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Guest5532Is there ever any real pepol in these chats anymore?02:01
Guest5532Cats Ass And Cabbage?02:02
lubot<HMollerCl> yes02:05
guiverc2mchasard, if you have a Lubuntu support question, please just ask it (try and keep to a single line), this is not a 'chat' site; but support.  You should be patient waiting responses, people will respond when they can (volunteers do other things too)08:17
guiverc2#lubuntu-offtopic can be used for 'chat'08:19
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eamonnI think I've tracked down the .Xmodmap issue. When I call xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap myself in the terminal, it sets it up. It seems like I need to set that to run whenever I enter a desktop session. Is there a place to put shell scripts to run after the desktop is initialized?14:46
tomreyni'll have the poisson burlee aux gratinee and a tap water, please19:51
the_waiter...and I'll have a question19:52
the_waiterI would like to ask where are Ubiquity installer data stored after installation19:53
the_waiternot sure this is the best channel for this question19:53
the_waiterI would like to pass on the data to Enlightenment desktop manager19:54
the_waiterit should be in /var/log/installer but I do not see anything valuable there19:57
tomreynthe_waiter: what did you expect to find?20:02
the_waiterkeyboard layouts and locales20:02
kc2bezthe_waiter: keep in mind support here is for Lubuntu.20:03
tomreynyes, good point, maybe move to #ubuntu rather20:03
the_waiterI know, but don't you use the installer data for your desktop?20:03
tomreynor #ubuntu-devel, since it doesn't look like a support question20:04
kc2beznew versions of the installer use Calamares.20:04
the_waiterOK, thanx20:04
the_waiterI will ask in Ubuntu channel20:05
the_waitersorry to bother you20:05
kc2bezno worries20:05
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