popeyhuh. that'll be why, they went to get the theme. and it pulled in other crap00:27
popey(I filed on behalf of someone else)00:29
didrocksgood morning06:06
dufluMorning didrocks06:11
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers06:13
oSoMoNhappy release day!06:14
didrockshey duflu, oSoMoN06:17
dufluHi oSoMoN06:17
oSoMoNsalut didrocks06:18
oSoMoNhey duflu06:18
dufluTriangle completed06:18
didrockshappy release days indeed :)06:20
jibelhi all06:57
oSoMoNsalut jibel06:57
seb128happy e-day desktopers!07:06
jibelfinally we have our critical bug on release day \o/07:07
jibelwe need one every release otherwise it is not a real release07:07
jibelbug 184840407:07
ubot5bug 1848404 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Eoan) "ubiquity crashes on wireless installation with gi.repository.GLib.GError: nm-manager-error-quark: Not authorized to control networking" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184840407:07
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seb128no-one did a test install trying to connecting to wifi before today?07:10
jibelinstall from a live session but not install directly apparently07:11
jibelmust be done on hw too07:11
seb128I did a such install a week ago on the inspiron without issue07:11
jibelthen someone  broke it in between07:12
seb128and why no-one is filing bugs the proper way?07:12
seb128like using ubuntu-bug07:13
seb128or at least add logs/journal07:13
oSoMoNsalut seb12807:14
jibelluckliy there were logs in a duplicate07:14
seb128lut oSoMoN, en forme ?07:14
oSoMoNseb128, ça va, et toi?07:15
seb128oSoMoN, ça va !07:15
didrockssalut jibel, seb12807:19
jibelSalut didrocks, comment vas tu?07:21
didrocksça va, et toi ?07:23
jibelbien bien07:25
seb128lut didrocks, en forme ?07:28
didrocksça va et toi seb128 ?07:28
seb128ça va :)07:28
seb128arguing with french trolls on discourse07:28
didrocksyeah, I know the guy07:29
didrockshe has the same speech on the french forum07:29
didrocksand one of the reason I don't answer there much07:29
seb128'Their answer is not admissible, I will not change my opinion regarding the use of snaps.'07:40
seb128let's see if he shuts up now, enough people told him to move to other topics07:40
seb128I'm sure he can find other things to complain about though :(07:41
didrocksoh yeah… :)07:41
oSoMoNsuch a waste of energy, that could be put to better use…07:42
Trevinhomorning folks!07:47
seb128hey Trevinho, how are you? still enjoying Leiden?07:49
didrockshey Trevinho07:49
seb128Trevinho, sorry I couldn't join you guys yesterday evening07:49
Trevinhoseb128: hey, yes still here till the afternoon. No worries, was just a relaxed dinner07:50
Trevinhodidrocks: hi!07:50
oSoMoNmorning Trevinho07:51
marcustomlinsonmorning desktoppers07:54
TrevinhooSoMoN: hey07:54
WimpressMorning desktoppers o/07:56
seb128hey Wimpress, how are you?07:56
seb128(and brb, moving back from morning coffee to my desk)07:59
Wimpressseb128: iso testing until 3am, so a little sleepy.08:00
WimpressBut looking forward to going to OggCamp tomorrow 🙂08:00
WimpressAre you still at the hackfest?08:01
didrocksWimpress: he is relocating, but the hackfest is done AFAIK and he's back home08:01
didrocksand hey :)08:02
WimpressMorning didrocks o/08:04
WimpressThere were some changes to the ZFS implementation yesterday.08:04
Wimpressdidrocks: Have you been brought up to speed?08:04
Wimpressjibel: You were in the loop, right?08:05
didrocksWimpress: yeah, I have been. I'm a little bit concerned that we don't use this "experiment" to… experiment and have more in-the-world details for upstreams08:05
didrocksbecause same questions will come up next cycle and it's a LTS08:06
didrocksI think at least, on the usptream bug, people with those kind of issues should ping them. For them, it seems it's mostly ok since January 201908:06
didrocks(as they didn't hear back more news)08:06
jibelWimpress, yes I was08:07
oSoMoNgood morning marcustomlinson, Wimpress08:07
Wimpressjibel: We are observing iso boot performance issues.08:07
jibelWimpress, IMHO, we must revert this change when 20.04 opens and push upstream to fix it08:07
jibelre zfs swap08:07
WimpressI'm going to share what I learned last night in #ubuntu-release08:07
Wimpressack re: ZFS swap08:08
didrocksWimpress: some people are talking about slow boot due to N-M potentially08:08
didrockshey Laney08:08
oSoMoNahoy Laney08:11
dufluMorning other desktoppers08:56
seb128hey duflu08:57
dufluI just had a bunch of vaccinations and everyone arrived08:57
Wimpresso/ duflu09:00
duflu           \o09:00
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willcookedesktoppers, respins in a few hours and then would like everyone to help with smoke testing so we can try and get the release done asap09:37
willcookewe'll need to test flavours too09:38
dufluwillcooke, on the daily-live page? I'll look after dinner09:51
willcookethanks duflu, I'll post a link as soon as its there09:51
WimpressReady to assist.09:51
willcookethanks Wimpress09:52
jibelany ETA?09:59
willcookenew casper is building atm09:59
willcookethen ~ 2 hrs for respins09:59
willcookeready for testing all y'all14:08
willcookedesktoppers ^14:10
marcustomlinsoncool! will spin up a vm now14:11
willcookeplease test the flavours too.  We're getting good coverage on Ubuntu desktop, but if we can tick off the flavours in good time we can release sooner14:14
marcustomlinsonwillcooke: ok dumb question: where do I download the final iso from?14:16
willcookemarcustomlinson, http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/407/builds/201243/testcases14:16
marcustomlinsonoh it is there14:17
willcookeThere's a link on that page14:17
jibelmarcustomlinson, or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/pending/14:17
didrocksI guess we all have some kind of rsync scripts for daily. That should be shared :)14:18
jibelgit clone https://git.launchpad.net/ubuntu-qa-tools14:20
jibelcd dl-ubuntu-test-iso14:20
jibelthen ./dl-ubuntu-test-iso --release=eoan --build=pending --flavor=ubuntu --variant=desktop14:22
jibelwil download latest desktop image14:22
didrockswaow, in python, fancy :)14:22
jibelworks with all the flavors and arches too14:22
jibelor should14:22
jibelpatches accepted14:22
didrocksand without arg, it's taking the latest "default"?14:22
jibelwithout args it downloads everything iirc14:22
didrocksheh, I have my own script (which supports flavors/arch), but I guess I can have a look to contribute to it14:22
mgedminhttps://git.launchpad.net/ubuntu-qa-tools/tree/dl-ubuntu-test-iso/README mentions --flavor and --arch14:23
jibeldidrocks, when I said everything I meant everything including all the flavors and arch14:27
didrocksyeah, got it, which is too much for the default "simple" use case, but a small wrapper is fine then to decide on the default parameters I guess14:28
jibeldidrocks, you can use a config file to define the defaults14:32
didrocksoh perfect!14:33
didrocks(almost, needs to generate the $latest_dev by default)14:33
hellsworthgood morning folks14:37
willcookehi hellsworth14:40
willcookehellsworth, today is a great day for ISO testing :)14:40
willcookeas soon as we have them all ticked off we can start the release14:40
didrockshey hellsworth14:41
hellsworthok! i could use a break from the build snap failures anyways :)14:41
willcookeseeing lots of OOM issues in Virtualbox.  Don't forget to give yourself enough RAM :)15:03
willcooketook me a while to work out what was going on there15:03
* ogra sends willcooke two bars of virtual corsair DRAM15:04
* willcooke prints them out 15:04
jibellatest build LGTM15:09
jibelubuntu I mean15:09
willcookenearly done with my tests15:09
willcookehellsworth, if you didnt start already, could you look at xubuntu?15:09
jibeloem, zfs, non-zfs, uefi/sb, legacy, guided and manual partitioning, vmware they all passed15:10
willcookeoem mode is working15:12
hellsworthno links: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/404/builds/200969/downloads15:12
hellsworthoh sorry. i think you meant Xubuntu Desktop amd6415:13
willcookecorrection: oem mode is not working15:13
willcookejibel, could you test OEM mode?  It was looking fine, and then for some reason the keyboard stopped working when I was setting up the new users after oem preparation had done15:14
willcookeI can enter a password, but not a name, username or machine name15:15
willcookemaybe thats normal?!15:15
willcookeI can tab between the fields, so the kbd is working15:16
marcustomlinsonwillcooke: I saw that too, was updating VMWare to see if it was that15:18
marcustomlinsonwillcooke: but I was just doing a normal install15:19
marcustomlinsonVMWare easy install works so there's that at least15:19
marcustomlinsonok can enter name and username this time... odd15:24
willcookejust retrying here15:24
marcustomlinsonis my name allowed to be an emoji? :D15:28
willcookeha, please don't test that15:29
willcookeif we don't test it, it can't fail15:29
hellsworthon the first page of the xubuntu installer (where it says "try ubuntu"), there's a link for the release notes that takes you to the wrong place. how do i file a minor bug about this? i've only filed bugs with ubuntu-bug15:33
hellsworthi guess i can just take note of it and then file ubuntu-bug once i've gone through the install15:35
willcookehmm, that might be against ubiquity-slideshow15:37
hellsworthok thanks15:37
willcookeoem worked this time15:41
marcustomlinsonwillcooke: yeah I definitely saw what you described too, but on a normal install15:45
marcustomlinsonalso, hooray for emoji names15:45
marcustomlinsonworks just fine15:45
hellsworthwillcooke, "(If on a 'laptop') Is plugged to a power source" is not listed in regular gnome ubuntu or xubuntu. so maybe we should remove it from the test cases: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/404/builds/201243/testcases/1301/results and http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/404/builds/201239/testcases/1301/results15:47
willcookehellsworth, yeah all the tests need a refresh really.  Dont worry about it for now15:48
willcookebut if you remember next cycle and have time....15:48
* hellsworth needs a second laptop for testing15:59
willcookemarking desktop ready!16:00
willcookecongrats all16:00
hellsworthwhat about xubuntu testing tho?16:01
willcookeonce all the tests are done we can mark it ready16:02
willcookeI was just talking about "our" desktop16:02
willcookelooks like xubuntu is nearly there too, thanks hellsworth sil210016:03
marcustomlinsonI'll try wrap up the last 2 on kubuntu16:04
willcookenice one, thanks marcustomlinson16:06
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hellsworthi see in the test comments "VB" - what does this mean?16:22
hellsworthvaried behavior?16:22
hellsworthvery boring?16:24
hellsworthvampire baby?16:25
ograyou got it !16:27
willcookeverified bug?16:48
willcookeguessing though16:49
hellsworthi got like 3 more bugs to file. not sure if any of these are xubuntu oem specific though16:52
willcookehellsworth, re: #1848542  I think we've fixed this now via a wiki redirect.  Not going to mark the bug as fixed though as I'm not 100% certain.16:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 1848542 in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "Release Notes on first page of installer takes user to wrong page" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:54
hellsworthalso: if pull updates on install is unselected it pulls updates anyways16:57
hellsworthalso: if pull updates on install is unselected and install 3rd party is selected, ubi-partman crashes16:57
hellsworthalso: when prompted for authentication (trying to file ubuntu-bug), enter correct pw but it's rejected with no error. enter wrong password and it's rejected with “Your authentication attempt was unsuccessful. Please try again” . enter correct pw again and it's accepted.16:57
hellsworthi'll get to filing these here after my 1:116:58
hellsworthand i'd like to test with regular ubuntu desktop iso too. Those three were found with xubuntu oem install16:58
willcookeAnd we're done. Congratulations everyone, and thank you.17:25
* willcooke -> pub17:26
hellsworthwhen you type `lsb_release -rb` on an xubuntu system, shouldn't it say XUbuntu rather than Ubuntu?18:01
hellsworthmarcustomlinson, are you still around and still have a kubuntu system up? i wonder what lsb_release -rb says on that....18:01
seb128congrats desktopers on the 19.10 release!18:21
oSoMoNhellsworth, in a kubuntu VM, the distributor ID is still "Ubuntu"19:19
hellsworthah ok thx19:22
WimpressCongratulations on another fine release desktoppers 🙂👍19:59
robert_ancellkenvandine, here in case you want to start early20:04
Fudgeanyone want some work willing to work with our project getting working images using livebuild21:39
Fudgeor familiar enough to mentor or answer questions here and there22:22

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