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bkurt78Is there a channel specific to the rapsberry pi image or is this the propper place to ask questions?01:23
sarnoldI'm not aware of any better place to ask01:25
bkurt78sarnold:  Thanks.01:26
bkurt78I got my pi 4 up and running with the 32 bit 19.10 image.  However, I don't see the zfs module or zfs user space tools.  Do those need to be installed or are they not available on arm?01:27
Milkshakebkurt78: there's ##hardware01:28
sarnoldbkurt78: I see armhf packages https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zfs-linux/0.8.1-1ubuntu15/+build/1793424701:29
sarnoldbkurt78: hopefully it's just apt install zfsutils-linux && modprobe zfs01:30
bkurt78sarnold:  I will give that a shot.  Maybe its just not on the base image, which probably makes some sense.01:31
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bindiMilkshake: ##hardware is totally not the right place to ask about zfs and ubuntu01:41
bkurt78bindi:  Yeah I just found that out.  They are tearing into me for asking.01:42
Milkshakeyeah sorry thought its soemthing to do with the rasp pi he has. lol my bad01:42
DisconsentedTotally not the right place to not answer anyone's questions about that01:44
Gusj Hello, I have Xubuntu 18.04 LTS installed and I am looking for the 'Devices' in settings in order to change the color profile, but I am missing Devices is there another way to change color profile by default or do I have to install app?01:48
k_szeWhen updating the kernel, I get messages like "dpkg: warning: while removing linux-modules-5.0.0-29-generic, directory '/lib/modules/5.0.0-29-generic' not empty so not removed". What's the proper way to clean that up?02:01
Bashing-omk_sze: That warning was only temporary while work is in progress. ' ls -al /lib/modules/ ' will confirm that directory no longer exists.02:08
k_szeBashing-om, actually, yeah, it seems that apt not automatically cleans that up. I still see lots of directories for some much older kernel versions though.02:09
k_szes/apt not/apt now/02:10
Bashing-omk_sze: So long as images exist in /boot/ there will be correspnding modules in /lib/. ' dpkg -l  | grep linux- ' to see all lernels installed.02:12
Bashing-omk_sze: So long as images exist in /boot/ there will be correspnding modules in /lib/. ' dpkg -l  | grep linux- ' to see all lernels installed.02:13
johnjbogle1Hello. I asked this question previously, but I didn't understand the response. I have 2 laptops. Mine and my gf's. Both have Ubuntu. Mine is giving me hella problems but that's another issue I'm working at resolving. My gf's laptop works fine, but even hers is displaying an error when trying to open Software Boutique: "Sorry, Ubuntu MATE Welcome is not currently supported on your distribution. We will soon be releasing a new version of Welcome02:14
johnjbogle1that will support more distributions."02:14
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johnjbogle1Is this a problem with Software Boutique, or with our machines? How would I remedy such an issue? -TIA.02:16
sarnoldjohnjbogle1: you may have to ask whoever wrote that "welcome" application02:17
johnjbogle1It is when I try to open the Software Boutique.02:18
sarnoldjohnjbogle1: maybe try in #ubuntu-mate ? maybe someone there knows what the Welcome application is02:21
johnjbogle1ok thx02:26
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Cooler$ sudo modprobe vboxdrv04:01
Coolermodprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'vboxdrv': Operation not permitted04:01
AscavasaionCooler: Maybe you do not have sudo privileges.  I don't know.04:12
CoolerI do04:13
CoolerAscavasaion, it is about signing issues04:13
GusjHi, I am running Xubuntu 18.04 LTS have not been able to change color profile, screen is too blueish, have install displaycal with no luck, how can one do this ni 18.04 xfce?04:14
CoolerI followed this tutorial to sign the module https://era86.github.io/2018/01/24/vagrant-virtualbox-secureboot-in-ubuntu-1604.html04:14
Coolerbut then the kernel changes04:14
Coolerbut then the kernel changed to 3104:14
Coolerand also they added vbox 6.0 to the ubuntu repos04:14
Coolerso apt-get updated and everything broke04:14
CoolerHow do I purge everything?04:15
Coolerrelated to vbox04:15
Coolerwell maybe ubuntu didn't add vbox 604:16
Coolerbut the kernel did update04:17
lotuspsychjeGusj: maybe the #xubuntu guys know04:17
Cooler[166493.707618] PKCS#7 signature not signed with a trusted key04:20
Coolerwell I fixed it04:24
Coolerhad to resign the vboxdrv module04:24
Coolerwhich is weird to me04:24
Coolerwhy do I have to sign it again with the same key as before?04:24
CoolerIt was already signed with that key04:24
Gusjlotuspsychje, Yes, thank you in there right now04:26
lotuspsychjewelcome Gusj04:28
JadedJHi, I'm looking to share my wifi connection via ethernet using ubuntu on my laptop04:47
ponyriderthats not possible unless you use a crossover cable and directly link to the machine04:51
JadedJAre you talking to me?04:52
JadedJI'm plugging the laptop's ethernet port into a switch04:52
ponyriderok that would work too lol04:53
ponyriderbut i dont think a router can let that happen04:53
ponyriderso what you have to do is set up a bridge04:53
JadedJI'm going to attempt to do it using GUI first and if I can get it working, I'll switch to command line only04:54
ponyriderok whatever man04:54
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JadedJIf I'm doing a dual boot of ubuntu and xubuntu, do I need to two have swap file volumes?05:09
EriC^^JadedJ: no05:12
yelofJadedJ, so long as you do not try to suspend/hibernate both systems at once, or run the other while the first is suspended.  must configure swapon in both systems05:14
sparrAfter upgrading to 19.10 early, what should I do to make sure I'm fully up to date after the release?05:19
lotuspsychje!final | sparr05:24
ubottusparr: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Focal and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 20.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade » in a terminal.05:24
lotuspsychjefor 19.10 that is05:24
lotuspsychjeso just keep your system up to date sparr05:25
ubottuTo ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.05:25
sparrI already did a dist-upgrade, so full-upgrade is yielding nothing. Thanks for the info.05:25
sparrso now on to my real problem :)05:25
sparrfirst reboot after upgrade to 19.10 and X won't start. Xorg.0.log says the nvidia module doesn't exist. The nvidia and nvidia_drm and nvidia_modeset kernel modules are loaded, so I'm not sure what it's looking for.05:28
sparris there some way to redo the X configuration that was done during the original install?05:28
lotuspsychjesparr: wich chipset of video graphics you have, and wich nvidia driver version?05:34
sparrhave both intel and nvidia graphics, not sure how to be more specific right now05:34
sparrnvidia packages installed are version 43605:35
sparr435, sorry05:35
lotuspsychjeso its an optimus card probably05:35
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | sparr try this to get in your system first05:35
ubottusparr try this to get in your system first: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter05:35
sparrright now I'd settle for getting either of them working at all, troubleshooting this in console is tough05:35
sparrmanually transcribing URLs into w3m, for example :)05:36
lotuspsychjesparr: or try to get in grub/recoverymode low graphics05:36
sparris there any way I can redo/recreate the X configuration that would come with a fresh install, other than doing a fresh install?05:36
lotuspsychjesparr: editing xorg isnt really needed normally these days, we need to enter your system and install the nvidia drivers probably05:37
sparrtrying to install xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-43505:39
sparrand reconfiguring nvidia-dkms-43505:39
sparrthat got me a little further05:44
sparrnow Xorg.0.log complains about not finding glxserver_nvidia module05:44
sparrlots of info online suggests I should have a tool `nvidia-xconfig` to produce the configuration but I don't, and I can't figure out what package to install to get it05:45
ayewhttps://packages.debian.org/buster/nvidia-xconfig (its depreciated)05:47
sparris there soething current that does the same job?05:47
ayewyou need contrib enabled in /etc/hosts05:47
ayewi mean source.list05:48
ayewwtf is going on in my head05:48
ayewsparr: its depreciated in that "Creating an xorg.conf is no longer needed for normal setups." but its still in stable, so no reason not to use if it needed to fix something05:48
sparrwhat is used during a fresh install to configure X?05:48
sparrand where does that configuration live? I expect to have /etc/X11/Xorg.conf but it's not there05:49
sparrat this point I've spent more time troubleshooting this than a fresh install would have taken, although setting everything up again would be many hours of pain that I'm still hoping to avoid05:49
ayew/etc/X11/xorg.conf should exist05:50
sparrit does not05:50
ayewXorg -configure inside /etc/X11 should make it05:50
sparr... despite `startx` failing, X just magically started working when I switched to virtual console #105:51
lotuspsychjesparr: dont use startx, it will get you in trouble06:07
zetheroowhich command is used to install all security updates in Ubuntu 18.04?07:31
EriC^zetheroo: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade     upgrades the whole system07:33
ubottuTo ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.07:33
zetherooEriC^: I though apt-get wasn't necessary anymore. I have been doing apt upgrade and apt dist-upgrade.07:34
zetherooyelof: ok, tks07:35
yelofzetheroo: apt and apt-get can both be used, they simplified, but most of the get syntax still works07:36
zetherooafter some reading it seems that the key difference between apt upgrade and apt full-upgrade (the new 'dist-upgrade') is that the former will not remove packages during updating, whereas the latter will. And both commands install kernel updates.07:46
lotuspsychjeammo: always keep your system up to date07:46
chietai have 2 monitors: +*eDP-1(on the right)  and +HDMI-1(on the left) how to set that all application opened on the right one rather than on the left07:49
boktanif i remove any driver does it removed completely or there is any garbage beghind?07:50
lotuspsychjeboktan: driver modules on ubuntu dont work the same like on windows07:52
lotuspsychjeboktan: do you have a specific issue?07:53
boktanim trying to install my wifi adaptor i already did and part of it is working but i want to let it work completely can you help me about that? lotuspsychje07:54
lotuspsychjeboktan: ubuntu version and wifi chipset please?07:54
boktan19.10 wifi adaptor alfa-AWUS036ACH =====881207:55
lotuspsychjeboktan: did you install drivers manually from anywhere? and hwta do you mean with half-working? whats not working well exactly?07:56
boktanhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1Vn4KzClyCQ0XeMrAGjE7OvEMeBZgg6Xb/view this style was the only one which is working for me07:56
boktani did tryed the driver from ubuntu repo but even the light was not blinking on my adaptor07:57
boktani cannot create ap cannot get handshake not any wifi tools working etc.07:57
boktanjust can connect to wifi :D07:57
lotuspsychjeboktan: pastebin: lsb_release -a && uname -a07:57
boktani think there is something wrong on software im sure that my hardware is working07:59
lotuspsychjeboktan: if you mess with git drivers, please seek help at the maintainer of the git07:59
boktanthe driver of the git i installed correct but maybe that one is old im not sure i07:59
boktanim just sure that the git style is the best style which is working08:00
boktanbut part of it is working if there is another way of course i can do it too but i couldnt find08:00
lotuspsychjeboktan: if your wifi driver doesnt work by default on ubuntu, then its a !bug08:00
boktanbug on what? on my side or on ubuntu side?08:01
lotuspsychjeboktan: on ubuntu yes, did you try a liveusb 19.10 and see if your wifi is working there?08:01
boktanno i did not tryed it but usb mode and install mode is general same08:02
Blueratehi, I work under ubuntu 16.04, I need to install  18.04 LTS can i install it beside ubuntu 16.04... any help08:02
lotuspsychjeboktan: was your wifi working after ubuntu setup?08:02
boktanif i install the driver from ubuntu it is installing the tools which i need too automatic right? lotuspsyhje08:02
boktanafter ubuntu setup yes internal wifi works everytime08:03
lotuspsychjeboktan: wifi drivers 'should' work by default on ubuntu08:03
boktanim using internal wifi on install ubuntu for updating during install08:03
lotuspsychjeboktan: if they were working, why did you install the git drivers?08:03
boktani said the internal wifi08:03
boktannot the usb wifi :/08:03
boktanusb wifi never works without installing driver08:03
lotuspsychjeboktan: ok, so your external usb wifi has a bu?08:04
lotuspsychjefile a new !bug boktan08:04
lotuspsychjeboktan: ubuntu-bug linux, then add a title + description08:05
boktani dont think it is a new bug everybody haves this problems many people is fixing it on internet but i cannot do it because of my bad english and because of im noob lotuspsychje08:05
lotuspsychjeboktan: if some hardware is not working on an updated system, thats a bug08:06
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boktancan you help me to open the topic? i dont know what to post there08:06
lotuspsychjeboktan: sure, start with: ubuntu-bug linux from terminal08:07
lotuspsychjeboktan: title something like: alfa-AWUS036ACH wifi usb adapter not working by default08:07
lotuspsychjeboktan: do you have a launchpad account?08:08
boktani choice other problem08:08
boktanim now registering to ubuntu one08:08
boktani think it is okay huh?08:08
lotuspsychjeyeah make a new launchpad account08:08
boktannow how to login from my desktop to this account08:09
lotuspsychjefrom a browser08:10
boktanon desktop ubuntu have this option too08:10
boktando i not need to login from desktop08:10
boktanafter install it was coming08:10
lotuspsychjejust login on firefox08:11
boktani did loged in on desktop i was thinking it is needed for ubuntu-bug08:12
boktanshould i login on firefox?08:12
boktanubuntu-bug is not working something pid error it is giving me08:12
lotuspsychjeboktan: login on launchpad from firefox first, then after you can file your bug via terminal08:12
lotuspsychjeboktan: did you type: ubuntu-bug linux08:13
boktansomething opened now08:13
boktansend no send it says just08:14
lotuspsychjesend bug report08:14
boktanyeah firefox opened08:14
boktanbut i did not install the driver from the repo08:15
lotuspsychjeboktan: ok, now add a title of your bug and add your story to the bug08:15
boktanthey will i think say me install it and send again bug report right?08:15
lotuspsychjeboktan: you can add that to your story, you tryed to fix with a git08:15
boktanthank you08:16
boktanyou think how long it will need that they fix it ? is my first experience with reporting there08:16
lotuspsychjeboktan: bug fixing depending on many factors, like how fast you also help testing08:16
lotuspsychjehow many other users also affected08:16
lotuspsychjeif developers know or not..08:17
lotuspsychjeshare your bur url after here, we can take a look for you08:17
boktanokay im writing now08:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1849276 in linux (Ubuntu) "alfa-AWUS036ACH wifi usb adapter not working" [Undecided,New]08:21
boktani hope my english explain the problem good enough :D08:22
BlastuRhey. installed ubuntu 18 server edition, checked "docker" to be installed from installer. This did not install the standard "docker.io" package, but instead a "snap" package. Now docker runs as root instead of docker. So I can't add myself to the docker group. What can I do?08:22
BlastuR(if I want to run docker commands as non-root user)08:22
boktanlotuspsychje can anybody comment to this bug? or just the developpers?08:29
boktanlotuspsychje it says now confirmed on my topic what means it?08:35
tarzeauBlastuR: really? hahaha08:36
BlastuRtarzeau: ?08:36
tarzeauabout the snap and no more group :)08:36
tarzeaui find that so funny. but from the changelog you should be just able to apt-get install docker.io ?08:37
tarzeauyou used the software manager gui to install software? on ubuntu?08:37
BlastuRwell, yeah. i suppose, but this snap thing seems convenient. i just dont understand how i can use docker inside a snap as a non-root user08:37
tarzeaui hardly know anyone using that nightmare gui08:37
BlastuRi  used the cli installer that comes with ubuntu server edition08:38
tarzeauthe hpc guys i know, use singularity08:38
* tarzeau still doesn't get why people want docker..08:38
BlastuRtarzeau: well, thats an entirely other discussion.08:39
tarzeautrue, care to name your docker software thing you want to run?08:39
BlastuRit's a in-house development environment08:40
legreffierBlastuR: dockerd running as root is the expected behavior.08:43
legreffieryou can add yourself to docker group, and control it.08:44
BlastuRlegreffier: well, docker group doesn't even exist when running docker as a snap. but anyway, i tried adding the docker group and added my user to it. did not work. I suppose i have to configure docker to actually use the docker-group too..?08:46
legreffierBlastuR: i don't know about the snap package :/09:02
cognitionHi, how to pin the os to a particular kernel?09:08
cognitionIf I do "apt-get update"/"apt-get upgrade"/"apt-get dist-upgrade"/"apt-get do-release-upgrade" on a 14.04 system, will I be upgraded to 16.04 or will it take it to 18.04?09:20
Ben64apt-get do-release-upgrade isn't a thing09:22
gulzarI am on 18.04  with the cuda card k20c . I installed cuda10.1 from the nvidia website but it fails to start display.  gdm logsout immedialty on login. startx (after stopping gdm) gives error: fatal error no screens found . the display vga port is on motherboard via intel graphics. What to do?09:28
ns5Is postfix a must in an Ubuntu server?09:30
tinyhippoare you sending or receiving emails?09:31
ns5tinyhippo: no I don't think so.  But sometimes when I ssh to the server, I see "you have mail"...09:32
ns5is that postfix?09:32
tinyhippons5: not necessarily, it's likely a notification message from a process running on the server09:36
tinyhippoit'll probably bein /var/mail/<your username>09:36
tinyhippoor use the `mail` command09:36
ns5tinyhippo: /var/spool/mail/root, does this have anything to do with postfix?  If I remove postfix, will this /var/spool/mail and 'you have new mail' thing still work?09:37
gulzaranyone nvidia/cuda issue please09:45
tarzeaugulzar: works like a champion (using nvidia repo though)09:48
IlgazGuys snap stuck installing digikam, what to do?10:35
tarzeauremove snap, install apt install digikam10:38
Ilgazhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Dk45M9ttvh/  --> this cycle10:41
Ilgazoh found it via man command: sudo snap abort --last=install10:43
IlgazThanks for help anyway tarzeau10:43
boktanim trying to install dhcpd but i get "Choosing 'udhcpd' instead of 'dhcpd'" warning10:45
boktanwhat should i do10:45
acebrianjuanI have a program that parses a file and prints decoded data on standard output11:14
gulzartarzeau: ok, will try that11:14
acebrianjuanI would like to redirect the outputs to a port instead of standard output11:15
acebrianjuanis this possible to do?11:15
acebrianjuanThe output that the program generates are json objects, so that's why I need to redirect them to a network port so that I can read the json stream from another program11:17
BluesKajHi folks11:17
acebrianjuanok, I figured I can do it like this:11:24
acebrianjuan$ myprogram > /dev/udp/
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Red15acebrianjuan: yes, but use pipes like this11:53
Red15$ myprogram | nc -u 123411:54
Red15nc = netcat; man netcat11:54
Red15uhmm, well "man nc" works better, think in ubuntu the package is called netcat11:55
acebrianjuanRed15: thank you for your answer. What are the differences between using netcat and redirecting with (>) ?12:20
acebrianjuanRed15: both methods achieve the same results12:21
pragmaticenigmanetcat and a ">" redirect are not at all the same thing12:25
acebrianjuanok, I'm listening12:26
pragmaticenigma!alis | acebrianjuan: A discussion like this is off topic for this channel. If you wish to find help on software development topics, please12:28
ubottuacebrianjuan: A discussion like this is off topic for this channel. If you wish to find help on software development topics, please: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"12:28
acebrianjuanpragmaticenigma: but these are tools we use in Ubuntu! why would this be off topic?12:31
pragmaticenigmaacebrianjuan: Because they're not support related. You are asking for help on developing a program/script/applet. This channel is for helping users setup and troubleshoot Ubuntu as the OS. It is not the place to have a discussion about the merits or personal preferences of what applications to use, or how to use them. For that, there are better channels dedicated for that purpose12:33
oerheks1i find no good explaination for nc vs >12:34
acebrianjuanpragmaticenigma: what would be a better channel for discussing this sort of things?12:37
pragmaticenigma!alis | acebrianjuan: I already sent you this:12:37
ubottuacebrianjuan: I already sent you this:: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"12:37
acebrianjuanoerheks1: the only difference that comes to mind is that netcat is a program while > is an opertor, but don't know what implications have each12:40
acebrianjuanpragmaticenigma: thanks12:40
makarahi. I'm having trouble mounting a Windows share. It gives "mount error(95): Operation not supported": sudo mount -t cifs -o username=mrsandman,domain=SANDCASTLE,rw // /mnt/Sandbox12:45
pragmaticenigmamakara: Are you on a corporate domain, or just your home network?12:49
makaraI know the problem isnt with the share - I can mount it fine with file manager12:49
pragmaticenigmamakara: Does the directory path /mnt/Sandbox exist?12:50
makarait sure does12:51
TenLeftFingerstomreyn: re undetected HDMI display on 18.04, I've run journalctl -b again on the GDM3/Gnome setup. https://termbin.com/ehue12:53
TenLeftFingersI've tried xrandr and arandr also, but they say HDMI is disconnected.12:53
pragmaticenigmamakara: When I mount a windows share, I use the following (replacing items in brackets as appropriate):  sudo mount -t cifs -o username={username} //server.example.com/share/path /media/{username}/{share_name}12:53
pragmaticenigmamakara: That is to say, I don't have a "rw" in my options. I also use the /media/{username} path as it appears to work better for temporary paths.12:54
makarapragmaticenigma: seems to be a version issue. I got it to work by adding to -o ",vers=1.0"12:57
pragmaticenigmamakara: You might want to send a note to your IT team. SMB protocol version 1.0 is full of vulnerabilities. It currently is marked as deprecated in the SMB libraries in Ubuntu and will be dropped in the future.13:10
IlgazIt is an optional install on various new Windows machines. I think it makes Windows less secure too13:12
IlgazBTW Gnome can't manage SMB? It does amazing google drive things which Google just added to official drive (file streaming etc)13:13
makarapragmaticenigma: where can I see the status of the SMB libraries in Ubuntu?13:18
tomreynTenLeftFingers: from your log:  Oct 22 13:43:13 A5920G kernel: [drm:radeon_dvi_detect [radeon]] *ERROR* HDMI-A-1: probed a monitor but no|invalid EDID13:19
pragmaticenigmamakara: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/josebda/2015/04/21/the-deprecation-of-smb1-you-should-be-planning-to-get-rid-of-this-old-smb-dialect/13:20
tomreynso one of bad cable, monitor (do power off, power on), graphics card (port broken?), firmware, driver13:21
tomreynTenLeftFingers: ^13:21
tomreynTenLeftFingers: HDMI-0 is fine, though13:22
tomreynTenLeftFingers: well, maximum resulution there is 1024x768, so i guess that's a result of the EDID probe failing13:23
tomreynit should still work at this resolution, though13:23
TenLeftFingerstomreyn: Thanks for checking. It's not listed at all in the desktop settings or by xrandr.13:29
TenLeftFingersI'll look up that error though and see if there's anything that can be done.13:29
kreyrenThere is a winetricks logo in ubuntu:  https://i.imgur.com/ewG4Yja.png where is the source of this?13:54
kreyrenseems like ubuntu store?13:55
kreyrenwhere can i get the logo from it?13:56
oerheks1Kryptron_, not sure, after install, in .cache/gnome-software/icons ??13:59
ericusWhy am I not able to install third party programs like Steam via the software installer?14:08
ericusUbuntu 19.0414:08
ericusI can click install, but nothing happens14:08
ericusas so, I can spam install, nothing will happen14:11
rorythe fact that says 0 bytes is concerning, if you go back to the main screen is there some button to update the repositories? or it might do it automatically if you close and open it again.14:12
oerheks1i think you want steam-installer14:12
oerheks1!info steam-installer14:12
ubottusteam-installer (source: steam (1: Installer for Valve's Steam digital software delivery system. In component multiverse, is extra. Version (bionic), package size 5 kB, installed size 23 kB14:12
ericusI got it from steampowered.com14:13
roryi guess the question becomes then, is the one in the software center SUPPOSED to work?14:13
roryis this a known issue or does ericus have a problem14:13
oerheks1steam-launcher is not the installer?14:14
oerheks1and 0 bytes, good spot14:14
ericusI hit install, Software Install opens and wont let me install14:18
ericusthis also happend with another .deb-file14:18
oerheks1that package is zero bytes, forget it14:18
ericusI got it downloaded as well, 2,9 MB14:19
oerheks1why don't you install the regular package, steam or steam-installer?14:19
ericusI will, but why am I not able to install other packages?14:20
ericusI'm on a fresh install of ubuntu14:21
ericusused to work14:21
oerheks1for the deb from their site, dunno, not going to find out14:21
bostonmacosxHaving some issues with SAMBA14:23
compdocWhen I play videos in browsers the volume it often too loud, and the browser wont remember my settings. Is there software that can set the volume to the same level across all programs or browsers?14:45
apatheticsheephowdy all.  I am using elementaryOS (an ubunut/debian derivative)  I have a laptop with 2 monitors connected.  if I have them screens arrange next to each other, on left<>right edges, windows behave as expected, but if I arrange them with the 2 'secondary' screens on top and the laptop display on the bottom (triangle), then windows on screens 2&3 only maximize to half screen.  elementaryos uses14:49
apatheticsheeplightdm by default.14:49
apatheticsheephas anyone seen this before?14:49
oerheks1no, because we do not support elementary14:50
oerheks1find their support channel with !alis14:50
apatheticsheepoerheks1: ok so this doesn't happen in stock ubuntu.  that was really my question14:51
oerheks1ubuntu ( gnome) used gdm3, so no comparison14:52
apatheticsheepoerheks1: oh no one uses lithdm on gnome?14:53
apatheticsheeper ubuntu 180414:53
bostonmacosxI'm unable too put files on my SMB mount in differrent caases....15:01
bostonmacosxI can touch test.txt but when I touch TEST.txt it doesn't write the file15:01
bostonmacosxI mount it in FSTAB with //XX.XX.XX.XX/LINUXBACKUP /home/mounts/linuxb cifs username=XXX,password=XXX,uid=0,iocharset=utf8,vers=1.0 0 015:02
DavyHHi. I have just upgraded my Thinkpad T540p laptop from 19.04 to 19.10. My laptop no longer boots. Instead of showing a GRUB menu; GRUB waits at the GRUB> command prompt. I'm looking for advice on how to troubleshoot.15:06
DavyHI am currently running under the 19.04 LiveCD. I've gathered boot-repair diagnostics: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/cqnyspdj5b/.15:06
DavyHSide note: I changed my root filesystem to Btrfs while still on 19.04. I doubt that's relevant here because the system worked and rebooted fine afterwards, and anyway it's all inside a LUKS partition which isn't even accessible at boot. But I mention it in case it could have confused something in the upgrade process.15:07
DavyHI have homedir backups so I can reinstall, but I'd like to resolve if possible.15:07
DavyHAdvice welcome.15:07
oerheks11. upgrade path is not released yet, and 2. btrfs, interesting15:10
DavyH"upgrade path is not released yet"? Ahhhh. Then mea culpa: I ran "update-manager -d" without understanding what the "-d" meant. I guess "-d, --devel-release" means "buyer beware"?15:13
oerheks1well, the releasenotes state that if you cannot wait, the -d option gives 19.10... but we think there should be a warning15:14
DavyHA warning would have been nice, but I also should have been more careful about what I ran. :)15:14
oerheks1but btrfs, i have no clue about those issues15:15
courrierWhen plugged to a Delock USB-C dockstation, my 18.04 gets the following behaviour every minute: The CPU load goes up to 100% for 5-10 seconds and then returns to normal15:22
courrierThe process consuming CPU is pretty much random, it can be firefox, thunderbird or anything currently active, just like if the CPU was throttled15:22
courrier"dmesg -w" does not show any information when the issue occurs. Unplugging the dockstation fixes the issue. Any thought about that?15:22
lotuspsychjecourrier: are you sure journalctl -f doesnt give you any output on it?15:23
DavyHbostonmacosx: pending an answer from an expert (which I am not), does https://serverfault.com/questions/70570/does-samba-work-well-with-windows-when-case-sensitive-names-are-enabled help?15:26
bostonmacosxI found that alrready15:26
bostonmacosxbeen a dead eand15:26
DavyHOkay, apologies15:26
bostonmacosxend...I updated the smb.conf with those added cnifg items.. still can't create files with same name but different cassess15:27
bostonmacosxI think I'm just going to move the backup drive from my router to the PC itself...15:27
bostonmacosxthen tar.gz the backup and send it to google drive.....15:27
bostonmacosxonce a day15:27
courrierlotuspsychje: let me try. The issue is gonna happen again very soon...15:29
apatheticsheepoerheks1: /part15:52
jj5will Firefox 70 come to Ubuntu 18.04?16:02
oerheks1jj5, sure16:02
lotuspsychjejj5: keep your system up to date16:02
jj5oerheks1: wonderful! do you know when that is likely to happen?16:02
jj5lotuspsychje: sure will!16:03
oerheks1normally in a few days, depends on the maintainer16:03
jj5oerheks1: good to know. thanks!16:03
oerheks1jj5, you can help test it, https://snapcraft.io/firefox16:04
oerheks1official it is released today16:05
jj5oerheks1: I would be very happy to help test. but when I go to the snapcraft.io URL I get "Bad Gateway" error. https://www.jj5.net/file/2019-10-23-030502/Screenshot_20191023_030448.png16:06
oerheks1hit f5 ?16:06
oerheks1your url does not work either16:07
jj5oerheks1: ah, yep, F5 fixed it. thanks for the heads up my URL isn't working, it's working for me, I will investigate16:07
thneeWhat is a good way to prevent a systemd service from running, dynamically at runtime? I know systemd doesnt support any kind of logic itself. So is there some other "official" recommendation?16:21
=== retentiveboy_ is now known as retentiveboy
oerheks1systemctrl enable/disable (service).service16:21
thneeoerheks1: No, that's not dynamic at runtime, thats permanent and only at boot time.16:25
gjt343Hi guys.  Coming from Windows environment and using WSL to run Linux.  Anyone have any tips on where to start?  Im having trouble just creating virtual environments, etc...16:39
thneeI am thinking of depending on a oneshot, or maybe use an ExecPreStart, that conditionally creates a file, and then add ConditionPathExists. Unless there is a better way?16:40
leftyfb!wsl | gjt34316:40
ubottugjt343: Windows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide16:40
leftyfbthnee: systemd has dependencies. You can make the service fail if a dependency isn't met16:41
thneeleftyfb: Yeah the question is how16:42
leftyfbthnee: you read the documentation and/or google. For instance: http://cloudurable.com/blog/systemd-dependencies/index.html  # found by searching google for "systemd unit dependencies"16:42
thneeOh, RTFM, classic!16:43
leftyfbthnee: except I provided you with a link to the answer you're looking for. I RTFM for you.16:43
leftyfbthnee: but yeah, it's almost as if there are people write documentation so others who don't know how to use or have questions about the thing can learn how to use the thing.16:45
leftyfbthnee: now, if you're following along with the documentation and articles/tutorials found by research and are still having issues, then feel free to ask for help and provide info on what you have tried and where it is failing16:46
thneeleftyfb: Thanks, you are my sunshine16:48
Ilgazubottu: I think with the new kernel based wsl, there won't be huge difference anymore16:50
ubottuIlgaz: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:50
Ilgazoops, I mean that windows user16:50
aietos81good day fine people16:50
aietos81i have a question: I'm trying to create a clonezilla clone to deploy Ubuntu 16.04 across a ton of devices, it all works fine except for the network interface configuration (as the new enpxsxx scheme is different from device to device)16:52
aietos81only way around this i could come up is, is to switch back to eth0 etc using the grub config16:52
thneeI think I was overthinking it, it looks like ExecStartPre itself actually prevents starting the service if the command fails.16:52
aietos81is there a more elegant way?16:52
aietos81alternatively was thinking maybe i could do a for loop on /sys/class/net/16:59
aietos81grab the one that says enp*16:59
aietos81(dont have to worry about multiple)17:00
aietos81put it in env variable17:00
aietos81then in /etc/network/interfaces17:00
aietos81configure it for that variable?17:00
aietos81not sure if thats even allowed in /etc/network scripts17:00
aietos81btw i dont use network manager (its ubuntu server 16.04)17:01
aietos81but then i think switching back to eth0 is a little better17:02
tomreynaietos81: why are you reinventing the wheel? use pxe booting and preseeding17:18
tomreynaietos81: and    /join #ubuntu-server    for further deployment suggestions17:18
tomreynaietos81: also keep in mind that 16.04 is growing old. unless you're an !ESM customer, ubuntu 16.04 LTS gives you another 1.5 years only.17:20
aietos81@tomreyn there's a bunch of other software that is preinstalled that I dont have time to setup puppet/chef/ansible scripts for17:26
aietos81also the factory in china can dump images on the HD, not sure if they can setup pxe network17:27
aietos81i know its not idea17:27
aietos81its until i replace the whole thing with newer ubuntu and AWS Greengrass17:28
* tomreyn points to #ubuntu-server17:29
tomreynaietos81: are these servers? or rather desktops? or iot? in the latter case, would ubuntu core be better?17:31
=== dionysus70 is now known as dionysus69
aietos81we control IoT devices through it17:31
aietos81i should definitely look into core17:31
aietos81right now these are legacy17:32
aietos81and someone chose ubuntu server17:32
aietos81so i need to make them work17:32
aietos81while i rearchitect the environment around amazon's offerings17:32
tomreynso try the other channel then17:33
oerheks1yay, upgrade path 19.10 is out17:34
thelounge62is it possible to have ubuntu lock my screen without shutting off my monitors?17:39
thelounge62the external displays get messed up every time they go off, was hoping i could lock without having to unplug / replug them back in17:39
oerheks1systemsettings > power > blank screen to never?17:40
thelounge62will give that a try17:41
thelounge62nah, lock screen still blanks the monitors :-(17:44
oerheks1works for me17:46
jj5thelounge62: I have the opposite problem. I want my monitors to power off after some time but they rarely do (sometimes they do, it's confounding!)17:47
erle-what do I do if gstreamer is not using hardware acc?17:56
erle-Firefox also isnt17:56
erle-mpv is using it17:56
tomreynyou can enable vaapi if your hardware supports it17:59
PeanutHi, I've recently upgraded to Eoan, but after the latest apt update, it seems that all my nvidia packages are on the list to be removed, and my desktop will only boot in text mode. Which packages do I need to install to get X working again?17:59
pragmaticenigmaPeanut: The psuedo package "ubuntu-desktop" will setup all the required pacakages for a GUI desktop to be installed18:00
tomreynerle-: ^18:00
erle-tomreyn, it does and it is all installed (and I even believe it worked in 19.04)18:01
erle-tomreyn, I see that mpv is using it with intel_gpu_top etc.18:01
erle-how enable it?18:01
Peanutpragmaticenigma: ah, thanks. This is a Kubuntu, so I'll try kubuntu-desktop.18:01
tomreynerle-: vainfo looks good?18:01
leonardusWhen I have Rider IDE open, it doesn't show in the side bar18:01
pragmaticenigmaPeanut: Should have the same effect. Do you recall what package you might have tried removing that removed the rest?18:02
Peanutpragmaticenigma: kubuntu-desktop is already the latest version.18:02
leonardusThis is what it looks like https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/8f968Oo1/image.png18:02
leonardusIt's not there when it's minimized either18:02
erle-tomreyn, yes18:02
erle-gstreamer-vaapi and everything is installed18:02
erle-it was all working before 19.10, I think18:02
Peanutpragmaticenigma: Did an apt upgrade. I also did look at the hardware drivers page, but left it running with nouveau.18:02
tomreynerle-: see the note on the bottom of https://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/documentation/tutorials/playback/hardware-accelerated-video-decoding.html18:03
pragmaticenigmaPeanut: try: sudo apt-get install --reinstall kubuntu-desktop18:03
erle-tomreyn, how can I explicitly tell GStreamer what to do?18:04
Peanutpragmaticenigma: Looks like aptdeamon decided to remove nvidia-kernel-390, ouch.18:05
tomreynerle-: there are examples on the readme https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/gstreamer/gstreamer-vaapi/blob/master/README18:05
tomreynerle-: i've not tested this myself18:06
erle-I wonder why it just worked before the upgrade18:06
erle-are there conflicts between vaapi and vdpau?18:07
Peanutpragmaticenigma: the apt reinstall didn't do much, just installed the package itself, no dependencies. Still no X, even after a reboot.18:09
pragmaticenigmaPeanut: Not sure unfortunately18:10
Peanutpragmaticenigma: That's fine, thanks for the help. I'll try to re-install more recent versions of the packages that apt decided to remove last night, according to /var/log/apt/history as a next step.18:11
ericsysminhas anyone managed to get 3 monitors running on two different video cards to work? I'm trying to get it so I can use both but not being successful.18:12
Peanutericsysmin: Sorry, I'm currently 0 out of 1 working.18:13
pragmaticenigmaPeanut: that sounds like a good plan. not sure why apt decided to nuke your graphics drivers out of the blue like that... unless an upgrade to a newer version failed somehow18:13
pragmaticenigmaericsysmin: are they all on the same graphics chipset family... e.g. All AMD, Nvidia, or Intel?18:15
ericsysminYea, Nvidia18:15
ericsysminones on board in the laptop and the other is external graphics on alienware graphics amplifier18:15
pragmaticenigmaericsysmin: oh... that sort of setup I'm not familiar with sorry18:17
tomreynPeanut: did you run    ubuntu-drivers install    yet? that's if you want the proprietary "nvidia" driver, which i assume (based on context) you do.18:17
erle-tomreyn, it is just ignoring it18:19
erle-mpv is using it ...18:19
tomreynerle-: i have no deeper knowledge of this, you're on your own, good luck!18:20
erle-since I have butterfs, I can boot a snapshot of 19.04 and look for differences18:21
Peanuttomreyn: I haven't done that, let me try. I'm now completely without screen (text or gfx) on the machine, after installing nvidia packages. sddm.service failed with result 'core-dump'. (Yay)18:31
Peanuttomreyn: the 'ubuntu-drivers install' looks promising, it's pulling in a lot more Nvidia stuff.18:32
Peanuttomreyn: Thanks a lot, that did the trick.18:34
PeanutI have a full desktop environment again, back to playing Factorio now ;-)18:34
pragmaticenigmaPeanut: sounding like time to restore a backup? or backup what you have and fresh install?18:34
Peanutpragmaticenigma: Desktop works perfectly again already.18:38
PeanutAnd went from nvidia-390 to nvidia-435. Bigger number, so surely better...18:39
DrManhattanI haven't had good results from 435 on linux18:39
DrManhattan430 branch has given much more stable results for transcoding and the such18:40
jrgilmanhey, any of you guys ever had an issue with inflight wifi on ubuntu? The other day I couldn't get the paywall/garden wall to pop-up for the life of me. I could ping which was strange, but when I tried visiting aainflight.com it just refused to form any connection...18:40
jrgilmanI assume it was some kind of strange DNS magic18:40
DrManhattanjrgilman, it could have been their wireless too18:41
jrgilmanDrManhattan: well my phone was working just fine and it was on two flights18:41
jrgilmanso it was definitely working but was frustrating. I'm gonna be taking a long haul soon so I'm gonna need to come up with a solution for that18:42
PeanutDrManhattan: I've tried Stellarium and Factorio so far, no issues in a few minutes of testing.18:42
pragmaticenigmajrgilman: Many free inflight wifi services leave DNS freely available and unrestricted. This is mostly so their captive portal can intercept your attempt to access the interenet to ask you to accept their usage agreement. I carry with me a list of websites that I don't typically go to regularly so that it is likely my machine will be foreced to request a DNS lookup from the provider18:42
DrManhattanright, just saying that just because their wireless didn't work with linux doesn't mean there is something wrong with the OS, just their wireless.18:42
DrManhattanright, just saying that just because their wireless didn't work with linux doesn't mean there is something wrong with the OS, just their wireless may not be prepared to deal with non-standard OS connections18:43
jrgilmanpragmaticenigma: yeah I mean when i did curl it would pop-up a redirect, but then if i did curl --location it just hung forever which was sad18:43
jrgilmanDrManhattan: yeah I'm just curious if there's a way to force it through18:43
DrManhattanVirtual Machine?18:45
pragmaticenigmajrgilman: that would appear to be an issue with the provider. I don't believe there is anything you could have done to prevent that. Possibly try your browser in its privacy mode?18:45
jrgilmanpragmaticenigma: yeah i tried everything i could think of the other day not sure, seems like a lot of people have this issue with chromebooks too18:45
jrgilmanDrManhattan: I thought of that, but I couldn't figure out how to do PCI passthrough of the wifi straight to the windows 10 vm18:46
jrgilmani assume virtualbox doesn't allow that easily18:46
DrManhattanNo, it doesn't allow it at all18:52
DrManhattanit's why I can't use vbox in the same way people use ESXI18:53
DrManhattanit would be an awesome product otherwise18:53
squarebracketi'm trying to install ubuntu with a preseed file, but it seems to frequently get stuck at package #514 that it's installing. when i check /var/log/syslog, it seems that archive.ubuntu.com just.... stops working? i'm running this fairly often, basically i'm generating vagrant boxes18:56
squarebracketam i missing something obvious that might be causing this?18:56
tomreynsquarebracket: occasionally there's a bad mirror server amongst those archive.ubuntu.com resolves to. if you regularly do deployments you may want to set up a local mirror or proxy cache,19:01
davido_Is it possible to cause my Bluetooth audio profile to switch from High Fidelity Playback (A2DB Sink) to Headset Head Unit (HSP/HFP) automatically when I join a call (meet, skype, etc)?19:03
davido_Seems I need to manually switch my audio bluetooth profile from HQ to Headset before taking calls through the laptop. It seems like there ought to be a solution for making that cutover happen automatically, but maybe that's related to the 3rd party software such as chrome/meet, skype, whatever making the switch for me.19:05
davido_(ie, if the 3rd party software doesn't do it, that's the fault of the software, not the os)19:06
squarebrackettomreyn: fair enough. i guess i can specify my local mirror. is there a reference for debian-installer? like something more helpful than https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/amd64/apbs04.html ?19:22
tomreynsquarebracket: not that i know of, but i'm just another user. maybe ask in #ubuntu-server , too19:27
tomreynsquarebracket: there is documentation from Debian, though https://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller19:28
danbehey,nontechie here.can someone explain what a networkbased keylogger attack is?19:45
hellghastbasicaly someone reads every key press u make19:48
danbethat much i could figure.but how would be the archittecture of the attack?19:49
danbewhere does the attack start.?what kind of hardware required?where installed?19:49
hellghastsorry i can help u there ur just gonna have to wait for nerds to wake up ;]19:50
sarnolddanbe: hardware may or may not be necessary19:51
=== ben_r_ is now known as ben_r
danbetrue,sometimes just software is enough19:58
danbewhat about attacks in which hardware is necessary because os is always fullencrypted and device is never unattented when decrypted?20:00
tatertotsthat doesn't sound like a ubuntu support issue/problem20:02
danbethats true ,but there is a lot of expertise on ubuntu forums.maybe you can point me to a forum that would be more on point topicwise.nontechie here20:03
oerheks1try ##linux or find security or 'which hardware is necessary' channels with !alis20:08
STMelonor try to use google for that very same question you are asking.. just saying20:08
=== LabMonkey is now known as Mechanismus
danbei know,already googled,found this as far as hardware is concerned https://www.keelog.com/keygrabber-forensic/.but thats not all there is i guess20:10
oerheks1STMelon, i rather bing. anyway, ubuntu does not provide a network based keylogger, so good luck with your homework!20:12
nshirelaptopdoes anyone know how to scroll up in terminal on a laptop where the uparrow and pageup are on the same key?20:12
nshirelaptopctrl-shift-up/fn-ctrl-shift-up just scroll up the input history20:13
STMelonoerheks1: yay for bing.. duck duck quack!20:13
sarnoldnshirelaptop: sometimes ^P and ^N work, but not all applications know those20:15
nshirelaptopthis is the terminal accessed through ctrl-alt-f3 btw20:16
nshirelaptopdoes that still apply sarnold ?20:16
nshirelaptopyeah looks like ctrl-p/n only scroll the input history again20:17
nshirelaptopalso no numlock key if thats relevant20:19
sarnoldnshirelaptop: dang :(20:19
tomreynnshirelaptop: what about shift + pgup/pgdn20:24
tomreynactually this will also scroll history, so ignore it.20:25
tomreynwell it shuld work on a tty and gnome-terminal20:27
nshirelaptopyeah just shift-uparrow/pageup (they are on the same key) just strolls the history uo20:30
nshirelaptopI tried using fn-shift-up and nothing happens... I don't know if the fn modifer works at all in a tty, or if the modifier key is doing something to the shift key20:31
simplexify Help! I'm a Ubuntu newbie and cannot boot my system after anymore after updating from 19.04 to 19.10. Need 1on1 help. Anybody?20:47
simplexifyHumans there?20:48
nshirelaptopdoes it show GRUB?20:49
simplexifyYes, but on the Kernel it ends in Kernel panic. And on the old Kernel the screen freezes after passing cryptsetup...20:50
simplexifyI guess I somehow need to fix it from Ubuntu Live USB. Oh where can I get help in Berlin, Germany?20:52
nshirelaptoplike an actual person there with you?20:52
simplexifyAn actual person would be nice, but a video chat would do it20:53
simplexifyOr how am I supposed to solve this problem?20:54
AndikaSagaladoes your data in the same hdd?20:55
tomreynsimplexify: hi, are you exclusively looking for commercial support or are you happy with volunteer support here, where you'd have to run some commands and report back their output?20:58
simplexify@tomreyn volunteer support is amazing. I'd run some commands and report back. I just have this one device though to fix and to report back from21:01
tomreynsimplexify: okay, so you're running a live session now, right?21:01
simplexifytomreyn: I'm running Ubuntu Live USB if that's what you mean21:03
tomreynsimplexify: right, that's what i mean. please open a temrinal window and type this, then post the url it returns:   journalctl -b | grep 'DMI:'21:04
tomreynthis will post information on your computer model to termbin.com, a 'copy and paste' service whihc is useful for transferring such info21:05
StabingtonEvenin gents21:05
simplexifythanks! it says: Oct 22 20:01:11 ubuntu kernel: DMI: To Be Filled By O.E.M. To Be Filled By O.E.M./B85M Pro4, BIOS P2.50 12/11/201521:05
StabingtonHaving a weird issue where the entire WM freeze for a sec when I'm switching between pressing keyboard mapped buttons on my mouse and my regular keyboard. 19.121:05
tomreynsimplexify: ah right, actually this didnt return a url, my bad.21:05
StabingtonGetting 'MappingNotify event' in xev every time this happens21:06
tomreynsimplexify: okay, do you have a mobile phone or any other computer you can use to chat here while you reboot?21:06
simplexifyyes, i can use mobile phone21:07
tomreynsimplexify: okay, don't switch, yet, i'm just asking what's available. next command to type:  sudo lsblk | nc termbin.com 999921:08
squarebrackettomreyn: that link you pasted 403's for me.21:09
tomreynsquarebracket: you mean https://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller ? works for me. maybe you can tunnel through something, or ask in #debian about why it may not be available to you.21:10
simplexify@ tomreyn: https://termbin.com/ediq21:10
tomreynsimplexify: okay, so you have two storages installed, sda (112GB) is the one you boot from, and then there is also sdb (233 GB)21:13
tomreynsimplexify: are you able to access your hard disk using the graphical file browser?21:14
simplexifyYes I have two hard disks. On one of them is Windows, on the other Ubuntu, dual boot system21:14
simplexifyAnd yes I can acces the hard disks using the graphical file browser21:14
tomreynsimplexify: oh i see those are mounted already. please run:    sudo tail -n400 /media/ubuntu/24436f01-1972-49b2-afca-90f5ab496d2e/var/log/syslog | nc termbin.com 999921:16
tomreynhopefully this will hint on how your system failed to boot21:17
simplexifyOk, let's see :) https://termbin.com/dqv121:18
simplexifyBy the way."21:22
simplexifyOct 22 18:03:55 sandy-desktop kernel: [   40.618190] lvm2-activation-generator: lvmconfig failed21:22
simplexifyOct 22 18:03:55 sandy-desktop kernel: [   40.618197] lvm2-activation-generator: Activation generator failed.21:22
simplexifyWith these two messages all my problems in the update process to from Ubuntu 19.04 to 19.10 started21:22
simplexifyBut then more shit happened because I didn't know how to react to the problems21:23
AndikaSagalatomreyn: his OS just ordinary user. not coder os21:24
tomreynsimplexify: ok, but it seems that you booted to the desktop there, or almost. what we're looking at is a boot from Tue Oct 22 2019 18:03:32 GMT+0200 (CEST)21:24
tomreynAndikaSagala: sorry?21:25
AndikaSagalabest way is copy/backup his data then do the reinstall21:25
AndikaSagalai mean he is using Ubuntu OS just for ordinary user. not coder/programming user who do alot of coding, tuning , etc21:25
=== Etua_ is now known as Etua
WoCBack in the day, before systemd, one could use 'init 3' to switch from a running graphical environment to a console environment. Is there a simple way to accomplish that even with systemd ?21:25
oerheks1AndikaSagala, how do you tell? fixing an Upgrade to 19.10 issue is rather important, don't you think?21:26
=== akem__ is now known as akem
simplexify@tomreyn: okay, yes, that was around the time of the update21:27
AndikaSagalaoerheks1: it is just Ubuntu still not patch it. Data is main priority21:28
AndikaSagalabut if you using Ubuntu OS for coding, example: AI/Robotic/Server/DNS/Networking experiment, then don't reinstall, do the fixing. but if you use Ubuntu just as a ordinary user, then just do the reinstall then do the update21:29
AndikaSagalausing latest ubuntu OS21:29
tomreynWoC: systemd calls this multi-user.target21:29
WoCty tomreyn, how do i call it ?21:29
tomreynWoC: systemctl isolate multi-user.target     would bring you there21:29
WoCk, ty and to go vack to the equiv of init 5 ?21:30
WoCk ty21:31
tomreynsimplexify: okay, can you join from the mobile phone and try this:21:31
tomreyn! recovery | simplexify21:32
ubottusimplexify: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode21:32
AndikaSagalathe main priority now is his Data. don't lose his data21:33
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simplexifyI appreciate the help, guys/girls. I think I fucked up the system big time = cannot enter recovery mode anymore. I was able to do so earlier but clicked the wrong options. Now when I choose recovery mode it fails, stating: ""[9.0839347] rtlwifi: RTL8XXX did not boot from eeprom, check it !!"21:35
tomreynsimplexify: how do you mean you "clicked the wrong options"? when? just during booting now?21:36
simplexifyI think it's all fucked and I will save my data, as AndikaSagala says, and reinstall, although I hate the fact that the update to 19.10 didn't work and instead messed up my computer21:36
simplexify@tomreyn: earlier21:37
simplexify@tomreyn: I tried all ways to boot earlier (different kernels, normal mode, recovery mode), and I cannot boot in any kind of mode anymore.21:37
tomreynsimplexify: backup and reinstall is always an option. you could try to chroot into it, too. but that's advanced and would probably take us an hour or two more21:38
simplexifyIt's getting late here. I appreciate the help. Is there a way to connect to Ubuntu community locally?21:39
jeremy31simplexify: try /join #ubuntu-berlin21:40
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ComnenusHow can I find out which packages put a file at /etc/sssd/sssd.conf ?  I have quite a few of them installed, but no skeleton.22:11
ikanobori`dpkg -S /path/tofile`?22:21
tomreynComnenus: ^ here's a free highlight for you.22:23
Comnenusikanobori tomreyn thanks !22:23
ComnenusApparently there isn't anything that puts a skeleton there.  oh well.22:24
ikanoboriFrom recollection it's something to do with AD.22:25
tomreynComnenus: it could also happens as a result of a oistinstall script22:25
tomreynsssd is also a package name, i think22:25
ikanoboriThe 'System Security Services Daemon' apparently.22:26
Comnenusikanobori: there's /etc/realmd.conf and /etc/sssd/sssd.conf which were usually populated from packages.  Doesn't seem to be the case with ubuntu.  I'm changing a playbook written for centos so instead of editing the file I'll just drop it in place.22:26
MekelySpookyi was wondering if someone could be assitance22:32
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:32
MekelySpookyi cannot paste my irssi config into nano, not the whole thing at least22:32
tomreynMekelySpooky: why do you need to paste into it? it's already store din a file, you could just open or copy it22:33
tomreynMekelySpooky: if you still prefer to copy and paste to nanao, this should also work - why do you say it doesn't work?22:35
MekelySpookyoh sorry it allows me to copy but the whole thing does not paste22:42
MekelySpookyit pastes a small fraction22:43
MekelySpookythere is also no dynamic zoom so i can't paste past my fov22:43
MekelySpookyalso its not stored in a din file im transfering it from a system from my home so i emailed it before i left,22:44
tomreynit's a CLI text editor, and a simple one. maybe use a different one if you'd like more features or better integration.22:44
tomreyn"dynamic zoom" sounds like you may want to use a graphical text editor.22:45
MekelySpookyi tried using emacs aswell do you have any at the mind22:45
tomreyndo you run a graphical desktop, and if so, which? and which ubuntu version is this?22:46
MekelySpookyserver, its a cli22:46
MekelySpookyin a vm22:46
oerheks1for virtualbox, one needs guest additions to fix that paste stuff?22:47
tomreynso use "cp" to copy your existing issi configuration file to a new location, then nanoor the editor of your choice to edit it22:47
tomreynif you need to trasfe rit from another location, use file transfer utilities.22:48
oerheks1shift ctrl v perhaps22:48
tomreyn(such as openssh server and client)22:48
tomreynno details were given on where to copy from and how, or which virtualization is in use, i won't jump to conclusions22:49
oerheks1yes, pretty important info to start with22:49
MekelySpookyits vmware, i am able to copy and paste from vm to non, its just the whole paste does not end up there22:50
MekelySpookyctrl u to paste22:50
MekelySpookyin nano22:50
AndikaSagalaoerheks1: better using VMware for your virt. VMware have a lot of stuffs for us. but if you are using fedora, it is good to practice over there before you enter Red Hat OS which very rich and a lot of stuffs too.22:51
oerheks1AndikaSagala, we do not suggest vmware her, KVM, or virtualbox, thanks, but no.22:51
oerheks1and redhat.. please stay on topic, this is ubuntu support22:52
AndikaSagalahey, we are on Unix topic22:52
AndikaSagalaUbuntu is part of unix too. take it easy and calm down22:53
oerheks1MekelySpooky, is ubuntu the host for vmware?22:57
AndikaSagaladon't use kvm nor virtualbox in ubuntu if your target is being Red Hat admin22:58
AndikaSagalajust use Vmware, they are very rich tech and feature22:58
oerheks1AndikaSagala, stop it.22:58
tomreynAndikaSagala: i agree with oerheks, this recommendation appears to be off-topic here.22:58
AndikaSagalabut if your target being Red Hat admin, go to fedora22:59
AndikaSagalaim silent22:59
AndikaSagalain my country, they are barely using Red Hat as a server. Usually CentOs (web server ). But in Europe and America, Red Hat is good.23:04
MekelySpookykali linxu exists also, red had its somewhat outdated23:04
tomreynAndikaSagala: this is a support channel, not for chatting23:05
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:05
oerheks1you paid vmware for support :-P23:05
AndikaSagalak, im silent sir23:07
wjlafrancetomreyn: not sure why you're continuing to tell them to be quiet when he was silent for five straight minutes and the last thing they said was they were going to be quiet23:08
tomreynwjlafrance: i have not asked nyone to be quiet, just to abide the channel policies (see /topic). we can talk more about this in #ubuntu-offtopic if you like.23:10
wjlafrancetomreyn, my apologies, i see that they posted again after several minutes and that's why you re-warned them. my apologies, i'm a bit off as of late. i've /joined that channel but wanted to apologize here.23:12
tomreynwjlafrance: no worries, thanks for responding ;)23:12
=== MekelySpooky is now known as Mekely

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