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bluesabreInterestingly, lightdm-gtk-greeter doesn't seem to work on the raspberry pi / 19.1022:34
Unit193You broke it! :'(22:35
bluesabreslick-greeter does, so not a lightdm-specific thing22:35
ochosicouldn't think of a reason why it wouldn't22:35
Unit193Logs?  In /var/log/lightdm/?22:35
ochosihas there even been a (fairly recent) release?22:35
bluesabre(process:1518): GLib-ERROR **: 20:58:08.196: creating thread 'gmain': Error creating thread: Resource temporarily unavailable22:36
bluesabre** Message: 21:03:01.863: Starting lightdm-gtk-greeter 2.0.6 (Sep 18 2018, 01:17:10)22:36
bluesabreYeah, not in a while... been neglecting it since it just worked22:36
bluesabreDon't know why those messages pasted in reverse, but ok22:37
bluesabreOh, I copied the wrong pair22:37
bluesabreSome messages  though22:37
bluesabreAlso, surprised to see both of you immediately as I said something :D22:38
Unit193bluesabre: https://bugs.archlinux32.org/index.php?do=details&task_id=6022:40
bluesabreUnit193: nice find22:42
Unit193bluesabre: Hope that helps! :P22:42
-SwissBot:#xubuntu-devel- ::xfce4-announce:: ANNOUNCE: xfce4-panel 4.15.0 released @ http://xfce.10915.n7.nabble.com/ANNOUNCE-xfce4-panel-4-15-0-released-tp56229.html (by Simon Steinbeiss)22:43
bluesabreWelp, if I fix it, I guess that makes my rasppi purchase worthwhile :D22:43
Unit193I'm running Xfce with sysvinit and elogind if there's stuff you'd want to test there, but it's not a Pi so I don't hit that issue.22:46
bluesabreI do think there were some things related to elogind, so I'll keep that in mind22:47
bluesabreSure enough, that one line fixes it23:17
bluesabrethanks a bunch Unit193 23:17

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