BluesKajHey folks11:05
mparilloI just installed the current EE ISO to a VM while on the train. I found the installation shockingly show. Is it possible that it keeps pausing looking for a lost network connection?14:02
BluesKaj mparillo probly slow train wifi?14:04
mparilloActually no WiFi at all. The other possibility is that my host while under battery has some kind of reduced performance setting, but I never noticed it like that except during the installation.14:06
mparilloAlso, I thought open-vm-tools-desktop was included in recent ISOs. Not this time.14:07
valorie<sil2100> Flavors! Remember about preparing your release notes and making sure they're linked (at the right time or earlier) to the main eoan release notes <--- have we done that?18:42
valorieI've been uber busy and not had a chance to even look18:42
valorieand leaving for the afternoon in a couple of mins18:43
-queuebot:#kubuntu-devel- Builds: Kubuntu Desktop amd64 [Eoan Final] has been updated (20191014)20:11
RikMillsnew isi to test22:08

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