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Seallvhello i need help with lubuntu wine11:34
Seallvand mouse sensitivity on lubuntu in general11:34
guivercSeallv, for mouse sensativity I'd suggest https://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/3/3.2/3.2.8/keyboard_and_mouse.html  (ie. Lubuntu manual page may help)11:38
guivercYou should provide release of Lubuntu; the page I gave is for latest (19.10, but should match 19.04 too)11:38
guivercAsk you `wine` question, if someone knows the answer - they'll provide it (when they can).  Your release is really useful (otherwise we'll likely answer with what we know best; or use mostly ourselves)11:40
SeallvThanks for replying guiverc the information found in the link you gave is about the mouse and keyboard settings app that comes with lubuntu if i understand correctly, i have tryed to change sensitivity or any kind of settings there, but nothing really works well. Mouse sensitivity and acceleration doesnt respond at all, keyboard layout didnt save settings so every time i close this window(the settings) i have only 1 language again. After11:45
Seallv10-20 tryes the setting program somehow remembered my settings and now i have 3 languages that i use and i can use hotkey to switch them.11:45
Seallvhow can i find out my release? I think i have the latest. I am sure that i have lubuntu 19 Disco dingo, not sure about rest of the numbers11:46
tomreynlsb_release -ds11:46
tomreyn( or look in /etc/os-release - easier to remember)11:47
SeallvIt says Ubuntu 19.0411:47
tomreynso the april (04) 2019 release11:47
Seallvok thankyou tomreyn11:49
tomreynyou're welcome Seallv. i don't know the answer to your original question, but it seems that guiverc alreay answered it.11:50
Seallvthankyou tomreyn i hope someone will answer it later, maybe guiverc11:50
SeallvMy Wine question is as follows: I am trying to play World of Warcraft launching with wine(wine /path/wow.exe). At the beginning it was working great, but after i installed addons (downloaded files to wine folder where wow launch folder is located in the interface/addons/ and my keyboard started acting strangly. Spacebar, numbers, escape, enter, all the buttons work, except letters. Letters also work for chat purposes, but when i try to bind11:55
Seallvkeys to the letters [like typical wsad for movement for example] i get questionmark (?) instead of the letter i pressed - for example i get "?" instead of "w" in the keybind window. Now when i try to press the key to move - the "w" - it does move forward, but so does every other letter on the keyboard. when i press a, s, d, p, j or anything else i move forward, if i bind move backwards to "s" then every letter button does command walk11:55
Seallvbackwards, even the "w" which i just bond to the walk forward command.11:55
SeallvOn windows i used all the same addons and there was no issue with keybinds of course.11:56
SeallvJust tried to move all the addons out of the folder into another temporary folder and addons are gone, game is working as before today. It didnt reverse to the state it was before i installed the addons. Now i dont have the addons and keybinds are unusable12:33
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kc2bezSeallv: for your wine questions you may want ask in #winehq That is where the wine user support is.12:38
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Lubabahi. i do not see the experimental zfs install options in the lubuntu 19.10 installer.14:00
Lubabaare they only available for ubuntu but not lubuntu?14:00
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Lubabathere is a screenshot of the ubuntu installer that displays the experimental ZFS stuff, my Lubuntu 19.10 installer doesn't show them. https://www.heise.de/ct/artikel/Ubuntu-19-10-ist-da-Unvollkommener-ZFS-Support-im-Installer-4558167.html?hg=1&hgi=0&hgf=true14:03
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @Lubaba [<Lubaba> there is a screenshot of the ubuntu installer that displays the experim …], Zfs is currently very experimental. Also, we have calamares installer, in contrast to ubuntu's ubiquity.14:04
kc2bezLubaba:  Lubuntu does not have zfs support at this time. not all the flavors have zfs14:05
Lubabaok thanks14:08
eamonn_So I like to map caps lock to escape because I frequently use vi and don't frequently need to shout. I used to be able to set that up with an .xmodmap file in my home directory with:14:08
eamonn_remove Lock = Caps_Lock14:08
eamonn_keysym Caps_Lock = Escape14:08
eamonn_add Lock = Caps_Lock14:08
eamonn_That does not appear to be supported in LXQT, is there another incantation, or do I just need to put it in the right place?14:09
The_LoudSpeakereamonn: You might want to configure it using xdotool.14:15
The_LoudSpeakerI have used it to configure multiple finger gestures on my touchpad using libinput-gestures.14:15
The_LoudSpeakerXdotool is probably what you need there. But you can also take a look at lxqt's config under .config/lxqt/ there's some file with '-rc' in it's name.14:15
eamonn_thanks, I'll take a look14:17
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SeallvI am still welcoming answers to my previous question. I moved to #winehq for my wine question, but i still need help with mouse sensitivity problem. As i stated earlier in this channel my keyboard and mouse settings configuration program doesnt have any effect when i move sliders in mouse sensitivity and mouse acceleration.15:58
kc2bezSeallv: The acceleration speed in the mouse and touchpad might also help.16:13
Seallvwhat is that "mouse and touchpad" is it a setting or a program?16:14
kc2bezit is in the same area as the mouse settings. On the left column all the way at the bottom.16:15
Seallvooof in that mouse and touchpad when i changed acceleration, now acceleration works, but my mouse is still way too fast. I dont know how to make it slower16:27
User5hello, i noticed a bug in lubuntu 19.10. So i stick in a USB drive and it will get mounted as /media/myname/stickname then when I want to unmount it on the command line i type "unmount /me" and then i press TAB to get completion (which works on ubuntu 18.04) but on Lubuntu I get an AWK error message about a function not being defined16:53
User5can you guys reproduce it?16:53
User5i type "umount", not "unmount" of course16:53
tomreynhmm i've read about this before, some error about bash-completion16:55
tomreynbug 184552916:56
ubottubug 1845529 in bash-completion (Ubuntu) "bash completion shows `awk: line 18: function gensub never defined` on `umount /dev/<Tab>`" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184552916:56
tomreynUser5: the imediate workaround seems to be to   sudo apt update && sudo apt install gawk16:59
tomreyn(this will only work out if there are no errors reported)16:59
User5it worked17:21
User5awesome support :)17:21
User5cu later17:21

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