Ben64having some weird audio issues, microphone sounds all chipmunky and stuttery because of unknown reasons. From a fresh boot, everything is great, but if I open Audacity it gets bad, like it's sampling super quick, running out of data, then waiting for more samples to go through instantly01:38
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Thetecan anyone explain to me as to why when you install ubuntu on a separate hard drive, it modifies the EFI system on the windows drive and doesn't create it's own EFI system on the drive you install ubuntu to instead?  this is such a mess if I ever have to reinstall windows02:18
Theteso then I have 2 EFI systems where grub works on the windows one, and doesn't work on the ubuntu one so I get duplicate boot menu entries02:19
TheteI really wish you guys would make grub not use the EFI System partition on the windows drive or at least put an option to not do it02:22
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aleksandrdvorkinhi guys I just installed skype on Macbook running Ubuntu 18.04 but the camera is not working02:47
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gbellinozHas anybody else noticed that aptitude doesn't separately list security updates any more?03:32
gbellinozan aptitude search finds updates from security sources.03:48
cthulchuinstalling amd radeon drivers is a headache. Wasted four hours of my life. and still no drivers06:22
Vooloohow can I turn off the terminal bell on the calculator?06:28
tomreyncthulchu: are those which come with ubuntu not working for you do you need special functionality?06:31
tomreynVooloo: i only know how to generally enable / disable the system alert sound, which is in settings -> sound -> sound effects (tab)06:32
cthulchuthe ones that come with ubuntu are... generic06:33
cthulchuI feel like they use intel card instead and it also lacks drivers what feels like06:33
cthulchuresolution is 1024x76806:34
cthulchupainful af06:34
cthulchualso there's no smooth transition06:34
cthulchuanyhow. Will try reinstalling the os to 1806:34
cthulchuI'm on 1906:34
cthulchumaybe 19 is weird this way06:35
tomreyn!YY.MM | cthulchu06:35
ubottucthulchu: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle06:35
tomreynwhich hardware do you have there? did you check you system logs on what's not working well?06:35
cthulchutook them from here: https://ubuntu.com/download/desktop06:36
cthulchuI didn't check the log, no06:36
cthulchuI just doubt it would indicate anything useful06:36
cthulchuit just uses some generic video driver and that's it06:36
cthulchuGnome's driver updater failed to find anything06:37
cthulchuit's weird how using linux with time doesn't get easier.06:37
OerHeksdepends on what hardware, what GPU is this?06:37
tomreynthis "generic" driver is one which usually works well for everyone. you seem to be convinced that you need to find some other driver which will work better for some reason, not sure what makes you think so.06:37
OerHekslscpi could tell06:37
cthulchuradeon hd 6400m/7400m series06:37
cthulchuand another one is intel06:38
cthulchubuilt-in stuff06:38
tomreyni bet the logs would have useful information, yes.06:39
cthulchuI'm gonna reinstall the os06:40
cthulchuI suspect I should've gone with TLS06:40
tomreynthe "driver updater" you're probably referring to is an application which enables you to install proprietary drivers in select situations where the hardware producer does not provide proper open source drivers. that's not the case for the hardware you have, though, AMD supports the development of open source drivers.06:41
cthulchuI mean, I downloaded the driver from their site06:42
cthulchubut upon install, I got an error that my version of... UI or something is not what it expect06:43
cthulchugoogling the error didn't help.06:43
tomreyndownloading the driver from amd.com was not something you needed to do, and which could likely have helped.06:44
cthulchuwhat could help then?06:44
tomreynthose open source drivers ship with ubuntu. in rare situations, maybe yours, some tweaking may be needed to make them work well.06:44
OerHeksif that card is using the openradeon driver, that is it.06:44
cthulchuok, how do I check if a proper driver is used?06:45
cthulchuI mean, I know it's not proper06:45
cthulchucuz I only have one resolution option06:45
cthulchuand that's usually the video driver issue06:45
tomreynlspci -knn | grep -A3 VGA | nc termbin.com 999906:45
tomreynalso share this to check which bios version you're on: dmesg | grep 'DMI:'06:47
cthulchutomreyn, https://termbin.com/pg7m606:47
cthulchu[    0.000000] DMI: Hewlett-Packard HP ProBook 4530s/167C, BIOS 68SRR Ver. F.09 05/13/201106:47
cthulchualso what hotkey do you use to copy from terminal?06:48
cthulchuhell I miss copy on select.06:48
cthulchuwill have to replace the native terminal or something06:48
tomreynso your graphics hardware and the proper drivers for them was detected fine, but (maybe due to end user misconfiguration?) their drivers are not being used, but you'Re running in fallback mode.06:48
cthulchuwhat's a fallback mode?06:48
cthulchuit wouldn't be caused by nomodeset?06:50
tomreynit sure would06:50
tomreynat least in your case06:50
tomreynwith this hardware06:50
cthulchuwell, the installation would freeze without nomodeset06:50
cthulchuhad to google to find a solution06:50
tomreynbut you installed since, right?06:51
cthulchuwell ye, but people claim it should stay nomodest06:51
cthulchuotherwise it bricks system load06:51
cthulchuok, I'll try.06:52
tomreyni don't know who these people are or why they would say so, but YMMV06:52
tomreynto me it rather looks like someone is jumping to conclusions because something did not work out of the box. which is, of course, not how it should be, but also sometimes not possible to prevent.06:53
cthulchuweird, holding shift did nothing06:53
tomreynif you're booting in uefi mode and are trying to bring up the grub menu, you'll need to press escape, possibly multiple times06:54
cthulchuit's fine, I can edit it from within the OS06:56
cthulchuwhich is cool06:56
tomreyndid you install all available ubuntu updates, yet? if not, i recommend you do.06:58
cthulchuI did06:58
cthulchuwell, I had to do the apt-get update and upgrade06:58
cthulchuotherwise wifi didn't work06:58
cthulchuwhich is funny enough.06:58
cthulchuand then the GUI wanted to update stuff, so I let it06:59
cthulchualso upgrade took like ten-fifteen minutes06:59
cthulchuyeah, it bricks with no nomodeset07:00
cthulchuuh, this is a lot harder than it should be07:00
tomreynyour system bios looks very outdated, current is F.65 Rev.A (Feb 22, 2018)07:01
cthulchuyou think it can be a bios issue?07:01
tomreynmaybe, hard to tell, i haven't seen any logs.07:01
cthulchuok, later then. Gonna go to bed. Thanks for the help. See you later.07:01
tomreynsee you07:02
karan23245680Guys , need help in MAAS (Metal-as-a-service)07:26
karan23245680Hi Guys , I am stuck at MAAS 2.6 Commissioning fails due to lldpd install dependency, is this a proxy issue ? , I am not using any proxy , its a private network and using mobile phone as internet network sharing One windows server connected to MAAS server and all baremetal servers through internet connection sharing I tried no proxy and MAAS-in07:26
karan23245680build proxy in setting tab on MAAS UI guys help required07:26
ducassekaran23245680: try #maas07:29
WoodpeckerSetting up a little toolchain for restarting a server. When I go `killall node && nodemon` << if there are no node processes, killall returns 1 and nodemon does not start.07:31
Woodpeckeris there anything I can use besides &&? will || work?07:31
tomreynWoodpecker: && and || will either run or not run the next command based on the previous commands' exit code. apparently you want to run the next command in either case? if so, just use ;07:38
Woodpecker!cookie | tomreyn07:38
ubottutomreyn: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!07:38
tomreynWoodpecker: more shell help in #bash and at this wiki https://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide07:40
Woodpecker!cookies | tomreyn07:40
ubottutomreyn: Cookies are delicious delicacies.07:40
Woodpeckerwhat an embarrassing bot07:40
tomreynit just likes cookies, like every good bot.07:41
danbedoes macspoofing work on bionic with latest kernel?i tried and it breaks wifi connection.ideas?07:44
lotuspsychje!info macchanger | danbe07:45
ubottudanbe: macchanger (source: macchanger): utility for manipulating the MAC address of network interfaces. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.7.0-5.3build1 (bionic), package size 185 kB, installed size 634 kB (Only available for linux-any)07:45
tomreyni think you can actually just set the desired mac address in the (network manager) connection profile07:47
tomreynthe "cloned address"07:47
tomreynon the "identity" tab07:48
danbethanks for your answers.will check it out07:56
karan23245680no reply coming from #maas channel , anyone can help here for MAAS related query07:58
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tomreynunlikely, we only do regular ubuntu and its flavours here. there's also #ubuntu-server, but even they may just point you to #maas08:00
tomreynthere are commercial support offerings, though.08:00
tomreynkaran23245680: ^08:00
neureis there terminal app which allows to change window title bar colors?08:44
neureI know I can edit ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css but I want different colors in different terminal windows08:45
TJ-neure: I believe some terminal applications can do that via sending them ANSI escape sequences08:47
ryuoTJ-: i know they can set the tab/terminal title, but i've never heard of one that could change the color outside of the terminal window.08:51
TJ-ryuo: ahhh, I see what you mean. Then likely 'no'08:52
TJ-ryuo: if it is X then maybe you can use some of the low-level X tools to make changes08:53
ryuothat has to be solved by something else, though i've never heard of this as a feature. most terminals render the tabs/windows the same.08:53
ryuoif it's the window title bar, then it has to be handled by the WM.08:53
ryuootherwise it's an application specific problem.08:53
ryuo... unless you're using CSD i guess.08:53
tomreynsince gnome now has a "terminal server", maybe this can handle it.08:55
TJ-I'd just stick with tmux09:02
gbellinozneure: with gtk.css, how do you figure out the class names / selectors of the various application elements? There's no "inspector" like browsers have, is there?09:13
nikolamHow do I avoid machine freezing , when Firefox fills the RAM?09:56
nikolamThis seems like general Linux problem.09:57
amrasouli79_Hello, I was installed Ubuntu server (also with Gnome) to my VPS.Now the problem  is how I can connect to my VPS via GUI and no iust SSH?10:01
TJ-amrasouli79_: that is an unusual arrangement; the point of a server is usually not to operate a GUI since you've then got to send all those bits over the network using something like VNC or RDP, or possibly per-applcation with ssh -X forwarding10:03
amrasouli79_TJ-:No,that is a server for personal usage and no more10:05
amrasouli79_TJ-:you told VNC:is it a app or something else.this mean can I config it to access my VPS;10:07
TJ-!vnc | amrasouli79_10:09
ubottuamrasouli79_: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX10:09
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tomreynnikolam: this can be https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=196729 which is also tracked at Ubuntu bug 183328110:29
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 196729 in Page Allocator "System becomes unresponsive when swapping - Regression since 4.10.x" [Normal,New]10:29
ubottuUbuntu bug 1833281 in Linux "System freeze when memory is put on SWAP in Linux >4.10.x" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/183328110:29
tomreynnikolam: you can choose not to have swap, or to set a swapiness of 0 (so no swap is used but you can still suspend to disk) as a workaround. generally, this only happens on systems with a shortage of physical memory, i think.10:30
guei0hi , i'm using vbox , i'm trying to set the network to bridge adapter , it doesn't show anything , no name there , how can i fix it ?10:31
guei0i'm using ehternet connection on my devise10:31
tomreynchoosing not to have swap would then cause the OOM killer to become active and kill processes when you run out of ram. most likely it'll kill firefox first if this is the most memory consuming process. but it's not guaranteed (though there are settings you can change to make it more likely it will kill firefox rather than other processes)10:32
tomreynnikolam: ^10:32
tomreynguei0: which ubuntu version and which virtualbox version are you using?10:33
tomreynguei0: is your user account in the "vboxusers" group? the "groups" command would tell, it lists all of your group memberships.10:34
guei0im using vbox 610:36
guei0and yes my user account there10:36
tomreynlsb_release -ds    returns your ubuntu version number.     apt list --installed virtualbox*    lists the exact virtualbox version10:37
tomreyndid you reboot since installing virtualbox?10:38
tomreynguei0: ^10:38
nikolamtomreyn, I disabled swap in /etc/fstab (for not to trash SSD) and it's still the same.10:41
nikolamOOM is not killing anything, system just freezes/is very slow on interactive response in every way.10:42
tomreynnikolam: how much ram do you have there?10:42
nikolamBest would be for system to funcion like before, while Firefox is halted with RAM usage at some point.10:42
nikolam3.3GB usable on this platform, minus 128MB MIN. for ZFS ARC cache.10:43
nikolamProblem were also visible before on 8GB machine, behaved the same way and for the same reason.10:43
tomreyndon't use ZFS on low memory systems.10:44
nikolamCurrently no ZFS pools active, only BTRFS. And as said RAM usage for it is limited in settings.10:44
tomreynhmm, did you have a look at your system logs after this occured?10:45
tomreynhow do you reboot when it happens?10:45
TJ-nikolam: have you thought to try the -lowlatency kernel ?10:46
tomreyn!sysrq | nikolam this may help keeping logs when the system 'freezes'10:46
ubottunikolam this may help keeping logs when the system 'freezes': In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing slowly, in succession, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key10:46
nikolamtomreyn, I sometimes wait for a very long time, for power dialogue to display after power button press, so I can (very slowly) click on shutdown,10:47
nikolambut more oftec I just need to hard-reset the machine.10:47
TJ--generic relies on cooperative multi-threading whereas -lowlatency uses preemptive10:47
nikolamSo there might be some logs10:47
tomreyn-lowlatency may help then, i guess.10:48
ryuonikolam: i use ZFS on a laptop but I have 16G of physical RAM...10:48
nikolamTJ-, I didn't know that.. huh. I'll try then other kernel from the distro.10:48
TJ-I've always used -lowlatency on desktop systems10:48
nikolamryuo, Amount of ohysical RAM used by ZFS is set in /etc/modprobe.d/zfs.conf so you can control it.10:49
ryuowell, w/e. just saying that's what i use with the default settings.10:49
nikolamTJ-, Thank you, will try it and see if it is better.10:49
ryuomore physical RAM could help.10:50
ryuoDDR3 is incredibly cheap right now on ebay...10:50
nikolamryuo, default settigns for ZFS are to eat all your RAM if it can, so better set zfs_arc_max= and options zfs zfs_arc_min=10:50
nikolamYou can have many gigs of RAM but you still need to set up your machine. (Depending it can hold more Ram)10:51
TJ-does ZFS stand for Zero-RAM Firefox Surrenders ?10:51
ryuook... i've never had the issue you describe with ZFS but w/e.10:52
jaggzhey, I have a colocated server that has wily running on it..10:52
tomreynjaggz: hopefully it's not connected to the internet10:53
jaggzthe provider (godaddy) controls the kernel, but I have my own root access and can update sources.list and stuff10:53
jaggztomreyn, srsly10:53
jaggznow, it looks like LTS of even ubuntu 14 (trusty) runs until 2022 (wily is 15, and not listed here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases)10:54
tomreynwily has been end of life for loooong, it's dead, dead, dead. running this on the internet is a risk to your system, the data it stores and th einternet itself.10:54
ryuojaggz: and we don't service ACME products here. ;)10:55
jaggzacme still exists10:55
nikolamTJ-, ZFS is in production since 2006, I think it does not.10:55
jaggzso.. I'm wondering about the proper way to update this system.. should I go to 16, then 18?10:55
ubottuUbuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) was the 23rd release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 28th, 2016. See !eol and https://ubottu.com/y/wily10:56
tomreynyou could try this, but reinstalling is certainly the better approach. but you'll need a newer kernel anyways.10:56
jaggzthe kernel is newer than my current debian system10:57
jaggzI think since godaddy controls the kernel, they keep that updated by force10:57
tomreynwell we only support ubuntus kernels here. get a proper VM.10:58
tommy``there is a way to xdg-open stop asking me what i want to do with magnets? I've chromium but i can't see any flag to "remember the choice"10:58
BluesKajHey folks11:05
tomreynjaggz: i sent you an alternative hosting suggestion by private message (it's OT here).11:17
barnexHey, I've tried this yesterday, but I'm gonna try again: xdg-open suddenly stopped working for me. strace says it's browsing my Music directory for reasons I don't understand and also getting into infinite loops there:11:17
barnexlstat("Music///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Thelonius Monk The complete riverside recordings/", {st_mode=S_IFDIR|0755, st_size=4096, ...}) = 011:18
barnexSo the amount of '/' is worrying me.11:18
Baikonurthat is, indeed, a lot of '/'s11:18
barnexthere doesn't seem to be any symbolic links from ~/Music to ~/Music, maybe deeper in subdirs11:19
barnexbut I don't think the path would look like that?11:20
tommy``anyone read my message before i quit?11:20
barnexat least find in ~/Music doesn't go into infinite loops11:22
barnexbut I'm not sure why xdg-open even needs to go into my ~/Music11:22
IlgazGuys, when we manage to boot the Linux kernel with an argument like acpi_osi= and if it doesn't boot at all when we don't give that argument, do we report it to kernel/ubuntu maintainers? I mean on a particular machine11:27
lotuspsychje!details | Ilgaz11:27
ubottuIlgaz: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.11:27
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: the machine brand, kernel version and ubuntu version would be very handy for the volunteers to know11:28
Ilgazhp pavillion x360 here. It boots to any Linux including all Ubuntu when you pass "acpi_osi=" argument to kernel. I was trying for 3 years, literally11:28
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: is your bios up to date on this machine?11:29
Ilgazlotuspsychje: I mean just like Web browsers have site workarounds, does Ubuntu installer have workarounds for specific machines?11:29
Ilgazlotuspsychje: yes, F41 now. It got constantly updated because of HT thing11:30
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: well, before we try workarounds, it would be advisable to find the root cause of this first11:30
Ilgazlotuspsychje: I must have done every trick. acpi=off would load&run any 4.x kernel but will hard freeze 5.x Thanks to the wireless broadcom nightmare, I found acpi_osi= argument which basically enables whole machine to Linux11:32
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: can we see a dmesg from this machine please?11:32
Ilgazlotuspsychje: current right? what is the easiest way to do it from terminal?11:37
lotuspsychje!dmesg | Ilgaz11:37
ubottuIlgaz: dmesg is a console command which outputs the kernel ring buffer - an important log for diagnosing problems in  Linux. Often when something errors with hardware it will result in additional lines reported which can be seen by running dmesg in a console.11:37
lotuspsychje!pastebinit | Ilgaz11:38
ubottuIlgaz: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit11:38
Ilgaz>file.txt trickery didn't work :-)11:38
Ilgazlotuspsychje: It is particularly interesting that this machine doesn't boot to any Linux 4.x+ , it isn't directly Ubuntu but all Linuxes11:40
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: if this issue keeps haunting you on several ubuntu versions, perhaps you should file a new !bug ?11:41
tommy``lotuspsychje: you know the answer to my issue?11:41
lotuspsychjetommy``: did you ask a question?11:42
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: are you sure that 2018 bios is latest?11:42
IlgazI believe this hits to every similar machine user. Ubuntu&Gnome is the ideal "2 in 1" solution, it performs amazingly better than Win 10. Even concept change etc works 10x faster11:42
tommy``yes but i rebooted, i would like that xdg-open stop asking me forever to open magnet links with bittorrent, i can't find any "remember choice" check11:43
Ilgazlotuspsychje: yes, I always keep an eye on HP BIOS updates page since they don't tell it in their software update anymore.11:43
ryuoIlgaz: is that the ryzen based one?11:44
Ilgazryuo: No, I heard the ryzen thing. This is Intel i5 with HD 5500 GPU11:44
IlgazMachine does have a dedicated, illuminated Windows key. Can give a clue about how Windows centric they made it11:45
ryuoIlgaz: what versions have you tried?11:45
IlgazFunny thing is, Ubuntu even uses that key (I just tried) Even illuminates it when pressed11:46
ryuoit's probably hardware controlled.11:46
ryuothat's the case for this probook.11:46
Ilgazryuo: I am trying to boot into Linux since 2016 and just by 1 argument, it boots fine11:46
Ilgazryuo: Refind/Refit author says the EFI BIOS on many machines are buggy, I also believe the BIOS is the root cause of this11:47
ryuoso you booted with the old one then?11:48
Ilgazon some Pavillion models, Ubuntu is officially supported but it isn't the case here.11:48
Ilgazryuo: any kernel 4.x+ will boot with "acpi_osi=" argument passed to kernel11:48
ryuoand without?11:49
IlgazIt could be the case for other machines too. It fails otherwise, like a hard bricked Android phone, black screen with cursor and nothing happens11:49
ryuowhat distributions have you tried?11:49
IlgazAll Ubuntu, Fedora 30-31, Debian 10.1 , Debian 9.x11:50
ryuoI usually try manjaro because it's rolling release.11:51
IlgazThat argument tells Linux not to claim it is Windows BTW, by default it claims it is Windows when asked by BIOS11:51
ryuolegacy reasons.11:51
IlgazManjaro if I remember right, has a different issue when acpi=off passed, it won't detect keyboard. I also reported that one11:52
ryuoall i can tell you is there's something wrong with the ACPI tables.11:53
ryuoHP consumer devices tend to have more compatibility issues.11:54
IlgazI mean, I tried to report everything while having issues. Funny thing is,now Ubuntu performs far better&intuitive than Windows 10 here. No more freezes when you change to tablet mode, virtual keyboard opens perfectly even with Firefox11:54
ryuoI've had far fewer ones with business hardware.11:54
IlgazYes, it seems like these machines are only tested for Windows 8.1+ which came with the device. I noticed they even have dedicated Ubuntu sections with their pro manuals.11:55
ryuoProBook 455 G5, only outstanding issue is the FP reader is incompatible.11:55
ryuorest of the issues were fixed by a kernel patch and a bios updte11:56
ryuoaudio LEDs weren't working; i found out how to make it work and wrote a kernel patch to enable the hardware specific workaround to make it work.11:57
Ilgazryuo: You know, kernel got too complex for people like me to follow&hand build things. I just wonder what is the Ubuntu policy on non-working hardware. Do they try to  pass workarounds for a set of machines? I don't think so, it would make things very complex11:59
ryuoIlgaz: how do you think the upstream kernel works? there's lots of device specific workarounds.12:04
ryuoall i had to do was add my hardware ids to an existing set of kernel functionality.12:05
ryuothen again my issue was trivial by comparison.12:05
The_LoudSpeakerQuery: How do I install steam on eoan? I tried apt install steam-installer but it says unmet dependencies, depends on steam but it is not installable.12:12
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IlgazSame here12:15
IlgazIt seems like their download installer etc things doesn't work12:16
BluesKajThe_LoudSpeaker, probly due to the fact that Eoan is not an official release yet12:17
The_LoudSpeakerAs far as I recall, there was some ppa I had to add. Someone answered last time when I asked for 19.04. but I lost my previous messages due to shift to quassel from znc.12:17
The_LoudSpeakerBluesKaj: That could be it. But I would like to try from that PPA once.12:17
Ilgaz19.04 isn't an official release? I mean most gamers tend to use the latest OS, steam guys should know it12:18
ubottuEoan Ermine is the codename for Ubuntu 19.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+112:18
BluesKajThe_LoudSpeaker, why not wait 'til Thurs for the official release to be safe12:18
The_LoudSpeakertomreyn: Thanks!12:18
The_LoudSpeakerBluesKaj: Coz there's a LAN party tonight. XD12:19
IlgazI got 19.04 and steam doesn't work either12:20
The_LoudSpeakerIt works. I was using it till last week.12:21
The_LoudSpeakerSomeone here had pointed me to a PPA.12:21
The_LoudSpeakerThen sudo apt Install steam worked.12:21
BluesKajlucky you :-)12:22
IlgazI am loading from Terminal, lets see what fails. Man their Font, my eyes :-)12:22
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KemopanHello! Is it worth to update ubuntu 12.04 to ubuntu 18.04 or better to make clean install? My main concern that much of stuff changed and I'd have to deal with lots of updated configs12:29
KemopanMay be its better to make new clean install12:30
lotuspsychjeKemopan: 12.04 is end of life12:30
mgedminKemopan: updates to 14.04 -> 16.04 -> 18.04 are possible; new clean install is also possible; only you can decide which you prefer?12:30
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: will you be creating a new !bug now?12:30
EriC^^Kemopan: clean install, less headache12:31
KemopanEriC^^, thats my thought :D12:31
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: let us know the bug ID when created ok12:31
mgedminKemopan: 14.04 is also EOL, so you'd have to muck with https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades, which is a bit of a pain12:31
mgedminclean install is nicer, if it's an option for oyu12:31
IlgazOK thanks for caring12:31
Kemopanah thats what I've been looking for, thanks, doing clean install12:31
akem__Kemopan, If your computer is a bit old check that your computer has enough RAM and all, you might wanna try LUbuntu or something else.12:32
Kemopanakem__, its virtual machine :P12:32
akem__Kemopan, Ha ok, Np then.12:32
chopchophi all id like to know if i need to setup ufw as a typical desktop user...is irc a server service/daemon? what are some examples (other than ssh) of services, daemons or, server servicies that would make configuring ufw/iptables (for desktop) a good idea12:39
Kemopanchopchop, you mean something like this? http://www.webmin.com/screens2/firewall-edit.png12:41
Kemopanme prefer to edit config file in text-editor and iptables-save/iptables-restore when doing changes12:43
amosbirdhmm, I forgot how I made my gpg not asking for passphrase at all even after rebooting..12:45
chopchopyeah id like to know if i need it on desktop12:48
Ilgazlotuspsychje and others, here is the bug report against kernel. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/184801712:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1848017 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kernel needs a special workaround argument to boot" [Undecided,New]12:48
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: tnx lets have a look12:48
IlgazThey really streamlined the bug report process very good12:49
chopchopand if i do need it(which i read in an article just now) what are some examples of services or daemons a desktop user may run that would require them to consider using and properly configuring rules12:49
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: you might want to attach your dmesg as attachment aswell12:50
Ilgazoops, yes. Adding12:50
IlgazOh that wizard added it for me12:50
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: installation media says 16.04, have you been upgrading since then? and did you try a clean liveusb to compare too?12:51
chopchopKemopan, what is that image of specifically12:51
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: oh right, my bad12:51
Kemopanchopchop, webmin, but I'm not sure what are you doing, do you want to start irc server on your desktop?12:51
Ilgazlotuspsychje: yes, it is like I upgraded from 16.04 to 16.10 and when I "fixed" the kernel, I moved to 18.04 as it can boot now.12:52
IlgazI have like 4-5 live USB iso images here, all boots when you pass acpi_osi= argument12:52
chopchopno i just want to use irc to chat12:52
chopchopi am very green(inexperienced)12:53
chopchopand  things like transmission12:53
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: are you dualbooting uefi?12:54
chopchopperhaps nextcloud one day but that will be a dedicated old laptop12:54
IlgazYes, I have refind installed too.12:54
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: did you try to boot in legacy yet?12:54
IlgazOh yea, once, Fedora managed to boot in legacy with acpi=off , it installed itself with MBR method destroying Windows boot12:55
IlgazDebian seems to have another issue, it fails at grub-install step (EFI)12:56
Kemopanchopchop, usually you don't have to edit your firewall for outgoing connections, but nextcloud and torrents require incoming connections12:56
Kemopaniptables-save > /tmp/iptables12:56
Kemopanand check that file)12:56
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: r8169 0000:04:00.0: can't disable ASPM; OS doesn't have ASPM control you got this chipset? r8169?12:57
chopchopso in that case i would just make a rule according to settings in the respective program12:57
Kemopandepends on your current policy12:57
Ilgazlotuspsychje: there is some issue with ASPM on Windows 10 too as far as I remember12:57
Kemopanand security you want to achieve12:58
Ilgazlotuspsychje: pci=biosirq added for Broadcom 43142, would it be related?12:59
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: i also got an r8169 bug, doing very weird things resulting in flickering screen12:59
chopchopi want good security and im not sure what ubuntu requires to not be wide open13:00
Kemopanchopchop, if you want to make nextcloud, by default it usually utilizes tcp port 443 and tcp port 80, incoming policy is usually drop, especially if its availible on internets, so you'd likely have to allow these incoming ports13:00
Kemopanchopchop, do iptables-save, you have to understand your current config first :P13:01
chopchopi update i dont install from random places and im careful re emails and surfing habbits i use firefox and noscript etc13:01
Ilgazlotuspsychje: Debian install claims it needs a firmware to function (realtek) but it seems to work fine without it. Perhaps that firmware does the ASPM thing?13:01
Kemopanor may be you have to go ufw style, I'm not fammiliar with ufw13:01
chopchopKemopan, cheers re the iptable-save props13:01
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: i had to add this to grub: i915.fastboot=0 intel_idle.max_cstate=413:02
chopchopive already learnt the hard way to make a bakup of anything your gonna mess with lols configs etc13:03
chopchopthinking my usecase is going to be hell basic compared to yours =) thanks for all the advice and knowledge13:04
Kemopaniptables-save just saves your runtime iptables config13:04
chopchopyeah i guessed as much13:05
Ilgazlotuspsychje: I shouldn't try more things as I am able to boot eh?13:06
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: you dont have other side effects with that acpi line anymore?13:06
Ilgazlotuspsychje: nope. acpi_osi= fixes all problems including battery level not shown, brightness keys not working, wlan "hardware blocked".13:08
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: ok, lets leave it for the devs indeed then13:08
interwebHi, I'm trying to use text-to-speech on Ubuntu and use the Daniel voice (British English). But have not been able to find the right package on Ubuntu that I should be installing. Any thoughts?13:51
AlexPortableJust installed Ubuntu, but I get this error: System BootOrder not found. Initializing defaults. Creating boot entry "BootXXXX" with label "ubuntu" for the file "\EFI\ubuntu\shimx.efi" Reset System14:59
AlexPortableHow do I set the BootOrder?14:59
tomreynAlexPortable: BootOrder there refers to an (U)EFI variable of the same name15:14
tomreynsudo efivar | grep BootOrder15:14
tomreynactually: sudo efivar -l | grep BootOrder15:16
mgedminAlexPortable: is this a one time thing, or do you get that error on every boot?15:17
mgedminalso, does it continue booting after the error?15:18
AlexPortabletomreyn: where do i put that command? in the boot screen?15:28
AlexPortablemgedmin it reboots after error and then shows it again one second, reboots, shows it again, etc15:28
mgedminthat sounds bad :/15:29
mgedmincan you get a boot menu?  or enter the bios setup and see if there are options to specify boot order?15:29
jamie_1hey, im currently running a node server on port 8085 and i have firewalld and ufw dissabled but when i go to curl 8085 from outside even from another computer inside the same network im getting nothing back15:29
jamie_1if i go on the server and do a curl localhost:8085 it does return the page in which i have running15:30
AlexPortablein bios boot i can choose between: internal disk, external usb disk, os boot manager, optical disk drive15:31
jamie_1running an nmap -A localhost -p 8085 i get back 8085/tcp open  http    Node.js (Express middleware)15:32
mgedminjamie_1: does netstat -tln | grep 8085 show the node process listening on, or on  (if you don't hav netstat, use ss -tnl)15:34
PCatineanHey guys15:35
jamie_1mgedmin: tcp6       0      0 :::8085                 :::*                    LISTEN15:36
mgedminhuh, it should be reachable then15:36
PCatineanI have uninstalled pulseaudio-equalizer because it was crashing and when I purged all the other elements it seems I have lost control over my sound (volume up and down button no longer work). Running ubuntu 18.04 on Dell XPS 956015:36
PCatineanI tried installing back pulseaudio and stuff but seems it's still not working15:37
jamie_1mgedmin: i have it running in a google cloud box and i was 99% sure it was setup fine... i have the firewall rules setup on google cloud and i have a feeling its them15:37
jamie_1but they dont want to admit it15:37
jamie_1looks like im swapping hosts.... again15:38
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WarrenWilkinsonCan anyone confirm a bug? 1. sudo apt-get install xapian-examples   2. g++ `xapian-config --cxxflags --libs` /usr/share/doc/xapian-examples/examples/simpleindex.cc   3. Step two fails... it should succeed.16:20
The_LoudSpeakerPros and cons of Installing ubuntu on an extended partition? Also, can it be installed in the first place.16:20
tomreynAlexPortable: you'd run it in a terminal window (or TTY) on any UEFI booted linux system. but we already know now that something isn't right with the UEFI var (which are supposed to be stored in the on-board NVRAM), so it would probably just confirm this.16:20
AlexPortablei reinstalled with only one disk in the system, that works now16:21
tomreynAlexPortable: hmm, that's strange16:21
tomreynbut i'm glad it works16:21
mgedminWarrenWilkinson: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ToolChain/CompilerFlags#A-Wl.2C--as-needed16:21
mgedminWarrenWilkinson: try putting $(xapian-config --libs) _after_ simpleindex.cc16:22
tomreynThe_LoudSpeaker: if you cannot use GPT and still have to use msdos, then i'd only create the partition containing /boot as a primary, all others as extended. that's unless you'll never have more than 4 partitions, in which case i'd create them all as primary.16:25
tomreyn(LVM helps with the latter scenario)16:26
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ioriaWarrenWilkinson, it works here (18.04) : g++  -o provaa  /usr/share/doc/xapian-examples/examples/simpleindex.cc  `xapian-config --cxxflags --libs`16:37
ColdKeyboardDo I have to reboot my server to have new users see a updated MOTD via SSH?16:38
ColdKeyboardWhen I run sudo run-parts /etc/update-motd.d/ I can see my new messages, but when I log in via ssh, it still shows the old one16:39
rfmColdKeyboard, just guessing here but maybe sshd opens the file at start and keeps it open so it's still seeing the old stuff?  Maybe just restart sshd, less disruptive than a reboot.16:52
ColdKeyboardrfm: I started digging and for some reason I don't see my script listed when I try run-parts --test --lsbsysinit /etc/update-motd.d16:54
ColdKeyboardAm I missing something? Do I have to add it to some list? It's in the /etcupdate-motd.d/ folder and has correct permissions16:54
bittinUpdating :)16:54
rfmColdKeyboard, no idea; there are restrictions on the names for run-parts scripts (see the manpage)17:03
ioriaColdKeyboard, is the script marked as executable ?17:03
Mcl0vinjoin #vmware17:04
* Mcl0vin roll eyes 17:04
ColdKeyboardrfm: Thanks! Renaming from 10-MyUsage to 10-myusage solved the issue17:04
AlexPortablehow do I make hiberation work? `sudo systemctl hibernate` shuts down the system, but nothing gets saved17:12
tomreynyour ubuntu version is?17:13
AlexPortable19.04 and 19.1017:14
pragmaticenigmaAlexPortable: Are you looking to hibernate (suspend-to-disk) the system from the command line?17:15
tomreyni see. do you have software based full disk encryption on 19.04?17:15
AlexPortablepragmaticenigma: yes, so i can remove the battery and continue later. tomreyn full disk encryption is not enabled17:16
tomreynthere's bug 176929717:17
ubottubug 1769297 in initramfs-tools (Ubuntu) "resume from hibernation broken when resume image is autodetected" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/176929717:17
AlexPortableso this affects everyone?17:19
tomreynwhen the image is autodetected, yes, i think so. also there are https://askubuntu.com/a/23954 and https://askubuntu.com/a/1038856 which discuss various other issues that can get in the way.17:20
kannixdoes anyone know if i can somehow easily install a package in ubuntu 18.04 to add bcrypt support to dovecot ?17:27
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doug16kwhat is the difference between "switch windows of an app directly" and "switch windows of an application directly" in the keybind settings window?18:10
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doug16koops, latter is "switch windows of an application" (no directly)18:10
doug16kI used to be able to set that up as Super+Tab to switch between terminator windows. it doesn't work anymore18:11
doug16know every "terminator" is its own thing and I can't switch between terminator windows easily, and they don't group into one thing in alt-tab either18:11
doug16kit works as expected with chromium, and firefox, and steam's windows, so it mostly works18:17
doug16kseems like a terminator issue now18:17
amrasouli79_Hello,Is any method to watch movies from torrent (in stream).this mean without download a movie18:19
pragmaticenigma!warez | amrasouli79_18:24
ubottuamrasouli79_: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o18:24
aqualiacan i get help with installing a software18:25
aqualiawhen i run the shell to install the software it says something about the display variable18:25
pragmaticenigmaaqualia: You can, please tell us what version and flavor of ubuntu you are running and give an example of the command you are typing18:25
aqualiai change the variable like it asks me but then when i run the shell again the program tells me xhost was unable to connect to display18:25
aqualiaI am using Ubuntu 19.0418:26
aqualiaDisco Dingo i believe18:26
aqualiash topspin-4.0.7-linux.sh18:26
pragmaticenigmaaqualia: flavor means, Server, Kubuntu, Ubuntu, Lubuntu, etc..18:26
aqualiaoh thanks for the clarification and Ubuntu18:26
aqualiapragmaticenigma: is there any info i left out?18:27
pragmaticenigmaaqualia: Please understand that support is limited for software not provided by the Software Center. What variable are you attempting to change?18:28
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aqualiapragmaticenigma: i run the command i just showed you then it doesn't work and it tells me to change the dispay variable18:29
aqualiaso i enter export DISPLAY="<hostname>:018:30
pragmaticenigmaaqualia: export DISPLAY=:018:30
pragmaticenigmaaqualia: Though if you are using the terminal emulator in Ubuntu, there should be no reason to execute that command18:31
pragmaticenigmameaning that you are executing the command from a terminal window viewed in the GUI desktop18:32
aqualiai tried the command that you just told me and the error that i mentioned before18:32
aqualiawhat does that mean when it is in the GUI desktop?18:32
aqualiapragmaticenigma: what can i do to fix this issue then?18:33
TJ-On 18.04, xubuntu session, had an unexplained user session abruptly terminate since when on session log-in there is no panel available. Hot-keys work to bring up terminal. Not getting a lot of help from the journal/logs - any pointers where to look to figure out what is going on?18:36
aqualiahello can anoyone help me with the installation of a program when i run the shell it says that there is no display18:39
ryuoTJ-: .Xsession?18:43
ryuoTJ-: .xsession-errors ?18:43
TJ-ryuo: 1st place I looked18:43
TJ-There's a "xfce4-panel --display :0.0 ..." process running but not sure what else to expect to give me a clue18:44
amosbirdhmm, what's the default gpg key server?18:45
TJ-amosbird: possibly keyserver.ubuntu.com18:46
TJ-ryuo: I am suspecting possible corruption/truncation of some file under $HOME/.config/ but hit a stumbling block trying to come up with a way to date-sort the output of find -ls since for recent files in the year column it puts the time instead18:47
ryuoTJ-: find -printf '%p\t%A@\n' | sort -gk2,218:53
* ryuo shrugs.18:53
ryuonot the most readable but it's at least sortable.18:54
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TJ-well, this /is/ a hunt for a needle in a haystack!19:31
TJ-hmmm... "loginctl user-status" seems to indicate that xfce4-panel is running in a separate scope to the the other GUI components... I wonder if that is to be expected... feels wrong19:46
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brandonkalHello, I have an ubuntu server KVM that won't connect to the network. How would I debug that?20:00
brandonkalifconfig only lists lo and docker020:03
WarrenWilkinsonioria! You're amazing. It seems if the `xapian-config ...` comes before the source code it doesn't compile... but does if it comes after.20:13
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doug16kbrandonkal, did you add a network interface to the VM? how are you launching the VM? directly with qemu or with virt-manager?20:42
doug16kassuming windows guest, and assuming that you set up the network interface with virtio, you can't use that model until you install the redhat virtio drivers in the guest. pick 8139 or e1000, get the redhat guest drivers, and shutdown, select virtio, and reboot. it will work then20:43
doug16kif it is a linux guest, then your distro may not have the required drivers by default. e1000 is almost guaranteed to work though20:44
doug16kguest distro20:45
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fradeach time I play a mkv file on vlc on top of the application I read a title that is not the file title. Usually I change this with mkvtoolnix, but I dont have enough space in the ssd to convert the files. Is there any command to do this?21:52
kk4ewtif you dont have the hd space no21:55
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doug16kfrad, how close to full is the drive?22:18
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fraddoug16k, 1.5 GiB free, but each mkf file is 2 to 3 GiB in size22:21
TJ-doug16k: how much RAM?22:21
TJ-frad: how much RAM?22:22
doug16kyou could make a little script to copy one at a time into /run/user/$UID, convert it there, then copy it back. it would use RAM as the drive22:22
leftyfbfrad: storage is really cheap these days. Why are you playing with only 1.5G of free space on your system?22:22
doug16kfrad, but only if you have a decent amount of free ram22:23
TJ-leftyfb: only if there's a way to add said storage22:24
doug16kfrad, you have absolutely no backups I assume22:25
frada hehe22:26
frad16 ram22:26
frad16 gb ram22:26
TJ-frad: so you could write the edited file into RAM, delete the original, and move the RAM file back to storage22:27
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