guivercBashing-om, I only made a single comment; really minor (works/work) in Other Community News00:15
Bashing-omguiverc: Looking soonest - :)00:17
Bashing-omguiverc: Wild_Man The verb "works" is plural as the objects are plural, is my thinking. Is this not correct ?00:32
guivercI believe 'works' is technically correct... my comment is b/c it stood out to me, it's now used how I usually read it used..00:34
Bashing-omguiverc: Wild_Man What might be a solution is to change the verb as " The work's focuses" where focuses becomes the verb ?00:35
Bashing-omPulling "WIP" target time to push: 20:00 GMT.19:17
Bashing-omM/L is away - doing the forum post next.20:02
Bashing-omforum post done - no issues; doing the re-directs next.20:05
Bashing-omRe-directs done; Pending are the social media postings  :D20:18
wildmanne39Bashing-om, starting the rest of the publishing now20:26
Bashing-omwildmanne39: :D20:30
wildmanne39How you doing Bashing-om ?20:57
=== guiverc2 is now known as guiverc
Bashing-omwildmanne39: All the better now that the summer cold has finally broken - Now if only I had the Fall chores done :P How about you and yours ?21:12
wildmanne39I am still recovering from my elective surgery, Ii have to drains still in but I not doing bad at the moment, just hoping all goes well after the drains are removed21:13
wildmanne39two wvwn21:13
Bashing-omwildmanne39: Good - here is to taking care !21:14
wildmanne39I do not make a habit out of having elective surgeries, I do not plan to do it again21:15
Bashing-omwildmanne39: No more than is needed for peace of mind. I have had few surgeries in my life and I want to keep it that way :P21:19
Bashing-omwildmanne39: guiverc:: Well all done now with 600 ? Wipe Gdoc ?21:20
wildmanne39When I am healed completely I will be glad I did21:20
wildmanne39Yes Bashing-om think so21:20
guiverci see no reason why not Bashing-om21:23
Bashing-omwipping :P21:23
Bashing-omWe do UWN601 :D21:30
wildmanne39Bashing-om, doesn't Ubuntu Mate come with a Dock?21:31
Bashing-omwildmanne39: Right off hand I do not recall what is default in Mate :(21:31
wildmanne39Bashing-om, I thought it did from memory, I have minimal installed and it has one but the full version it does not come up both installed in vb, I am thinking it is just hidden from some reason running in a vm, wanted to ask before I get deep into investigating21:33
-SwissBot:#ubuntu-news- ::Planet:: The Fridge: Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 600 @ http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2019/10/14/ubuntu-weekly-newsletter-issue-600/21:37
wildmanne39Bashing-om, I found it, I just had go click on it to start it, it is called plank, been to long since I tested it I guess, but It looks a runs nice in a vm its 19.1021:52
Bashing-omwildmanne39: :D - great - so far 19.10 xubuntu has been solid for me - not even had a bug to report.21:53
wildmanne39That is awesome, I have xubuntu installed to but it is 18.04 right now21:54
Bashing-omwildmanne39: xfce == KISS :)21:56
wildmanne39Bashing-om, indeed one of my favorite principals22:00
Bashing-omAnd done - weekly backups :)22:15
pleia2issue 600!!!23:50
pleia2congrats :D23:50
Bashing-ompleia2: Would not be if not for you :D23:55

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