alkisgHi, on bionic-hwe fully updated, i5-4440 CPU/GPU, and this minimal xorg.conf: Section "Monitor"    Identifier  "HDMI-1"    Option      "Primary" "true" EndSection09:15
alkisgXorg ...starts but isn't displayed on screen! vt7 shows a small "bpfilter" message in text mode, and `export DISPLAY=:0; xrandr` works, and lightdm is supposed to be running, but it's not displayed09:15
alkisgRelated Xorg.0.log: https://termbin.com/95di09:15
alkisg[   982.100] (EE) modeset(0): failed to set mode: Invalid argument09:16
alkisgI believe this is related to "Primary", as if I remove it, it then works fine09:16
alkisgAs a workaround, I removed "primary" from my xorg.conf (the non-testing one is longer) and everything works fine, and I'm setting primary with xrandr after login09:18
tomreynalkisg: if you set "primary" in corg.conf, maybe you need to also have a second  monitor section?16:31
alkisgtomreyn: in my initial test, I had one, and it triggered the error; then I started removing lines until I minimized the problem to the lines I mentioned above16:48
alkisgHere's my original one: https://termbin.com/qjp616:49
alkisgSo I played with removing lines, and I saw that it was the "primary" line that breaks xorg16:49
alkisgThis used to work in 16.04; I don't know at which point it broke because for a couple of years I didn't use a xorg.conf16:49
tomreynhmm, no idea then. your log shows that those options are parsed, and the parser itself seems to be happy with them.17:50
tomreynjust the modesetting is not.17:50
alkisgI do think it's a xorg regression as it was working previously... but I've no idea in which subsystem. I've had intel clients in the past that didn't show a login screen, while VNC was working (!), and updating kernel/xorg fixed them, so I'm guessing it's specific to intel or modesetting...18:02
alkisgI haven't seen that symptom in non-intel cards (where xorg "works" but isn't shown) 18:03
tjaaltonI can push a new hwe xserver to a ppa tomorrow18:14
tjaaltonmesa is being prepared already18:15
alkisgtjaalton: ah thank you, I'll stick around, please ping me if it's available for testing18:18
tjaaltonif latest 1.20-branch doesn't fix it, then perhaps needs to be upstreamed18:19
tjaaltonand eoan has a git snapshot of it18:20
alkisgMaybe I could test with the 19.10 live cd too, by putting an init break, and creating a xorg.conf before continuing...18:20
alkisgI'll do that tomorrow morning18:20
tjaaltonyou can restart the session too18:20
tjaaltonfrom a terminal18:20
alkisgAh right18:20

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