wonkoHmm, I've broken something but I don't know what. Boo.14:58
wonkoI mean, I really don't understand how I've broken it14:58
wonkooh, I might need to actually update autojack first14:59
wonkoI'll do that then I guess14:59
OvenWerksAre you still working in a branch? or is it in main now.14:59
wonkoI won't merge it into master until it's tested and even then i'll do a merge request and get it reviewed14:59
OvenWerksdid it stop working on the last commit?15:05
wonkoYou know, that's a good question. It may not be my fault at all. :)15:07
wonkoI didn't think to test master before my changes15:07
wonkolet me do that now15:07
OvenWerkswell my thought is you have three commits... did you test each one?15:08
wonkoOh, it does seem to be working15:10
wonkoit just takes an awfully long time for the DSP load to start showing Running and an actual percentage15:10
OvenWerksyou seem to have reformatted everything to 4 spaces rather than 215:10
OvenWerksplease fix that15:10
wonkoThat's in direct violation of PEP8. :-D15:11
OvenWerksI don't care15:11
wonkothat is a valid answer.15:11
wonkolet me see if I can convince PyCharm to do 2 instead of 415:11
OvenWerksAt this point I can't tell what has changed and what hasn't15:12
OvenWerksIt would be ok to make one commit that only reformats and nothing else and then make other changes, but as it is, it's impossible to read the diff file.15:13
OvenWerksIt looks like everything has changed15:13
OvenWerks and actual code changed are lost.15:13
wonkoah, yes, good poing15:14
wonkoput it to 2 for now15:14
OvenWerksHowever, even that said I set things to two spaces because it is easier for  my use15:14
wonkoalthough I wonder how many other changes are purely formatting changes that pycharm did on my behalf.15:14
wonkoI'm ok with 2 if that's what you want to do, PEP8 be dammed (although I do my best to try and follow it if I can)15:15
wonkobut if you are willing to switch to 4 I can do a quick formatting commit to master so we can compare reasonably15:15
OvenWerksWHat is PEP8? where did it come from?15:15
wonkoPEP8 is the style guide for python written by the python folks15:16
OvenWerksto be honest I like tabs better15:16
wonkoI'm with you on that one, but everyone seems to be against us for some reason15:16
OvenWerksbut people don't like to use one char instead of two or four15:16
wonkoand allow them to set indent to whatever suits them instead of forcing indent on people15:17
wonkoI hate non-tab indents15:17
wonkobut it's just one of those battles I've given up fighting15:17
OvenWerksthe C/C++ world has no problem with it. It means each person can set their editor to whatever tab size they like15:17
wonkoComing from C is probably why we share that view. :)15:17
wonkoIf you'd like we can swtich to tabs and give the middle finger to the python community. :)15:18
wonkobut, the entire reason for using python is for others to be able to read it, so we should probably try to stick to their formatting as much as possible (within reason of course)15:19
OvenWerksthe people who review for release don't like tabs either... otherwise it would be tabs already.15:19
OvenWerksI can change indent to 4 I guess. But it may not help much unless you recommit.15:21
OvenWerksIt could get messy... maybe rebase will be ok.15:21
OvenWerksOK, master is now four spaces... ahh but you have changed everything to 2...15:36
OvenWerksit would be best now if you do a git rebase master15:36
OvenWerks(you may have to pull master first)15:37
OvenWerksother wise yu would have to compress your commits into one15:38
OvenWerksand if things are not working right that could be a problem.15:38
OvenWerksthe reason there is a delay when you start may be that autojack is not running (or the wrong version) when you first tried it and there is an extra delay while it sends a quitesignal out and restarts autojack15:40
OvenWerksThe second time you restart jack should happen much faster15:41
OvenWerkswonko: so if you are in your branch, you have to git stash, git branch master, git pull, git branch <your branch>, git rebase master.15:43
OvenWerksthen git push your branch may with --hard15:43
OvenWerksThat is the only way I can think of to be able to read your code15:44
OvenWerksUnless you are going to compress everything into one commit... then I can back peddle my commit on master.15:44
OvenWerkswonko: which way are we doing things? I can also pull your branch and do that here if it would be better15:47
OvenWerksBTW, the edit I am using (Geany) has a nice setting for indents called "Detect from content" your's may have similar15:49
wonkoI'll fix my branch in a little bit. Hang tight.16:00
wonkoUgh, rebase/merge is not going well. :)16:57
OvenWerks :)16:59
OvenWerkshave you ever used git gui?17:02
OvenWerksIt gives you good feedback about what the diff is from the last commit. and points out things like unitended changes, trialing white space etc.17:03
OvenWerkstrailing even...17:03
wonkoI haven't but I might need to. Wait, you switched to 4 spaces, right? Maybe I should switch back to 4 first which would probably help out.17:48
EickmeyerI use git cola. I find it more intuitive than git gui.18:16
* wonko sets indent at 3 just to be a dick19:06
wonkook, git diff looks WAY better with indent set back to 4 because it's no longer clashing with the indent in master19:07
wonkoI started quite the shitstorm, did't I? :-D19:08
OvenWerksit is just a part of colaboration...19:08
wonkoOk, so rebase still doesn't go well19:09
wonkoit says there's a conflict with a HUGE chunk of code19:10
wonkoand both versions are not at all my code, so I'm not even sure the best way to proceed now.19:10
OvenWerkswhich file(s)19:10
wonkothe only one I've worked on so far19:10
wonkoI've pushed the configparser branch19:11
wonkoso that's up to date now if you care to poke at it19:11
OvenWerkstrying a rebase here19:32
OvenWerksMostly more reformatting stuff... like splitting long lines19:33
OvenWerksWhat I don't get is there is a huge part that doesn't seem to have any changes that show a diff19:35
OvenWerksYour editor doesn't like call (whatever)... it has changed them to call(whatever)19:38
OvenWerks :P19:39
OvenWerksSo it is not just space numbers, but an overall set of changes. I am mostly oking them.19:44
OvenWerkswonko: ok first problem is that controls chokes on the old config file.20:09
wonkoyeah, make sure it's actually what you want20:10
wonkobecause I don't think it's merging correctly20:10
wonkoin the part where it reads in the legacy config it should be sticking those into the configparser but post rebase it looks like it's reverted to sticking those into the class variables20:14
OvenWerksI have taken back the last two commits (two spaces and then four spaces) and am working with that.20:14
wonkoprobably a wise idea20:14
wonkolet me paste some examples so you know what I'm talking about. Otherwise you'll rebase out all my work. :)20:15
wonkoWhat it should be: https://gist.github.com/bhechinger/6450c488299db163a6d90aa26d3af97020:16
wonkoWhat it shouldn't be: https://gist.github.com/bhechinger/a12f567e42fe289e39273f05f8db00c020:16
OvenWerksYa it looks right20:19
OvenWerkswonko: I found out why it didn't work :)20:23
wonkoWoo! What was it?20:23
OvenWerkswonko: you assumed that if the config file is in the new spot it is new format and if it is in the old spot it should be old format but because I had moved the file already mione has an old format in the new spot and fails.20:24
OvenWerkswonko: so that is ok. no one else should be in that place. let me try a move instead.20:24
wonkoyeah, that was my thinking. It's ok to assume new format for new file because that technically doesn't exist anywhere yet. :)20:25
OvenWerksexcept in my system... ok that works.20:25
wonkoYou're special. :)20:26
OvenWerksThere is one little thing I want to fix the a2j check box should default to on. and doesn't so I need to find out why. I thought I had fixed it, but I think not.20:26
wonkoyeah, I noticed I needed to keep checking that when I would blow away config files and start over20:27
OvenWerkswonko: do you want me to push the whole thing back to your branch or onto master?20:27
wonkoIf you're ok with it going to master that's fine20:27
wonkojust keep in mind autojack currently doesn't do new config file20:27
wonkogot sidetracked with this other stuff. :)20:28
OvenWerksThat is my thinking too, so maybe your branch now that we are fully rebased to master.20:28
wonkook, sounds good20:29
wonkoI'll pull it tomorrow morning and knock out autojack changes20:29
wonkothen that should be done20:29
wonkothen I can start work on what I originally wanted to work on. :)20:29
OvenWerks Your editor will probably "fix" a few things I put back before I realized why it was doing what it was doing... things like spliting lines so they fit in the editor window and adding blanklines before the calls20:29
wonkoyeah, it's trying to conform to PEP8 as much as it can.20:30
OvenWerksyou may need to reclone or pull -hard or force or whtever20:30
wonkook, i'll keep that in mind20:30
OvenWerksEverything looks mostly ok... I would draw you attention to line 526 in controls... zdev should self.def_config['XDEV'] but should look like a list ( ["first", "second", "etc."] )20:43
OvenWerkseven if it has nothing (default) or only one item20:44
OvenWerksSo maybe pull controls and autojack into your editor and let it "fix" things (they fix cats you know) and recommit, then work.20:45
OvenWerksIt appears your editor will fix things every time should I make any "mistakes". So those commits should be listed as "NO-OP: reformating"20:47
OvenWerksSo anyone looking knows there are no opperational changes20:47
OvenWerksAh, I figgured it out. self.zdev doesn't exist if there is no config file to begin with.20:55
OvenWerksI will have a few fixes shortly. wonko.20:56
wonkoOk, cool20:56
OvenWerksSo I will have to do some more testing on the xdev-zdev thing. and you will run into the same problem with pulse-in:"name1 name2"21:03
wonkoYeah, it kinda makes me want to use a config file format that supports proper data formats like json21:03
OvenWerkstaking a config string and making it a list21:03
OvenWerksjson ew21:03
wonkoyeah, I don't love that solution21:04
wonkoeither thing there actually. :)21:04
OvenWerksThe simple thing to do is to have an internal variable that is a list and to read into that21:05
wonkothat's what I did with zdev21:05
OvenWerksconverting back and forth from lists to strings is not hard21:06
wonkozdev gets built from XDEV and on save gets converted back to a string21:06
OvenWerksso pulse_in and out will be the same... and ZDEV will go through a similar transition... well probably different to get the same thing21:07
wonkopulse_in/out will be a bit more work, but yeah21:07
OvenWerkszdev needs to have the actual hw:device but zdev names will be the variable list that goes with it so people can change their USB name from "Device,0,0-in" to "USB_Mic"21:09
OvenWerks(yes I do have an actual USB audio dongle that calls itself "Device"21:10
OvenWerkswonko: I think once you get the configparser working in autojack, we should do a merge to master. then you can work on the pulse names thing.21:11
wonkosounds like a plan21:11
OvenWerksbefore we merge to maser please run dch in the root directory and add a line.21:12
wonkoyou'll have to translate that to english for me, please. :)21:14
OvenWerksdch = debian changelog edit21:14
OvenWerkshopefully editor on your system points to some reasonable editor like nano.21:15
wonkonano is not a reasonable editor. :)21:15
OvenWerksThe reason I need you to do that is that it puts your name in there21:15
OvenWerkswould you like ed instead?21:16
OvenWerksvi is fine if you like it. anyway you just need to add a one line thing to say switched to configparser21:16
OvenWerksnormally dch adds your name and a * after the * put your "switched to configparser"21:17
OvenWerksI would not worry about all the format changes as they are no op21:18
OvenWerksI can do the merge or you can depending on how you feel.21:18
wonkoas long as you've tested it before I merge I'll be happy to do it21:20
OvenWerksso far it is working21:20
wonkoI still need to do autojack. :)21:20
OvenWerksya I know.21:20

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