cybercryptoHi there... I have notice that xubuntu 19.10 iso image is the only Ubuntu flavour that kept the ZFS option available for the installation!00:09
cybercryptodoes it means that we may have a new '0.1' version soon so the zfs installer can be merged again?00:10
Unit193We followed the lead with others adding the option of ZFS, near release it was changed globally how it was done, but the option should be there for others as well.00:14
cybercryptoUnit193: thanks. I also agree that would be great if option was kept for all flavours... even the main iso for ubuntu-gnome had the option removed!00:32
Unit193One has to specifically select to wipe all partitions, but it *should* be there, I think.00:34
cybercryptoUnit193: I tried, couldnt find.00:37
cybercryptoIt is ok... I am not in a hurry... O just appreciate getting zfs on linux finally baked-up by cannonical. I wokr with zfs for quite long time now in BSD's... cant wait to see it largely adopted in linux.00:38
Bashing-omcybercrypto: So far as I have been able to read - ZFS install option is only available at the initial time of the install: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/something-exciting-is-coming-with-ubuntu-19-10/ .00:45
Unit193Slight side note: It should be available in Xubuntu Core too. :>00:45
Bashing-omUnit193: Speculate how long before you have 20.04 core up for testing ?00:46
Unit193I only ever get feedback from one guy testing it, so I want to give him a slight break after eoan.00:47
Bashing-omUnit193: Well - I fail then in my duties :(00:48
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cybercryptoUnit193: Yes, it is still present as an install option for xubuntu 19.1001:07
cybercryptoBashing-om: Yeap... zfs support itself is there... no doubt about it. I am refering to the install zfs option (which was present on the installers (such calamares, ubiquity, etc..)01:11
GusjHello, I have Xubuntu 18.04 LTS installed and I am looking for the 'Devices' in settings in order to change the color profile, but I am missing Devices is there another way to change color profile by default?01:36
Gusj Hi, I am running Xubuntu 18.04 LTS have not been able to change color profile, screen is too blueish, have install displaycal with no luck, how can one do this ni 18.04 xfce?04:14
GusjThought it was straightforward to change monitor profile but currently stuck04:16
diogenes_Gusj, the newest xfce 4.14 has color management built in.04:19
Gusjdiogenes_, Thank you, I have 4.12 which is what came with the 18.04 LTS, should I update to that?04:21
Gusjdiogenes_, When I tried using displaycal. the 'Calibrate and Profile' button is greyed out04:22
diogenes_see if you can upgrade first to 19.04 > 19.10 or download 19.10 which has 4.14.04:22
Gusjdiogenes_, Ok will try that, I started with 18.04 LTS because it was recommended for a beginner04:24
diogenes_also no clue how displaycat works, maybe you need additional stuff to install like colord and xiccd.04:24
Gusjdiogenes_, yes, I iunstalled xiccd, colord was already installed.. and did not work04:24
diogenes_in any case in order color profiles to work with xfce 4.14 you need those 2 colord and xiccd.04:25
Gusjdiogenes_, And how was it done before 4.14?04:26
diogenes_Gusj, no clue about that but here is how it looks like in 4.14: https://i.imgur.com/9prl8p4.png04:28
Gusjdiogenes_, Very nice... thank you... looking into how to upgrade right now04:29
diogenes_Gusj, no problem.04:30
henrebotha[m]Any educated guesses on when Xubuntu 19.04→19.10 upgrade path will be available?08:47
Noboru55Hello, let me show my doubt...  i have a partition 198,5 GB and its used only 157 mb for my audios and pictures....  when i see the properties in thunar, it shows 186,5 GB of 196,8 GB free (5% used) 186,5 GB of 196,8 GB free (5% used)186,5 GB of 196,8 GB free (5% used)11:28
Noboru55how is it possible?11:29
Noboru555% for only 157mb...11:29
Noboru55it happened to my partition /  and the bleachbit soved ...11:30
Noboru55i am using Xubuntu 18.0411:30
Noboru55if it's not a glitch so xubuntu uses more disk than windows i guess11:32
tomreynNoboru55: which file system do you have there?11:37
tomreyn(had we not discussed this previously, like a week ago?)11:38
Noboru55tomreyn: it's a ext4 partition and i have there only songs and pictures11:38
Noboru55i asked it before but i had quit before the answer, i am sorry for that11:38
Noboru55oh, so thats why11:40
Noboru55thank you11:40
Noboru55but my main partition the /  it was using something like 25% before bleachit... maybe cache files of games..11:41
Noboru55anyway.. now i understood11:41
Noboru55tomreyn thanks!11:41
tomreynyou'Re welcome. you can reduce it a bit, if you feel you need to, or even to 0 on file systems other than the one kmounted at / but you should still try to keep some speace free.11:41
cybercryptohenrebotha[m]: They normally delay the upgrade in general... I believe there is no specific date yet, But: it is around 1 week delay if we recall the past history.11:44
Noboru55i see, i will let the things this way.about parole, it doesn't run some kind of videos, i installed vlc, its better11:45
henrebotha[m]Great answer, appreciate itcybercrypto11:48
henrebotha[m]Great answer, appreciate itcybercrypto11:49
cybercryptohenrebotha[m]: np, most welcome.11:49
henrebotha[m]Great answer, appreciate itcybercrypto11:50
cybercryptohenrebotha[m]: you can always check the meta-release file to see if they have publish yet. When the eoan is appended into the meta-release file, you can run the do-release-upgrade tools for sure.12:15
cybercryptohenrebotha[m]: meta-release is online and can be checked mannually or via simple script if you will, try wget to output STDOUT http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release12:16
cybercryptohenrebotha[m]: let me know if that works for ya.12:17
henrebotha[m]Ah that's awesome, reliable way to check12:19
cybercryptohenrebotha[m]: np.12:21
LoebI updated to 19.10 (XFCE 4.14 yaaaay!) but now my screen is locking after 5 min. I don't know where that setting is set, it doesn't appear to be related to screensaver (turned off but when on "regard the computer idle after" will always set back to 5min when the settings is opened) or power management (all display management disabled except for "switch off after: 30 min")17:23
LoebI haven't confirmed this on my desktop but I can confirm that it overwrote my xscreensaver settings there.17:24
diogenes_Loeb, check how many screensavers you have at startup.17:38
LoebI have "Screen Locker" and "Screensaver", I think those are different?17:40
diogenes_disable one and re-log.17:41
LoebI do recall my desktop having two screensavers running or something weird like that, but again the 5 min issue is on my laptop.17:41

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