tewardpowersj: alive?00:05
tsimonq2teward: no you?00:11
infinitynew irc client who dis?00:28
Unit193Unit 193!00:44
infinityYou're all so helpful.00:54
Unit193...You all have your gecos set. :300:56
sarnoldsure how else would /cgrep work?00:57
dokomapreri: the devscripts tests seem to hang08:43
mapreridoko: it seems to be stuck _after_ dpkg-buildpackage is completely done?10:15
maprerieverything is already built at that point…10:16
mapreridoko: which mean, what could cause sbuild or whatever drives that to be stuck there?10:16
mapreriIf I have to think about something devscripts is affected by it would be https://bugs.debian.org/933642 - but it has been like that for over a year, I can't see it bothering us now.10:16
ubottuDebian bug 933642 in devscripts "devscripts: leaves multiple test/uscan/server.py processes running after build" [Serious,Open]10:16
dokomapreri: a hanging process in some test?  did you give back the package again?10:41
mapreridoko: yes, I retried amd64 only10:41
dokoso who is giving back the other builds? ...10:43
maprerino idea…10:43
mapreriin the meantime, I finally managed to figure the reason behind that bug, so guess I may as well just upload and see what happens11:32
mapreri(figure out the reason, not yet the fix though…)11:36
mapreridoko: devscripts uploaded, can you accept?12:52
dokomapreri: already built13:06
mapreridoko: mh?13:06
mapreriohh good.13:07
mapreriguess it was that, even if I have no clue why it would suddenly start bothering launchpad only now.13:07
mapreridoko: do you also know why it's taking minutes to upload the artifacts?13:09
mapreriwell it managed after 4 minutes…13:09
dokono, but I already asked about it13:12
mapreriI reckon I can know happily go my way o/13:13
dokomapreri: better run, if you don't want to get bombed with python 3.8 requests ;p13:17
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dupondjeHmmmm, just found something minor: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openjpeg219:54
dupondjebionic version > disco/eoan version19:54

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