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sparrfirst reboot after an upgrade to 19.10 and X won't start. when I try `startx` from a console it complains that it cannot run in framebuffer mode. I'm working from the console now so it's hard to copy log entries.05:11
sparrXorg.0.log says it cannot load the nvidia module because it does not exist05:11
lotuspsychjesparr: this channel is not only for 20.04 development05:16
lotuspsychjesparr: 19.10 support you can ask in #ubuntu now05:17
sparroh, damn, bad timing05:18
sparrguess I should do one final upgrade05:18
lotuspsychjeEoflaOE: ^15:22
EoflaOElotuspsychje: I saw that. I have already seen the ISOs before16:31

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