IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> enkeyz: install the backports ppa: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports00:32
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> backports has 5.1700:32
enkeyzMorning! Just made a fresh install of Kubuntu 19.10, and installed some snap packages(chromium, vscode), and after a reboot, all my snap packages disappeared from the Application Launcher07:12
enkeyz(they still can be accessed from terminal tho)07:13
enkeyz*SOLVED* by putting "emulate sh -c 'source /etc/profile.d/apps-bin-path.sh'" to /etc/zsh/zprofile07:23
enkeyzI just wonder why I need hacks for using an other shell other than bash07:23
boingo-00This is IRC, just text and nothing else07:55
airmen55Hi people, ahich package / command should I use to get a list of wlan's to chose one to connect too.. up to now I have to robb a ethernt cable from another pc each time I want to access thee net from my new kubuntu 19.04 installation.. thanks in advance for any and every help on this theme.. (I am a 71yo who has been using the net sincce the days of arpanet accessed vie a tty als I.O. device..)08:58
airmen55had a pause in linux use of nealy a decade.. btw soll ich lieber Deutsche hier verwenden?09:00
chrisrrrrHi. I just upgraded to Eoan, and there's is still digikam 5.9. Why is there no digikam 6.x?09:21
lordievader!de | airmen5509:30
ubottuairmen55: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!09:30
lordievaderairmen55: Regarding your question, if you are running NetworkManager you should have an icon in your taskbar from which you can select wireless networks.09:31
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BluesKajHi folks11:18
chrisrrrrHey, so nobody knows what's going on with the digikam version that ships with eoan? Why it's not updated?11:19
BluesKajchrisrrrr,  does digikam work ?11:24
chrisrrrrBluesKaj: yes, but there are bug fixes in the newer releases, not to mention new features11:35
chrisrrrrIn particular for a nasty bug in the editor11:36
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.11:36
BluesKajchrisrrrr, ^11:36
chrisrrrIt IS fixed, but not in 5.911:38
enkeyzHey guys! Can somebody tell me, why snap apps(GTK) doesn't use themes that I set in KDE Settings for GTK apps? I'm using Kubuntu 19.10(Plasma 5.16.5)11:38
chrisrrrIt's been fixed since 6.0 or 6.1. The current version is 6.311:38
chrisrrrSo is there no maintainer for digikam?11:38
oerheks1chrisrrr, install the snap version?11:40
BluesKajchrisrrr,  I don't know, but you can ask in #kubuntu-devel11:40
chrisrrrYeah, i wanted to avoid the snap version. Thanks for the hint. I'll ask there11:42
oerheks1most maintainers switch to snaps/flatpack/appimage, so ..11:43
enkeyztoo bad theming snap apps with KDE is sucks11:44
enkeyzUbuntu 19.10 fully implemented snaps, you can use them without any issue, but in KDE you need to hack11:45
IrcsomeBot<Swift110> Good morning11:51
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IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @enkeyz, I hope that there will be a snap similar to the "gnome frequently used themes" snap for KDE.18:09
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> I have the same problem.18:09
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> But I have to say that this is really minor.18:10
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> All in all. Snaps work great in Kubuntu 18.04!18:10
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @Swift110, Good morning social Guru!18:11
ricardo_kubuntu rulz18:57
IrcsomeBot<Swift110> @Linuxophil, How r u19:18
enkeyz48Yo! I dunno if anybody noticed it, but installing some apps from snap is broking the GTK themes19:25
enkeyz48https://imgur.com/a/ApNY69F Both Postman and Robo 3T only using Arc theme's titlebar19:26
enkeyz48Installing them from their website solves this issue19:26
enkeyz48made a bug report also19:40
ubottuKDE bug 413331 in gtk theme "Kubuntu 19.10 - installed snap packages missing GTK theme elements" [Normal,Unconfirmed]19:40
enkeyz48I dunno who's idea was this sandboxed app manager, but it's just awful19:44
enkeyz48the whole Linux system is a big sandbox, why we need a sandbox in a sandbox19:47
IrcsomeBot<Swift110> Lol21:51
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