account. It works with WinSCP, but not PuTTY. Odd04:36
FiftyIt was working a minute ago.04:36
ponyridersshd_config right?04:36
FiftyOh, I added it to just sshd04:37
ponyriderits needs to be sshd_config04:37
FiftyAye "PermitRootLogin yes" is already added04:37
FiftyAaah, okay, I wasn't able to login with my sudo account because I added "PermitRootLogins yes" to sshd.04:38
FiftySo I can log in with my sudo account. But not my root.04:38
ponyriderthe screenshot you posted before was for ssh.service not sshd.service04:39
FiftyMy apologies.04:39
FiftyI made sure to type sshd.service but it still only shows the log for SSH04:40
FiftyI think I might be missing something then.04:40
ponyridersystemctl start sshd04:41
ponyriderunless this is a quirk of ubuntu...04:41
FiftyWouldn't be surprised. Hetzner only offers minimal Ubuntu 19.04, so it's probably lacking something.04:43
amosbirdHello, is there any tool that can create a fancy effect on the screen when CapsLock is active?04:43
FiftyHere's the log: https://i.imgur.com/vPJWhq7.png04:43
FiftyAlso, I'm not getting asked for 2FA stuff when I login through my sudo account.04:43
ponyriderim not sure ...04:44
FiftyYeah this is odd04:45
FiftyI'll poke around. Thanks for the help so far.04:45
ponyriderFifty: at least you can login with your sudo account. thats pretty much problem solved04:46
FiftyAye, but I would like to get this working for my root.04:47
FiftyI use root for managing the important stuff, with sudo users running the programs04:47
ponyriderFifty: try adding the option: usePAM yes04:48
FiftyThat's already in sshd_config04:48
ponyriderthis and double check the ChallengeResponseAuthentication is indeed set you yes04:49
FiftyNow that I look at it, "PermitRootLogin yes" is in there twice04:49
FiftyOoh, it's on no.04:49
FiftyAha! There we go!04:49
FiftyThank you, you're a great help.04:50
ponyrider^^^ that was in the tutorial as well. so where you editing /etc/ssh/sshd???04:50
ponyrideroh LOL04:50
FiftyThe issue was, is that I got confused with which config file to edit to.04:50
ponyriderwinner ;)04:50
FiftyMy excuse is that it is 5am and I've not slept.04:50
FiftyAgain, thanks for the help.04:50
ponyrideryes! ok an easy enough mistake. learn your lesson now, you can waste hours04:50
FiftyThe lesson is to not modify a server at 4am for an hour straight.04:51
FiftyBut that's no fun now.04:51
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makarahi. I can't seem to get rid of python-gtk2-dev package https://paste.ee/p/w3fOy05:41
OerHeksi hope this works: sudo dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq python-gtk2-dev05:46
OerHeksbut this might take down the whole desktop?05:46
Bashing-ommakara: "24 not upgraded" Maybe a update will over write the bad file ? What results ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade '?05:46
Regori want to install equalizer and open-file folder plugin on rhythmbox on 18.04 bionic .05:54
makaraBashing-om: same error. Same version of the package06:00
makaraOerHeks: I don't want to take down the whole desktop06:00
mrpotatoeshi everyone, anyone know if there's a newer `tar` with ZSTD support available somehow easily?06:04
mrpotatoesI can't google anything06:04
mrpotatoes(on 18.04 if important)06:04
Bashing-ommakara: Perhaps fix the file ? what shows ' ls -al /usr/bin/pyversions ' ?06:05
makaramrpotatoes: you'll need version 1.30.90+06:06
makaraBashing-om: I tried placing the multiple exceptions in parenthesis but got another error. Let me try splitting into two exceptions06:07
Bashing-ommakara: Sure you are working on the correct file ? My system has a symlink to /usr/bin/pyversions -> ../share/python/pyversions.py06:10
makaraBashing-om: same file yes06:12
makarabut why am I changing it anyway?06:14
Bashing-ommakara: Cary on -you seem to know what you are doing :D06:14
Bashing-ommakara: The error is " File "/usr/bin/pyversions", line 20 >> except IOError, msg: >> SyntaxError: invalid syntax ".06:17
ponyrider /join #manjaro06:18
makaraBashing-om: on my other machine 19.04 the #! interpreter is explicitely python206:18
afidegnumhello, i can06:19
afidegnumi can't install compiz on my 18.04 is there an alternate widget to use ?06:20
Bashing-ommakara: my 18.04 installhas it as "#! /usr/bin/python". Still reading my file.06:21
ponyriderBashing-om: why is there a space there?06:22
RandolfHmm, never seen that with a space before.06:23
ponyrideri think the interpreter will choke on it06:24
ponyriderit doesnt !~06:24
ponyriderWhite space after the shebang characters is optional ! ;)06:25
RandolfPerl doesn't (I just tried).06:25
makaraOerHeks: I needed to remove /var/lib/dpkg/info/python-gtk2-dev.* as per https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48431372/removing-broken-packages-in-ubuntu06:26
RandolfThat's interesting.  Learning new things is fun.06:26
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. In Unity or GNOME, search the dash for "terminal" and press ENTER. Other desktops: Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal (MATE), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal06:26
makaraBashing-om: sorted, thx06:27
Bashing-ommakara: :D06:27
Randolf"Konsole?"  Ha!06:27
PCatineanHey everyone, I'm running ubuntu 18.04 with the latest updates and I just reset my dlink router. From windows I can connect fine, from my phone as well but in ubuntu it seems to connect but can't access anything (router http interface or internet)06:38
PCatineanCan anyone help me debug this?06:38
ponyriderwhat is the output of $ ip route06:42
PCatineanponyrider, https://pastebin.com/Lk1y0rJg06:43
ponyriderPCatinean: so you have an ethernet, an wifi too?06:49
ponyriderPCatinean: why is that?06:50
PCatineanponyrider, because I'm also using my phone as a wireless adapater06:54
PCatineanSo I can talk to you06:54
ponyriderim not the best person, i dont actually run ubuntu06:55
ponyriderbut which one are you connected to?06:57
PCatineanponyrider, I am using my mobile as a wireless adapter so I can join this chan and talk to you06:57
ponyriderPCatinean: well if you are using the phone, of course you cannot access the routeeer06:58
tatertotsPCatinean: did you previously try to use a static ip?06:59
tatertotsPCatinean: and now after a router reset...your static IP is still there?06:59
PCatineantatertots, it assigns an ip, I can ping
PCatineanBut that's about it07:00
PCatineanIf I don't join from my phone idk how I can ask for support though07:01
PCatineanI also saw my device on the router interface connected with an assigned ip07:02
OerHeksso you think you can have multiple router menu access??07:03
tatertotsPCatinean: add google dns server to your DNN in network manager it's and try again,07:04
tommy``guys i've some questions about nvidia drivers on disco dingo07:06
ponyriderPCatinean: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/network-configuration.html#ip-addressing07:06
PCatineantatertots, yeah that's what I thought as well and set in primary dns07:11
PCatineanponyrider, should I disconnect the phone and try that?07:11
ponyriderkeep all your windows open so you can just reconnect07:12
PCatineanit's on the same device, dual boot07:13
ponyrideruse the $ ip link set dev <device> up/down command07:13
PCatineanSoo yeah that didn't go well07:19
PCatineanI'm not nearly qualified enough to debug this problem, set the default gateway to the router and it died again07:19
ponyriderwhen you reset your router, did the gateway change?07:23
PCatineanI don't know07:23
PCatineanI could not connect to it before because I didn't know the password07:23
ponyriderPCatinean: before you said you can ping, but that is the gateway for your phone, are you aware of that?07:24
PCatineanponyrider, I meant even before I used my mobile as gateway that worked07:24
PCatineanBut the interface itself was not available from the browser07:24
PCatineanThen I booted into windows and tried the same and it worked, same from the phone07:24
dnno_hello all what should i do with this kind of error how do i fix07:25
ponyriderip addr flush enp0s20f0u207:25
dnno_Target Packages (partner/binary-amd64/Packages) is configured multiple times in /etc/apt/sources.list:43 and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/disco-partner.list:407:25
dnno_after running sudo apt-get update07:26
Bashing-omdnno_: remove the enty from the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ directory .07:26
PCatineanI should run that ponyrider ?07:26
dnno_so just open with a txt editor delete multiples and save close reboot?07:27
ponyriderPCatinean: the default gateway for your eth says its but then you say your routers gateway is
dnno_with a backup of course07:27
ponyriderPCatinean: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/network-configuration.html#ip-addressing <<<< go to the DHCP client section07:28
Bashing-omdnno_: ' rm -rf /etc/apt/sources.list.d/disco-partner.list ' .07:28
ponyriderdo not type the '.' at the end !07:31
PCatineanOk so now connected from my phone only07:32
PCatineanIt appears I can ping but cannot access the web interface whereas I can fromy.phone07:32
tommy``is it possible Wayland working with nvidia drivers?07:32
Bashing-omdnno_: Glad2help :P07:32
PCatineanAnd i can ping from laptop07:32
PCatineanBut can't resolve dns or connect to anything07:32
OerHekstommy``, no, unless there is a recent change.07:33
tommy``I'm actullay with driver 390 but i've uncommented the #WaylandEnable = false07:33
OerHeksthen you won't see a wayland session at login07:34
royal_screwup21 I am using zsh. I want to change my preferred edtor for ssh sessions to be vs-code instead of vim. Is it possible to do that by tweaking the .zshrc file? https://gist.github.com/hollandben/2e7899d1ae76c72b7c62ca984578aa6307:34
PCatinean@ ponyrider07:34
dnno_Bashing-om, https://imgur.com/a/ypjJNVF07:34
tommy``OerHeks: if was using WaylandEnable commented i had problem login: (stuck and frozen)07:34
dnno_Bashing-om, why would i have so many to delete07:34
dnno_is there a quicker way than one by one ?07:35
ponyridersudo ip addr add dev enp0s20f0u207:35
ponyrider^ we add a temporary ip for you07:35
OerHekstommy``, so you have our answer, nvidia and wayland do not work07:35
ponyriderip link set dev enp0s20f0u2 up07:35
PCatineanNo such device07:36
PCatineanI assume wlan?07:36
ponyrider^ and switch07:36
tommy``OerHeks: so it's normal that without Wayland the gnome desktop is a bit laggy?07:36
lotuspsychjefor networking issues please join ##networking this is ubuntu support07:36
Bashing-omdnno_: the advisement was only in respect to this one duplication. looking at^ ,07:36
ponyriderfuck osrry07:37
ponyridersudo ip addr add dev enp0s20f0u207:37
PCatineanMy phone is no longer connected to my laptop07:37
guiverclanguage please ponyrider07:37
PCatineanMaybe that was the device07:37
PCatineanNow it's just the wireless interface07:37
PCatineanShould I use that instead?07:38
ponyriderPCatinean: look if you dont follow my instruction there is nothing i can do for you07:38
OerHekstommy``, it depends on your hardware specs, and what services you run07:38
PCatineanSame error07:38
PCatineanCannot find devixe enp0...07:39
OerHeksand 'a bit laggy'  is so vague07:39
ponyridersorry what is the output of $ ip a07:39
lotuspsychjePCatinean: please dont use this channel to describe every step you do, focus on actual ubuntu question and patient07:39
PCatineanLo, wlp2s0 many many br-hash and docket07:40
PCatineanThat's why I asked if I should use wlp2s007:40
Bashing-omdnno_: As the package manager advises - duplication, As sources.list.d/ is for 3rd parties sources, does not belong there to start with.07:40
OerHekslotuspsychje, he wants to have access to his router menu from all devices at the same time, help him :-P07:40
ponyriderPCatinean: stop telling what you *think* you should do07:41
tommy``OerHeks: yes my pc is a bit old i've a core 2 quad 9600 with 6GB RAM07:41
ponyriderPCatinean: where is your ethernet device? it should be there?07:41
PCatineanI just told you i removed the connection from my phone a.k.a unplugged it07:42
PCatineanAnd now i'm chatting from androirc app07:42
PCatineanWhile the laptop is connected to just the router07:42
PCatineanSo i would assume (if you would allow me) that it's no longer there because i removed the cable07:42
ponyrideri give up07:42
PCatineanOk then nevermind07:43
PCatineanAnyone else with a bit more patience and less pretentious?07:43
lotuspsychjetommy``: tweak gnome a bit, should work smoother on 6GB ram07:43
ponyriderwhy dont you just read the link i sent you, and stop wasting eveyones time07:43
tommy``lotuspsychje: where are the options to twek gnome?07:43
lotuspsychjePCatinean: ask a question and then patient until someone knows, see also ##networking for network issues07:44
PCatineanOk thanks07:44
lotuspsychjetommy``: sudo apt install preload haveged gnome-tweak-tool bleachbit07:44
PCatineanJust not sure if it's ubuntu related or not07:44
PCatineanThough should be since it works from any other OS or device07:44
ponyrideryou said before you were using the phone as wifi07:44
conjohi all what would the ideal amount of space for a ubuntu install be (on the generous side) need to split manjaro and ubuntu on a 120gig drive07:44
PCatineanI have a feeling it's related to DNS since I can ping
lotuspsychjeconjo: the users choice, i think ubuntu needs 8GB + these days07:45
conjohave another set aside for stroage hdd not a ssd which will be for os07:45
PCatineanponyrider I also mentioned then I removed it if you would have read everything07:45
OerHeksideal = manjaro 0, ubuntu 12007:45
ubottuUbuntu bug 120 in Launchpad itself "removing acoli from my languages list and saving gets me a system error" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12007:45
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: lol07:45
PCatineanBecause all the changes kept disconnecting me07:45
ponyriderPCatinean: can you just do what i say? so plug in the ethernet cable07:45
PCatineanSo I decided to ask for help on phone07:46
PCatineanAnd keep laptop just on wifi07:46
Bashing-omconjo: Minimal suggestion is 30 Gigs for an ubuntu install.07:46
PCatineanYou mean the usb cable to the phone back?07:46
PCatineanAnd enable usb tethering as before?07:46
tommy``lotuspsychje: ok, this is like a cleaner, but i got a bit laggy on the animation of desktop like when i click on "show applications"07:46
ponyrideryou said before that you wanted to connect to your router via ethernet07:46
lotuspsychjetommy``: graphics driver installed properly?07:47
lotuspsychje!who | PCatinean ponyrider07:47
ubottuPCatinean ponyrider: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)07:47
PCatineanI think there has been a miscommunication ponyrider07:47
tommy``lotuspsychje: i've installed nvidia-390 but i  had to use "nomodeset" on grub and the WaylandEnable = false07:47
lotuspsychjetommy``: sudo lshw -C video, to see07:47
PCatineanMy laptop connects to the d-link router but i cannot access the web interface of the router or the internet07:47
ponyriderPCatinean: connects via what? you are not being clear07:48
PCatineanponyrider, as such the only workaround was to use my phone as a wireless adapter.07:48
lotuspsychjetommy``: nomodeset is for testing/bypassing should not be used for daily driver07:48
PCatineanponyrider via wireless connection only. I don't even have a lan port on this notebook07:48
ponyrider^^^ this07:48
PCatineanAnd my aim is to connect to.it.via wireless interface and actually work07:49
tommy``lotuspsychje: https://pastebin.com/q97qaauD07:49
lotuspsychjetommy``: wich drivers show on: ubuntu-drivers list ?07:49
ponyriderPCatinean: you see you should have said that at the very start instead of making me extract information from you. $ sudo iwlist scan07:50
tommy``lotuspsychje: 2 of them, nvidia-340 and nvidia-driver-39007:50
lotuspsychjetommy``: did you try a switch yet to compare?07:50
PCatineanI see well then my bad, sorry07:51
lotuspsychjetommy``: i recently tested the 340 on an old card, was still working properly for me07:51
PCatineanGot a huge list for wlp2s007:51
tommy``lotuspsychje: switch, how?07:51
PCatineanNot sure how i can copy.paste the data to show07:51
lotuspsychjetommy``: software&updates/tab additional drivers/340 vs 39007:51
ponyriderPCatinean: so one of them is your d-link access point07:51
lotuspsychjetommy``: make sure you disabled nomodeset, to have the full power of your nvidia driver too07:52
tommy``i show you my grub lotuspsychje07:52
PCatineanI can see by the ESSID which i recognize, it's the first07:52
tommy``lotuspsychje: https://pastebin.com/A01EkWmN07:53
lotuspsychjetommy``: change to "quiet splash" then sudo update-grub and reboot07:53
ponyriderPCatinean: iwconfig wlp2s0 essid <name> key <password>07:54
tommy``ok try and re-login07:54
lotuspsychjetommy``: make sure you login to ubuntu(gnome)07:55
PCatineanponyrider set failed on device wlp2s0 operation already in progress07:55
lotuspsychjetommy``: not ubuntu(wayland)07:55
tommy``yes i have uncommented the WaylandEnable07:55
tommy``you mean that?07:55
ponyriderdhclient wlp2s007:55
lotuspsychjetommy``: at your login gdm you can also choose07:55
PCatineanSeems to be stalling07:56
ponyriderwait for it07:56
ponyriderping www.google.com07:56
PCatineanNo ping, still stalling07:56
PCatineanponyrider As mentioned ping works but no domains, and still no output from.dhclient07:58
ponyrider!give PCatinean ix07:58
ubottuponyrider: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:58
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:58
PCatineanponyrider, is it supposed to take this long?08:00
ponyriderip addr flush wlp2s0; systemctl restart dhcpd@wlp2s0.service; ip a | curl -F 'f:1=<-' ix.io08:01
tommy``ok now i've removed nomodeset from grub options08:01
lotuspsychjetommy``: graphics better now?08:02
PCatineanFailed to restart service unit not found08:02
tommy``same as before, but when i press on show applications it's a bit laggy when open the list of all apps08:03
PCatineanIf I use tabcomplete for dhcpd@ i can see hostname ip6 localhost and othet criptic ones but not wlp2s008:04
PCatineanHostname as in the hostname of the notebook08:05
lotuspsychjetommy``: your graphics card is not the biggest monster for gnome neither :p08:05
dengerhello, after been foreced upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS, i can't use "apt update", it always tells me "403 Forbidden", even i changed different sources. any body can give me some hint?08:05
tommy``lotuspsychje: how can i check if i'm using nvidia 390 or 340?08:06
lotuspsychjedenger: could you pastebin the whole output please08:06
lotuspsychjetommy``: nvidia-smi08:06
dengerroot@ubuntu-bionic:/etc/apt # apt update08:06
denger403  Forbidden [IP: 80]08:06
ponyriderPCatinean: ok just give me $ iwconfig | curl -F 'f:1=<-' ix.io08:07
PCatineanponyrider Could not resolve host ix.io08:08
tommy``lotuspsychje: do you know something like "pastebinit" shell command?08:08
lotuspsychje!pastebinit | tommy``08:08
ubottutommy``: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit08:08
ponyriderPCatinean: oh of course..08:08
PCatineanI can plug in back the phone as wireless adapter to do that, or take a picture idk08:09
ponyrideris your wifi interface actually still named wlp2s008:09
lotuspsychjedenger: are you behind a firewall or router?08:09
tommy``lotuspsychje: yes, i've installed that but i got python error usr/bin/pastebinit:42: DeprecationWarning: dist() and linux_distribution() functions are deprecated in Python 3.5 release = platform.linux_distribution()[0].lower()08:09
ponyridersudo dhclient wlp2s0 -r08:10
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PCatineanNo output08:10
dengeryes, but i can access the website by my chrome.08:10
ponyriderdhclient wlp2s008:11
ponyridertry again08:11
tommy``lotuspsychje: https://pastebin.com/s9ZYDpA408:11
PCatineanStill hangs and nothing happens, no matter how much I leave it08:11
dengereven if i change the source address to some special, it always 403.08:11
lotuspsychjetommy``: 39008:12
tommy``ok, seems all is good now08:12
ponyrider and this still doesnt work?  iwconfig wlp2s0 essid <name> key <password>08:12
PCatineanError for wireless request Set ESSID Set failed on device wlp2s0 operation already in progress08:13
ponyriderPCatinean: there must be a systemctl process already in place08:14
PCatineanMaybe docker is messing with it? I shut it down before btw just to ve sure08:15
ponyriderPCatinean: $ ip link set wlp2s0 down08:15
ponyriderPCatinean: $ ip link set wlp2s0 up08:15
PCatineanNow I ran dhclient wlp2s0 and it returned no output08:16
dengerAnswer for: http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic-security/InRelease08:17
dengerwhy ~08:17
ponyriderip addr08:17
PCatineanIt returned, i have assigned
PCatineanThink it's the same as before08:18
ponyrideri see08:18
ponyriderthats connected? so if you ping ???08:19
PCatineanPing in router always worked08:19
PCatineanStill does08:20
PCatineanponyrider, anything else i can do?08:28
amrasouli79  /exit08:35
Xat`hello guys08:40
Xat`I get a dependency error based on libcurl : https://paste.ee/p/0uujJ08:41
OerHeksXat`, run apt update first, or better sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade # before installing anything new08:42
Xat`as you can see, I have a package that needs libcurl3 and it is installed . But, when installing curl, it says I need libcurl4 instead, so it brokes something08:42
OerHeks!info libcurl408:44
ubottulibcurl4 (source: curl): easy-to-use client-side URL transfer library (OpenSSL flavour). In component main, is optional. Version 7.58.0-2ubuntu3.8 (bionic), package size 233 kB, installed size 690 kB08:44
OerHekscurl depends on libcurl4 indeed, why do you want libcurl3 ??08:45
OerHekslibcurl3 and libcurl4 cannot coexist08:45
Xat`#OerHeks: I need libapache2-mod-shib2 shibboleth-sp2-utils and shibboleth-sp2-common08:45
Xat`OerHeks: I need libapache2-mod-shib2 shibboleth-sp2-utils and shibboleth-sp2-common08:45
OerHeksthere is a hack, but needs a lot of manual work to make it run https://dev.to/jake/using-libcurl3-and-libcurl4-on-ubuntu-1804-bionic-184g08:46
PCatineanI'm having an issue with my ubuntu 18.04. I can connect to the wireless network with the same notebook from windows or from my android phone with no problems but when I boot into ubuntu I can connect to the network but I have no internet access or access to the router's web interface. I have also noticed that I can ping while connected wirelessly to this network from ubuntu but that's pretty much it. Any advice?08:48
OerHeksi find no dependencies for libcurl3 in those 3 packages?08:48
Xat`ok I will try without libcurl308:54
tommy``lotuspsychje: which is best graphic card for ubuntu 19.04 or future ?08:55
lotuspsychjetommy``: there is no really 'best of', ubuntu runs on all sorts of different hardware08:57
tommy``lotuspsychje: you tell me that mine is a bit old, if I should upgrade, which ones i could get?08:58
lotuspsychjetommy``: it depends what you want to do with your graphics, based on that you buy/choose a new card08:58
lotuspsychjetommy``: in your case, i would choose a lubuntu or xubuntu to run your system smoother first08:58
lotuspsychje!flavours | tommy``08:59
ubottutommy``: Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours08:59
tommy``lotuspsychje: those are for outdated machines i imagine08:59
OerHeksyour system core 2 quad 9600  suggest LGA775, so your whole system needs to be replaced for recent videocards PciXpress 4.008:59
lotuspsychjetommy``: no, they are for a more lightweight choice09:00
OerHeksbut hardware recommendations is beyond the scope of this channel09:00
tommy``lotuspsychje: ok i will keep that in mind for some future downgrade if i notice some lag problems09:01
lotuspsychjetommy``: clean install, not downgrade09:01
tommy``lotuspsychje: yeah sorry i meant that09:02
tommy``i've a question about wine, i've a software that use on windows some video and audio codec.. (it's a software for visual subtitles sync) I managed to install and working with wine, but i can't reproduce video inside the software becuase it uses the lav codec and filters, what i should do to fix that?09:03
OerHeksjoin the #winehq channel for winesupport09:04
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu09:04
OerHeksone better find a free alternative09:05
tommy``OerHeks: sadly i find nothing so powerful like VisualSubSync09:05
tommy``OerHeks: I've tested Aegisub but it's not handly like VSS09:06
Xat`OerHeks: I tried by removing libcurl3 from my package installation : https://paste.ee/p/yHx2Z . As you can see, I get another dependency error09:17
OerHeksXat`, interesting that you have libcurl3 installed..09:24
OerHeksstart again with a fresh vm?09:25
Xat`it is09:25
Xat`I do a full rebuild09:26
Xat`OerHeks: in my last paste, I did't have libcurl309:26
danboidDoes eoan have a command for creating a new ZFS boot environment yet?09:37
OerHeksdanboid, yes, the current daily live iso gives zfs support, join #ubuntu+1 for info and support09:39
danboidOerHeks, Will do, thanks09:40
Xat`OerHeks: ok I know why . libapache2-mod-shibd depends on libxmltooling7 . And libxmltooling7 needs libcurl309:41
tommy``about alsa and alsa-mixer is it normal that i hear a strange noise before i play some audio?09:41
tommy``it's a sound like you connect a microphone to a jack09:41
Xat`guys, I have libapache2-mod-shibd that depends on libxmltooling7. And libxmltooling7 depends on libcurl3 . After installing them, I need to install curl, that needs libcurl4 . So apt does not want I install both libcurl3 and libcurl4 . How to resolve this ?09:44
doug16ktommy``, a click/pop sound? that could be power management09:44
tommy``doug16k: yes it's like a pop sound09:45
OerHeksi already posted a hack, but i think it will give issues, as liburl 3 and 4 do not live together09:45
OerHeksgood luck09:45
doug16kI suggest `sudo powertop` and tab over to Tunables, pgdn to "Enable Audio Codec Power Management" and set it to Bad09:45
doug16k...if you can09:46
doug16ksame for the sound card if it is there below09:46
doug16kis it a usb audio device? Might want to disable autosuspend on usb09:47
doug16kadd kernel parameter usbcore.autosuspend=-109:48
tommy``doug16k: no it's my internal soundcard09:48
tommy``doug16k: Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02)09:48
tommy``doug16k: alsamixer is auto-mute Disabled09:49
tommy``doug16k: that options was on Negative09:51
doug16ksometimes modules will have a parameter to disable powersave. look at the modinfo output for your sound device09:53
doug16ksometimes they will have a device file under /sys/modules/<your-sound-module>09:53
tommy``1 found this with modinfo snd_hda_intel power_save:Automatic power-saving timeout (in second, 0 = disable). (xint)09:55
doug16ktommy``, cd to that directory and do: echo 0 | sudo tee power_save09:58
tommy``it returns 0 and a pop sound09:58
doug16kshould never pop again though09:58
doug16kuntil reboot09:58
doug16kto make it permanent, add snd_hda_intel.power_save=0 to your boot kernel parameters in /etc/default/grub, then run sudo update-grub09:59
tommy``doug16k: got me an error the update grub10:02
doug16kcan you pastebin your /etc/defaults/grub10:02
tommy`` /usr/sbin/grub-mkconfig: 33: /etc/default/grub: snd_hda_intel.power_save=0: not found10:02
doug16kshould be placed between the quotes at GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=10:03
doug16kspace separated from whatever is already there10:03
tommy``oh ok!10:04
tommy``ok worked!10:04
tommy``rebooting and testing10:04
tommy``doug16k: testing now10:09
tommy``my pc is not a flash booting ubuntu :D10:09
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tommy``is anyone here have nordvpn installed?11:06
BluesKajHey folks11:09
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EdwardIIIhey, i'm trying to upgrade a project i inherited from ubuntu 14.04. some services are getting installed by ansible, i think it's manually creating some upstart conf files. it brings services up or down with literally just "start" or "stop" - is /sbin/start an upstart thing?12:02
ioriaEdwardIII, yes, https://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/amd64/upstart/filelist12:09
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WalexEdwardIII: the 'init' independent way is 'service ... [start|stop|...]'15:20
WalexEdwardIII: but Ansible should have a builtin that does the right thing, Ansible "scripts" should not run that type of command directly15:21
mgedminansible has a service module for this15:30
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HokarPokarHey guys. I'm trying to write a piece of code that can detect sequential keypresses in background, for any application opened. Does anyone know of an API in ubuntu that can help me achieve this ? The long term goal is to map those sequential keypresses to a command, pretty much like keyboard shortcuts. Except that, keys in keyboard shortcuts need15:41
HokarPokarto held down. What I want is to detect a certain sequence of keypresses and then, map that to a command15:41
WalexHokarPokar: not clear what you want but look at the code in 'xbindkeys' and modify it.15:45
PsychotabbyRecently installed Server 18.04LTS and installed ssh.  Verified SSH running on port 2576 using "sudo service ssh status".  I can log in locally using "ssh localhost" but when I try to log in from another machine on the network I get "connection refused".  thoughts?15:56
doug16kPsychotabby, is it a vm?15:56
Psychotabbyno it is not.15:57
PsychotabbyI can also ping that machine from my other machine15:57
mgedmin2576 is not the standard SSH port15:57
mgedmindo you have a firewall enabled on this machine?15:58
PsychotabbyI changed the port number thinking maybe my DDWRT router was blocking it.  I don't know if I have a firewall enabled on the server.  It's a fresh  18.04 LTS install15:59
mgedmina fresh install shouldn't have a firewall15:59
doug16kPsychotabby, what does this say from the other machine: nmap server-ip-here -p 257615:59
mgedminis the other machine you're testing on the same LAN?15:59
PsychotabbyWait, from the client or from the server?15:59
doug16kme? client15:59
PsychotabbyI guess I don't have nmap on my windows machine16:00
doug16kah, windows client16:00
Psychotabby@mge yes they are on the same Lan16:00
doug16kwindows firewall is setup normally? not all tweaked for security?16:01
PsychotabbyCorrect.  I'm not sure I've ever changed anything on this Windows 10 machine16:01
doug16kPsychotabby, you could try `nmap localhost -p 2576` on the server to verify that ssh is really listening on port 257616:05
mgedminnetstat -tl or ss -tl might be better16:06
mgedminbut the default is to listen on and [::]:2216:07
Psychotabbynmap output was port 2576 TCP open16:07
mgedminwhen you're trying from another machine in the same LAN, did you use the hostname or IP?16:07
PsychotabbyAlso, "sudo service ssh status" returns "listen on port 257616:08
mgedmineverything seems to be in order16:08
mgedminshame you can't try nmap on the client16:08
Psychotabbyshould I try something other than MobaXterm?  Just seemed popular16:09
mgedmin... do you have netcat or telnet there?  you could try and see if you get the OpenSSH welcome banner if you try to connect16:09
Psychotabbyare those services in W10?16:09
doug16kPsychotabby, telnet may need to be enabled in "turn windows features on or off" thing16:09
mgedminI've always used putty on window16:09
Psychotabbylemme enable telnet16:10
mgedmin'enable telnet' sounds scary; I hope it refers to the telnet client and not telnet server16:10
PsychotabbyWhat is the telnet comman syntax I'm looking for?16:10
doug16kthis command should turn on telnet without poking around with the mouse: dism /online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:TelnetClient16:10
Psychotabbyenabled telnet client.16:11
doug16kmust be administrator16:11
doug16ktelnet the-server-ip-here 257616:11
Psychotabby"Could not open connection to the host on port 2576"16:12
mgedminok, on the server can you try sudo iptables -L to check if firewall is enabled?16:13
mgedminif it's off, you'll see three chains with policy ACCEPT and no rules16:13
IaMnEwHeRejust my 2ct, if there is a need for telnet and you actually have controle over the server use SSH(just saying not having followed the beginning of the discussion16:14
mgedminIaMnEwHeRe: we're trying to use telnet to discover if the SSH server shows the banner on the right port16:14
Psychotabbyyep, three chains, all with ACCEPT16:15
doug16kIaMnEwHeRe, just seeing if telnet can connect at all16:15
doug16kpoor man's nmap16:15
mgedminrunning out of ideas here!  can you double-check the IP address?16:15
mgedminon the server itself you can see it with `ip a`16:15
IaMnEwHeRethe ssh-client should also display the banner shouldn16:15
IaMnEwHeRet it16:16
doug16kPsychotabby, are they on the same subnet? what does this say from windows: tracert server-ip-here16:16
IaMnEwHeReand I recall that there is a tool that scraps public keys including the banner from ssh but forgot the name16:16
PsychotabbyMY GOSH!  It changed!16:17
mgedminhey, does windows support MDNS?16:17
Psychotabbyit was .124 last night but somehow through all this starting, stopping, etc, it changed to .12116:17
mgedminI think you need to install avahi-daemon on the server to make it advertise its hostname via mDNS16:17
doug16kPsychotabby, setup a dhcp reservation on your router so it won't change16:17
mgedminthen you should be able to ssh yourserver.local if the client supports mDNS16:18
Psychotabbyand ofc, now I can log in.16:18
PsychotabbyThank you so much!16:18
mgedmin(althoguh it's nicer when the router does DNS for local machines, combined with static DHCP leases)16:18
PsychotabbyNow time  to set a static IP.16:18
tommy``what's this options on grub? nvidia-drm.modeset=116:25
tomreynmodinfo -p nvidia-drm    should tell16:26
tomreynit's "kernel mode setting", having the kernel initialize graphics (instead of the classic way, the user space)16:27
tomreynas far as i know, nvidia hasn't really made it there, yet, though16:28
tomreyn(and maybe they never will unless they go open source.)16:29
tommy``tomreyn: i think i will make a clean install and test lubuntu as ubuntu is a bit laggy on "show applications"16:29
tomreynthat's ok with me if you do this16:30
tommy``can i install the desktop environment that use Lubuntu on ubuntu?16:31
makr8100tommy``: yes, it's LXDE16:31
tomreynthe base system is the same amongst all official flavors16:31
tomreynsudo apt install lubuntu-desktop^16:32
tomreynyou'll still have the default (gnome-shell) desktop installed, though, and removing this is not as easy.16:32
chainzanyone know what this message means? dbus[931]: [system] Rejected send message, 3 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.6302" (uid=288800009 pid=21677 comm="nm-applet ") interface="org.freedesktop.NetworkManager" member="GetPermissions" error name="(unset)" requested_reply="0" destination="org.freedesktop.NetworkManager" (uid=0 pid=1011 comm="NetworkManager ")16:35
chainzi'm trying to set up the script in the 2nd answer here and getting that error, https://askubuntu.com/questions/179889/how-do-i-set-up-an-email-alert-when-a-ssh-login-is-successful16:35
ghotiIs there a tool that's part of the X window system that will send whatever's in my copy/paste buffer to stdout? Sort of like `pbpaste` on macOS?16:38
doug16ktomreyn, what does the caret mean?16:38
tomreynchainz: hardly related. what you posted is about a message / command the network manager applet (the top right corner icon used for managing your network connections) tried to send to network manager, but ws not allowed to (not sure why).16:39
IaMnEwHeReghoti look for xclip16:39
tomreyndoug16k: it's an apt "task". previously, "tasksel" was used to manage those.16:39
IaMnEwHeReubuntu is not my distribution , but that is what I am using for stuff like this16:39
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IaMnEwHeReI have a specific systemd-resolved question, is there a way to determin which configuration(interface(wlan0, tun0), fallback) is used for resolving a request?16:46
Psychotabby@mgedmin - I broke something.  Let me explain because I have no idea why this isn't working now.  The only thing I did was change my IP to static.  I did this editing a file in the /etc/netplan folder.  After that, I did 'ip a' and sure enough, it shows the correct ip address.  SSH is running, I can connect via localhost, everything is alright.  I can ping the machine from my windows machine.  But can't login via SSH.  Did I16:48
Psychotabbyforget something?16:48
tomreynPsychotabby: systemctl restart ssh16:53
PsychotabbyOK, I input that command.  still can't login from ssh though.  ssh IS running accoring to "sudo service ssh status"16:58
doug16ksarnold, wow that was your post on stackoverflow yesterday! what a coincidence16:59
sarnolddoug16k: crazy, right? :)16:59
sarnolddoug16k: I'm glad you found the thing, and I'm glad it was still mostly right :) hehe16:59
tomreynPsychotabby: firewalled?17:00
Psychotabbyok.  So, here's something I discovered.17:00
PsychotabbySo my IP address as dynamically assigned WAS .121.  However, I changed the IP using netplan, and now "ip a" reports .200.  HOWEVER, I can ssh into .121 successfully.17:01
PsychotabbyI am completely lost now.17:01
PsychotabbyHow is that even possible?17:03
sarnoldPsychotabby: strange indeed; are you sure ip a on the host in question doesn't show the .121 address assigned to the IP as well?17:06
PsychotabbyI'm pretty sure I found it.  Help me out with this.  So I edited my netplan yaml file, and I entered the addresses correctly EXCEPT I forgot to change dhcp4: true, to "no".17:09
Psychotabbyworking now.  I did sudo netplan apply17:09
PsychotabbyRemember this for when the next linux newbie comes in here lol!17:10
halfbitwhen running apt update I get an error, /boot fills up from initrd17:10
halfbitinitrd on this machine with 18.04 and kernel 4.15.18 is 350mb...17:10
halfbiton another machine with a slightly older kernel, same exact hardware, 40mb17:11
halfbitis there something I can do to work through this? do I need to temporarily mount a larger /boot?17:11
sarnoldhalfbit: fixing this up is so bloody annoying :/17:18
sarnoldhalfbit: the usual approach is to use > initrd-versionnumber  to *truncate* the files..17:18
sarnoldhalfbit: then once there's a bit of free space on the filesystem, you can use dpkg --purge to remove an unneeded old package17:19
halfbitthe thing is, there's only one initrd.img file on there...17:19
sarnoldhalfbit: then you ought to be able to continue with apt install -f  I think17:19
sarnoldonly one??17:19
sarnoldhow many kernels?17:19
halfbit1 kernel17:19
halfbit512mb /boot17:19
halfbitits like it left the ungziped initrd file on there17:20
halfbittakes up 350mb17:20
halfbiter dammit17:20
halfbitfull contents of /boot17:20
halfbithave no clue how that happened just running apt update17:21
halfbitvery frustrating17:21
halfbitthis is a remote machine, so hopefully there's something I can do here safetly to fix this17:22
halfbitI'm going to try mv'ing that file17:22
halfbitand running apt update again I guess17:22
sarnoldhalfbit: good plan17:23
sarnoldhalfbit: that's really ugly :/17:23
halfbitstarting to think the whole idea of having a seperate /boot really is non-sense17:24
sarnoldhalfbit: yeah, it's probably not necessary for most people these days17:24
sarnoldhalfbit: I've got one of my new laptop since I followed a "zfs on root" guide, and .. it took me WEEKS to find out that a snapshot I took of /boot shortly after install was chewing up several hundred megabytes and that's why /boot was always full for me :/17:25
halfbitthat didn't work17:28
halfbittime to see if I can move boot into /17:29
bviktorany ideas why apt downloads packages from the repo with 500 priority over the one with 600 priority?17:33
tomreynno. especially not withu apt policy output17:34
bviktoryet if i do something like apt -d install vim-athena, it downloads all packages from *.ubuntu.com17:36
bviktoreven though apt-cache madison vim-athena also lists the local mirror properly17:37
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bviktorlike so: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/cwKdkbtyb8/17:38
tomreynand     apt-cache policy vim-athena      ?17:42
bviktorsome more files: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/MjrYDs8sVj/17:43
bviktori mean, some more files: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/v298TVwMMm/17:44
bviktorthe former is the policy output17:44
bviktorthen the download: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/FjJwwrvRxt/17:45
bviktori just don't get it17:45
tomreynmaybe it doesn't like https for some reason?17:46
bviktori don't know, maybe. if i simply put the internal mirror lines in the top of sources.list, it worked17:46
sarnoldweird, I thought that would only matter if they had the same priority17:47
tomreyni guess that's what we all expected, yes17:47
bviktorwell, i mean, that was without the preferences file17:47
bviktormaybe i just messed around too much and it'll all sort itself out after a restart17:48
bviktoris there anything i can do besides 'apt clean' ?17:49
tomreynor we all have a misconception about apt priorities and they're just to meant to switch between package versions, not download sources / mirrors17:49
tomreyn'apt clean' *should* be enough17:50
akemhpHey, is there something that can be done with regular Ubuntu that cannot be done with LUbuntu?17:51
tomreynwasting cpu cycles on gnome-shell17:51
tomreynoops, i didn't mean to write this!17:52
akemhptomreyn, :P17:52
bviktorwell yeah, no surprises, no changes after reboot17:53
akemhpOk, so there is no limitations with it, just a matter of installing packages i think.17:53
bviktor"Several instances of the same version of a package may be available when the sources.list(5) file contains references to more than one source. In this case apt-get(8) downloads the instance listed earliest in the sources.list(5) file. The APT preferences file does not affect the choice of instance, only the choice of version."17:57
bviktorback to square one17:57
tomreynakemhp: yes, all flavors use the same foundation, just add their respective desktops and sometimes PPAs to it.17:59
PCatineanHi everyon17:59
PCatineanI'm having an issue with my ubuntu 18.04. I can connect to the wireless network with the same notebook from windows or from my android phone with no problems but when I boot into ubuntu I can connect to the network but I have no internet access or access to the router's web interface. I have also noticed that I can ping while connected wirelessly to this network from ubuntu but that's pretty much it. Any advice?17:59
tomreynbviktor: hmm, that's a pity, removes much flexibility. so in the end it's just a matter or listing those URLs in the right order. :-/18:01
PsychotabbyWhat is a command I can issue to list all hard disks in a machine?18:05
tomreynsudo lshw -class storage18:06
tomreynumm actually not18:06
sarnoldlsblk or sudo lshw -C disk18:07
tomreynfdisk -l18:07
tomreynah "disk", thanks18:07
Psychotabbythat did it18:07
PsychotabbyIf my account has SU power, why do I have to prefix everythying with SUDO?18:08
psilly0when does 20.04 come out18:08
sarnoldI know, I hate lshw. it usually takes me three tries to guess which class I want18:08
tomreynpsilly0: is this a serious question?18:08
tomreynpsilly0: ubuntu version numbers indicate the release year and month18:09
psilly0oh thanks never knew that18:09
tomreyn20.04 releases in 04 (april) 202018:09
sarnoldpsilly0: the plan is sometime in april, 2020 -- you can poke around https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases to see which days in april if you want to try to gues the next plan :)18:09
psilly0i have a Dell Zino from 2010, i want to install 20.04 and use it till 2027. Is this reasonable?18:10
tomreynPsychotabby: not *everything*. the idea is that you make sensible decisions on which commands you're willing to run as the superuser, and only run those as the superuser.18:11
PsychotabbyGot it.  Just seems like anything I do other than LS and things like that require SUDO.18:12
tomreynpsilly0: it will probably break down or explode beforehand.18:12
sarnoldpsilly0: what processor does it have? I can't spot quickly what it's got..18:12
psilly0tomreyn: phenom II x4 94018:13
psilly0black edition18:13
psilly08GB DDR218:13
psilly0i will just install windows 10 on it and give it to my mom then18:13
tomreynpsilly0: it's good enough for now, justt maybe not in 202718:14
tomreynit does draw a lot of power, though18:15
psilly0what does? that processor?18:15
tomreynyes, i assume it does, based on the tdp18:16
tomreynand feature size, age.18:16
bviktortomreyn, seems so... ohwell.18:17
psilly0thanks for your input18:18
tomreynyou're welcome18:18
tomreynpsilly0: comparing this cpu to a current amd one (though more expensive) https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/AMD-Phenom-II-X4-940-vs-AMD-Ryzen-3-3200G/367vs349718:24
psilly0wow thanks18:25
SirBaasI'm kinda new here.. haha, I'm looking for some help installing amd drivers on ubuntu 18.04 :)  Would anyone be willing/able to help?18:33
sarnoldSirBaas: welcome, irc normally works best if you just jump right into your question rather than asking if anyone is around..18:40
SirBaasAlright, although me being a noob at linux sadly means I'm not even sure where to start describing/diagnosing the issue, I wish it were different haha18:41
psilly0what kind of amd drivers are you trying to install18:41
SirBaasWhen trying to install AMD drivers (tried following multiple tutorials), I keep getting errors on missing dependencies18:41
psilly0and for what reason? they should have some packages with the iso18:41
SirBaasAMD Radeon HD8870M driver18:41
psilly0install the dependencies with sudo apt-get install %PACKAGE%18:42
SirBaasWell, as far as I could tell, the gpu is currently not functioning18:42
SirBaasWell, I'm not sure which packages are missing18:42
SirBaashttps://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2428886&p=13895972#post13895972 I posted the question on the ubuntu forum aswell and posted my terminal output, maybe that'll help?18:43
SirBaasI feel like there shouldnt be that many missing, I feel like something else is wrong18:43
sarnoldfglrx .. that feels *really* old.. are you sure that your device isn't supported with newer things?18:44
psilly0sudo apt-get install fglrx-updatescore fglrx-glx18:44
SirBaasWell, I've tried a few different tutorials written in a few different.. years18:44
ubottuOpen drivers for AMD cards: amdgpu (cards >= GCN1.2 aka GCN 3rd gen), radeon (older cards). AMD has a closed driver named amdgpu-pro that supports the same cards as amdgpu, but it is generally unnecessary. FGLRX is not supported in any current Ubuntu version or in this channel. For info on GCN levels, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AMD_graphics_processing_units18:44
psilly0sorry i misread18:44
SirBaassorry guys haha, I've got no clue what fglrx is/was18:45
sarnoldSirBaas: I don't have a whole lot of funky driver experience, but try installoing the ubuntu-drivers-common package and see if the ubuntu-drivers command does anything useful?18:45
SirBaasAlright, I'll try! thanks already for the help all of you :)18:46
daxi think 8870M is old enough that "radeon" is the preferred driver for it, which it should be getting my default18:46
tomreynSirBaas: put simply, fglrx should not be used anymore. instead, any AMD/ATI graphics cards that are still worth running shoul dbe supported by open source drivers, which should be working out of the box.18:46
SirBaassarnold what should the 'ubuntu-drivers' command be doing? haha18:47
tomreynthere are few exceptions, especially with older ones, but also during hardware generation changes, where you may need to massage it a little.18:47
SirBaasthanks tomreyn18:47
SirBaasI don't have much faith in this GPU as it already failed me on windows due to driver issues, but I've been wondering for years if I could get it to work on linux, so I decided to give it a shot a few days ago - hence me now having my first full-on linux experience haha18:48
psilly0how did it fail you in windows18:49
SirBaasBut to summarize said experience, so far it's been.. confusing18:49
psilly0is the GPU faulty? (too much overclock)18:49
SirBaasnever overclocked it18:49
psilly0what happned with it in windows?18:49
SirBaasIn essence: I tried to update the driver, and it installed a wrong driver.18:51
SirBaasAMD software, not any other software for that matter, recognized it as the correct gpu18:51
SirBaasand there was no way to manually choose the driver from amd's website18:51
SirBaasbricked my pc, tried to reinstall windows from scratch multiple times back then, issue persisted18:51
SirBaastried pre-installed backup software to reinstall the driver, issue persisted18:52
psilly0dang, that sounds like a hardware issue at that point ?18:52
SirBaasIt was ridiculous, whole pc was unuseable as a result. eventually I managed to permanently disable the gpu18:52
SirBaasI know.. but it was caused by trying to update the driver18:52
pragmaticenigmaSirBaas: Please avoid using the enter key for punctuation. Enter as much as you can on a single line18:52
SirBaasSorry :). Before trying to update the driver that one time, everything was functioning perfect. After, the gpu just didnt work anymore. I seems weird to me that a wrong driver install would destroy the gpu, so I've always had a tiny bit of hope that i'd get it to work on linux.. haha18:53
psilly0but you disabled the GPU via the bios18:54
psilly0is your laptop under warrenty18:54
SirBaasI actually disabled it through device manager, not bios IIRC18:54
SirBaasDon't remember how I actually did that. I think back then after a complete fresh windows install I managed to boot it, and it was still giving me BSOD frequently, but not completely bricked, so I disabled the gpu in device manager. Sadly the laptop isnt under warranty, it's about 6-7 years old18:56
pragmaticenigmaSirBaas: Often drivers from the manufacture include new firmware updates for the chipsets. If you install the wrong drivers, they may include bad firmware and thus brick the card. As a side note, do you have a support question related to Ubuntu (I arrived midconversation) as it seems most of this is related to Windows which should be discussed in the #ubuntu-offtopic channel.18:56
SirBaasHahaha sorry. This started with me asking for help on how to install the AMD driver for my card on Ubunto 18.04.318:56
psilly0Ubunto <—— :)18:57
SirBaasEhh.. beginners mistake? :p18:57
tomreynso you are now trying to make this card work again, or to disable it?18:57
SirBaasTrying to make it work again.18:57
SirBaasI was hoping that if it's 'only' a driver issue, then linux might not have any issues with it like windows did.18:58
psilly0i think you can replace that card dude18:58
tomreyncan you trun this on a terminal and post the url retruned?   lspci -knn | grep -A3 VGA | nc termbin.com 999918:58
SirBaasWell, it's pretty much completely integrated into the laptop, no replacing possible.18:58
SirBaasatm the laptop is utilizing intel integrated graphics (i5 3rd gen)18:59
tomreynit doesn't seem like your amd graphics card was detected by linux.18:59
tomreynwe'll need to review your logs to get a better understanding:    journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999919:00
SirBaasI am 100% that in some early research the gpu was showing in some outputs, don't remember where I was looking though19:00
psilly0that video card is a MXM format card, its removable and replaceable19:00
SirBaaspsilly0 if you say so haha, I've had the case open multiple times and it sure looked like 1 solid brick to me hahaha, but I could very well be mistaken since I didn't look into that option at all yet19:00
psilly0ehh, yea im probably wrong sorry19:01
SirBaastomreyn https://termbin.com/b92219:01
SirBaasHahaha idk psilly0 you could very well be right, I have no clue :)19:01
psilly0some laptops use this on there video card https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_PCI_Express_Module the 8770m has MXM cards, not sure if your laptop uses it19:02
ioriaSirBaas,  why this ? radeon.modeset=019:02
psilly0gtg to lunch.19:02
tomreynmtrr issues. look for a bios upgrade19:02
tomreyn"mtrr_cleanup: can not find optimal value"19:02
SirBaasioria Some earlier tutorial encouraged me to set that value, I totally forgot about it honestly19:02
SirBaasenjoy psilly0!19:03
ioriaSirBaas, that disables the module you need19:03
SirBaasuhhhhh... well call me stupid19:03
tomreynradeon.modeset=0 is most likely not what you want19:03
ioriaSirBaas, paste lspci -k | grep -EA2 'VGA|3D'  or sudo lshw -c Video19:03
SirBaasSo.. umm.. how would one go about undoing that? Asking for a friend..19:03
tomreyngedit admin:///etc/default/grub19:04
tomreynthen remove it there19:04
SirBaaslspci output: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09)Subsystem: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics ControllerKernel driver in use: i91519:04
tomreyn+ save, then run: sudo update-grub19:05
ioriaSirBaas, lspci -k | grep -EA3 'VGA|3D'   | nc termbin.com 999919:05
SirBaasI'm sorry for the unstructured mess that is me/my laptop, thank you so much for your help/time!!19:05
SirBaas(also, tomreyn it's removed)19:06
ioriaSirBaas, did you disable the radeon card in BIOS ?19:06
ioriaSirBaas, sudo lshw -c Video | nc termbin.com 999919:07
SirBaashonestly, wouldnt even know how19:07
SirBaasthere it is!19:07
ioriaok, Venus XT [Radeon HD 8870M / R9 M270X/M370X]19:07
SirBaasYeah, which also makes the original problem on windows appearent: it kept installing drivers for R9 m200x cards, whilst mine is a hd8870m, and somehow my gpu didnt really like that19:08
ioriaSirBaas, cat /etc/default/grub | nc termbin.com 999919:08
renn0xtk9If I moiunt another machine with sshfs and on that machine, there are symlink like /usr/bin/gcc -> gcc-719:09
ioriaSirBaas, run sudo update-grub19:09
renn0xtk9the /media/foo/bar/usr/bin/gcc will now point to /usr/bin/gcc-7 (on the host)19:09
renn0xtk9is there anyway to prefix the symlink automatically when mounting?19:09
SirBaasioria done, https://pastebin.com/HApR7HJS19:10
doug16krenn0xtk9, it should work as expected if you replace it with a relative symlink19:10
ioriaSirBaas, sy, what was youe original issue ?19:12
SirBaasWell, I guess the original issue is that my gpu didn't seem to be working - and installing the AMD drivers wasn't working19:12
scientesI just changed the ACPI setting of a computer, and then the keyboard doesn't work in the UEFI19:13
scientesso its impossible to change it back19:13
ioriaSirBaas, amdgpu-pro or fglrx ?19:14
SirBaasI tried both19:14
tomreynSirBaas: you can reboot now and hopefully the graphics card will be detected. however, you also need to solve this mtrr issue, which may actally prevent the graphics card from working19:14
SirBaasNoob question: what's mtrr and what issue do I have with it?19:14
ioriaSirBaas, dpkg -l | grep fglrx | nc termbin.com 999919:14
SirBaasAlso, how would I check for sure if the gpu is working or not after the reboot?19:15
SirBaasioria no output at all, just prompted a new input line19:15
ioriaSirBaas, dpkg -l | grep amdgpu | nc termbin.com 999919:15
renn0xtk9was briefly away if anyone answer me please repeat19:16
tomreynSirBaas: this explains the mtrr issue and how to fix it  http://my-fuzzy-logic.de/blog/index.php?/archives/41-Solving-linux-MTRR-problems.html19:16
tomreynwell, not fix, work around19:16
SirBaasioria https://termbin.com/l6py6  - tomreyn alright I'll check that, thanks! :)19:16
sarnoldscientes: cripes :/19:17
ioriaSirBaas, not sure about this : libdrm-amdgpu1:i386 ; but try to reboot19:17
tomreynSirBaas: but i'd prefer the bios upgrade if there's one available. apparently sansung doesn't make them downloadable directly, though19:17
sarnoldscientes: time for the magic jumper of doom?19:17
SirBaasioria 'command not found' - tomreyn any idea how I could go about that? Should I approach that through windows or linux?19:19
ioriaSirBaas, i didn't tell you any command19:19
SirBaasthe 'samsung update' software in windows never worked well..19:19
SirBaasioria oops, I thought you meant I should input this 'libdrm-amdgpu1:i386'19:19
tomreynSirBaas: "that" is the bios upgrade? if so, samsung only seems to support driver and bios upgrades via their windows software19:19
ioriaSirBaas, nope, i don't know why you have the 32bit installed19:20
tomreynSirBaas: okay, the "samsung update" software is the one i meant, yes.19:20
SirBaasioria ehh, me neither. tomreyn I checked that when I last installed a fresh copy of windows, and updated everything I could. I would assume that those updates would be recent/sufficient enough to not cause issues (this was 1-2 years ago max)19:21
SirBaasAnd if not, then I doubt that trying it again now would lead to a different result. Samsung is just a piece of cr*p. (I would've never bought a samsung laptop myself haha, this one used to be my parents, I kinda 'got' it when I first went to uni some years ago, but it's the only laptop I have)19:22
SirBaasSo, should I just try rebooting and get back to you after?19:23
ioriaSirBaas, if you got a blank screen, use nomodeset from the grub screen19:23
delsolAnyone else experienced random blowing its brains out with ZFS issues?19:24
SirBaasehh oke19:24
delsol18.04 would do it repeatedly giving me a Caterr LED and machine is just gone until you unplug power, and re-power.19:25
tomreynSirBaas: i doubt there'sll be a newer bios then, we'll see how we can work around it then19:25
PCatineanHi, can someone please make me understand why internet connection works with a wireless network in windows and android phones, but on the same device in ubuntu 18.04 I cannot access the router interface and there's no DNS resolve?19:26
PCatineanYet I can ping at the same time19:26
SirBaasHeya, I'm back :)19:28
tomreynSirBaas: i doubt there'sll be a newer bios then, we'll see how we can work around it then19:28
SirBaasWhat do you mean? (I didnt try updating my bios yet)19:29
tomreynSirBaas: please post this again:   journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 9999 ;  lspci -knn | grep -A3 VGA | nc termbin.com 999919:29
SirBaashttps://termbin.com/ysbf ; no output at all, just promted a new input line19:30
SirBaasRunning the second command without the termbin output, output this: https://pastebin.com/UPBY96bK19:32
ioriaSirBaas, try this : lspci -nnk | nc termbin.com 999919:33
tomreynSirBaas: okay. we need to do this now, maybe then the AMD graphics card will show up: http://my-fuzzy-logic.de/blog/index.php?/archives/41-Solving-linux-MTRR-problems.html19:33
SirBaasioria no output with termbin included, without: https://pastebin.com/RVBDe3JX19:34
tomreynSirBaas: cat /proc/mtrr | nc termbin.com 999919:34
tomreynoh its there 01:00.0 Display controller [0380]: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Venus XT [Radeon HD 8870M / R9 M270X/M370X] [1002:6821]19:35
ioriaSirBaas, it's ok;   Kernel driver in use: radeon19:35
SirBaastomreyn alright, so I should just go through those steps? https://termbin.com/3zgh19:35
SirBaasit is???19:35
tomreynSirBaas: you just did the first step in going through it.19:36
SirBaaswowww I see (Wasnt constantly checking all of these outputs myself haha, since for a big part I don't know what i'm looking for)19:36
=== im0nde_ is now known as im0nde
PCatineanthere I go again19:38
SirBaastomreyn I'm unsure of which command to run in those mtrr steps..19:38
SirBaasgunzip < /proc/config.gz  | grep -i MTRR_SANITIZER         ?19:39
SirBaasBecause that just returns 'bash: /proc/config.gz: No such file or directory'19:40
PCatineanAnyone can help on my network issue?19:40
SirBaasPCatinean I wish I could but I'm a linux noob, goodluck mate19:40
tomreynSirBaas: the mtrr stuff is a bit complex. i think i found the right values for you. run   gedit admin:///etc/default/grub   and please this where you previously removed the radeon.nomodeset thing:   mtrr_gran_size=8M mtrr_chunk_size=32M19:42
tomreynSirBaas: sudo update-grub19:43
tomreynSirBaas: then reboot again.19:43
SirBaasAlright, will do - brb :)   (and again, tyvm!)19:44
tomreynoops i wrote "please" when i meant to write "place", but you understood it nevertheless, good :)19:44
PCatineantomreyn, do you have any idea?19:46
tomreynPCatinean: about a few things i have ideas19:47
SirBaasHeya, back again :)   tomreyn ioria19:47
tomreynPCatinean: i can't help right now, but we can give it another try later once SirBaas and I are done there. you can already trry to put some information on your configuration on a pastebin.19:48
SirBaasran cat /proc/mtrr  :https://pastebin.com/75Ht6BwK19:48
tomreynSirBaas: okay, the log may look better now:  journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999919:49
psilly0SirBaas: did you guys get it to work?19:50
PCatineannot sure where to start, i'll wait19:50
SirBaaspsilly0 still working on it, the gpu atleast seems to be showing now kinda19:51
tomreynSirBaas: xrandr --listproviders | nc termbin.com 999919:51
activedecayMy Ubuntu 18.04 system won't boot with an NVidia 1050 Ti installed. Is there a good resource I can use to get started troubleshooting?19:52
SirBaaspsilly0 it shows when I run lspci -k | grep -EA3 'VGA|3D|Display'  as Display controller, but I'm still not entirely convinced that it's working haha19:54
tomreynSirBaas: sudo apt update && sudo apt install mesa-utils19:54
tomreynSirBaas: glxinfo -B | nc termbin.com 9999; sleep 1; DRI_PRIME=1 glxinfo -B | nc termbin.com 999919:57
SirBaasis that 1 command?19:57
tomreynit's multiple commands but you can paste them at once19:57
tomreynjust one url? :(19:58
tomreyndoes this output something?    DRI_PRIME=1 glxinfo -B19:58
SirBaasohh wait, it wasnt done yet19:58
SirBaasentire output of that long one: https://pastebin.com/CRBpq7qV19:59
tomreynthat doesn't look happy20:00
SirBaasAlso, I just checked my system resources, and my CPU is acting extremely fucked up20:00
SirBaashttps://imgur.com/a/KNxIpVG what the hell20:01
SirBaasAtleast 1 core at a time is constantly at 100%20:02
SirBaasBut well, I guess thats unrelated. tomreyn what did you mean with 'that doesnt look happy'? :(20:03
tomreynthe command "top" should tell what it is doing20:03
PCatineantomreyn, let me know if I can provide more info: https://pastebin.com/tSCjW6vA20:03
tomreynthere's an issue with the AMD GPU drivers' power management, i'm just reading up on it.20:03
SirBaasgnome-shell running at 98% cpu..20:04
SirBaasI have to log off for about 10min-15min max, I'll be back in a bit :)  Hope you'll still be here tomreyn, if not, then thanks for your help and maybe see you some other time!20:07
tomreynSirBaas: run   gedit admin:///etc/default/grub   and add this:    radeon.runpm=0     then run    sudo update-grub    and reboot.20:07
* PCatinean hopes its his chance to weasel in and steal some help 20:08
SirBaasWhere should I add that?20:08
tomreynSirBaas: next to where you added things last time20:09
SirBaasWhat formatting though? This? GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="mtrr_gran_size=8M mtrr_chunk_size=32M" "radeon.runpm=0"20:09
SirBaasOr both between the same  ""  ?20:09
SirBaasI think I found it, like this right? GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="mtrr_gran_size=8M mtrr_chunk_size=32M radeon.runpm=0"20:10
SirBaasAlright, done! I'm gonna go now for 10-15 min (and shut the laptop off in between), when I get back it'll be rebooted :)  brb!20:12
* PCatinean makes the puppy dog eyes20:12
tomreynPCatinean: you should replace this router, it has unpatched security vulnerabilities and is end of life20:13
PCatineanyeah i figured, in an airbnb though20:15
PCatineanAnd will be here for two weeks20:15
PCatineanNot sure what to do20:16
PCatineanand staying wired not being able to use wireless from another room is a bit annoying20:16
PCatinean@ tomreyn20:17
tomreynPCatinean: which web browser did you use on ubuntu and windows to access the routers' web interface?20:20
tomreynPCatinean: can you remind me what's the output when running    curl     in a terminal (use pastebin)20:21
PCatineantomreyn, chromium on ubuntu and chrome on windows20:22
PCatineantomreyn, I would have to remove the wired network and join from phone or somthing20:23
PCatineanAnd place the internet cable back in the router20:23
PCatineanhow should I proceed?20:23
tomreynprobably a good plan20:23
tomreynmaybe install an irc client on the phone20:23
PCatineani have it20:23
PCatinean1 sec20:23
PCatineanWhat was the command?20:26
tomreyn<tomreyn> PCatinean: can you remind me what's the output when running    curl     in a terminal (use pastebin)20:26
PCatineanCurl -s Connection refused20:26
tomreynPCatinean: in chrome on windows, what do you type to connect to the router web interface?20:28
PCatineanSame on android20:28
tomreynokay, what's the outpit of    nc -vv 8020:28
PCatineanConnection refused20:29
tomreynip l | nc termbin.com 999920:29
PCatineanYet pinging it works and the connection to the wireless network.is. established20:29
tomreynoh wait, dont20:29
tomreynso what's your computers' ip address according to    'ip a'20:30
tomreyndo you know how to read this?20:30
PCatineanOne sec had to move a min away from the notebook20:31
PCatineanI can also get it from the router20:31
tomreynget it from both then and compare20:32
PCatineanIt's on router20:32
PCatineanWill do, but if it takes.more.than an hour to diagnose this I.might as well.just order a new cheap.router lol20:33
tomreynit could.20:33
SirBaasHeya, I'm back :)   tomreyn20:33
tomreynwb SirBaas: please post    DRI_PRIME=1 glxinfo -B | nc termbin.com 999920:34
PCatineantomeryn, it's the same.ip20:41
SirBaastomreyn https://pastebin.com/7FSsNCSa  (sorry for the delay, was taking a shower real quick haha)20:43
tomreynPCatinean: i can only think of 3 things right now which could cause what you're saying: (1) there's a capture portal, and you need to login to it first of all. you would have done the same on windows and the android device, though. (2) you have a customized network manager connection profile where you have set a static ip address, a fake mac address or other settings which prevent you from useing the network connection as you can on the other20:44
tomreynsystems / OS, (3) you have a bad firewall configuration on ubuntu.20:44
PCatineanI did not mess with the firewall, i.did not login on either devbices or os's20:45
tomreynSirBaas: what does htis output?   cat /proc/cmdline20:45
PCatineanBut i did play in the past with arp and wireshark on ununtu yet I did not enable them now20:45
tomreynPCatinean: you can try deelting all your network manager connection profiles and create a new one afterwards20:46
SirBaaschris@chris-laptop:~$ cat /proc/cmdlineBOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-5.0.0-31-generic root=UUID=889a0f6e-a770-43cc-8a0c-48e1aab6548a ro mtrr_gran_size=8M mtrr_chunk_size=32M radeon.runpm=0 quiet splash vt.handoff=120:46
PCatineanHow do I do that? That means all password will be eraed no?20:47
tomreynSirBaas: so unfortunately the radeon.runpm=0 option did not help, you should remove it then.20:47
tomreynPCatinean: it would mean this, yes. you can start by just deleting the one you have setup for this wireless lan you're at now.20:48
PCatineanAnd remove the network?20:49
tomreynselect connection, then click on '-' on the bottom20:49
SirBaastomreyn removed it :)20:49
PCatineanThough i imagine clicking forget network did the same.thing20:50
tomreynSirBaas: i'm not sure we can make it work, also suspect you may have flashed bad firmware inadvertantly on this device now. but you can try. sudo apt install glmark220:50
PCatineanStill connects like befire with a questionmark as an icon20:50
tomreynSirBaas: then when it's installed, run:  DRI_PRIME=1 glmark2     and quit it by pressing escape once the horse scene is over, then post the output.20:51
SirBaasAnd.. that doesn't sound too good :(20:51
SirBaasUmm.. glmark2 isnt working https://pastebin.com/9hqFVPDk20:52
tomreynPCatinean: oh then maybe it's a matter or the wireless driver? did this ever work fine elsewhere on ubuntu?20:52
PCatineanIf not this router specifically then yes20:53
PCatineanAlmost everywhere I go20:53
tomreynSirBaas: hmm, yes, i'm not sure what to do about the "radeon: Failed to allocate virtual address for buffer" issue really. i found this about it https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10280020:53
PCatineanI was suspecting drivers as well20:53
ubottuFreedesktop bug 102800 in DRM/Radeon "DRI_PRIME regression- radeon: Failed to allocate virtual address for buffer" [Normal,New]20:53
PCatineanWhich router would offer best compatibility with linux systems?20:54
tomreynSirBaas: i had also read this https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/slackware-14/current-14-2-and-dri-3-and-dri_prime-ain%27t-working-4175578108/20:57
SirBaasIn the first link you sent they're talking about some patch some person made https://bugs.freedesktop.org/attachment.cgi?id=136269 but I'm not sure what I'm looking at.. does that mean anything to you?20:58
SirBaasAppearently, applying that patch worked for the guy with the issue20:58
SirBaasbrb, gonna reboot21:01
SirBaasBack :)21:04
tomreynSirBaas: i'm not sure what else to suggest here, i'm afraid.21:09
tomreynthe first graphics related error in your earlier system log at https://termbin.com/4j2w is    [drm:uvd_v1_0_start [radeon]] *ERROR* UVD not responding, trying to reset the VCPU!!!21:09
SirBaasI'm still following the info from the last link you sent me21:09
SirBaasis it bad that I dont have a xorg.conf.d file?21:10
tomreynhowever, already before that, there are ACPI warnings regarding your PCI graphics card, which is probably the AMD one21:10
tomreynACPI Warning: SystemIO range 0x0000000000000540-0x000000000000054F conflicts with OpRegion 0x0000000000000500-0x000000000000055F (\_SB.PCI0.PEG0.PEGP.GPIO) (20181213/utaddress-213)21:10
SirBaastomreyn ehh, what does that tell us? haha :)21:10
multifractalMy PC is connected to a 16:9 projector with HDMI and a 4:3 monior with DisplayPort. I wish to have them display identical images i.e. not to be two separate "workspaces" that you drag stuff between. I would like it so that the picture is in 16:9 so that it looks good on the projector and squished on the monitor. But the display settings are only allowing me to set 4:3 resolutions so it looks correct on the monitor and stupid on the21:11
multifractalprojector. How can I force 16:9 for both?21:11
tomreynSirBaas: not much really. it may suggest that you could work around those ACPI issues using http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html21:11
multifractalBTW, I am able to select my desired behaviour on the Windows10 partition, so I can verify the hardware is capable of this arrangement21:11
tomreynSirBaas: but that's also not super easy and also not guaranteed to help21:12
SirBaasIt looks like there's not much I can do about this :(21:12
* delsol officially hates ZFS on ubuntu on my machine.21:14
delsoldd if=/dev/zero of=file.out bs=1G count=1021:14
delsolwhen its done, BOOM, catastrophic error.21:14
delsolcontrol-C anywhere past the 4gig mark, BOOM, catastrophic error.21:15
delsolchange drives, repeat... same shit different drives.21:15
delsolcount=100? goes to the 100 gig mark the blows its brains out. count=200, blows its brains out at the 200 gig mark... (or anything 4+ gig when you control-C21:16
at_workWhere or how does someone go about finding the .deb packages installed on the live 18.04 LTS Desktop?21:18
at_workThe files I'm after appear to be 0day upgrades to the live image and I'm unable to locate the versions on the live image.21:19
at_workI'm using 18.04.3 LTS21:19
tomreynSirBaas: those "*ERROR* UVD"... lines are the real issue, though. one of those bug reports i found about it suggested that the intel driver may actually cause this. i can't tell whether this could be right or wrong, but there were some statements elsewhere which suggested that the dual (hybrid) GPU setup may cause these issues.21:20
delsolat_work: are they in /var/cache/apt/archive?21:20
=== retentiveboy_ is now known as retentiveboy
tomreynSirBaas: so one more thing you could try is to set    blacklist=i915_bpo   from the grub menu.21:21
SirBaastomreyn I forgot what command it was that output those errors, I'd like to run it again to see if it gives them again after everything I tried now, do you remember what it was?21:21
at_workdelsol, they are not21:21
tomreyn!bootparm | SirBaas21:21
tomreyn!kernelparm | SirBaas21:22
ubottuSirBaas: To add a one-time or permanent kernel boot parameter see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters21:22
delsolat_work: you might try using version numbers and having it download them instead of install? been a bit. works with slackpkg just fine21:22
at_workI'll give that a try.21:22
tomreynSirBaas: this page tells you how to *temporarily* add a kernel parameter (those you had so far added *permanently* to /etc/default grub) during boot.21:23
tomreynSirBaas:  i'm suggesting that you can try adding this    blacklist=i915_bpo    kernel parameter once during boot just to see whether you can make the amd graphics card work well this way.21:24
SirBaasAlright, Iĺl try that :)21:24
SirBaasBrb, gonna try!21:24
at_workdelsol, That failed in the same fashion as a downgrade -- https://pastebin.com/PXHu1yui21:29
SirBaastomreyn back :)  How do I check if that changed/improved anything?21:29
tomreynSirBaas: glxinfo -B21:33
tomreynSirBaas: says what for Device?21:33
tomreyn+ Accelerated21:34
SirBaasDevice: llvmpipe (LLVM 8.0, 256 bits) (0xffffffff)Version: 19.0.8    Accelerated: no    Video memory: 7855MB    Unified memory: no21:34
SirBaas(it says some more stuff but I just copied that section)21:34
at_workI found 2 of the missing file from launchpad.net21:37
tomreynSirBaas: hmm and xrandr --listproviders21:37
tomreynSirBaas: is this just one line of output of two?21:37
SirBaasEhh more than that haha https://pastebin.com/WEhbR4Pc21:38
SirBaasoh nvm, just looked like more cause I've got the terminal setup quite small haha; its two lines21:38
tomreynSirBaas: okay, but i assume     DRI_PRIME=1 glmark2    still errors out?21:40
SirBaasnope.. it works now...21:40
tomreynoh nice21:40
tomreynso cancel after the scene switches and post the output to pastebin21:41
SirBaasBeat ya to it haha :p21:41
tomreyn:) yes you did21:41
tomreynunfortunatley this is software rendering, though21:42
SirBaasWhy 'unfortunately'?21:42
tomreyncan we compare to running just    glmark221:42
tomreynbecause we'd want hardware rendering, which means actually using the graphics cards computational abilities21:43
SirBaasjust glmark2: https://pastebin.com/H33L1SVv21:43
SirBaasAh right21:43
SirBaasThese scores are saddingly low :(21:44
tomreynyes due to software rendering21:44
tomreynso this didn't work. just reboot21:44
tomreynso you'll have the intel working at leastz21:44
SirBaasBack :)21:47
tomreynSirBaas: welcome back. we tried all i could thnk of, though. you could disable the radeon and amdgpu drivers with kernel parameter   blacklist=radeon,amdgpu    if you want to, this may save some power, or remove the hardware if it's really a removable add-in-card (as someone suggested earlier)21:52
SirBaas=( ;(  Alright, thank you very, very, very much for all the help and spending so much time on this! I really appreciate it21:53
sarnoldoh bugger :( I thought it sounded promising when I went to lunch21:53
SirBaasI guess I might disable it then21:54
tomreynSirBaas: you're welcome, sad we ycouldn't work it out. but at least you got the mtrr workaround.21:55
SirBaasI guess haha, 'solved' an issue I didn't even know I had :p21:55
AppAraathello, I reverted to an old snapshot of a VM, and when I try to "sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade" (16.04 minimal install), I get:22:04
AppAraatE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock – open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)22:04
AppAraatE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?22:04
AppAraatI tried "lsof /var/lib/dpkg/lock" as well as "lsof /var/lib/dpkg/lock-front" but they don't return anything22:05
AppAraatI tried removing them, as well as killing the processes which came up after doing "ps auxwww | grep -i apt", but those processes just respawn22:05
SirBaasWell, goodnight everyone, I will log off now (it's midnight here haha)22:06
AppAraatthis is not only annoying but also dangerous, as my system is in a state that can't be updated, and as such is running old (and potentially vulnerable) packages.22:06
sarnoldgnight SirBaas22:06
SirBaasThanks again for all of the support! Hope you all have a great day :)22:06
AppAraatI suspect there's some systemd service, but "systemctl | grep running" doesn't return anything meaningful.22:11
AppAraatso in short: How can I update my system?22:12
sarnoldAppAraat: what processes did you kill? what restarted them? are they done yet?22:13
AppAraatit's kind of hard to paste since I'm working on the KVM's... viewport? (dunno what's it called) but IIRC it was apt.daily and another process. They seem to be done now but they took their sweet time.22:15
AppAraatbut it also seems I can finally update. How can I prevent this in the future though?22:16
AppAraatI think it could also have been unattended upgrades, but I just don't like respawning processes. I don't want to feel like I'm trying to kill a hydra.22:17
Bashing-omAppAraat: Many of us do manual updates and as such purge unattended-upgrades .22:26
AppAraatI suppose I would still like to have unattended-upgrades but disable it in case I want to do immediate manual updates. I'll look up how to do that the best way and report back with any findings later.22:28
Bashing-omAppAraat: One can do some tweaks in the autoremove settings in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades .22:30
AppAraatI'll look into that, thanks.22:31
Bashing-omAppAraat: Unattended-updates is triggered by a daily cronjob: /etc/cron.daily/apt-compat22:33
Bashing-omSimply edit that file to comment out the 'random_sleep' on line 49. You can set to run at a pre-determined time.22:34
PsychotabbyMy machine has (3) extra hard disks for storage.  What command can I issue to manage them?  I'd like to format all 3 to ext4 so they can be used for storage.22:34
Bashing-omPsychotabby: My data and backups are important to me - I only mount as "on-demand" else one can make entries in the fstab file to automount the drives on bootup.22:36
AppAraatBashing-om: thanks, will that also by any chance disable the already-running unattended upgrade process which causes the apt/dpkg to lock?22:38
sarnoldPsychotabby: I'm a big fan of zfs https://pthree.org/2012/12/04/zfs-administration-part-i-vdevs/22:39
Bashing-omAppAraat: Yup - update manager can be set to run at a given time (or a few minutes after startup if the system happens to be off).22:39
PsychotabbyThis is an HTPC machine.  The three hard disks have old data on them from the previous user of this machine.  I'd like to format and clear them out so that they're able to be mounted and used.  All three of them should mount at boot.  I just need to know a way to "look" at all the drives connected so that I can figure out which ones they are, and proceed to fdisk.22:39
austinthetacohowdy all22:40
sarnoldPsychotabby: dmesg | grep sd ; or lsblk ; or sudo lshw -C disk22:41
sarnoldoh man I love tacos22:41
austinthetacoI'm running 18.04 lts, ran apt-get update && apt-get -y upgrade which promptly broke my ssh connection22:41
austinthetacowent to do a systemctl restart networking and it gave me a unit network.service not found22:42
austinthetacoi'm really dumb at this, any suggestions?22:42
austinthetaco(i also love tacos)22:42
sarnoldaustinthetaco: is there anything in journalctl that might suggest why your connection dropped? (journalctl -e may be a quick way to get to 'now' and then go backwards..)22:44
austinthetaconothing that i can find22:44
austinthetacowhen i ran the upgrade it updated systemd right before it kicked me22:45
Bashing-omPsychotabby: Make up a mount point - I like in the /mnt directory - and look then at what is in the drives. ' sudo mkdir /mnt/drive1 ; sudo mount dev/sdb1 /mnt/drive1 ; sudo chown Psychotabby:Psychotabby /mnt/drive1/<directory> ' . for one instance as an example.22:45
austinthetacobut i've rebooted since then22:45
austinthetacothis is a fresh install of 18.04 server, just ran update & upgrade, now i can't fix my ssh. This has happened twice now.22:46
AppAraatBashing-om: interesting, thanks once again!22:46
Bashing-omAppAraat: Happy tweaking - welcome to the learning curve - anacron plays a part in this also :)22:47
austinthetacoanyone have any ideas?22:51
chietahow to report that the config of package need to be added some variables on the config files to get it work?22:52
Bashing-om!bug | chieta22:54
ubottuchieta: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.22:54
austinthetacoi guess i can just not update my instance?22:56
psilly0 how can i install mysql 5.6 on bionic?22:58
sarnoldaustinthetaco: dang, nothing in the logs? that's not great. well .. you could grab apt upgrade output when it dies, that'll be a start22:59
sarnoldaustinthetaco: (you could run the upgrade in tmux or screen too, so it'll keep going after the connection drops)22:59
austinthetacoi'm less concerned about the ssh dropping after upgrade, i'm more concerned that i can't reconnect after a restart23:00
sarnoldpsilly0: you could install trusty in a VM or in LXD and then install mysql from within that, that appears to be the only release with mysql 5.6: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-5.623:00
austinthetacoi just get 'failed to restart network.service unit network.service not found'23:01
sarnoldah, that makes sense, there's no network.service. there's a network.target but that's used for ordering other units23:04
austinthetacoany idea what to do?23:05
sarnoldmaybe netplan apply? I'm not sure if it's intended to try to make the world fit configs or just apply changes when you make changes..23:05
austinthetacoidk what that means23:06
austinthetacoi'm dumb as hell, i just wanted to setup a basic ubuntu server instance with ssh23:06
AppAraatBashing-om: heh thanks :)23:08
Bashing-omAppAraat: Glad to be able to help :)23:09
austinthetacolooks like other folks have had the issue, but don't describe how they fixed it23:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1782709 in systemd (Ubuntu) "Updating systemd kills network on bionic" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:20
sarnoldaustinthetaco: well, at least that's a starting point; can you add your notes to the bug?23:24
austinthetacoi don't have any additonal notes, other than that it happens23:25
austinthetacothey kind of described how they got it working, but i don't understand what they did23:25
austinthetacocan you interpret?23:25
sarnoldmost of them said they had ifupdown installed, so they would have run 'ifdown <interface name> ; ifup <interface name>'23:26
sarnoldbut ifupdown was replaced by the systemd-networkd service and netplan.io's different "backend" renderers (depending if you wanted to use network manager or systemd-networkd)  -- there's some tiny descriptions on https://netplan.io/ but alas not much on troubleshooting23:28
austinthetacoi didn't setup either23:28
austinthetacoi just installed a fresh version of ubuntu server, then ran update23:28
austinthetacothis is so frustrating23:29
OerHekssudo ufw allow ssh23:39
austinthetacoOerHeks didn't work23:40
austinthetacowelp, guess the systemd update is broken? i'll try a different distro or just give up and go back to window.23:55
jjbuggleproblem: on a laptop.  18.04.  I can't get zoom to play over my bluetooth headphones23:57
jjbugglepulseaudio just won't let me change it23:58

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