wonkoOvenWerks: there is one small bug I'd like to figure out yet but it's hard to debug because it depends on a dbus message. Technically I know what the issue is, but I just don't know the right way to handle it.13:12
wonkoIf JACK == False at startup last_master never gets set to anything13:12
wonkoso we get this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/269jNZmgZD/13:12
wonkoWe bail out of config_start() pretty early if JACK == False13:14
wonkoThat may just be an issue with controls not setting it correctly though, I'll look into that real quick13:15
wonkoI mean, a quick look doesn't show there being an issue there13:17
wonkowell, no, I take that back13:17
wonkoautojack starts before controls at session start, so that's not guaranteed13:18
wonkoBut on the other hand, it *is* set to True in my config file, so maybe it's a race condition?13:18
OvenWerksThe place to set that, if it needs to be set, is in config_start.15:34
wonkoyes, but if JACK is set to False it never gets set15:38
wonkoIs there a legitimate case where JACK == Falsed and msg_cb_new needs to actually do something?15:40
wonkootherwise we should just have it also check JACK and not run the rest if False15:40
wonkooh, that might be old log messages, but it's still a thing either way.15:41
wonkoHmm, now I want to write a prometheus exporter for the studio bits. Hmmmmmmm.15:52
OvenWerksI don't think so, All of those things only make sense if jack is running16:42
OvenWerksYes the callbacks for device detection, new and removed, should check that jack is actually running.16:44
OvenWerksThat sounds like a thinko on my part. IT has gone un-noticed because I aways run jack and because anything those callbacks do will fail without doing anything too bad16:45
OvenWerks (I think)16:45
OvenWerksActually, this could be more robust if aside from checking if jack we check that the pid I store still exists16:52
OvenWerkswonko: are you making changes to autojack ? If not I could fix up some of these things otherwise I will wait. (fixing merges when two people are working on the same file is not fun)17:00
EickmeyerWell done, everyone: http://ubuntustudio.org/2019/10/ubuntu-studio-19-10-released/17:36
wonkoOvenWerks: I'm not doing anything right now. Just happened to look at the log file and remembered that was a thingv18:42
OvenWerksI will look at it then and fix...21:00
wonkogroovy. I've been playing with Go, Grafana and Prometheus today. Having more fun than I probably should with this: https://imgur.com/fa909U1.png21:35

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