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DJonesCan somebody change !isitout to Yes its out for iso downloads for fresh installs.  19.10 has not been released for upgrades yet. Please check back later17:18
daxi'm gonna poke -release about the timeline for them offering eoan upgrades and see what they say17:23
DJonesI suspect its whoever is responsible for https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release17:29
daxcorrect, that's what the upgrade stuff checks against17:30
daxinfinity was talking about doing it a few days ago, but obv. that didn't happen17:30
daxhence poking the release team17:30
DJonesHad the same issue a few releases back, I thinkthat time whoever was responsible got carried away and went to the pub with the rest of the release team17:30
dax(i try to avoid hassling them, but #ubuntu has been annoying this cycle, especially with -d showing up in the Release Notes this time around for some reason)17:31
DJonesI can understand that, release time is always busy17:37
daxDJones: https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release i think it should be offering upgrades now17:44
dax(i don't have a 19.04 handy to test, am at work)17:45
DJonesdax: Yes it is just checked using software updates18:25
DJonesMy 19.04 install is upgrading as I type18:25
DJonesGood poke to the release team, remind me not to get on the wrong side of the poking finger :)18:26
daxturns out tomreyn already asked about it yesterday, so i think it was more his doing than mine, and i just happened to ask right as it happened18:28
DJonesAh well, no matter, its done18:30
DJonesUpgrade, reboot all worked fine. Not tested beyond reboot, but seems ok19:05
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