ubottuError: Could not parse XML returned by Freedesktop: mismatched tag: line 70, column 4 (http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=109955&ctype=xml)12:20
tomreyn^ another bugzilla ubottu can't parse (not just the samba one)12:20
Unit193Try visiting that in a browser.12:38
Unit193That is, either it thinks I'm a bot too, or their output is certainly broken.12:48
* Unit193 loves some perl traceback on that page.12:49
Unit193undef error - DBD::Pg::db selectrow_array failed: ERROR:  invalid memory alloc request size 140952371512:49
Unit193tomreyn: At some point I should likely say your name such that you realize I said something here, if you haven't already.12:53
tomreynahem, yes, you have a point, Unit19312:54
tomreynsweet, their server even offers information on the local filesystem layout.12:55
tomreynapparently allocating 1.4 GB RAM was too much.12:57
tomreynhopefully this isn't SQL injectable12:58
Unit193I suppose there's other ways to fingerprint, but seems they're on oldstable.12:59
Unit193Best part, this means it's not a new bugzilla feature but Samba is still it's own special snowflake. :>13:02
tomreyni sent them an e-mail, and apparently they're also migrating to gitlab14:38
tomreynthis wasn't the response, i have none, yet23:45
Unit193The more I use gitlab, the less I like it. :323:50
Unit193So I see, the topic of #freedesktop mentions the migration.23:50
tomreynyes, i think that's where i read it, too.23:52
tomreyngitlab is open source, not perl, can't say that about many other of the more established softwares-with-issue-tracking-functionality. though i'm certain gitlabs' issue tracking is a *lot* less feature rich than bugzillas.23:55

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