kbshimarusometimes when my PC wakes from lock screen, Xubuntu 19.04 forgets my dual screen config.  I have to go back into Display and reset it.  I have AMD Radeon gpu.  Thoughts?01:17
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EJPuchalskiHello, I am a new user on Xubuntu and I am about to change because of a terrible pesting problem.01:37
EJPuchalskiAbout lock screen, may anyone help me? I don´t want to format again.01:37
Unit193What's the problem?01:38
EJPuchalskiEvery time when I lock my system, the screen turns off, and don´t come back.01:38
Unit193To sum up: Remove light-locker, install xscreensaver or xfce4-screensaver.01:38
EJPuchalskiOk, what is this light-locker? Why isn’t xscreensaver or xfce4-screensaver is already installed?01:41
Unit193light-locker uses the login screen as a locker, in theory it's great, but for some people it has adverse effects so one of the others would be better.01:44
EJPuchalskiCool, I’ll try it01:46
EJPuchalskiJust a sec01:46
Unit193You should generally log out and back in, such that light-locker is terminated and the other screensaver launched.  You can do that manually of course.01:48
EJPuchalskiI have just removed light-locker, my Xubuntu isn’t locking anymore01:51
Unit193Did you install xscreensaver or xfce4-screensaver..?  If so, ps aux | grep screensaver01:53
EJPuchalskiNo, I am trying to do this, I am somewhat new using Linux01:55
Unit193If you're using the terminal:  sudo apt install xscreensaver light-locker-  to remove light-locker and install xscreensaver.01:58
EJPuchalskiI have just used this: sudo apt install xscreensaver01:58
EJPuchalskiI manage to uninstall light-locker01:58
veegeeany help for the F12 system shortcut problem?01:59
EJPuchalskiIt looks like worked. I will restart and see if it is working01:59
EJPuchalskiIf I come back, it didn’t work, if I don’t, Thank you Unit193! Someday I will be a Senior Linux sysadmin!02:01
Unit193EJPuchalski: Feel free to stop back either way, but hope it helps!02:01
Unit193veegee: Can you be more precise?02:01
veegeeI posted the problem above. I'll paste it again here.02:01
veegeeI've just installed Xubuntu 16.04  and am facing a problem with keyboard shortcuts. I use F12 in qt creator for a particular function but even after disabling the system shortcut (meant to switch to workspace 12) I can't get xubuntu to pass the F12 keystroke to any application02:02
veegeeOther shortcuts work. E.g. F3 does get passed on to the application. It was assigned to the system function "Switch to workspace 3"02:02
veegeeThanks in advance for your help02:02
Unit193...16.04?  But yeah that should be in Window Manager tweaks or such.  Can you open a terminal, laucn `xev`, then hit F12?02:05
Unit193I presume you found F12 in the list and hit 'clear', too.02:06
veegeeyes, I cleared F12 in the Windows manager settings. xev does show F12 being pressed and released02:07
veegeeThis tells me that my observation is incorrect. F12 is getting passed on to the application02:08
veegeethanks for the troubleshooting tip (xev). It looks like a problem with Qt creator. I'll try and troubleshoot that further02:09
Unit193Never touched that, so can't help you there.02:11
veegeeNo worries, thanks :-)02:13
Regordoes thunar support ftp ? on bionic16:32
GridCubei don't think so16:33
GridCubeoh look at that yes you can, Regor https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Thunar#Using_Thunar_to_browse_remote_locations16:34
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RegorGigolo is excellent ! i just found it in apps !17:04
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* lopta fetches Xubuntu 18.04.318:15
loptaWell... I was going to.  Apparently rtorrent won't fetch it because of some sort of SSL cert. issue.18:17
lopta...so that's unfortunate.18:18
brainwashlopta: link?18:18
loptabrainwash: it just says "Tracker: [SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK]"18:19
loptaPerhspa I'll try 19.04 instead.18:20
brainwashI'm able to download the 64bit ISO18:20
brainwashdifferent system and torrent client though18:20
loptaGah, same issue.18:21
loptaI'll just download the ISO directly.18:22
* lopta looks for a mirror18:22
loptaI like that the SHA256 and MD5 sums are in there.18:23
tomreynpretty terrible error message. "ok, we'll just give you two entirely unrelated things to pick from".18:32
sublevellopta:  could it be your ca-certificates package is out of date?18:44
loptasublevel: Possibly.  I don't know whether I have one but I'll check.18:45
loptaClosest I see is mozilla-rootcerts-1.0.2018011118:46
loptaMight be about to update that anyway.18:46
sublevelwhat OS are you running rtorrent on?18:49
sublevelno experience with *bsd,  ignore me :)19:06
loptaI don't have much experience with Linux but my daughter has had great luck with her Xubuntu machines over the years.19:13
loptabrb, installing a thing19:14
loptaWell that seems to work, anyway.19:22

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