DarkTrickI'm a little curious about dev and living. Is there any way of making a living from ubuntu "core" development? "core" should include everything that comes shipped by default (e.g. nautilus)09:52
infinityDarkTrick: "living"?10:02
DarkTrickinfinity, Meaning: can ubuntu dev be a job?10:02
tomreynDarkTrick: i think you're looking for https://canonical.com/careers (if you mean development), or a nearby IT services company managing ubuntu servers for their customers.10:10
jbichaDarkTrick: yes, you just have to be good at something that someone is willing to pay you for 😐10:10
DarkTricktomreyn, thank you for the link! Very interesting!10:16
DarkTrickjbicha, you smiley indicates ,that it's difficult (?)10:16
DarkTrickI guess though, most of the people working for ubuntu have a job, a family and ubuntu as "hobby". Is that guess correct?10:18
jbichathere are lots of people being paid to work on Ubuntu stuff, but I am not one of those people yet10:18
tomreynDarkTrick: you're welcome, but let me also say that it's surprising that you'r einterested in Ubuntu development and you didn't think of checking the website of the comapny driving it (Canonical) beforehand.10:18
DarkTricktomreyn, idd. Perhaps I was more interested in hearing a "user's voice" before judging myself. As I don't know what I don't know, I might not be able to see a "more obvious answer"10:24
tomreynDarkTrick: sorry, i should have held my horses. i wish you good luck finding a suitable engagement!10:30
DarkTricktomreyn, :) I didn't take it as offense(? hope I got the right word here). Every feedback provides important information.10:33
DarkTrickThank you. I'll see how I plan my life :)10:33
DarkTrickjbicha, also a thanks to you, of course10:34
DarkTrickand sorry for the OT10:34
dokough, that doesn't work ...17:42
doko        for d in debian/python3-persistent/usr/include/python*; do \17:42
doko                [ "$$d" = *m ] || mv "$$d" "$$d"m; \17:42
doko        done17:42
mwhudson(ubuntu/devel)mwhudson@anduril:~/src/pkg/py38/cracklib2$ dpkg --listfiles libpython3.7-minimal | grep sysconfigdata23:22
mwhudson(ubuntu/devel)mwhudson@anduril:~/src/pkg/py38/cracklib2$ dpkg --listfiles libpython3.8-minimal | grep sysconfigdata23:22
mwhudsonle sigh23:22
mwhudsonand also why does the package care23:22

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