pieqduflu, hi! I'm reviewing the bugs I opened during 19.10 beta testing. Regarding this: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-shell/issues/1736, do you know what's the GNOME process usually? Do they leave all the bugs unassigned until it's taken by someone?01:34
* duflu looks01:35
duflupieq, yes exactly as you said01:35
pieqduflu, ok, thanks!01:36
dufluIt's not affecting enough people for a developer to want to own it yet I guess01:36
pieqduflu, yeah I can imagine.01:52
dufluMade harder by the fact your dev machine would need a touchscreen... I wonder can you trigger it without one?01:53
pieqduflu, even though, it's a bit ironic in a way. The "curtain" you have to lift to unlock your desktop in GNOME3 is here because of the touchscreen (cause using a mouse to lift it is really a pain)01:53
pieqso I assumed they would be more proactive regarding touchscreen issues... but well.01:53
pieqduflu, I don't know how the OSK is triggered. I know you cannot click on the keys with the mouse, so I don't think it could be used at all without a touch screen01:54
dufluWell, if I was writing it I would make sure it was debuggable with a mouse *shrug*01:55
dufluMorning mvo. The PulseAudio people would like some feedback (https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/pulseaudio/pulseaudio/issues/749)05:40
mvoduflu: aha, right. yes, will do. I provided most logs already but not a debug log yet05:41
dufluThanks. I don't have working HDMI audio handy myself05:41
dufluThough my DisplayPorts offer the HDMI audio sink, they don't trigger the bug05:43
didrocksgood morning06:19
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers06:52
WimpressMorning o/06:56
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oSoMoNmorning Wimpress07:06
dufluMorning didrocks, oSoMoN and Wimpress07:10
oSoMoNhey duflu07:12
oSoMoNsalut didrocks07:12
didrockshey duflu, oSoMoN, Wimpress07:17
Wimpressdidrocks jibel JIm Salter talks about Ubuntu 19.10 and ZFS on root in the Techsnap Podcast episode 414.07:30
WimpressZFS discussion starts at 21m 20s07:30
didrocksWimpress: thanks! I'll listen to it during my daily exercise :)07:30
ackkhi, I installed 19.10 a couple of days ago, nightlight doesn't seem to work anymore. how can I debug the issue?07:33
dufluackk, just subscribe to bug 1847551 :)07:36
ubot5bug 1847551 in mutter (Ubuntu) "Mutter 3.34.1 broke Night Light, screen color profiles" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184755107:36
ackkoh, I did search for night light, didn't find it07:38
dufluYeah I usually think unresolved mutter bugs should have gnome-shell tasks so people can find them and save time/duplication07:40
dufluBut since a fix already exists for mutter it might cause confusion if people think I'm suggesting fixing gnome-shell instead07:41
oSoMoNhi Laney08:09
Laneyheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey oSoMoN08:12
dufluHi Laney08:13
* duflu falls off chair08:17
Laneydamn it, now I have to do that for everyone to be fair08:17
dufluexit 108:23
marcustomlinsonmorning desktoppers08:39
dufluMorning marcustomlinson08:39
pieqduflu, regarding LP #1847551, is there a fix planned to land soon in Ubuntu? I just noticed the exact same issue while testing Wayland on a device we have here08:39
ubot5Launchpad bug 1847551 in mutter (Ubuntu) "Mutter 3.34.1 broke Night Light, screen color profiles" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184755108:39
oSoMoNgood morning marcustomlinson08:40
duflupieq, it looks like we're waiting on upstream to complete a mutter 3.34.2 release. Unless someone wants to package a fix quicker08:41
pieqduflu, got it08:42
dufluIt looks relatively big already, so hopefully soon08:42
dufluLaney would know08:42
LaneyTowards the end of November08:45
LaneyoSoMoN: do you know if something changed in snapd to make https://launchpadlibrarian.net/447949360/buildlog_ubuntu_focal_amd64_ubuntu_BUILDING.txt.gz happen?08:47
duflupieq, Trevinho might want to do a sooner update of 3.34 since he's working on it upstream. Wait till he gets here08:48
* Laney picked you as the most likely person to know in here atm08:48
didrocks(and not an innocent random victimà08:49
oSoMoNLaney, nope08:50
pieqLaney, one month without night light, my eyes are gonna melt.08:50
oSoMoNKen would know, I suppose08:50
didrockspieq: easy, no screen at nights from now on! :)08:50
dufluI say ask Marco because generally by the time I prepare a single fix SRU he usually has a multi-fix SRU ready to replace it08:50
pieqdidrocks, you're so healthy...08:51
didrocksit's rather: do what I say, not what I do :p08:52
dufluYes it is the noisiest eoan regression I have seen08:55
LaneyWe agreed it wasn't a rls bug for the team, but if someone wanted to propose an upload with the patch and see it through the process, it could still happen.08:57
Laneymooooooooiiiiinnnnnn didrocks btw08:57
didrocksheyyyyyyy Laney ;)08:57
Laneydidrocks: did you see the canary image failures? seems the PPA needs a focal package published08:58
didrocksLaney: well, the image doesn't boot anyway, but let's open the focal archive in the PPA as it's easy enough08:59
Laneyalternative is to drop it from cdimage08:59
didrocksLaney: we aren't sure yet what will happen, let's wait for the Vancouver's sprint output, until then, I'll just do a dummy small upload, thanks for the ping!09:00
duflupieq, conclusion: No plan yet. So I might have a go at it before the end of the day09:14
dufluWhich for us is soon09:14
pieqduflu, cool! Thanks :)09:18
dufluOh. I didn't realise it was Wayland only. That would be why it's low priority09:38
dufluStill the noisiest regression though09:39
seb128goood morning desktopers (from London today!)09:51
marcustomlinsonhey seb12809:51
seb128Laney, thx for relaying that canary image ping from yesterday evening to didrocks :)09:51
seb128hey marcustomlinson , how are you?09:51
Trevinhoseb128: hi,09:51
Laneyhi seb12809:51
Laneydidn't see any ping09:51
Laneyjust failure emails09:51
seb128ah ok, infinit_y asked on the channel in the evening about it09:51
dufluMorning seb128 and Trevinho09:52
marcustomlinsonseb128: tired :P I woke up at 5 this morning, drove 50miles to accept a delivery at my parents house, and 50 back in time for work09:52
seb128marcustomlinson, urg :(09:52
seb128hey duflu, bonjourno Trevinho09:52
marcustomlinsonseb128: yourself? :)09:52
Wimpressseb128: o/09:52
WimpressI'm sat at a hot desktop by the turing space :-)09:53
seb128Laney, the snap issue you pinged Olivier about, could it be because we didn't open the stable/ubuntu-20 track for them yet?09:53
Trevinhothere are probably already few fixes that are sru material on shell / mutter, i will get few cherry picks ready (assuming .2 is not coming soon)09:55
Laneyseb128: no, that fails in a much more obvious way09:56
Laneytry like "snap download --channel=stable/ubuntu-20.04 gtk-common-themes" (it works)09:58
seb128we are looking at it with W_impress10:00
seb128Laney, do you know what command is returning the 'error: cannot validate seed:'?10:02
seb128is that the check you added not long ago?10:02
Laneysnap debug validate-seed or something10:02
ricotzhey desktopers :)10:03
ricotzI am curious about https://gitlab.gnome.org/Community/Ubuntu/gnome-sdk/commit/3a906fe2ce99ec58f4327c25635d42aa1a1700ad#note_63013710:03
Laneyyeah, that's right10:03
seb128Laney, Martin thinks the 20.04 track is missing and that install just fallback silently, refresh gives you an error10:04
seb128when you try to refresh with the stable/ubuntu....10:05
Laneywhy did we get builds previously then? https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu/focal/ubuntu/10:06
seb128is the channel/track to use set somewhere and was just updated?10:08
seb128or maybe you are right and it's not the issue10:08
Laneyit's computed by livecd-rootfs10:10
Laneylocal CHANNEL=${3:-"stable/ubuntu-$(release_ver)"}10:10
Laneyand you can see it passed to snap-tool in the build log10:11
Laneychannel is there10:11
seb128Wimpress, ^10:12
seb128(we are also in a meeting so looking on the side)10:15
LaneyTrevinho: just SRU a snapshot imho if you're looking at doing lots of picks10:22
Laneyoho, jbicha just said same on #debian-gnome :>10:29
jbichagood morning10:29
Wimpressseb128: https://github.com/intel/dptf10:38
seb128Wimpress, thx10:40
Wimpressdptfxtract is in the archive too.10:41
ricotzseb128, hi :)10:43
ricotzseb128, I am hoping you will have time for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vala/+bug/180313610:45
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1803136 in vala (Ubuntu Bionic) "[SRU] Update to vala 0.40.17 in bionic" [Low,Confirmed]10:45
seb128ricotz, hey, thx for the reminder, I will try to have a look today10:48
clobranomorning all 0/10:48
clobranoif any of you preferred the dark gnome shell, now it can be changed :)  https://github.com/ubuntu/yaru/pull/157810:49
ricotzseb128, that would be great, thanks!10:49
seb128ricotz, k, just did it since it was easy enough :)10:51
seb128hey clobrano , how are you?10:52
seb128clobrano, nice one! :-)10:52
clobranohey seb128, I'm fine, yourself?10:52
seb128I'm good, in London today and tomorrow for some meetings and next cycle desktop plans reviews10:54
ricotzseb128, oh, so you will upload it?11:06
seb128ricotz, it's uploaded now, needs SRU team review next11:07
seb128oSoMoN, I commented on bug #1849162 , one reason we didn't do it at the same is that we already have a calendar preinstalled (gnome-calendar)11:30
ubot5bug 1849162 in thunderbird (Ubuntu) "Lightning extension should be installed and enabled by default" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184916211:30
seb128we can have the discussion on how they would overlap, but we should talk about it before adding it imho11:30
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ricotzseb128, sorry, could you point me to the uploaded package for me to follow? I would have expected it here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/bionic/+queue?queue_state=111:37
seb128ricotz, sorry, I signed up with my Debian key, reuploading11:42
TrevinhoLaney: yeah, well I would love to snapshot, if it wasn't that I hate to make them.... In the sense that making it + pristine tar and stuff is a waste of time, or am I doing it wrong?11:51
Laneyninja dist?11:51
TrevinhoLaney: yeah, plus creating a fake tag, plus import, push three branches...11:52
Trevinhobut ideally I had just few commits in mind, but let me see11:53
Laneywhat fake tag?11:53
Laneythink you are exaggerating just a little bit11:53
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1633319 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "memory leak in indicator-datetime" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:00
Wimpressseb128: That is the bug I mentioned. Tagged as requested.12:00
TrevinhoLaney: well we need a 3.34+git34568790 tag to make gbp happy to import it, no?12:05
Trevinhowell, .1..12:05
Trevinhoanyways, I think i've to follow that rood12:06
didrocksWimpress: quite impressed about the Techsnap review, indeed. Accurate and deep dive :)12:15
seb128Wimpress, thx12:17
LaneyTrevinho: sorry was looking into some ppc64el weirdness12:27
TrevinhoLaney: np12:27
Laneyit's ninja dist; gbp import-orig --upstream-vcs-tag=<the commit you disted at>12:27
Laneyhttps://salsa.debian.org/laney/mutter did it there for you12:27
seb128Trevinho, I got that weird bug with the lockscreen being displayed over the session but not really12:28
Trevinhoseb128: mh, still in your slow machine right?12:29
seb128same as the other day, screen autolocked on idle and and immediatly moved the mouse because I didn't want to have it locking12:29
seb128looks like it's an issue when you try to prevent the locking by an action when it already kicked in12:29
Trevinhoseb128: so like stopping the idle..12:30
Trevinhoseb128: try playing with gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.session idle-delay 112:30
Trevinho(i'm also doing it)12:30
seb128Trevinho, so yeah, trivial to trigger here12:40
oSoMoNseb128, re-lightning, that makes sense, I wasn't aware of the rationale12:40
Trevinhoseb128: ouch, I can't instead... mhmh, indeed some racing issue, can you give me access there via tmate?12:41
Trevinhoonce in broken state12:41
oSoMoNthat doesn't prevent me from bundling lightning into the main thunderbird package, but maybe not enabled by default? that would be a good first step in the right direction12:41
Trevinhowell, just before either12:41
seb128Trevinho, I'm in between meeting in the office, I will probably do that once I'm back, no hurry12:42
Trevinhoor if you don't want to install tmate in snap there's something similar... can't remember the name though12:42
seb128oSoMoN, yeah, I think it's fine12:42
Trevinhowillcooke: do you remember the name of that? ^12:43
willcookewhat was that for?12:44
seb128oSoMoN, adding it isn't going to add a new .desktop right? like looking in the overview for calendar would not list it?12:45
willcookeTrevinho, seb128 ^12:46
oSoMoNseb128, nope12:46
oSoMoNlightning is a pure thunderbird extension, it's installed as a packed xpi file in /usr/lib/thunderbird-addons/extensions/, so no desktop files12:47
seb128k, good12:49
ricotzoSoMoN, hi, did you noticed localizations issues in thunderbird, exspecially names of default folders?12:59
oSoMoNricotz, yeah, that's a known bug, let me look up the number13:00
oSoMoNbug #184777213:00
ricotzoSoMoN, ah, good13:00
ubot5bug 1847772 in Mozilla Thunderbird "E-mail folder names are not localized in thunderbird 68" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184777213:00
ricotzoSoMoN, any concerns about this WeTransfer add-on?13:00
ricotzpersonally I would not want to have it by default13:01
oSoMoNricotz, it's on by default in the upstream builds, so it kinda makes sense13:02
oSoMoNbut you have to explicitly opt-in to use it in the settings13:02
oSoMoNso I think it's a fine balance13:02
ricotzhmm, I tend to disable things which I don't use, but I see13:03
Trevinhowillcooke: thanks13:10
hellsworthgood morning desktopers!13:27
marcustomlinsonhey hellsworth13:28
kenvandineHello desktopers, meeting time!13:30
kenvandine#startmeeting Desktop Team Weekly Meeting - 2019-10-2213:30
meetingologyMeeting started Tue Oct 22 13:30:23 2019 UTC.  The chair is kenvandine. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.13:30
meetingologyAvailable commands: action commands idea info link nick13:30
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kenvandineRoll call:  didrocks, duflu (out), hellsworth, jamesh (out), jibel, kenvandine, laney, marcustomlinson, oSoMoN, seb128 (out) , tkamppeter, trevinho, robert_ancell (out)13:30
kenvandinelet's get started13:32
kenvandinewe don't have rls-ff tracking reports yet, so we can skip those :)13:33
kenvandine#topic rls-ee-bugs13:33
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kenvandineanyone with opinions on bug 184580113:34
ubot5bug 1845801 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "[nvidia] Automatic login fails and then all subsequent logins fail. Killing gnome-session-binary fixes it, or just not using automatic login." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184580113:34
kenvandinesounds like it causes pain, but probably a corner case13:36
didrocksI didn't have autologin issues when doing iso testing, I think Laney would know about the session handling maybe?13:37
didrocksI'm wondering about the "do-release-upgrade" was rocky13:37
didrocksso maybe a consequence?13:37
didrocksI think duflu started engaging with them and added to the list, maybe he should continue following up?13:38
LaneyI can try it, I have an nvidia machine13:38
kenvandineLaney: great13:38
Laneyit should be accepted if it's a real bug13:38
Laneyif i can't make it happen, will need to hand it off though13:38
kenvandinethe other incoming bug has been reported upstream13:40
kenvandineduflu assigned it to himself13:41
Laneylink it?13:41
kenvandinebug 184913513:41
ubot5bug 1849135 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Clicking Activities in the corner doesn't work in Xorg sessions" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184913513:41
kenvandinesorry :)13:42
Laneyso one pixel doesn't work for clicking13:42
Laney-1 for tracking imho13:42
didrocks-1 as well13:42
kenvandine#topic rls-dd-bugs13:42
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seb128(it's the one pixel you end up if you throw your mouse to the corner I think)13:43
kenvandinehey seb128!13:43
kenvandinenothing for us in rls-dd-incoming13:44
seb128(anyway, -1 is probably fine, there has been only one report so far)13:44
kenvandinelooks like duflu is looking into it anyways and he initially reported it upstream13:44
kenvandineeverything under rls-dd-tracking looks fine.  All either assigned or fix committed13:46
kenvandine#topic rls-bb-bugs13:46
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kenvandinenothing incoming for us13:47
kenvandineand everything tracking looks fine13:48
kenvandine#topic update_excuses_by_team.html#desktop-packages13:48
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Laneynot open yet13:48
Laneycome back next week :>13:48
kenvandine#topic aob13:49
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kenvandineOne thing from me... Great release everyone!13:49
kenvandinelots of positive press, loving it13:49
didrocksyeah \o/13:49
seb128indeed, well done team, great release!13:50
kenvandineand another note... sadly willcooke's last week13:50
oSoMoNyou'll be missed willcooke13:51
didrockslet's wish him the best for his next endover :)13:51
hellsworthi wish you all the best willcooke13:51
kenvandinejust wish i could buy him another beer :)13:51
tkamppeterLots of people are helping us that it will go on in the future:13:52
kenvandineseb128: i hope you are buying drinks tonight :)13:52
marcustomlinsonbest of luck willcooke13:52
tkamppeterall the best, willcooke!13:53
kenvandinetkamppeter: where are those pictures from?13:53
seb128kenvandine, sure, you should come :)13:53
tkamppeterkenvandine, GSoC Mentor Summit this weekend.13:53
kenvandineoh... right there in the folder name :)13:54
tkamppeterThese people have mentored students, so that we get new great people into free software community.13:54
tkamppeterI am the one in the white OpenPrinting t-shirt in the middle.13:55
kenvandineok, last call for other business?13:55
kenvandinetkamppeter: nicely placed, right in the middle13:55
tkamppeterIn the video in the end you see that it is shot with a drone.13:56
Laneykenvandine: can you pls own fixing https://launchpadlibrarian.net/447954589/buildlog_ubuntu_focal_amd64_ubuntu_BUILDING.txt.gz in one way or another?13:56
LaneyWimpress and seb128 were looking into it13:56
Laneybut not sure anyone got very far13:56
hellsworthwhat is that a build log of?13:57
kenvandinefocal image13:57
seb128Martin though it was lack of stable/ubuntu-20.04 tracks enabling13:57
Laneyyes, it's not that though13:57
seb128but Laney is pretty sure it's not13:57
seb128we didn't poke further13:57
kenvandineit's definately not13:57
seb128so kenvandine is welcome to look :)13:58
kenvandinei'll talk to mvo13:58
kenvandineit downloaded both of those snaps13:58
Laneyit worked yesterday13:58
kenvandineLaney: is there a bug to track this?13:58
kenvandineoh interesting13:58
kenvandineLaney, seb128: I'll chase it down13:59
kenvandineany more business?13:59
kenvandineLaney: can you dig up a build log from yesterday's image?13:59
kenvandinelet's wrap up and save that for after the meeting14:00
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meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Oct 22 14:00:49 2019 UTC.14:00
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-desktop/2019/ubuntu-desktop.2019-10-22-13.30.moin.txt14:00
Laneythe index is here https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu/focal/ubuntu/14:02
willcookethanks for the well wishes all.14:02
kenvandineLaney: thanks14:07
kenvandinemvo: can you help look at seed validation issues in focal image builds?14:11
kenvandinethere is a newer revision of the calculator snap since the last successful image build14:13
kenvandinebut it connects to the same content provider14:13
kenvandinewhich it thinks is missing14:13
mvokenvandine: looking, what snapd version is used?14:14
kenvandinesame version that succeeded14:15
kenvandinebuild failed https://launchpadlibrarian.net/447954589/buildlog_ubuntu_focal_amd64_ubuntu_BUILDING.txt.gz14:15
kenvandinelast success https://launchpadlibrarian.net/447812945/buildlog_ubuntu_focal_amd64_ubuntu_BUILDING.txt.gz14:15
kenvandinewhich was yesterday14:16
kenvandinethere are newer revisions of gnome-calculator and gnome-characters today14:16
kenvandinegnome-calculator is what's failing14:16
mvokenvandine: gnome-calculator from edge?14:16
kenvandinebut those default providers are the same and the revisions for those haven't changed14:16
mvokenvandine: ok14:16
mvokenvandine: indeed, strange14:16
seb128kenvandine, mvo, did the discussion stopped or moved to some other channel?15:48
mvoseb128: I started looking but have no idea right now15:48
seb128Laney, do you know how the glib/autopkgtest failure from the week before release resolved itself?15:48
mvoseb128: I'm asking in the team before I digg deeper15:48
seb128mvo, k, thx15:49
Laneyit worked after a retry15:50
seb128Laney, I mean do you have any idea where the issue was coming from?15:51
seb128it was not a simple retry, retries failed consistently for a while (see http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/g/glib2.0/eoan/i386)15:51
seb128Laney, I'm asking because I opened an upstream issue and I would like to follow up/close with something better than 'it automagically stopped failing no idea why/what changed'15:52
Laneyno, I tried it locally and it worked, then I tried it on scalingstack manually and it worked, then I retried from autopkgtest and it worked15:54
Laneyif I have to guess it's some shit to do with removing the i386 kernel15:54
seb128I though it might be but I don't understand how it autoresolved then16:02
seb128oh well...16:02
Laneyjust couldn't get to a broken situation to have a look at all16:04
=== pstolowski is now known as pstolowski|afk
seb128jamesh, kenvandine, I see that error coming back in journal log from random bugs,16:19
seb128xdg-desktop-por[2912]: Failed to get application states: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.portal.Error.Failed: Could not get window list: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied: App introspection not allowed16:19
seb128is that a known issue/something we should look at?16:19
seb128Trevinho, the rls post on discourse, you updated the status of the first bug assigned to you (thanks!) but there are some others bellow :)16:56
Trevinhoseb128: my ctrl-f only was finding that :o16:57
Trevinhoah, actually... damn I thought it was mentioned in each name16:58
Trevinhoin each bug, the na,e16:58
kenvandinehellsworth: FYI https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+snap/gnome-3-34-180417:47
kenvandinei had it built a couple of hours ago17:47
kenvandineit's in edge17:47
hellsworthoh nice!17:51
hellsworththank you, kenvandine. i built it this morning to make sure it built ok with the new build snap changes and i guess i should have asked you to launch a proper build to get it into edge.17:52

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