exit70hi, just installed lubuntu eoan recently. wonder is there still a key combination for "half screen"? IIRC, in 18.04, Super + arrow key works.04:40
krytarikexit70: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T59 - I'm reading this currently, you might as well.04:51
exit70looks relevant, thx!04:54
krytarikThat is also to indicate that you could easily reimplement it for your own use.04:55
exit70if i am reading correctly, Super key cannot be used in openbox keybind any more?05:05
The_LoudSpeakerYup! The super key bindings, if placed in openbox, interfere with those of lxqt. So no that cannot be used. But if you want tilling shortcuts you can set them like ctrl-alt-pgdn, etc. Just make sure you don't conflict with any of those in lxqt10:13
The_LoudSpeakerBut that's a pretty dirty hack we had for tilling, i'd recommend a different window manager like kw instead of openbox.10:15
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