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-SwissBot:#xubuntu-devel- ::xubuntu-seed:: Move ZFS from core to live. @ http://git.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/ubuntu-seeds/+git/xubuntu/commit/?id=73dc1d4c754d58c03acf8f5f6734206219a10cb5 (by Adam Conrad)20:10
ochosiheya bluesabre 20:47
bluesabreHey ochosi20:48
ochosiway to go sneaking in zfs support last minute :)20:48
bluesabreThe flavors all figured it out in the last week, just tagging along20:51
ochosisure, still, nice of you to take the time20:51
ochosii know you're busy20:51
bluesabreYeah, largely getting back in the Linux groove, just had a few more things the last few days20:54
bluesabrePlanning a meeting Monday around my time20:55
bluesabreCan you stay up late? :)20:55
ochosiuh, monday may be the only bad night...20:56
ochosihave an interview on tuesday20:56
ochosieven today/now would be better :)20:58
ochosiUnit193 - you around? :)20:58
ochosithat usually works21:09
ochosibluesabre: got any recommendations for a good screen capturing app?21:13
bluesabreochosi: kazam is good for video21:14
bluesabreochosi: Peek captures an animated gif21:15
ochosithat latter one i tried, but it segfaults (doublefree) when it tries to save the gif21:16
ochosian animated gif would have been ideal21:16
bluesabreI think there's a few fullscreen recording extensions for chrome21:18
ochosii'll see if i can get any of the others to work, maybe kazaam21:19
ochosisimplescreenrecorder oddly also failed21:19
ochosi"something went wrong during the initialization"21:19
ochosiquite the error message :)21:19
bluesabreThat sounds like a gst error21:20
ochosipossible, yeah21:20
ochosii wanted to set up everything from scratch with 19.10 anyway21:20
ochosii've produced quite the franken-system here, with lots of xfce compiled from git master while working on 4.1421:21
bluesabreI just got a new computer and have been setting it up today with 19.1021:21
ochosihaha, so kazaam worked21:23
ochosii mean it produced a 150mb avi for a few secs, but who cares21:24
ochosibut the cool part is: it included part of the red rectangle it uses to show where it's recording, just somewhere in the middle of the recording :'D21:24
ochosiand the video capturing doesn't seem to be very smooth21:26
Unit193ochosi: Howdy.21:53
ochosioh there you go ::)21:53
ochosibluesabre: so, wanna do it now..? 21:56
bluesabreoh, I've got time for a quick one, sure :)21:57
bluesabre#startmeeting Xubuntu Community Meeting21:58
meetingologyMeeting started Sat Oct 12 21:58:35 2019 UTC.  The chair is bluesabre. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.21:58
meetingologyAvailable commands: action commands idea info link nick21:58
bluesabre!team | anybody around for a quick meeting?21:58
ubottuanybody around for a quick meeting?: team is akxwi-dave, bluesabre, jjfrv8, knome, krytarik, ochosi, pleia2, slickymaster and Unit19321:58
bluesabre#chair ochosi22:00
meetingologyCurrent chairs: bluesabre ochosi22:00
bluesabre#chair Unit19322:00
meetingologyCurrent chairs: Unit193 bluesabre ochosi22:00
ochosinew motto: "better to have an impromptu meeting with a few people than no meetings at all"22:01
bluesabreWorks for me22:01
bluesabre#topic Open action items22:01
bluesabre#done bluesabre to replace light-locker with xfce4-screensaver in eoan22:01
bluesabre#done bluesabre to mail the mailing list to discuss additional keyboard shortcuts22:01
bluesabre#done bluesabre to mail the team regarding the GTK styles in GIMP (noting GTK used to be default)22:02
bluesabre#done bluesabre to email a team vote for color emoji support in Xubuntu22:02
bluesabrenever got to it: bluesabre to work on improving "starting point" documentation for dev/QA22:02
bluesabrenever got to it: bluesabre to reach out to other flavors to improve shared documentation22:02
ochosii guess dev docs could be an upstream topic22:03
ochosiat least i wouldn't duplicate the effort22:03
ochosiand upstream could really use some time spent on that, and then we could simply link to it22:03
bluesabreGIMP: GTK theme, got +4 / -022:03
bluesabreColor emoji: +3 / -122:04
bluesabreKeyboard shortcuts: Added Super+L for locking, Super+D for show desktop22:05
bluesabre#topic Updates and announcements22:05
bluesabreochosi: Definitely in favor for upstream docs22:06
ochosii guess we got both 4.14 patch releases (settings, panel) into eoan?22:06
bluesabreochosi: yeah, pretty sure22:06
bluesabre!info xfce4-settings eoan22:06
ochosithat's pretty neat22:06
ubottuxfce4-settings (source: xfce4-settings): graphical application for managing Xfce settings. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.14.1-1ubuntu1 (eoan), package size 565 kB, installed size 3535 kB22:06
bluesabre!info xfce4-panel eoan22:06
ubottuxfce4-panel (source: xfce4-panel): panel for Xfce4 desktop environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.14.1-0ubuntu1 (eoan), package size 623 kB, installed size 3599 kB22:06
ochosii think i was the only one doing patch releases so far22:07
ochosiso that should be it22:07
bluesabre#info Xfce 4.14 released, available in 19.1022:07
bluesabre#info Root ZFS installation now available with the 19.10 daily image22:07
bluesabreI don't think I have any other announcements22:08
ochosime neither22:08
ochosii guess we won't push any further patch releases of 4.14 into eoan22:08
bluesabre#info 19.10 to be released this coming Thursday (10/17), let's test it this week!22:09
bluesabreYeah, at least without them being SRU22:09
ochosiunless they fix something critical which has yet to be discovered (4.14 is going suprisingly smooth in terms of critical bug reports)22:09
bluesabreIndeed, we did a good job with our years of slower-pace development and 6 months of rapid development ;)22:10
bluesabreSo with no other announcements...22:10
ochosithat may be the new methodology to supersede "agile" :D22:10
bluesabre#topic Discussion22:10
bluesabreIt's been a pretty quiet development cycle on the Xubuntu side of things22:11
ochosiyeah, as long as you ignore upstream efforts22:11
ochosimy time was pretty bound by that22:11
bluesabreSame, was pretty on it with Xfce up until September, then I was on personal stuff for a month22:12
bluesabreknome: for the record, I am a fan of the new wallpaper (as usual). Dig the colors!22:13
bluesabreI think we'll need to dig in and do a good round of planning in the next couple weeks, 20.04 is an LTS22:14
ochosialthough tbh i wouldn't change much about the 4.14 stuff22:14
bluesabreThere's probably a few upstream changes we should bring down, like the pathbar22:14
bluesabrein thunar22:15
bluesabreInstead of text entry22:15
ochosioh dear22:16
bluesabreNot sure what other goodies there were yet :D22:16
ochosii thought there was only that one now22:16
ochosidoesn't make much sense to me to keep both around tbh22:16
bluesabreThis is the default, https://imgur.com/itmSy7N.png22:17
ochosiok, yeah, we should for sure switch22:17
bluesabreOtherwise, probably lots of papercut bugs to fix22:18
ochositbh we could review some apps again22:18
ochosii'd still like to get rid of gnome software for the fact that it keeps running in the background22:19
ochosibut i guess there is still no alternative to it22:19
bluesabreIt gets a little bit better each cycle, but yeah... it's still not particularly great (and not up to where software-center was)22:20
Unit193Still can't really find things, isn't so good in general.22:20
ochosiyeah, i also have to agree with that22:21
ochosii've just gotten better at using apt since then22:21
Unit193Oh, I don't have it installed, I just get to see "I removed 'mail' in software center and now Xubuntu doesn't start, what happened?" in #xubuntu.22:21
bluesabreThat should be fixed now, but not for some of the active releases22:22
bluesabreExo 0.12.322:23
bluesabre!info exo-utils bionic22:23
ubottuexo-utils (source: exo): Utility files for libexo. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.12.2-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 (bionic), package size 45 kB, installed size 162 kB22:23
bluesabre!info exo-utils cosmic22:23
ubottuexo-utils (source: exo): Utility files for libexo. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.12.2-1 (cosmic), package size 45 kB, installed size 162 kB22:23
bluesabre!info exo-utils disco22:23
ubottuexo-utils (source: exo): Utility files for libexo. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.12.4-1 (disco), package size 45 kB, installed size 180 kB22:23
bluesabreSo, disco users are happy22:23
ochosidisco dancers too22:24
bluesabreSo, anything more to discuss for now?22:25
ochosiupstream we don't care enough about application metadata, that's also an area to improve...22:25
ochosibut not much we can do downstream imo22:25
ochosino, i think for eoan we're fine22:25
ochosiwe should probably schedule a meeting for e+1 soonish22:25
bluesabreYeah, was thinking about getting one set up the following week22:26
bluesabreSo it begins...22:26
bluesabre> Builds: Xubuntu Desktop amd64 [Eoan Final] (20191012) has been added22:26
ochosii'll be afk the last week of october22:27
ochosijust fyi22:27
bluesabre#topic Schedule next meeting22:28
bluesabreochosi: want to take it, or should I just run with it :)22:28
ochosii'd say run with it22:29
ochosisince i almost scheduled the meeting tonight ;)22:29
-SwissBot:#xubuntu-devel- ATTN: Xubuntu Core 19.10 - amd64 - amd64 built.22:29
bluesabre#action bluesabre to schedule next meeting22:29
meetingologyACTION: bluesabre to schedule next meeting22:29
meetingologyMeeting ended Sat Oct 12 22:29:41 2019 UTC.  22:29
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2019/xubuntu-devel.2019-10-12-21.58.moin.txt22:29
ochosidomo arigato22:29
bluesabrethanks ochosi Unit193 22:29
Unit193Heh, I was hardly here. \o/22:30
ochosiyeah, but what would we have done without you?22:31
bluesabreNot had a meeting22:31
Unit193Dang, that zfs stuff bumped the size by 40M.22:34
Unit193'Core' is now 800M22:37
Unit193As compared to Disco, at 736M.22:40

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