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knomebluesabre, as suggested by ochosi, i changed the original colors to match the 4.14 wallpaper colors ;)10:47
knomesorry for the wall of text on the mailing list... https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-devel/2019-October/011850.html10:58
knomeUnit193, we should figure out some ircop things.10:58
knomebluesabre, we should make sure somebody (or some team) is a member of https://launchpad.net/~ubiquity-slideshow11:08
knomebluesabre, this might include getting hold of dylan, which might not be easy, or making somebody from ubuntu forcefully take the ownership of that team11:09
bluesabreknome: alrighty, I'll work on that11:11
knomethanks :)11:11
bluesabreknome: suppose I saw that mail coming, but thahks for all the time you've given to Xubuntu over the years :)11:11
knomeno problem11:12
knomeand again, not going completely away, just time to reassess what i can realistically work on11:12
bluesabreYup, makes sense11:12
knomebluesabre, want to become a mailing list admin?11:12
bluesabreI need to start recruiting new people into the team11:13
knomewell that's a constant ;)11:13
bluesabreknome: not particularly, but I certainly can11:13
knomeyou are now the admin of three mailing lists!11:14
Unit193knome: Sad to see you take a step back, but as bluesabre said.11:47
knometen years is a long time..12:00
knomeUnit193, so if i leave the LP team for #xubuntu, will you handle updating the perms issues with your IRCC hat?12:00
knomeUnit193, also, who has owner flags for -devel and -offtopic and do we need to transfer?12:01
knomeoh, offopic was core channel too12:04
knomeUnit193, anyway, i left both the LP teams..12:04
Unit193knome: IRCC has -ot, you and ochosi have the same level for here though.  You can always /msg ChanServ flags #xubuntu knome -*12:04
knomei can leave them be if it might be helpful in the future12:04
knomeif it's indifferent, then i can remove them just as well (:12:05
knomeor you can think about it overnight, two or thirty and then tell me :D12:06
Unit193I mean, I guess it's up to you really. :312:12
knomewell, i guess i was really uncareful, you and bluesabre just accidentally got +FRs in #xubuntu-devle12:17
knomeoh dear me!12:17
knomeand removed mine :)12:17
knomethere can only be 4 founders per channel, chanserv told me, so i couldn't do it myself, so maybe you want to set lyz as the fourth for "backup" purposes..12:18
knomeand deflagged myself from ot and main too12:21
knomedon't worry, i am still mentally attached to this project12:21
knomei guess the email wasn't very clear on that (even though it said so), this is not to go away completely but try to be more motivated to do the tasks i *will* do :)12:22
Unit193Yeah, and it makes sense.  bluesabre: FWIW, I'm also listed as a mod on -devel and -users, so I try to at least weed out the spam.12:23
knomeand unless the council/team decided otherwise, i still inted to keep my team membership for example12:23
knomeUnit193, want to be made an admin as well?12:23
knomeshould share the admin pass with seany12:23
Unit193What I've got seems to work well, only reason I've poked is to blacklist email domains which should get a review and note in here anyway.12:25
pleia2knome: you also handle mirrors, would be good to quickly sync up to document what criteria you use for inclusion because I always forget our process15:52
flocculantknome: thanks for the fish, and for the help when I needed it before I gave up :)16:33
-SwissBot:#xubuntu-devel- Reminder: Next meeting chair is knome17:00
knomepleia2, basically the loose criteria is that they should seek for official approval from the ubuntu mirrors list of they mirror ubuntu too17:01
knomepleia2, for the mirrors that sync xubuntu only... well i guess there is not really any criteria other than "don't be silly", eg. don't mirror with a 10M upload bandwidth17:02
knomepleia2, and that they are more or less "committed" to mirroring us17:03
knomepleia2, theoretically it doesn't matter what kind of syncing process they use, but if they ask, the official ubuntu way is always the best if possible17:04
knomepleia2, or alternatively, don't ask me but refer to the documentation we've written at some point: https://xubuntu.org/dev/mirrors/ :D17:05
knomei know i left -doc already, but i'm happy to write developer documentation for things if needed, like this17:07
knomefortunately past me has saved me some work here ;)17:07
pleia2oh neat, I didn't realize it was already documented :O17:15
knomeno worries17:15
knomei didn't remember that either17:15
pleia2good job past knome!17:15
knomei'm pretty sure the process to add/maintain mirrors isn't documented though17:15
knomebut it's *relatively* self-explanatory once you get there17:15
pleia2on the website?17:15
pleia2let me see if I can figure it out17:16
knomeit's automated17:16
knomelemme also open WP admin so i can help you if needed17:16
pleia2ok, so it's just under Releases > Mirrors17:17
pleia2seems easy enough, thanks :)17:18
knomeand yes, one of our requirements is that the mirror uses the version numbers in their directory scheme :D17:18
knomebut unless i've been mad, that's how the official ubuntu mirrors do that, so if you sync with the default method, you're good17:18
knomeSpass[m], hullo! (:17:19
knomeSpass[m], if you want to help with websites/social media, there's now a lot more for grabs ;) 17:19
Spass[m]hello knome, thanks for the info, I've read your ML message and it's sad (but understandable) that you need to step back a little, I'll try to help more with Xubuntu stuff in the future, but unfortunately since I've started a new job recently I have MUCH less free time atm18:15
knomeyeah, that's how it goes...18:16
Spass[m]but I think that my work schedule will became normal / manageable soonish18:18
Spass[m]but I think that my work schedule will became normal / manageable soonish18:19
knomegreat to hear :)18:19
knomedon't be afraid to ask for help18:19
knomebtw, the contributor documentation talks about bzr in many places, but we've moved to git..18:21
Spasssorry for the double msg, that matrix bridge is whimsical…18:42
knomeno problem18:44
knomemore activity on this channel doesn't hurt anybody18:44
knomeso anybody else want a crash course on anything? :D18:46
TJ-Is xfce4-panel supposed to be in the same session scope as xfwm4 etc?19:56
brainwashTJ-: is there a problem with the Xubuntu configuration?20:09
TJ-brainwash: Had an unexplained GUI crash this afternoon, since when on login there's no panel but hotkeys work so can open terminal but couldn't find any clue in logs as to why, or what was missing. I *just* this minute fixed it by logging in using the XFCE session, then log-out and use the Xubuntu session. Not sure what was going on though. took 7 hours to fix !20:11
brainwashmaybe something that could have been fixed by clearing ~/.cache/sessions20:12
TJ-brainwash: in hunting for clues noticed that 'loginctl user-status' showd xfce3-panel in a different scope to everything else20:12
brainwashleftovers (zombies)?20:13
TJ-brainwash: could be; earlier I was trying to spot anything that had changed recently in .config .local but didn't think .cache would be critical20:13
TJ-no zombies, I cleared back to no display-manager, and also dod "loginctl kill-session" and also kill-user as experiements20:14
TJ-If it happens again I'll check that directory first20:16
brainwash                  │ ├─1614 xfwm420:16
brainwash                  │ ├─1631 xfsettingsd20:16
brainwash                  │ ├─1632 xfce4-panel20:16
brainwashthat's what I have20:16
TJ-there were a lot of old Thunar- sessions, and one xfce4-session....bak20:17
TJ-brainwash: me too, now ... earlier of course panel was in a separate scope which was what started me wondering how it managed that... and if that was the reason it wasn't operating in my GUI session 20:18
brainwashone can only wonder :)20:19
TJ-The OCD in me struggles with not knowing for sure :)20:20
brainwashsession management could use more improvements20:21
brainwashsome things were fixed in 4.1420:21
brainwashbut the user can still encounter a broken session or see leftover processes after logout20:23
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Unit193Hrm, we missed https://git.xfce.org/xfce/thunar/commit?id=5f2aa364690ffb23428ac44f91d7401eb22191e6 it seems.21:41
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