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lubot<bensisva> @wxl [<wxl> well, i mean there's plenty of people that still use them. it's still comm …], oh i see. so it just me. anyway its easy to install/uninstall. no complains. :)07:13
jack123Hello, I am wondering why Firefox is not updating to the latest version using the software updater in Lubuntu 18.04. It is still on version 69.02 Firefox which is 2 versions behind.10:14
ubukingjack123 what operating System are you using?10:15
jack123Lubuntu version 18.04 LTS10:16
ubukingthats right10:16
ubuking69.0.2 for Lubuntu 18.04.310:16
ubukinglatest Firefox stable is, 69.0.310:17
ubukingit is in ubuntu 19.1010:17
jack123Yes but there has been version 69.03 and now 70.0 released by Mozilla and the version 69.02 is buggy. Firefox made a fix in 69.03 specifically for Linux10:17
ubukingnot packaged until now10:17
ubukingMaybe until Friday ?10:17
ubukingor saturday10:17
jack123Ok....thanks. Not trying to be critical but why so long since 69.03 has been out for awhile.10:18
ubukingnot sure :(10:18
ubukingHow Comes that you are using LXQT ?:)10:18
ubukingor LXDE10:18
jack123It is one that has worked well10:19
ubukingcool :)10:19
ubukingHardware is old or ?10:19
jack123It is older yes but not terrible10:20
ubukinghehe  mine too10:20
ubukingI have Intel E8400 4 GB10:20
ubukingand SSD :)10:20
jack123Ok. Well I guess I will just wait until Fri/Sat to see if things get updated. Very frustrating that it is taking so long to update FF. Used to be relatively quick10:21
ubukingyou can Change to10:22
ubukingChrome :)10:22
ubukinghehe like me did  before :D10:22
ubukingits nicer10:22
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lubot<heysoundude> Is anyone running 18.04 on a RPi ?16:41
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lubot<teward001> not recently but I had been for a while16:57
lubot<heysoundude> What made you change, and to what?19:42
lubot<teward001> the rpi died :P20:18
lubot<teward001> that's why it changed 😔20:18
lubot<ctisme> @teward001 [the rpi died :P], out of ordeR?20:33
lubot<teward001> it got shorted out by a power surge a while ago yes20:34
lubot<teward001> otherwise was running fine20:34
lubot<ctisme> HERE complain abt low voltage20:35
lubot<ctisme> but still on 16.0420:36
eamonnIs there anywhere I can drop a script so that it gets run after/on desktop init? Or a way to configure a systemd service as such? I just wanna run `xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap` whenever I log in.22:01
wxlyeah just use the autostart system.. systemd would be appropriate iff you wanted to start on system start rather than login22:02
lubot<ctisme> how to autostart system wxl ?22:04
eamonnThanks, I'll check that out22:17
eamonnOh man, I could probably make this autostart my whole dev env on login. Cool!22:18
wxlyou could make a script to do the whole thing and just autostart that or you could autostart individual components22:19
lubot<ctisme> @wxl [<wxl> https://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/3/3.2/3.2.13/session_settings.html?highli …], noted, ~/.config/autostart/*22:19
wxl@ctisme if you want to be more general about it https://specifications.freedesktop.org/autostart-spec/autostart-spec-latest.html22:20
chietaafaik on the current release on the wiki lubuntu will replace openbox functionality... CMIIW?22:26
wxlthat is probably a better question for the dev channel22:27
ubottuFor discussion about Lubuntu Development, please join the #lubuntu-devel channel on IRC or https://telegram.lubuntu.me/development for Telegram.22:27
chietaNoted, wxl22:28
chietaas far as the replacement is more superior then it's a good news :D22:29

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