wonkoYay Ultranerdery!00:49
wonkoI wasn't coming up with a good solution on getting audio out of the windows VM. I had a PCIe USB controller that I'm doing PCIe passthough with. This would steal the Komplete Audio 6 from the host and give it to the VM for while I was doing stuff on the VM. This worked, but was annoying. Then I had an idea. I still had these sounblaster USB audio things which just happened to have spdif out. So that attached to the VM and the spdif out on that routed00:49
wonkointo the spdif in on the KA6 and I'm golden. Now I can leave the VM running all the time. Yay!00:49
wonkobah, xruns are way up this way.01:39
wonkoThat sucks01:39
wonkooh wait, I'm prioritizing the wrong irq now01:40
wonkooops. :)01:40
wonkoI had to move the KA6 off the pcie card for this to work01:40
wonkooh, we're back to fighting with the keyboard. bah.01:42
wonkoI wish this motherboard had more built in usb controllers01:42
wonkoI see I trip to microcenter in my future for another PCIe USB card02:54
LootreHi Eickmeyer ! Do you have any news regarding my problem with Carla ?12:23
niksnakstesting 19.10: turn on jack & a2jmidid up and running, midi device showing up in patchage & ardour. trying to send MIDI MMC & Mclk & MTC from ardour over usb midi adapter as per usual. used to work in 19.04 but now i get "ALSA: seq_midi: MIDI output buffer overrun" in syslog14:19
niksnaksnothing recent showed up in google14:20
niksnaksoh, usb hub was the problem :( nvm14:23
Eickmeyersirriffsalothp: Please do not recommend KXStudio in this channel.14:33
Eickmeyer!kxstudio | sirriffsalothp14:34
ubottusirriffsalothp: KXStudio is an Ubuntu-based operating system and a repository for Debian-based operating systems for audio production. Development is on hiatus until late-2019 as of this writing.  It is not supported by Ubuntu or Ubuntu Studio, and using its repo is discouraged. Support in #kxstudio.14:34
wonkoAdded a USB card, so now the KA6 is on its own again19:13
wonkonow to figure out what the hell IRQ that's on. :)19:13
wonkoOvenWerks: I got really excited for a minute. They had a USB2 card. That plugged into the PCI slot I don't have. :(19:13
wonkoI'm gonna say 4619:14
OvenWerksLifes like that... there are PCI to PCIe cards...19:15
wonkothis case is already a mess19:15
wonkook, 46 it is19:15
* OvenWerks loves messy cases19:15
wonkoThen you want pics of mine. :)19:16
OvenWerksI am just installing liquorix to see how well it runs19:16
OvenWerksjust in case my software load is not messy enough19:16
OvenWerksBut I have a perfect test case, I have a session I was playing with on the current lowlatency kernel with my D66 set to 16/2... it sound like vinyl19:18
wonkoThis picture doesn't really show all the mess but it's hard to take the side off to get a better one.19:21
wonkoOvenWerks: This looks correct, yes? RTIRQ_NAME_LIST="46-xhci 38-xhci snd usb i8042"19:27
wonkoBecause that doesn't seem to have set 4619:30
OvenWerksSure. I think.Assuming 46 and 38 have no mouse on them :)19:30
OvenWerksdo you still have udev-rtirq installed?19:31
wonkoafter starting up the VM my 46-xhci in /etc/init.d/rtirq status output changed to: 45777 FF      50   -  90  0.0 S    irq/46-vfio-msi19:32
wonkoso the old card got a new IRQ?19:32
wonkoand so the new card has the old IRQ?19:32
wonkobut I'm still getting crackles and xruns even at 128/319:33
wonkorunning Maschine in the VM with the audio routed to linux via the soundblaster -> SPDIF -> KA6 route19:33
wonkoI'd like to say it's better, but I'm not entirely sure it is or not19:36
wonkobut I'm also not sure udev-rtirq is doing the right irq anymore. :)19:36
wonkothat's SOOOOO confusing about the interrupts changing, but I guess it kinda makes sense. Kinda. :)19:39
OvenWerksSounds like fun but I really have no experience with VMs or wine19:43
wonkoshouldn't matter19:43
OvenWerksYes with PCIe cards the irq can move from boot to boot19:44
wonkothat's just a thing that's going on19:44
wonkoI added a new card, which makes sense the IRQs would change19:44
wonkobut the funny thing is the new card got the old card's IRQ. :)19:44
OvenWerksThe virtual irqs are assigned at boot19:44
OvenWerksnot really, it is just first in line19:45
wonkoyeah, new card is earlier in the pci list (assuming that's at all relevant)19:45
OvenWerksThe OS goes through them in the order it gets to them. It has to be based on something physical19:45
wonkoSo the audio issue is acceptable for now. I think ideally I'm going to build a cheap PC to run the NI stuff and just route the audio in like I am now.19:46
OvenWerksEickmeyer: well liquorix is maybe somewhat better than lowlatency. I need to do more testing though. I still have to be very carefull about mouse movement etc.19:47
EickmeyerOk, good to know.19:47
EickmeyerThat's bit us in the tail with 18.04's lowlatency kernel.19:47
OvenWerksya, this is 18.04 LL vs liq19:48
OvenWerksLL is 4.15 and liq is 5.219:49
wonkoOvenWerks: ok, if I stop Maschine and do audio just in linux the xruns go away so it's just the two usb cards fighting for interrupts19:50
OvenWerkswonko: it may make a differenc to switch the two priorities19:51
OvenWerksI know I have to have my ice11712 ahead of my AudioPCI19:51
OvenWerkseven if the AudioPCI is not being used19:52
OvenWerks(I use it for MIDI only)19:52
wonkoso the linux card is at rtprio 75 and the windows audio card is at rtprio 5019:53
wonkowhich to me seems like linux audio shouldn't be the problem in this case?19:53
OvenWerksI'm not really sure, I would think that the windows card should be higher than 50 so that it is higher than the mouse19:54
OvenWerksbut other than that19:55
wonkothat one doesn't seem to be having issues from what I can tell. Or maybe it is. Who the hell knows.19:55
wonkoI wonder how cheaply I can build a PC for the NI stuff19:57
wonkoor I'll just wait till I build a new desktop and the windows VM can stay on this box.19:58
DirtyEarHi. I have 2 hard disks in my pc. I have all my files in the second disk and my ubuntustudio in the first one, but my files in the 2 disk has a padlock in the icon and I cannot open some files. in order to open I have to copy the file I want to open to my first disk and then it opens. Is there any way to remove that padlock?21:01
DirtyEarI have seen something with "cd /media/slimbook" but does not exist21:08
DirtyEarHi. I am looking for a way to open my slave hard disk with permissions to write and read. I have my projects in my slave hard disk but when I open my sessions in Ardour it says that I cannot save changes and things like that with other type of files. Is there any advice you may share with me?23:17
EickmeyerDirtyEar: Saw that earlier, didn't have time to help. Still not available, and I don't think you'll get much help here. Just know this isn't the only resource, for that I'd check #ubuntu or #xubuntu, because we ARE Ubuntu and we share a desktop environment with Xubuntu. Both are more than happy to help.23:20
DirtyEarEickmeyer: Thanks. I will try it.23:21

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