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hans_usually when php-fpm is installed and one installs php extensions (like php-xml or php-json), apt auto-restarts php-fpm, but when installing the php-xdebug package, apt does not auto-restart php-fpm, that's probably a bug in the php-xdebug install script13:11
hans_(observed on 18.04)13:11
hans_(but that's probably not a Xubuntu issue, it's an ubuntu issue, and it's probably not that either, it's probably a debian issue inherited by ubuntu inhrited by xubuntu, but i'm just guessing)13:12
Unit193Wow, php packaging is fun..13:21
Unit193hans_: Anyway, as you can see from the version, it's a direct sync from Debian.  It doesn't seem to run php_invoke enmod, which others do (so not really a restart)13:28
xubuntu92whi, do you speak spanish?16:15

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