OvenWerksEickmeyer: in your comment on the - no remove install media - bug, you did not indicate if the test install was to metal or a virtual setup. The remove media message seems to show up in the virtual case where it is not needed, but not on a hw install. so if it worked on a hw install, great fixed! otherwise... probably still broken01:23
EickmeyerOvenWerks: It was a hardware install, so definitely fixed.01:24
OvenWerksgreat! I think I saw a similar report for xubuntu as well01:27
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Well, it seems that Ubuntu proper and Ubuntu MATE are affected, so there are likely to be more spins.01:28
wonkoThe use of globals in autojack makes me sad16:34
wonkoI don't think I want to address that right now, however16:34
OvenWerkswonko: the idea of giving each call the whole list has it's drawbacks too.16:45
wonkoThat's what classes are for. :)16:46
OvenWerkswonko: however, it is a good idea to keep each commit to small spaces16:46
OvenWerkshmm small changes maybe?16:46
wonkonot just commit, but block of work. I'm trying to maintain the scope of just adding configparser support and nothing else (and maybe cleaning up some formatting/PEP8 nonsense as I go along)16:47
OvenWerksmaybe so the pep stuff first16:47
OvenWerksthat way the next change is just that16:48
OvenWerksThat is get any formatting changes over with in one commit before doing anything else16:48
OvenWerksit makes the diff a lot easier to read16:48
wonkoYeah, that probably would have been best. PyCharm does all the heavy lifting though so maybe if I do a quick branch to update that and merge the changes into configparser we'll get a more accurate showing of changes16:48
studiobot<teward001> heheh fun fact about Pycharm16:49
studiobot<teward001> you can make many commits :P16:49
studiobot<teward001> if it has git integration ;)16:49
studiobot<teward001> so when you're done iwth say formatting, you just commit *that*16:49
studiobot<teward001> then you make more changes, then commit *those*16:49
studiobot<teward001> *uses PyCharm religiously for major Python projects*16:49
studiobot<teward001> ... you can do all this manually too but :P16:50
studiobot<teward001> anyways I digress :)  *lurks*16:50
wonkoteward001: It's not just commits though (and yes, I hit the commit checkmark button *constantly* in PyCharm)16:51
wonkoIt's trying to keep the scope of the change in control16:52
wonkothis branch is for adding configparser support, so it should really only have commits related to that16:52
studiobot<teward001> ah.  well i'd still fix formatting things *first* ;)16:52
studiobot<teward001> but i digress16:52
wonkoright, which is what we were just talking about. I'll do a separate branch to handle that16:53
wonkothen merge it into my configparser branch to get back on track with scope16:53
wonkoAlso I'm going to start calling you jayztwocents now Mr. I Digress. :-P16:53
studiobot<teward001> lol16:54
studiobot<teward001> be glad you caught me when i'm caffeinated16:54
OvenWerksof course from my POV it is "break" formatiing first. Python formatting is  :P16:54
studiobot<teward001> Erich has seen me when i have NO caffeine, and can attest to the evil there :)16:54
wonkoOvenWerks: python formatting is worse than that. It's one of the things that kept me from Python in the first place and it's something I still hate.16:55
teward... though tsimonq2 can be equally well aware of my evil uncaffeinated state :P16:55
wonkoOvenWerks: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntustudio-controls/+git/ubuntustudio-controls/+merge/37409817:23
wonkoNothing should have changed, but I'd like you to eyeball this real quick just to make sure it looks ok before we merge it.17:24
studiobot<teward001> erm17:25
studiobot<teward001> why is `.idea` not in your gitignore?17:25
wonkoit is17:25
studiobot<teward001> then your git is broken17:25
studiobot<teward001> because it included .idea/codeStyles/* and such17:25
studiobot<teward001> in the diff17:25
wonkooh crap, I commited before adding the .gitignore. Let me clean tha tup17:25
studiobot<teward001> .idea/.gitignore (+3/-0)  .idea/codeStyles/codeStyleConfig.xml (+5/-0)  .idea/inspectionProfiles/profiles_settings.xml (+5/-0)  .idea/misc.xml (+7/-0)  .idea/modules.xml (+8/-0)  .idea/ubuntustudio-controls.iml (+11/-0)  .idea/vcs.xml (+6/-0)17:26
studiobot<teward001> that's the stuff that was still included :P17:26
studiobot<teward001> NACK on the diff as is, because BadFilesIncluded17:27
wonkoyeah, PyCharm added that before I added the gitignore17:27
OvenWerkswonko: it looks like you would like to do a reset?17:27
studiobot<teward001> yeah i'd start the diffset over again17:27
wonkoYeah, let me nuke and start over. Didn't actaully spend effort coding, so it's not hard. :)17:28
OvenWerkswonko: it doesn't look like you starting at where master is now?17:28
wonkoit was a branch of master, so it had better be17:29
OvenWerksSorry I was looking at configparser from last week17:30
studiobot<teward001> ah, right, that's why it lets me reject the proposal... I forgot taht Erick added me to the Ubuntu Studio Dev team, and my Core Dev status also gets me in the team.  Was wondering why LP let me do that xD17:30
studiobot<teward001> Erich*17:31
EickmeyerBecause reasons.17:32
studiobot<teward001> lol17:32
studiobot<teward001> true.  This said, i forgot that that gives me elevated access xD17:33
studiobot<teward001> ... well Core Dev would've gotten me that too17:33
OvenWerksleft over from zequence a lot of it.17:33
EickmeyerI'm STILL cleaning up his mess.17:33
studiobot<teward001> OvenWerks: I hope you don't mind me stepping in and ursurping the requested review on the merge proposal because of the cruft in it xD17:34
studiobot<teward001> i usually don't like doing that but in *this case*... :)17:34
wonkoI'm all for it17:34
wonkocatch my nonsense, please. :)17:34
studiobot<teward001> that's what Erich told me to do when he added me to the dev team xD17:35
OvenWerksnot a problem... I am waiting for the dust to settle before I do anything more at all17:35
OvenWerks@teward001 FYI, none of these changes are for this cycle (should be obvious) but for next cycle.17:36
wonkothat should be better17:37
studiobot<teward001> OvenWerks: Yep!17:37
studiobot<teward001> we're waaaay past the point of getting things in :P17:37
studiobot<teward001> eww those subprocess.run calls could use some `shlex` refactoring >.<17:38
studiobot<teward001> just saying :P17:38
studiobot<teward001> wonko: as a pythoner, LGTM, but it's up to OvenWerks to ack the merge :P17:40
studiobot<teward001> i just step in to deny things when it makes sense to xD17:40
studiobot<teward001> BRB work meeting.17:41
wonkoteward and his ban hammer17:41
tewardyou asked for the review ;)17:42
teward*returns to work*17:42
wonkohttps://i.redd.it/iy4iri8m63r21.jpg <-- actual picture of teward17:43
OvenWerkshave no idea what he means by "subprocess.run calls could use some `shlex` 17:44
OvenWerks                   refactoring"17:44
OvenWerksgetting the things to work was already painful. They all used to be single string commands sent to bash or sh.17:45
OvenWerks(which just worked)17:45
tewardOvenWerks: the way it's currently split into bits in the array can be done as a single string passed to `shlex.split(...)` but that's for later consideration :)17:46
tewardjust things about how SP calls are in there tahat irk me ;)17:46
tewardbut not critical :)17:46
OvenWerkswhat is SP calls?17:46
tewardSP = subprocess17:47
tewardsubprocess.run(["command", "here", "with", "args"]) == subprocess.run(shlex.split("command here with args"))17:47
tewardi'm just picky and annoyingly so :P17:47
tewardbut as i said17:47
tewardnot critical nor does it really need refactoring to be Good 2 Go17:47
OvenWerksThat would mean making the string first so same difference.17:47
tewardbut the no-op PEP8 changes look good as is to me :)17:48
tewardbut again, that one's not my call :)17:48
OvenWerksSo long it still runs is all I care17:48
teward... jeez my boss is late to the meeting xD17:48
OvenWerksThats what bosses are for17:48
OvenWerks(making the little people wait...)17:49
wonkoOvenWerks: I pushed those to files to /usr/bin on my machine and everything is working as expected (un-surprisingly)17:51
OvenWerksSo this is now before config parser?17:51
wonkothis is without config parser changes17:51
wonkothis is just formatting changes branch17:52
wonkoso that should be good for a merge as far as I know17:52
wonkoteward: Also, this is why I don't like doing straight merges to master. You caught a mistake. Merge request system FTW. :)17:53
OvenWerksYa I think so17:53
OvenWerksprobably for mere formatting changes a changelog entry was not needed. But leave it in anyway.17:56
wonkoProbably, but it seemed like the right thing to do17:57
OvenWerksOk so how do I merge (online)? Or do I just clone and merge offline?18:01
wonkoI've never used launchpad before, so I don't really know, but there should be a way for you to approve the merge18:06
wonkoand then there should be a way for you or I to apply the merge within launchpad itself.18:06
wonkoI can click on the pencil next to Needs review and get the list of options, maybe that's where you do it?18:07
wonkonot gonna lie, launchpad is hella janky and I don't like it. :)18:07
OvenWerksI can't find it... and the command they give doesn't work either... give me a minute or two. I am used to working with the PR method...18:07
wonkoThis is a PR18:08
wonkojust with a different name18:08
wonkoThere, where it says Status18:08
wonkoI think that's where you change it?18:08
* wonko dreams of gitlab18:08
OvenWerksActually I should be able to just switch to the remote branch18:13
wonkodon't do it outside of the merge system, that defeats the purpose. :)18:15
wonkoOk, it shows as approved18:16
wonkobut now I'm not sure what to do.18:16
OvenWerksIt says merged18:21
OvenWerksI had to do a pull first so My system knew of the new branch, then I could do checkout branch18:22
OvenWerksmerge and push18:22
wonkohmm, ok18:23
wonkolike I said. Hella Janky. :)18:23
OvenWerksso if you look at: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntustudio-controls/+git/ubuntustudio-controls/+ref/master18:24
OvenWerksunder recent commits?18:24
OvenWerksit says merged from branch....18:24
wonkoyeah, guess it does some behind the scenes tracking18:24
wonkook, at least we know how that works now18:24
OvenWerksSo yu can remove that branch now.18:24
OvenWerksis configparser finished now or does it need redoing?18:25
wonkoI need to merge the new master into it and finish up the work on autojack18:26
wonkoOk, master merged into configparser branch, now, where was I? :)18:38
wonkoOvenWerks: don't know if you know the answer to this or not, but in get_dev_info() is that usb variable supposed to be the global one?19:14
OvenWerkswonko: no19:15
OvenWerksin get dev info I think it is about if that device is a usb device19:16
wonkoThe use of global variable names as local variable names is really, really bad. :(19:16
OvenWerksI would have to look... but not right now, the friendly mail lady just dropped off a 1394a PCIe board so I am part way through shutting down... back in a bit19:17
wonkono rush19:17
wonkojust verifying what I was pretty sure I already knew19:17
wonkoUgh, not I'm not sure if I overwrote local variables or not. I should probably go back and start over. bleh.19:24
wonkoOk, I'm back to before I started today. And looking at this code again with the new vision of poor variable naming I have to say I'm surprised this shit works at all. :)19:36
studiobot<teward001> REWRITE ALL THE THINGS! :P19:36
OvenWerkswonko:  there is that19:47
OvenWerkswonko one step at a time.19:49
wonkoSo, I don't use globals often. If you declare something global in one spot but not about what happens? The one function is using pulse_in etc without declaring it global.19:57
OvenWerksYa, There are some things like that which need fixing19:57
OvenWerkspython has this thing where if you read a variable that has not been set in scope it looks in higher scopes. However, if you write to it, it becomes local.20:00
OvenWerks Fun, yes?20:01
wonkoYeah, fun. Totally the word I'd use. 🤣20:04
OvenWerksIn my last pass through things, I did add a number of "global <varname>" lines, but obviously not all. You are fixing this for a large part with config which stores most of the globals anyway.20:05
wonkoYeah, I just need to make sure I don't use that where it shouldn't be20:07
OvenWerksSo I have three items... at least one of them does not work but I do not know which item it is :P20:58
wonkoOk, I think I've found all occurences of local variables that shadow globals and have renamed them with a l_ prefix.21:24
wonkowhich should keep me from squishing them (which, as it turns out, I totally was)21:24
wonkoOvenWerks: I have a question about this: https://gist.github.com/bhechinger/f8b4468234411fcd6f11ca2c0412561b21:28
wonkoI don't remember seeing that in controls. What really should I be doing here?21:28
wonkoYeah, checking master, in controls it was this: https://gist.github.com/bhechinger/f13b718aa2057b743b9debfa5a60b59c21:30
wonkoAnd right there is the danger in having the same code copied all over. :)21:30
OvenWerksthat is an error which should be fixed to read dev = "0,0,0" because it should be a string21:52
wonkobut which is right?21:52
wonkosetting that to 0,0,0 or not?21:52
wonkobecause it goes both ways21:52
wonkocontrols doesn't change it to 0,0,0 if it's set to default and autojack does21:52
OvenWerksauto jack has to because it has to be a device we can get from parsing /proc/asound21:53
OvenWerkscontrols wants to show "default" to the user... so they know they havn't change it from whatever the value was we tried.21:54
wonkoah, ok, that makes sense21:54
OvenWerksbut in any case they are both strings21:54
wonkoyet another anomaly to deal with. :)21:54
wonkoyeah, that not having quotes was my next question but you already answered that. :)21:55
wonkoAnother thing I noticed. In reconfig() there is this:21:56
wonko        if pulse == "True":21:56
wonko            connect_pa()21:56
wonkobut pulse won't normally get set to true21:56
OvenWerkswonko it would be ok to deal with it by using one varialbe for the config value and another for the massaged value or do the change at the point it is used.21:56
wonkoso, uhm, what?21:56
wonkoOvenWerks: I think it makes sense to do like we're doing with zdev. It only matters in the scope of the internals of autojack, so let's do the needful there if we need to.21:57
OvenWerkspulse should be a string "True" as it is read from the config.21:58
OvenWerksit is not a bool21:58
wonkoexcept that is legacy config that shouldn't exist anymore21:58
wonkothat gets converted into PULSE-IN/PULSE-OUT = 0/121:59
OvenWerksdo we set it close by?21:59
wonkoit's only set if reading in the config sees PULSE, which it turns into those other two and then doesn't write PULSE back out22:00
OvenWerksthat looks like an error22:01
OvenWerksI assume you mean autojack line 34822:02
OvenWerksThat will have to be changed... or reused22:03
OvenWerksI would suggest reusing it22:03
wonkoset it to true if either PULSE-IN or PULSE-OUT aren't 0?22:04
wonkook, i'll tweak that then22:04
OvenWerksalso when we add naming it will have see that neither pulse_in or pulse_out are [].22:05
OvenWerkswhich may work out to bool of sorts.22:05
wonko        if def_config['PULSE-IN'] == "0" && def_config['PULSE-OUT'] == "0":22:06
wonko            pulse = "False"22:06
wonkouh, and22:07
wonkonot &&22:07
OvenWerkssure so long as it is already is True22:07
wonkoYes, true is the default22:07
OvenWerksThat way, only the one call really needs to know what pulse_in/out are.22:08
OvenWerksI want to change the config call so we only do it once. Is there a way to copy/rename the current config.* to oldconfig.*?22:11
wonkoThat should be possible, yes22:15
wonkobut let's not change stuff like that just yet22:15
wonkobecause I need to make sure I don't break things as it is. :)22:15
wonkowhich isn't easy with this code22:15
OvenWerksya :) just thinking out loud22:15
wonkoAt this point I can't promise I didn't break anything. ;)22:16
OvenWerksThis is a good time to break things22:17
OvenWerksI normally start autojack from the commandline and add print() statements in many places to check things are doing what I think they should be when testing.22:24
wonkoOk, so I think I managed to do this without breaking things. Maybe. :)22:33
wonkoDo you have a set of regression tests you use? Or is it just seat of the pants sort of stuff?22:33
wonkoOk, well it explodes immediately. I'll fix that. :)22:36
wonkoOk, explosion fixed22:43
wonkoit doesn't create the pa bridges though22:44
wonkoso that's the next thing to deal with, but that's for tomorrow22:44
wonkocode is checked in if you want to poke at it yourself22:44

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