blaze[m]In my case Plasma Wayland session doesn't even start. Computer just freezes and I have to restart it11:09
blaze[m]With every Plasma release it just gets worse and worse11:10
yofelwell, as long as your release upgrade at least went fine... Mine exploded into stars thanks to someone putting impossible upgrade requirements into virtualbox11:35
yofelstill trying to figure out what all got missed11:37
blaze[m]Right, I had that issue with virtualbox too11:40
blaze[m]I had to remove everything virtualbox-related with dpkg and then complete my upgrade11:42
yofelwell, a reboot is enough to get the virtualbox package install to succeed afterwards. But that then removed kubuntu-desktop because keeping amarok installed was more important to apt than uprading breeze.. and I'm not sure if something else got missed as well11:44
yofelok, with the correct breeze version I have a background image on the login screen again11:46
yofelFWIW, the team did a good job on the plasma part otherwise. No visible issues other than what got caused by vritualbox11:48
yofelsadly 19.10 fixes none of the issues 19.04 brough me. But none of those are KDE releated11:48
RikMillsyofel: ouch. have forwarded that to last person to do vbox uploads12:00
RikMillsyofel: on bytemark, when it looked like we might lose linode, I started trying to get LXD containers set up there. not needed now I guess, so please undo if needed12:01
yofelit shouldn't break anything so I would leave it there for now. We might need that at some point after all12:06
yofelas for virtualbox: it's only kind of a packaging issue.. the dependencies don't match the requirements of virtualbox. And virtualbox from eoan does not support the kernel from disco. But that's what DKMS will try to build a kernel for during the upgrade, meaning the kernel requirement of the new virtualbox are impossible for the release upgrade12:18
yofelnot sure how you would fix that other than downgrading virtualbox...12:18
RikMillsyofel: ah, there was exactly the same sort of issue building some Eoan nvidia kernel modules with the disco kernel. that was reported and fixed, but guess vbox slipped under the radar :/ 12:28
BluesKajHi folks13:35
Mamarokupgraded to 5.17 this morning, works great :-) Just one knit-pick: why on earth does it override my default Desktop view with Folder View?  Shouldn't touch the previous settings IMHO13:56
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> Mamarok: I was not aware that happens. Please report it to KDE if you think that is out of order. It is certaily nothing Kubuntu has done on purpose.13:58
MamarokJust did tell Kai, we are showcasing Plasma 5.17 at Linuxday.at in DOrnbirn today :-)13:58
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> Nice. Kai is super at investigating things like this14:00
Mamarokindeed, great guy to work with, and also great booth guy, he loves to explain to people visitng the booth14:04
yofelnow lets try to get jenkins up to date..15:15
RikMillsyofel: told to point you to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/virtualbox/+bug/184800616:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1848006 in virtualbox (Ubuntu) "package virtualbox-dkms 6.0.12-dfsg-1 failed to install/upgrade: installed virtualbox-dkms package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 10" [Undecided,Invalid]16:23
yofelok then. Maybe that got out a tad too late for me16:28
RikMillsThat is what Gianfranco Costamagna <locutusofborg> thinks16:30
yofelyeah, looks like I forgot to reboot before the upgrade16:35
RikMillsyeahm though it is arguable there should be measures in place to prevent trying to build on incompatible kernels. maybe somthing to address16:37
yofelthinking about it, on another system do-release-upgrade refused to upgrade before I rebooted, so I wonder what happend there17:00
yofelwhy is the old CI server still a thing...17:27
yofelsitter: ^17:28
yofelare you using river for something? otherwise that's just eating money17:29
clivejoHi yofel, RE: river,  There was discussions at one point to rebuild a new NG CI system in python and I asked Clemen's if that was okay.  He said it was fine to do that.  18:52
yofelah ok, thanks. I stopped jenkins on it so the bot doesn't hijack the nick, I'll leave it alone otherwise then18:53
clivejosorry if that has already been discussed, Rik forwarded me on part of the conversation on Telegram18:53
clivejoI have no idea on the state of play on the new NG CI, I believe santa and tsimonq were working on that18:54
yofelRikMills: kci master is now running 18.04 and jenkins + plugins are updated. The ruby-runtime plugin fails to load now though, lets see if I can fix that18:54
clivejobut Clemen's was happy for them to use it as a test machine18:54
clivejobut that was while I was still on the team, might be best if someone touches base and confirms that18:55
clivejoRik has the keys to rive, I believe18:57
clivejoI think he might be out partying18:58
RikMillsclivejo: not quite, but I have maybe had more Jack Daniels than is recommended for tweaking servers18:59
clivejosome say it helps :P19:00
RikMillsI think I am on the wrong side of the balmer curve ;)19:01
clivejoBTW anyone got wayland working on NVidia?19:02
clivejowell plasma-wayland19:02
RikMillsnope. it hates my card, even on latest plasma19:03
clivejoeven on 5.17?19:03
clivejodarn, was hoping it would work!19:03
blazeEven amd doesn't work anymore, at least for me19:04
clivejooh, that's odd19:04
blazemaybe I'm too lucky19:04
clivejoworks great for me, just not NVidia :(19:04
clivejoanyone happen to know where the new redshift/night mode settings are in 5.17?19:06
blazedisplay and monitor19:07
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> wayland on NVidia works on my hybird laptop, but locks up my desktop.19:07
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> I was curious how if others experienced the same, seems so...19:08
clivejoHi DarinMiller, I haven't tried it yet under 5.1719:09
clivejowe disable Wayland by default currently, so have to manually install the files I need19:10
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> Hi clivejo.  wayland requires manual install on kubuntu also.  Still not quite ready for prime time, but inching ever closer.19:14
clivejoah cool, haven't used Kubuntu in a wee while, so out of the loop so to speak!19:15
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> :)19:17
RikMillsyeah, keeping it as an 'you can install that session if you want to test, but it is not supported'19:17
RikMillshaving it there by default on sddm login options implies to too may that it should work19:18
clivejoRikMills: do you remove the session file in packaging?19:18
santa_hello everyone19:20
RikMillsclivejo: seperated into: https://packages.ubuntu.com/eoan/plasma-workspace-wayland19:20
RikMillswhich is not installed by default19:20
santa_clivejo: nice to see you again :)19:20
RikMillssanta_: hi!19:20
santa_clivejo: I had to pause my research on a new CI implementation a while ago, but I hope to resume it when KA is a bit more mature to handle that19:22
santa_RikMills: hi, if you want to discuss a few things about the packaging I'm available tonight19:23
santa_speaking of which, I have updated groomlake's tritemio to handle focal, first test rebuild in progress: http://tritemio-groomlake.duckdns.org/build-status/buildstatus_ubuntu-exp3/ubuntu-exp3_status_frameworks.html 19:24
RikMillssanta_: well, as previously said, I have had more than a few Jack Daniels, so not sure how much my technical comprehension is up to that19:26
santa_RikMills: oh ok, I haven't seen that, let's have that talk tomorrow whenever you are in shape ;)19:27
RikMillsI will mention a few things though, which I bet you have seen in debian19:27
santa_ok, go ahead please19:28
RikMills1) Pio has been removing crappy testsuites so we can follow suit when 19.10 queue is unblocked19:28
RikMills2) PIM is having symbols removed, and moving to a virtual ABI provides way of ensuring ABI deps are required internally and on other packages19:30
santa_anything else?19:31
RikMillsseems sensible to follow? I would say so, even if you disagree, as not a fun delta to maintain19:31
RikMillssanta_: those were the main things19:32
santa_I'm fine to follow debian in autopkgtest removal19:32
santa_ack, I plan the next few days if possible:19:32
santa_- prepare tritemio's area51 for focal and do test rebuilds19:33
santa_- remove some of the branch checking from KA as we discussed some weeks ago in order to prepare the first 2.3 beta19:34
santa_- think about debian merges19:34
santa_and that's it, I think these are the main thing on my "agenda"19:34
RikMillsseems good19:34
santa_* the main things19:34
RikMills1st thing I will do is drop the tests debian did, then any subsequent stiff we do (FW etc) will trigger less to annoy the release team (Laney)19:35
santa_that's cool19:35
RikMillsok. we are on same page then19:36
* RikMills pours another JD19:36
* RikMills hands one to clivejo and anyone else who wants19:37
clivejosorry, had to go to the shop before it closed!19:44
clivejoyeah, sure19:44
clivejodo you'll still use BBB?19:46
IrcsomeBot<Valoriez> nice to see you clive!20:02
IrcsomeBot<Valoriez> we've not had a meeting there for awhile, but they have it available to us20:02
clivejoHi @Valoriez20:18
clivejohas anyone logged into it recently?20:18

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