mparilloDarinMiller pointed out that Plasma 5.17 is available for Kubuntu 19.10 https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports?field.series_filter=eoan01:03
mparilloDo we need a news article? More of an announcement or more of a testing request?01:04
mparilloDrafted Here: https://kubuntu.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=4265&action=edit01:19
RikMillsmparillo: tomorrow I will be building 5.17.1. maybe wait for those fixes?03:25
valorieoh, good idea04:52
valorieand thank you mparillo04:52
valoriealso by then perhaps people on 19.04 will be prompted to upgrade?04:52
valoriewe seem to get a question about that once a day or so04:53
valorieunsure why people are skittish about using -d04:53
RikMills10:17:18 /tmp/jenkins5564252835471229931.sh: line 2: ./rvm.env: No such file or directory09:18
RikMills10:17:18 /var/lib/jenkins/tooling3/kci/build.rb:26:in `<main>': undefined method `options' for Docker:Module (NoMethodError)09:18
RikMillsyofel: ^^ :(09:18
RikMillson both slaves09:18
RikMillsyofel: downgraded jre and plugins seemed to install after restart. I'll carry on trying various jobs to see if things stay ok10:09
sitteryou really should move away from rvm ;)10:10
RikMillssitter: fancy doing it, as I have no clue :P10:11
RikMillsjust joking10:11
RikMillswe should really move away from ruby full stop :P10:17
sitterwell, that I have been hearing for like 3 years now :P10:22
sitterassuming rvm isn't actually set up or anything if you put that into the .bashrc or .profile or .bash_profile or whatever stuff should just work https://paste.debian.net/1109112/ 10:24
sitterneeds restarting of the slave processes to adopt the env of course10:25
BluesKajHi folks11:17
valorieRikMills: when will 5.17.1 be ready? 19:15
valoriemparillo's story looks good, maybe with an added image19:15
RikMillsvalorie: it is building now in the PPAs. launchpad is as usual being very slow19:16
valoriewe'll wait to publish until it's baked, I think?19:17
RikMillsI would. even it if takes ages, I can push things in the morning my time19:18
valoriehas anyone else noticed problems with Falkon?19:19
valoriesince upgrade, I've had to use chrome most of the time19:19
valorieabout half of pages in Flakon won't open19:19
clivejovalorie: got an example?19:21
RikMillsdon't use it I'm afraid. that sounds rubbish, but honestly looks like it has almost died off. not much going on in kde19:21
RikMillsvalorie: do you have a @kde.org email address?19:22
RikMillsvalorie: would you support me getting one?19:22
RikMillswould be easier over various projects to use such a thing19:22
valorieyou can have a kdemail.org just by asking19:23
RikMillsvalorie: I know, but I want the nicer one :P19:23
valorieRikMills: it's one of the hallmarks of being in the e.V.19:23
valorieright, so did I19:23
RikMillsvalorie: I just need 2 people who already have one to support the ticket19:23
valorieyou are part of the plasma team, so yes you should have one19:24
valoriewell, Jon and sitter will support you for sure19:24
RikMillsvalorie: yeah, I will probably ask Jonathan to 2nd19:24
valorieand scarlett and bhushan19:24
RikMillsclivejo: nice to see you still here!19:25
clivejoI forgot I need to log into BNC to take myself out!19:26
RikMillsoh :/19:27
valorieI miss chatting with you here, clivejo19:27
clivejovalorie: what pages are you having probs with in falkon?19:27
valoriewell, I still have konvi set to open up pages from IRC19:28
valorieso just now, I was going to check mparillo's page, but it said it ran out of memory!19:28
valoriethat's most of the errors -- close some tabs, you're running out of memory19:29
santa_good night everybody19:29
valoriethere was no problem before the upgrade19:29
valorieniters santa_19:29
clivejonot noticed anything myself19:29
* clivejo waves @santa_19:30
valorieare you on plasma 5.17?19:30
clivejoI am19:30
valoriewell, I'll keep trying (and closing tabs)19:30
santa_RikMills: first frameworks test rebuilds almost done, if you have plasma changes would be nice to get them on git19:30
santa_(because I plan to start with plasma once I finish the last fw bits @ area51)19:31
santa_nice to see you clivejo :)19:31
clivejodid area 51 get stormed?19:31
RikMillssanta_: what I have staged for 5.17.1 is pushed. that will get test drops added to it when archive opens19:31
santa_clivejo: nope but just rebooted :P19:32
RikMillssanta_: was hoping I could uploaded things with dropped tests before 5.17.1, but archive opening is slow due to python and perls transitions being done 1st by release team19:33
* RikMills thumps keyboard19:33
santa_RikMills: yeah I got hit by the perl thing here XD19:34
clivejovalorie: what Qt you running?19:36
valorieSysinfo for 'valorie-Oryx-Pro': Running inside KDE Plasma 5.17.0 on Ubuntu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine) powered by Linux 5.3.0-18-generic, CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz at 3406-3566/3800 MHz, RAM: 31318/32066 MB, Storage: 326/1144 GB, 287 procs, 88.28h up19:36
valorieoh, that doesn't say19:36
valorie 5.12.419:37
valorieaccording to about system19:37
clivejoseems to be the only difference in other systems19:38
clivejobuilding a git version at the moment19:40
RikMillsclivejo: you have an oryx pro with 32GB ram?19:40
clivejonot that part, no19:40
* RikMills hides19:40
clivejobut it can have 32 of swap, if it wants19:40
clivejoyeah, you better hide!19:42
valoriemore memory than I need19:42
valoriewish falkon would use it19:42
clivejoreported a bug?19:43
valorieI've not19:46
valorieI'll keep testing for awhile and do so if necessary19:47
IrcsomeBot<MichaelTunnell> early heads-up, I want to create a release video for Kubuntu 20.0420:35
clivejoit an LTS?20:36
IrcsomeBot<MichaelTunnell> yes20:37
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> @MichaelTunnell, I hoped you would. Great. :)20:41
IrcsomeBot<MichaelTunnell> (Document) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/rG7BotSS/file_19246.mp420:41
* RikMills kicks launchpad with steel toecaps21:01
blazeit can do worse21:04
* RikMills tries depleted uranium toecaps21:04
mparillovalorie: After one of the upgrades, Falkon reported running out of memory, sometimes even with only one tab. I resolved it by clearing all my cookies, browsing history, everything.22:33
valoriethat sounds like some bad programming somewhere22:33
valorie"garbage collection" or so22:33

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