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chubuntuhaving trouble installing ubuntu server:00:06
chubuntu1. HDD with a good install won't boot from another setup; 2. tried reinstalling from a CD ISO. i get to "install ubuntu server", and after selecting it, everything freezes00:07
chubuntuany suggestions?00:08
chubuntuclarification on #1: i had an HDD connected to a good PC, installed ubuntu server on it, confirmed it booted properly on that machine, and then swapped the drive into the other machine where it does not detect an OS to boot on that drive00:09
sarnoldchubuntu: are both machines using legacy bios or uefi or is one machine using legacy and the other using uefi?00:10
chubuntuthe destination machine's mobo is phoenix award bios, and i'm having trouble finding many settings in it, so i'm not sure which one it's on. i haven't confirmed which bios the operable machine is on, but i can find that out and come back00:11
chubuntubrb checking bios setup00:14
NibzAUHello All, hopefully someone can help me.. ive just wiped my laptop and installed ubuntu.. i made my ssd drive /  and made my hdd /home . not sure if it worked correctly.. when i go to other locations i can see only Computer which says 109gb free (ssd is 128) but if i right click home it says 900gb free.. i assume this is correct but want to make sure before i move forward00:24
akemhpNibzAU, Well yeah, it sounds ok, right.00:30
chubuntu@sarnold having trouble discerning what mode my asus bios is on, but for what it's worth, the bios screen itself says it's a "UEFI bios"00:32
sarnoldchubuntu: I could believe that an older system that doesn't have uefi support might not exactly tell you that's a legacy bios :) heh00:35
chubuntu@sarnold could very well be. does that mean i need a different ISO to intall with?00:36
mekhamiwhat postgres-compatible gui client is not awful?00:36
Thr0rchubuntu:  Back to basic.. Is your new HD listed as a device in the Bios? And - Is the boot order correctly pointing to the HD you want to boot from,,00:37
chubuntu@thr0r the HD is detected, just doesn't detect an OS. the boot order does try booting from that HDD first00:38
sarnoldchubuntu: the same iso will work for both, but you may not be able to install on a uefi and move the drive to a legacy.. the other way around may work if you don't mind giving up uefi and disabling it..00:38
chubuntu@sarnold so that could explain why installing it on my (potentially) UEFI machine and swapping it to a legacy machine doesn't work, but why would i not even be able to make a fresh install from a CD-ROM ISO?00:39
sarnoldchubuntu: oh? I missed that detail I thought this was all about moving hard drives00:39
chubuntu@sarnold that was my first attempt. i installed it on my UEFI machine and swapped it, but when that failed, i tried a fresh install and the installer stalls out right after i click "install ubuntu server"00:40
chubuntusarnold as in, it loads the purple screen where i can select the "install" option, but once i do, everything freezes00:40
sarnoldchubuntu: oh weird :( sorry, no idfeas there00:42
chubuntusarnold: all good, thanks for your time :)00:43
Thr0rchubuntu: what media did/are you using to make that "fresh" install on your ASUS with the new blank disk?00:44
chubuntuunetbootin via windows00:45
chubuntuThr0r: with the ubuntu-19.04-live-server-amd64.iso00:46
Thr0rchubuntu: Ok - and that is on a USB stick or a CD/DVD?00:49
chubuntuThr0r: originally installed it directly to the drive. after that failed, that i burned it to DVD and tried reinstalling from the server machine, but that's when the installation process freezes00:54
Feldegastanyone hemre?my actionscript is:myvar myDate:Date = new Date();01:03
Feldegastthis.rotation = 6 * myDate.seconds;01:03
Thr0rchubuntu:  Ok - I don't quite understand but I have been using Rufus to create USB bootable sticks (From windows) and "Startup Disk Creator" (From Linux) - Both works just fine - and I have an ASUS. Have done it many times.. sorry01:03
Feldegastsorry wrong window01:04
chubuntuall good, thanks for the advice. i'll try your tool01:04
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jkooferhello all. I am a very new to ubuntu. I am using 18.04 , I am trying to put a new theme on. I created a folder called .themes but everytime go to find it I cannot not. When I search for it the search yields no result. However when I create a new folder using .themes as the name, it says a folder already exists.03:52
jkooferI am watching a youtube tutorial from ubuntu version 15 so i believe it is slightly different for this reason.03:53
OerHeksjkoofer, sadly the last item on the page: install gnome-tweak-tool to switch03:55
OerHeks!info gnome-tweak-tool03:56
ubottugnome-tweak-tool (source: gnome-tweaks): adjust advanced settings for GNOME - transitional package. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.28.1-1 (bionic), package size 1 kB, installed size 12 kB03:56
jkooferah thank you!03:59
ryuo!ask | gambl0re04:41
ubottugambl0re: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:41
Theteis there any way to tell ubuntu to install the EFI bootloader to the drive I'm installing ubuntu on and not mess with the main drive's EFI partition?06:31
Thetenevermind it's in advanced06:33
EriC^^Thete: i think it's not just the bootloader location, it's also the partition that's set to be used as efi06:33
TheteI usually just disable the windows drive so it creates it's own on the secondary drive06:43
Thetecause if I ever reinstall windows then I can't boot to linux06:43
Theteand have to run boot-repair crap06:43
Thetethis is a laptop though and no easy way to disable the other drive06:43
TheteJust did it manually though so that's fine06:43
Theteany of you guys particularly fond of any cpu governor control software or cooling software that should be installed?06:43
exit70hi, is it possible to set up a serial console (for troubleshooting) on a "regular" laptop?06:54
ducasseexit70: if you have a serial port, sure. if you just want to see messages you can use this - https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Netconsole06:57
exit70interesting, thx, will try when i have a chance06:58
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Theteany of you guys use tlp or thermald?07:06
Theteon laptop?07:06
exit70i use tlp07:12
exit70it seems to reduce power-rate reported by `upower`07:13
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TheteI'll, try, thanks for the info07:37
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tommy``how can i keep monitoring the vsftpd live?09:50
netcrashI installed openbox on my ubuntu and tint2 , does anyone know of a battery power indicator for tint209:58
netcrashfound an answer10:02
johnjbogleHi may I get some assistance with updating my bios please?10:06
akemhp_johnjbogle, Well it's Ubuntu support there.10:13
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tommy``johnjbogle: search on your motherboard website brand10:14
ryuojohnjbogle: that's vendor specific. we can't really give you anything without more information.10:24
ryuobut the usual method involves doing it from windows. some can be done from FreeDOS. others can do it directly from the bios, but it's entirely vendor defined.10:25
tommy``ubuntu transforms me in a being like gollum... i stopped watch out of the windows of my home10:43
lotuspsychjetommy``: only ubuntu issues here please10:43
tommy``that is a ubuntu issue lotuspsychje10:44
HenryCHhi, beginner here, i was just trying to install mongo on wsl ubuntu 18.04, if i follow the instructions and install the official mongodb-org, i still can't start the service with service mongod start but have to use service mongodb start instead, anyone know why?11:11
lotuspsychje!ubuwin | HenryCH11:13
ubottuHenryCH: Windows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide11:13
HenryCHlotuspsychje: thanks i'll pose the question there11:14
tamj0rd2Hey, I have ubuntu installed on my laptop, dual booted with windows. For some reason my external monitor doesn't work in ubuntu, but it works fine in windows11:17
tamj0rd2I have the nvidia-driver-430 installed, but when I run xrandr it shows my HDMI cable as being disconnected11:18
tamj0rd2Does any have some ideas of what I can try11:18
lotuspsychjetamj0rd2: did you try Fn+ F7 screen switch combo?11:20
tamj0rd2no, let me give that a try11:20
tamj0rd2Nothing happens :s11:20
tamj0rd2I'm on ubuntu 18.04 btw11:21
lotuspsychjetamj0rd2: if you are on ubuntu 18.04 or higher, did you check your systemsettings/devices/screen ?11:21
lotuspsychjetamj0rd2: see if its recognized there11:21
ryuotamj0rd2: generic advice: assert that the BIOS is current.11:21
ryuotamj0rd2: i can't tell you how many times that has resolved issues with Linux, especially laptops.11:22
tamj0rd2In screen display it only lists the built in monitor lotuspsychje11:22
tamj0rd2what do you mean @ryuo?11:22
ryuotamj0rd2: update the BIOS if it's not current.11:22
tamj0rd2ahh, gotcha11:22
lotuspsychje!biosupdate | tamj0rd2 adviced by ryuo11:23
ubottutamj0rd2 adviced by ryuo: To see how to update your bios on Ubuntu visit the community collected methods here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BIOSUpdate11:23
lotuspsychjetamj0rd2: see also: fwupdate -l some machine brands can update this way aswell11:23
ryuobut it's pretty much vendor specific.11:23
tamj0rd2thanks :)11:23
ryuobut that's always something I do before i ever install Linux on a new machine now.11:23
lotuspsychjegood aproach ryuo11:24
ryuojust to fix any previously resolved issues so i don't have to run into them again ;)11:24
ryuoi can't tell you how many times i've bought used PCs only to find their BIOS appears to have never been updated even once.11:25
ryuoi can't recall ever finding one that was.11:25
gbellinozapt install cups is telling me:11:48
gbellinoz"cups : Depends: libcups2 (= 2.2.7-1ubuntu2) but 2.2.7-1ubuntu2.1 is to be installed"11:48
gbellinozIs this maybe a temporary repo problem?11:48
tamj0rd2Hey, I'm back11:50
tamj0rd2I've done the BIOS update but it hasn't made any difference sadly :(11:50
ioriagbellinoz, maybe you mean '2.2.7-1ubuntu2.7 is to be installed' ; 2.2.7-1ubuntu2.1 does not exist11:51
gbellinozIt's not what I mean... it's what apt is saying...11:51
ioriagbellinoz, apt-cache policy cups | nc termbin.com 999911:52
ryuotamj0rd2: does replugging the cable do anything?11:52
tamj0rd2Nope ryuo11:53
ryuotamj0rd2: for that matter, what does xrandr even report?11:53
tamj0rd2I've run sudo lshw -c video11:53
ryuowait... is this a dual gpu?11:53
tamj0rd2I have a nvidia graphics driver and a intel one both in my laptop11:53
ryuoi wonder if that's related.11:53
tamj0rd2I think it is, but I'm not really sure how to fix it11:53
gbellinozioria: https://gist.github.com/bitwombat/b97497bd8dd9b2d2ad7ed6466140d88011:53
ryuoyea... dual gpu has always been spotty in my experience. i never touch those machines nowadays.11:53
tamj0rd2Here's what I get when I run lshw https://pastebin.com/dyUeaMC211:54
ryuotamj0rd2: what does xrandr say?11:54
ioriagbellinoz, paste also the error11:54
ioriagbellinoz, but i'd check my sources.list11:54
tamj0rd2ryuo it still says my HDMI-1 is disconnected11:54
ryuotamj0rd2: ugh. i was hoping for the whole output.11:55
tamj0rd2oh sorry, 1 sec11:55
tamj0rd2ryuo https://pastebin.com/y6RALdwz11:55
gbellinozioria: https://termbin.com/jjna11:55
gbellinozsources.list is default.11:55
gbellinozI'm thinking I have something held... I'm usually reluctant to upgrade cups.11:56
gbellinoz(this is a full-on, frustrated, purge and reinstall move)11:56
ioriagbellinoz, sudo apt update11:57
gbellinozioria: did11:57
ioriagbellinoz, does it show updates available ?11:58
ioriagbellinoz, also : sudo apt list --upgradable11:59
gbellinozioria: just 2 (have automatic upgrades running)11:59
tamj0rd2ryuo I've doube checked and I have the correct nvidia driver installed for my card12:00
gbellinozioria: something's not right... apt update only lists 4 URLs it's loading from. One is http://au.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic InRelease12:00
ryuotamj0rd2: no idea, honestly... though it mentions another port. have you tried that?12:00
gbellinozand the rest are skype, google, etc.12:00
ioriagbellinoz, i told you to check the sources.list12:01
gbellinozMy other 18.04 system gets like 38 sources.12:01
tamj0rd2I don't have a display port cable12:01
gbellinozyes you did :) and I did. looks normal. will diff it with my other system.12:01
ryuoi see.12:01
ryuowell, something you could try.12:01
tamj0rd2do you think reinstalling ubuntu could help?12:01
ryuotamj0rd2: doubtful. if it doesn't work now it probably won't work from a reinstall.12:01
ryuotamj0rd2: how new is it ?12:02
ioriagbellinoz, please paste it12:02
tamj0rd2I got this in February, so still pretty new12:02
tamj0rd2I've had this issue for months now though. I gave up for a while, so I just haven't bothered trying to get it working in ubuntu until now.12:03
ryuotamj0rd2: i would retry with manjaro. if a newer software stack fixes it, then you may be on to something.12:03
ryuo18.04 ships with older stuff so it might be a problem here.12:03
tamj0rd2ryuo ah. Is manjaro still ubuntu or something else?12:04
ryuoNo... it's based on ARCH.12:04
ryuodifferent design goals but it's a useful benchmark for testing against the latest upstream software.12:04
tamj0rd2ah, gotcha12:05
ryuoif that fixes it then you may have to retry with 19.10 or w/e.12:05
tamj0rd2ryuo I have my /home mounted to a different place on my hdd. I think when I run the ubuntu installer it's possible for me to reinstall it without wiping /home. Do you know if that's the same for manjaro?12:05
d0me5t0sI'm trying to upgrade an old version of mailinabox which is running on ubuntu14. Upgrading to Ubuntu 18 in place is not an option as this will break mailinabox. I have to first upgrade mailinabox before going to 18. Problem is that there are dependencies in PPAs where the versions for ubuntu14 don't exist any more. Am I as badly hosed as I think I am, or is there hope? :-)12:05
ryuothis is the main drawback of LTS releases. they're really more optimal for older hardware.12:05
ryuotamj0rd2: uh... possibly? i haven't done dual boot in ages.12:06
ryuod0me5t0s: why do you have to upgrade it first? why can't you just disable it and upgrade it after?12:07
gbellinozioria: bad sources.list at least part of the problem. Pretty sure I upgraded both systems from 16.04 the same way, yet one had only one source enabled, and  the other said "xenial" for the src packages. FUBAR.12:16
d0me5t0sryuo - that's the only upgrade/migration path for MIAB. Their site/forum is very clear that just going straight to U18 will break it12:16
gbellinozCleaned them up and 622 upgrades are waiting.12:16
gbellinozthanks for the tips12:17
d0me5t0sSo while I'm kicking myself for not upgrading earlier, I'm also very frustrated by the speedy removal of old packages. Is that just to make people ugrade, or is there a less obvious reason?12:19
ryuod0me5t0s: they occupy valuable space. after public support ends, what's the point of keeping them around?12:20
ryuoa single release can occupy many gigabytes. spread over many mirrors. that's nothing to sneeze at.12:20
EriC^^d0me5t0s: i guess it's logistics and stuff12:21
EriC^^d0me5t0s: you know the stuff is moved to a different web address but still there yes?12:21
EriC^^of course you shouldn't use it unless you absolutely know what you're doing and the computer isnt connected to the internet etc due to security risks associated with it12:22
EriC^^d0me5t0s: ^12:22
tamj0rd2ryuo got it! I had to disable secure boot in uefi and then change my selected video card to intel then back to nvidia12:22
ryuotamj0rd2: probably it was more the first issue. with secure boot active, DKMS packages may fail to work.12:23
ryuobecause of enforced kernel module signing.12:23
tamj0rd2Yeah, you're right. I tried switching the selected cards and that didn't make any difference at all until I changed secure boot12:23
ryuoprobably should stick to intel by default.12:23
ryuoeither way, bios update may have helped. sometimes they expose new options.12:24
tamj0rd2I think the HDMI is connected to the nvidia card, so it won't work at all if I stick with intel selected ryuo12:24
ryuotamj0rd2: well, up to you. i'm assuming this will end up using more power.12:24
d0me5t0sssorry EriC^^ - I'm here12:36
d0me5t0sI get it about gigabytes across many mirrors, but one or two mirrors just for old time's sake wouldn't be too bad. The ubuntu repositories have old-versions.. just it seems, not PPAs. Anyway - didn't really come here to whinge about that :-)12:41
AlexPortableHow do I extend my partition? There is free space in front of it but I can only make my partition smaller and not bigger13:40
exportAlexPortable: uh, how much space we talking?13:41
EriC^^AlexPortable: try gparted from a live usb13:46
exportAlexPortable: well since i've not seen how much space you're trying reclaim i feel i should mention that if you need to consume space that is "before" the partition's start you'll have to move the partition start point "back" or "to the left" and extend it, the bad part is that you'll need to be aware that a bootloader could possibly have a hard time finding the partition after the fact so the system could13:48
exportfail to boot afterwards.13:48
exportalso if it's a very small amount it could simply be an alignment issue or something that can't easily be fixed afaik, so if it's like 1-2 mb or something i'd leave it be, probably not worth the trouble.13:48
cybercryptoHi there, I see that 'zfs option' is missing from the installer GUI during 19.10 installation. I am using freebsd-host virtualbox installing guest-ubuntu-19.10. Does anyone knows something that may prevent zfs option to be presented?15:07
ducassecybercrypto: ask in #ubuntu+1, that's where 19.10 is supported up until it's released15:12
cybercryptoducasse: thank you, I will.15:12
AlexPortableexport: it's around 50 GB, there was another partition there before but i made that one smaller15:31
AlexPortablehow do i move it? the only options i have in the ubuntu 'disks' is to resize it15:31
amosbirdhi, is there any tool to temporarily use my local machine as a router for a remote box. it's like \magic_reverse_vpn root@remote_machine\ and I can ctrl-c to disconnect15:49
bittinUbuntu 19.10 RC2 on Monday and release on Thursday16:14
mendiHello guys I hav16:33
mendiI cant login unless i change from ubuntu to ubuntu-wayland in login screen16:33
mendihow can I use x11 instead16:34
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exportAlexPortable: a previously mentioned option is gparted, but as i said, moving partitions could require more steps to get whatever partition you moved bootable again, assuming it is bootable.16:50
chubuntusarnold: I got everything squared away! thanks for your help yesterday. it ended up being two issues. 1) i'm assuming it was a legacy vs UEFI issue with both the existing install and the fresh installation i was using. found a suggestion to use the ISO that didn't have the "live" keyword in the filename, and that worked for me. 2) once it was16:52
chubuntureinstalled, the screen kept going black on boot. this was an nvidia driver issue that i resolved by somehow blind logging in and installing openssh-server, then accessing it from my working machine. it miraculously worked! updating drivers now lets me boot without the black screen16:52
rfmmendi, first thing to check is the Xorg log for errors.  It should be in ~/.local/share/xort/Xorg.0.log for recent ubuntu releases...17:31
Alexthek1dIs there a console command in linux to change the ip/proxy? Like "SetSocks4" ?17:37
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tommy``does exist some currency tool for terminal to see live currency and for calculation?17:40
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bittinHappy 15th Birthday Ubuntu18:08
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varaindemiani tried to run kali in virtual box and I do not have 2d acceleratio18:47
varaindemianWhat virtual environment do you recommend for running other linux distros as guests on ubuntu (host)?18:48
tomreynvaraindemian: virtualbox should be fine (maybe use upstream's packages, though not supported here), also anything kvm based can be.18:52
varaindemiantomreyn: something eASY TO install and kvm based?18:53
tomreynvaraindemian: what did you mean by 2d acceleration though? do you mean 3d?18:55
tomreynare guest graphics slow?18:55
tomreynall of qemu-kvm (optionally with virt-manager or gnome-boxes GUIs) and virtualbox should be easy to install.18:58
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nikolamHi I am having trouble getting to work for Webcam PAC7311 Trust WB-3300p ( idVendor 0x093a, idProduct 0x2608 ) . Webcam used to work on all previous Ubuntu and kernels, up untill 18.10 and now on 19.04 it does not work. (Cheese does not recognizes it nor display video). Webcam has audio mic that IS recognize in the system.19:16
dynetrekkhi, does anyone know how to install ubuntu 18.04 on a mac mini 2011?19:16
nikolamdynetrekk, have you tried googling the issue? (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mac_mini)19:18
dynetrekknikolam some say you just do it with a usb stick, some say you have to flash the EFI, I think it's inconclusive19:19
dynetrekkbut thanks for that link19:19
dynetrekkit doesn't include mac mini 5.1 which is what I have though19:19
nikolamIf you ask me, I would avoid all Mac hardware altogether. But that's just mine conclusion.19:20
dynetrekknikolam if you inherit a mac mini, you don't get to choose the hardware19:21
dynetrekkalso reuse > recycle > trash19:21
dynetrekkI have a thinkpad for ubuntu, too, of course19:22
nikolamI totally agree.19:22
nikolamI duckduckgoe'd this https://askubuntu.com/questions/885978/how-to-install-ubuntu-to-a-mac-mini-i7-2011-with-amd-graphics19:24
dynetrekklinux will run on a toaster and I don't see any reason why I shouldn't19:25
dynetrekknikolam thanks will have a look. mine's an i5 with intel hd graphics though. Which is probably an advantage! the debian wiki indicates it might Just Work (TM), which is the Apple Way anyway!19:25
nikolamYes. maybe you can fill up blanks on Ubuntu wiki if you have something that works ok for your model.19:27
nikolamApple way is as far as I understand, shorter support cycles for hardware then for other PCs. (As their OS support for their hardware).19:27
dynetrekknikolam kind of, yes and no. my router got updates not too long ago. It's from 2007.19:29
dynetrekknikolam the lowest specced machines don't fly forever but neither do windows machines. Noone offers linux anyway.19:30
dynetrekkso I think they're competitive with most official support, and for iphones they're way better than android support in my experience19:30
nikolamdynetrekk, I think System76 offers Linux machines as well as DELL laptops come with Ubuntu preinstalled.19:32
dynetrekknikolam system76 is us only?19:49
AlexPortableexport: well yes gparted, but how do I actually move it with gparted?19:56
tomreynAlexPortable: you can't move extended partitions out of the extended area19:58
AlexPortableso how do I make it bigger? it's full19:58
tomreynbuy a new disk or create a new partition table.19:59
AlexPortablenew partition table without losing data?19:59
tomreynif you prepare for it very well that might succeed, but it's not a fun task and i'm not going to guide.20:00
tomreynyou're better off replacing the msdos partition table by a gpt one.20:01
AlexPortablecan windows still boot from that?20:01
tomreynnot without reinstalling, i would think20:01
tomreynbut then i'm not a windows expert, those usually gather in ##windows20:02
AlexPortableso basically i'm stuck now and can't store any more data on ubuntu because i have the wrong partition table...20:02
nikolamdynetrekk, wouldn't know, maybe you can ask them. But I know Dell's with Ubuntu are widespread just month ago I reinstalled DELL laptop that came with preinstalled Ubuntu20:03
tomreynwell you could create another primary partition and create a linux compatible file system there and mount that on some directory where you need the additional disk space.20:04
tomreynAlexPortable: ^20:04
AlexPortablewell i need space in my home folder20:04
tomreynso you could create e.g. a partition in the unallocated space, create an ext4 file systme on that, and move you existing /home data to it, then mount this new disk at /home.20:06
tomreyni mean this new file system, not disk20:06
AlexPortablethanks ill do that20:09
econdudeawesomeHey... I am learning more about data... I know this is off topic but would love a pointer. Can you recommend a good data engineering channel? Context: Postgres, DBT, Singer, have a data model and not really sure how to transform / process raw data to make it all work together20:28
styler2goHey everyone. My Ubuntu system (19.04 server) does not retrieve an ip address on startup. Any ideas what i can do? Once i log in i at least get a wifi connection20:32
dynetrekkecondudeawesome I suppose there's a postgres channel, I've been in there in the distant past20:33
econdudeawesomeI'll check it out dynetrekk20:33
dynetrekkecondudeawesome just never trust raw data. Check, recheck and check again.20:34
mendiI apt-get removed g++:i386 on a x64 installation of ubuntu and now i cant get a graphical boot20:35
mendiIt also removed alot of x64 libs. Wtf20:35
mendiAnd recompiled the kernel. Wtfx220:35
econdudeawesome@dynetrekk its not so much the raw data itself, I literally have no idea how to load to a specific data model. I've been a data consumer for years and guess I never really considered this part20:36
mendiMy ubuntu usb tries to boot into the already installed ubuntu for some reason20:37
mendi"System boot order not found initializing defaults" wtf20:39
KunaPrimehello i'm running 19.04 and my system is reporting that is has been minimizes so i don't have access to some man pages20:54
KunaPrimehow do i restore it to full instalation?20:55
tomreynKunaPrime: your system is reporting that "is has been minimizes"?20:59
tomreyncan you provide the original error message, explain what you were doing?20:59
KunaPrimeThis  system  has been minimized by removing packages and content21:00
KunaPrimethat are not required on a system that users do not log into.21:00
KunaPrimeTo restore this content, including manpages, you can run the ’un‐21:00
KunaPrimeminimize’  command.  You  will  still need to ensure the ’man‐db’21:00
KunaPrimepackage is installed.21:00
KunaPrimei'm trying to acess man for erl for example21:02
tomreyn!paste | KunaPrime21:03
ubottuKunaPrime: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:03
tomreynKunaPrime: so have you tried what the message suggests?21:05
KunaPrimei don't hat unminimize script and i don't know how to get it21:06
tomreyni see. i've never seen this message before so i'm not sure how to handle this situation then.21:06
tomreynis this a standard ubuntu installation from one of the ISOs released on ubuntu.com?21:07
KunaPrimeyes from live usb made form standardn 19.04 ISO21:07
tomreynKunaPrime: and which command were you running when this output was produced?21:08
KunaPrimeman <some progam>, for example 'man erl'21:08
KunaPrimeerl manpages are installed21:09
tomreynKunaPrime: oh wait are you saying this is happening while you are running the live usb, not on a persistent installation?21:12
KunaPrimetomreyn: no it has been install via bootable usb, but this is happenning on permanent install21:13
guntbertKunaPrime: tomreyn: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Minimal21:19
tomreynKunaPrime: hmm i can only find this message and the "unminimize" script mentioned on web sites dealing with docker and the "livecd-rootfs" package. but there's apparently no file of this name in Ubuntu 18.04 or 19.0421:19
KunaPrimetomreyn: exactly this is the thnig that is confusing me, i have looked at guntbert's link but it isn't helpfull in finding uniminimize script at all21:20
tomreynguntbert: right, but KunaPrime stated that this installation was created form a standard installer21:21
KunaPrimeit was21:21
KunaPrimeit is full laptop installation21:21
tomreynKunaPrime: do you know the name of the iso file you used?21:21
KunaPrime ubuntu-19.04-desktop-amd64.iso21:22
kadiroHello, How to remove spice-vdagent without removing xubuntu core ?21:22
tomreynhmm, interesting. sorry, no idea then, KunaPrime21:23
KunaPrimeis is release form 2019041621:23
KunaPrimetomreyn: thanks any way21:23
tomreynkadiro: you can try running it using apt, and it will ask you to confirm21:25
tomreynor add -s to simulate its removal21:25
kadirotomreyn> When trying with -s it say remv xubuntu-desktop same for xubuntu-core21:27
tomreynkadiro: so apparently you cannot.21:31
kadirotomreyn> ok thanks, I have another two problems/errors from my journal21:32
kadiroThe first is: pam_succeed_if(lightdm:auth): requirement "user ingroup nopasswdlogin" not met by user kadiro21:32
kadiroThe second is: [pulseaudio] bluez5-util.c: GetManagedObjects() failed: org.freedesktop.systemd1.NoSuchUnit: Unit blablah bla21:33
tomreynwhich ubuntu version are you running, kadiro ?21:33
kadiroEspecially the first error because my pc take long time to show login session21:34
kadirotomreyn> It is xubuntu 18.0421:34
tomreynis the system fully updated?21:34
kadirotomreyn> of course21:35
tomreyncan you post this?  nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};echo "Session: $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE)";echo Shell: $SHELL)21:36
tomreynkadiro: ^21:36
kadirotomreyn> https://termbin.com/wxl021:36
threadnaughtHaving a bizzare keyboard problem right now, lots of the keys being intermittent but I don't think it's a hardware problem. Left shift+Any letter=>Upper case letter, Right shift+] => }, Left shift+]=>NOTHING21:37
tomreynkadiro: thanks, is there actually a notable problem though? are you able to login on lightdm?21:38
kadirotomreyn> yes but the session of lightdm take long time to bring up21:38
threadnaughtI'm on 18.04 LTS, just reinstalled fresh21:39
kadirotomreyn> when checking journal i see: systemd[1]: session-c3.scope: Killing process 19697 (lightdm) with signal SIGTERM. same for gnome-keyring and greeter21:39
threadnaughtThe problem even affects the cryptsetup boot disk unlocker21:40
kadirothreadnaught> just a very few help for you, type this in your terminal: xev | grep -A2 --line-buffered '^KeyRelease' | sed -n '/keycode /s/^.*keycode \([0-9]*\).* (.*, \(.*\)).*$/\1 \2/p'"21:42
kadirowith that you can simulate the keys to see which one doesn't work21:43
threadnaughtI've typed it in, what exactly do you want me to do?21:44
kadirothreadnaught> it will show you the key you typed and its code21:45
kadiroxev | grep -A2 --line-buffered '^KeyRelease' | sed -n '/keycode /s/^.*keycode \([0-9]*\).* (.*, \(.*\)).*$/\1 \2/p'21:45
kadirocorrected ^21:45
threadnaughtkadiro: Okay, I've typed that in and all of a sudden my keyboard has stopped misbehaving21:46
threadnaughtI am so confused21:46
threadnaughtwait no it's still broken21:47
kadirothreadnaught> It must show something like: 36 Return for Return key, 114 Right for Right key and so on21:47
kadirook then just type: xev and see when you type something if it change or not21:48
threadnaughtkadiro: I ran a few experiments it seems to not capture the keypresses at all https://pastebin.com/W27Nu6cG21:53
threadnaughtIt works fine on an external keyboard though, It may be a hardware problem but It seems strange that it would only fail with specific combinations of keypresses21:54
kadirothreadnaught> both shift keys are detected21:54
threadnaughtkadiro, Yes, Both shift keys are detected, but sometimes left shift and [ are not (even though both are registered individually)21:54
kadiroah I see21:55
kadiroI think the configuration of the keyboard have something strange on it21:55
threadnaughtI'm not an expert on keyboards, but the fact they keys only fail in some combinations would seem to point towards an error further up than hardware?21:55
threadnaughtkadiro: give me a command to run big man :P21:56
kadirothreadnaught> I can't tell, but It could be software or hardware21:56
kadirothreadnaught> lol, I'm just a bigginer and my english is not good21:57
threadnaughtkadiro: that's okay dont worry21:57
threadnaughtI'll have a look around and if I can't fix it I'll ask again21:58
kadirothreadnaught> you can try: dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration or dpkg-reconfigure keyboard to see if you can fix that21:58
threadnaughtkadiro: Just ran, going down for reboot22:00
threadnaughtOkay, I'm back, that command didn't work, trying every other one in that stackexchange thread lol22:04
threadnaughtkadiro: other keys that are intermittent include 8 and k, but they don't break at the same time as } or each other22:16
threadnaughtI've reset just about every setting I can find22:17
kadirothreadnaught> my guess is the } key is pushed down ( may be ) or another key, if you type the command above 'xev ...' if you see just a code and the name of the key than your keyboard is working but if you see that key and another one like } so my guess could be right22:19
threadnaughtkadiro: Could you paste it again? I restarted22:20
kadiroxev | grep -A2 --line-buffered '^KeyRelease' | sed -n '/keycode /s/^.*keycode \([0-9]*\).* (.*, \(.*\)).*$/\1 \2/p'22:21
kadirobrb preparing my medecament22:24
Threadnaughtkadiro: it seems to start working sometimes when I hit my laptop really hard. It would appear to be a hardware issue22:44
Threadnaughtgood old percussive maintencance22:45
kadiroThreadnaught> yeah that happen to me, that's why i guessed22:45
Threadnaughtkadiro: thanks for your help anyway, even if it turned out not to work22:45
kadiroThreadnaught> You are welcome22:46
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AscavasaionI have two external monitors attached to my laptop, so three displays in total.  Third one usually runs at 1600 x something... Today it has defaulted to 1024 x 768.  I have looked in xrandr but cannot figure it out.  any ideas please?23:17
akemhp_Ascavasaion, Try arandr you should be able to set the resolution there.23:21
akemhp_Ascavasaion, How do you connect the 2 other monitors to your laptop? 1 HDMI and 1 USB?23:21
Ascavasaionakemhp_, One is display port, other is VGA D Sub23:22
akemhp_Ascavasaion, Ha ok.23:22
Ascavasaionakemhp_, My initial Q was incorrect... I sais xrandr, I meantr arandr.  arandr is not detecting anything higher than 1025x768 for that monitor23:25
akemhp_Ascavasaion, Ok, i don't know then, sorry.23:26
causativethe longer my system has been running, the more lag there is in the display, e.g. lag when I drag windows around the screen.  Rebooting fixes temporarily.  It's not a lack of memory.  What can I check?23:33
Vooloowhat is the point of the activities window dropdown menu? All I can do is choose "quit" on every app23:36
tomreyncausative: systemctl -f   may have some hints on it23:39
tomreyncausative: you didn't say which ubuntu release and desktop you're running, so providing further suggestions is difficult23:40
JShorHello, I'm having some issues getting my Bluetooth set up.  I'm using crouton on a chromebook to use Ubuntu w/ Unity.  When I run sudo lsmod | grep bluetooth I can see this:23:45
Ascavasaionakemhp_, I figured it out, albeit that I am not totally sure what I did... https://askubuntu.com/questions/377937/how-to-set-a-custom-resolution#37794423:45
JShor /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER JShor ttrixeglqeew23:45
AscavasaionJShor, Time for a new password23:46
causativetomreyn, 18.04.3 LTS, gnome 3.28.423:46
VoolooJShor, you need some numbers23:47
JShorDamn I'm trying to change my password but can't find my key, unless that was it and someone already changed it on me23:48
tomreyncausative: ah, well then this command will probably output a lot. even more so if you have your own gnome-shell-extensions installed23:48
tomreynJShor: there's a password reset mechanism, details in #freenode23:48
causativewhat would I be looking for?23:49
tomreyncausative: i'm not sure. it could be a lot of things really. generally, i recommend to install as few as possible and well picked gnome-shell extensions only.23:50
JShorActually I think we're good -- I had already used that key to set my pass and apparently the keys are only good for one use23:51
tomreyncausative: since they ca have great impact on stability and performance. on a side note, you can always press Alt-F2 and type "r"+ Enter to restart the shell.23:51
causativerestarting the shell got me back to smooth window movements (temporarily)23:55
tomreynso you probably hit a gnome-shell-extension or a gnome-shell issue. newer ubuntu releases have performance improvements on gnome-shell.23:56
causativeso I can no longer test, because it's no longer lagging.  I guess next time it starts lagging I'll try disabling extensions, or does disabling an extension also restart gnome?23:56
tomreynno, disabling extensions doesn't replace the gnome-shell23:57
causativeI'm using "invert window color", "ubuntu appindicators," and "system-monitor"23:57
daxJShor: yeah, the VERIFY REGISTER code is a one-time key not connected to your password, so you're fine :)23:58
tomreynhave a look at the frequency in which those throw traces and if there are some which do it a lot consider removing or replacing it.23:58
causativegreat, thanks :)23:59

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