gbellinoz_Anybody a fan of Aptitude? I've used it for years, but 0.8.10 is giving me too much grief.00:09
tomreyn!aptitude | gbellinoz_00:12
ubottugbellinoz_: Like apt and apt-get, aptitude is a terminal frontend for Ubuntu's package management system. Unlike the others, it is not recommended in Ubuntu because its behavior differs significantly from other Ubuntu package management tools and can cause issues.00:12
gbellinoz_I've used it for 10 years... never a problem.00:12
gbellinoz_Until this latest version... only recommends additional installations to remedy conflicts, rather than removing more stuff, which is usually what I want to do.00:13
gbellinoz_What I like about it over apt and apt-get is the conflict resolution. Not sure how to do that as nicely with apt/apt-get.00:13
tomreynas the above note suggests, aptitude and other apt utilities have diverted a bit, to the point i owouldn't recommend using aptitude anymore. such as how held packages are handled.00:14
gbellinoz_Alright, I'll quit using it.00:14
tomreyneverything but aptitude does it one way, and then aptitude does it a different way, and doesn't understand how the rest does it,00:14
gbellinoz_Alright, abandoning it right... now.00:15
gbellinoz_So, interactive conflict resolution... best practices with apt/apt-get?00:15
tomreynnon-interactive ;)00:15
tomreynyou read what it outputs and act accordingly00:16
gbellinoz_alright. It just removed CUPS happily... sort of offering one resolution, which seemed OK to me.00:16
gbellinoz_aptitude USED TO BE great for this, offering several possible solutions.00:16
tomreyni used it, too, some 10 years ago00:17
gbellinoz_Unix used to be by and for dinosaurs :)00:17
gbellinoz_CHANGE. sigh :)00:18
sarnoldus dinosaurs still use it :)00:19
circuitboneTfknREX here00:19
sarnoldit's just nice to be able to have more than twenty open file descriptors per process00:19
gbellinoz_ok, everybody , remember the old days when you could set up networking via conf files in /etc? ;)00:20
gbellinoz_oh, and mount showed actual disks?00:20
gbellinoz_cgroup on /sys/fs/cgroup/rdma type cgroup (rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,relatime,rdma)00:20
gbellinoz_fusectl on /sys/fs/fuse/connections type fusectl (rw,relatime)00:20
gbellinoz_Alight, complain mode off. 20 years of linux, and still love it.00:21
gbellinoz_Survival essentials for CUPS? I start twitching whenever I have to do an upgrade, because it's usually hours to get CUPS to work again. Still not completely working on 18.04. bonjour/samba/IPP, local CUPS daemon, cups client, driverless... I don't have a good feel for all the pieces, nor the minimalist approach to use.00:28
sarnoldgbellinoz_: heh, that's another one.. to get a printer to work on lp was usually just copy-paste the line from the previous computer. ONE LINE.00:32
sarnoldof course if you made the mistake of buying a non-postscript printer you were raked over the coals00:32
gbellinoz_Alright, the twitching just spread to my eyelid.00:32
gbellinoz_looks like adding a printer via gnome-control-panel just does it via the local cups server... and does it wrong somehow, creating both a local "raw printer" and a remote, neither destination works...00:36
TheteI'm assuming the do-release-update mechanism is broken ATM?01:09
Casper26is there a way to install iptables 1.6.1 or 1.6.2 on 16.04?01:16
sarnoldThete: if do-release-upgrade doesn't work, do-release-upgrade -d may work01:27
Thetethat sets to dev channel though doesn't it?01:28
Thetenot wanting to run nightlies01:28
sarnoldyeah, but there's no focal listed in https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-development so eoan would be selected01:29
tomreynThete: which upgrade are you trying to do?01:29
Thete19.04 -> 19.1001:29
tomreynand do-release-upgrade does not offer it?01:29
tomreynif you run    do-release-upgrade -c    what does it say?01:29
Theteneither does GUI even though pop-up keeps popping up to upgrade01:29
Thetelemme check 1 sec01:29
Thetesays "New release '19.10' available."01:31
Thetebut when I do do-release-upgrade, it says "Please install all available updates for your release before upgrading".   Everything is up to date01:32
TheteI'm guessing the updater package hasn't been pushed yet?01:32
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Theteall of my computers are doing this01:32
tomreynThete: hmm so     sudo apt update    doesn't list any warnings or errors and     sudo apt full-upgrade     doesn't want to do anything, and lists several 0s on the bottom?01:34
tomreyni.e. it shuodld say exactly "0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded."01:34
Theteno updates01:35
tomreynand no warnings or errors on apt update?01:35
Theteno warnings and errrors01:35
Theteno custom repos, no ppa's etc01:35
tomreynwhich mirror are you using?01:35
zaapielhow do i check what soundcard i have?01:36
sarnoldzaapiel: lshw -c sound01:37
tomreynThete, gmm, i'm not sure then. maybe try this: when you install    apt-forktracer    and run it, does it output anything?01:38
Theteno, nothing01:39
tomreynThete: can you post this?    sudo /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo apt-get -y update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog && rm /tmp/aptlog01:40
tomreynsarnold: any other ideas? i guess i'm overdebugging and you already provided an answer01:41
tomreyn(or a sufficiently good workaround)01:42
sarnoldtomreyn: hmm I thought the "install all available updates" thing was a blocker at this point01:42
sarnoldtomreyn: and without sorting out where that's coming from I'm not sure what next step could keep going01:42
tomreynas in, a bug?01:42
sarnoldit sure oculd be, I wanted to see the pastebin :)01:42
tomreynhmm yes this might be good to see.01:43
sarnoldtomreyn: I'm about to head out for the night.. maybe busted proxy? busted firewall? without an error message from something I'm pretty thin on ideas01:45
tomreynyes, good thinking there01:46
Thetetomreyn: different machine that I'm on with irc but having same issue http://termbin.com/6yk201:46
tomreynsarnold: ttyl01:46
tomreynThete: that's a fancy mix of apt sources01:47
sarnoldyeah that's kind of all over the place, but I'd still hope for a concrete error message of some sort ;(01:48
tomreyn<Thete> no custom repos, no ppa's etc01:49
tomreynyou said this earlier, does it apply to the other computers then?01:49
tomreynsince it doesn#t apply to this one01:49
tomreynThete: check also that the output of "date" makes sense01:55
Theteeither way, the problem persists on all of them01:57
TheteI'm going to assume, the updater package hasn't been pushed yet01:57
cgianyone using landscape here? How much does it cost to run landscape on premise?02:14
cgiI see that 10 machines is free02:15
DirtyEarHi. I am using Ubuntu and I have a slave hard disk with my projects and files, but when I try to open files from that disk, I cannot save changes until I copy the file to the hard disk where I have installed Ubuntu. I want to know how can I change permission or something that allow me to work with files in my slave hard disk. Any advice you can02:18
DirtyEarshare with me?02:18
AndikaSagalahey.. Saint Vincent College really good... i found something good in their scientific article.02:24
Bashing-omDirtyEar: What is the file system on that slave hard disk ?02:28
DirtyEarBashing-om: Thanks. I am not shure, but I think is NTFS02:29
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Best to know what shows ' sudo parted -l '? IF NTFS then one approach: http://askubuntu.com/questions/113733/how-do-i-correctly-mount-a-ntfs-partition-in-etc-fstab .02:34
DirtyEarBashing-om: Thanks. I just write this on my terminal and I think it works: sudo mount -o remount,uid=raices,gid=raices,rw /dev/sdb202:35
DirtyEarNow I see the icons without the padlock02:36
DirtyEarBut I am not shure if I have to do it every time I restart my pc02:36
Bashing-omDirtyEar: I have never seen the ownership options as such - but I am notWindows Literate- : generally see something like "defaults,auto,uid=1000,gid=1000,".02:37
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Is it your goal to only mount the data drive on demand from the terminal?02:40
DirtyEarBashing-om: I think I really need your help. I want to work with files in my secondary disck, but everytime I try to open some file it says "not allowed" and when it opens I cannot save changes02:41
DirtyEarThis is what I get from terminal https://pastebin.com/enpSC5tk02:41
DirtyEarBashing-om:  Is it your goal to only mount the data drive on demand from the terminal? - I want to used everytime in order to save all my fwork there and the ubuntu live in my principal hard disk02:43
DirtyEarDirtyEar: The disk I want to use is it the named "DirtyEar"02:43
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Tge question remians: mount on demand OR auto mount when booted ?02:48
DirtyEarBashing-om: Auto mount sound really good02:49
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Then one uses the /etc/fstab to automount. Follow the link given above :)02:50
DirtyEarBashing-om: This one https://askubuntu.com/questions/113733/how-do-i-correctly-mount-a-ntfs-partition-in-etc-fstab, right?02:51
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Yes - that will get you sorted.02:51
gbellinoz_Do the apt* tools manipulate the dpkg database? So dpkg is lowest level, apt* are more use-facing, and handle downloads?03:03
bomexgbellinoz_, yes03:04
gbellinoz_cool, thanks bomex. I've used them both for years, just have never understood their relationship to each other.03:05
bomexgbellinoz_, dpkg is like a father and apt* are there children03:07
bomexgbellinoz_, don't ask me where the mother  is 😉03:08
gbellinoz_dselect, I mean.03:08
gbellinoz_That's probably the grandma.03:09
bomexare *his* children03:09
bomexyeah, probably the grandmother haha03:09
bomexgbellinoz_, any idea how to make a PR request for a Ubuntu package (python-apt)?03:11
DirtyEarBashing-om: I am not sure what I have to do. I have this https://pastebin.com/HTa4B2Q7 on my terminal in order to know ID. And this is what I have in the /etc/fstab file https://pastebin.com/GjiRV0R1. May you help me to do this?03:11
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Looking,03:12
gbellinoz_bomex: are PR's how it's done for Ubuntu packages? I'd be asking these folks:03:13
gbellinoz_apt-cache show python-apt | egrep -i 'Maintainer:|Bugs'03:13
bomexgbellinoz_, I wanna fix a typo in python-apt... how to make and then send  the PR to be commited to the master branch?03:14
gbellinoz_https://salsa.debian.org/apt-team/python-apt ?03:15
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Bashing-omDirtyEar: Working as root - Not at all in my comfort zone. What do get when booted into "your" user account from ' getent passwd raices ' ? where raices I expect is your user name.03:22
DirtyEarBashing-om Yes raices is the username in my ubuntu. What I get is this https://pastebin.com/8f6GiCvu03:25
sparrsince upgrading to 19.10 my laptop often gets very hot. right now it is running the fans full speed and the bottom is too hot to touch. `top` says a couple of chrome processes are using 20-60% CPU intermittently, and nothing else using uch. `powertop` says my wifi card is using 25W, bluetooth 10W, display backlight 100mW, everything else 0mW, and of the 0mW processes chrome and gnome-shell are the only ones03:28
sparrover 100ms/s. What can I do to figure out what's causing all this heat?03:29
sparrsorry, my irc client ate random words and letters from that :/03:29
Bashing-omDirtyEar: No idea of what we are working with per that output. Is this a bare metal install of ubuntu ?03:29
DirtyEarBashing-om: I am using ubuntuStudio 19.10, is it something missing?03:30
sparrxsensors reports my cpu package and core temps are 64-78C03:32
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Got me -- as my output " sysop@x1804mini:~$ getent passwd sysop >> sysop:x:1000:1000:Billy Quinn,,,:/home/sysop:/bin/bash " . I have no idea of why yours is not similar IF it is "you" that has rights to adinistration of the system.03:33
DirtyEarI am back but the no fixed the situation03:57
DirtyEarI am looking for something to use my secundary hard disk with permissions to write. Is there any advice. I have trying for some hours and I cannot fixed that04:05
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Again - do you have administrative rights ? pastebin ' groups ; getent passwd $USER' Then we see what the file systems are on the data drive, and set the mount in /etc/fstab.04:08
DirtyEarBashing-om: Thanks I really appreciate what you do. I get this https://pastebin.com/tBFYhqtL04:10
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Great, Next then is confirming the target file system(s). pastebin ' sudo fdisk -lu ' please.04:14
DirtyEarBashing-om: I get this: https://pastebin.com/F6utt2TT04:16
DirtyEarBashing-om: My primary disk is 500gb solid, and the secunday one is 1Tb04:19
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Abd the target to mount is /dev/sdb2, Datos básicos de Microsoft - Yes ?04:20
DirtyEarYes, the disk is /dev/sbd2. Only contains files to work.04:22
DirtyEarI mean, my computer comes with Windows 10 and I installed Ubuntu in the same disk (disk 500 gb 250 to windos 250 to ubuntu)04:23
Bashing-omDirtyEar: And now we need to define a mount point in order to mount sdb2. I prefer that to be in /mnt - OK ?04:24
DirtyEarAnd the 1Tb disk only contains projects and files from my work.04:24
DirtyEarBashing-om: Yes it is right04:25
DirtyEarThe directory already exists04:25
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Good then we mount from /mnt. Pastebin ' ls -al /mnt ' so we know what mount points are presently established, so as to not to overwrite a mountpoint.04:27
DirtyEarI got this: https://pastebin.com/dRVCB75b04:30
DirtyEarBashing-om: I got this: https://pastebin.com/dRVCB75b04:30
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Good, nothing to overwrite :) ... Make the mount point ' sudo mkdir /mnt/windows '. then we make sure next a certain package is installed, find the UUID of sdb2, and edit /etc/fstab ( after making a backup!).04:33
DirtyEarBashing-om: I got this: https://pastebin.com/79YFLyGc04:35
DirtyEarBashing-om: How can I know the UUID of sdb2?04:35
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Good - pastebin ' dpkg -l ntfs-3g ' . As we want to use that package, we make sure it is installed.04:37
Bashing-omDirtyEar: we get to the UUID next :)04:38
DirtyEarBashing-om: Ok. I got his: https://pastebin.com/RqadhWVe04:39
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Yup ntfs-3g is available :)..now for the UUID; pastebin ' sudo blkid ' .04:41
DirtyEarDirtyEar: I got this: https://pastebin.com/J3bsHJ2X04:42
DirtyEarIs this CC88F7ED88F7D444, right?04:43
Bashing-omDirtyEar: correct that is the UUID we need, OK now we edit /etc/fstab - always be safe and make a backup ! .. How about ' sudo cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.bak22oct2019 '?04:46
DirtyEarIt sounds good. I already did: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8DY7kMjWtD/04:48
DirtyEarIt sounds good. I already did: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8DY7kMjWtD/Bashing-om:04:49
DirtyEarBashing-om: It sounds good. I already did: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8DY7kMjWtD/04:49
Bashing-omDirtyEar: And now we do the editing :) .. ' sudo -H mousepad /etc/fstab '. At the end of the file add 2 lines.04:51
DirtyEarBashing-om: The file is open. What I have to add?04:52
Bashing-omDirtyEar: 1) ##Mount for data partition sdb2  2) UUID=C88F7ED88F7D444 /mnt/windows ntfs-3g uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=002,auto 0 004:53
DirtyEarBashing-om: Is it right?04:54
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Sorry, do not follow - is what right ?04:55
DirtyEarBashing-om: Excuse me. Is it right https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/x7Wvrt46xV/04:55
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Yeah, looks good to me..check that the system likes it ' sudo mount -a ' . after saving the file.04:57
DirtyEarBashing-om: I got this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6XQxHgDqms/05:00
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Humm " cannot be found ! " checking again as it looked right to me !05:04
DirtyEarBashing-om: I just get the same line "mount: /mnt/windows: no se puede encontrar UUID=C88F7ED88F7D444."05:06
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Yep ..not lyeing tous :).. the correct UUID is "CC88F7ED88F7D444" that is 2 Cs at the start of the UUID :)05:08
DirtyEarBashing-om: Ok. Now I got this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/bT9HmYjN7K/05:09
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Well must be mounted else where. what shows ' mount ' and we see :)05:11
DirtyEarBashing-om: I got this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/9DxhX9nb5X/05:12
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Yep :) GUI has it mounted. run' sudo umount /media/raices/DirtyEar '. then what shows ' mount -a '?05:14
Bashing-om**sudo mount -a05:14
DirtyEarBashing-om: I got this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/D26n93qbsx/05:15
DirtyEarBashing-om: I did this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/f6RR3tYqsV/05:16
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Yup see my last // should be as 'sudo mount-a' :)05:16
DirtyEarBashing-om: Yes is what I did and I get this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/f6RR3tYqsV/05:17
SoulofTruth7Hello, I recently installed Ubuntu 19.10 and cannot get my Techkey USB 3.0 Wifi Adapter to work. It worked with Ubuntu 18.1005:18
Bashing-omDirtyEar: So now does windows have a lock on the partiton?05:18
SoulofTruth7I have tried installing different drivers to no avail.05:18
DirtyEarBashing-om: I do not know =$05:19
Bashing-omDirtyEar: As we have the advise " Please resume and shutdown Windows fully (no hibernation05:20
DirtyEarBashing-om: I need to restar my pc?05:21
Bashing-omor fast restarting.)" boot windows and make sure. And best run a file system check from windows - though ubuntu can remove lock.05:21
SoulofTruth7Can anyone help me get my USB WiFi adapter to work with Ubuntu 19.10?05:21
Bashing-om!patience | SoulofTruth705:22
ubottuSoulofTruth7: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/05:22
DirtyEarBashing-om: In that case, is necesary to restar my pc and enter to Windows? I do not have any password in windows or may I remove lock as you said?05:24
Bashing-omDirtyEar: We can try and see :) what results from ubuntu ' sudo ntfsfix /dev/sdb2 ' ?05:26
DirtyEarBashing-om: I got this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/h27zkc7SPN/05:28
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Maybe :) ..what shows now ' sudo mount -a '?05:30
DirtyEarBashing-om: I got this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rrFQszvnqv/05:31
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Great ! ..now what ' ls -al /mnt/windows ' ?05:32
DirtyEarBashing-om: I got this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/SVFYxGyqBM/05:33
Bashing-omDirtyEar: :D ,,should be good to copy your files now .05:34
DirtyEarBashing-om: what do you mean?05:35
DirtyEarWhat you say is to do a back up? I mean to save all the files before continue?05:35
Bashing-omDirtyEar: sdb2 is now automounting and accessable by "you".05:36
Bashing-omDirtyEar: We are done with setting that Windows partion to mount -now if you want it in the GUI rahter than terminal access the mount points will have to be altered.05:38
DirtyEarBashing-om: Ok. I opened /mnt/windows/Salvar 2019 and I see my files but when I try to open one file it shows "persmission denied"05:39
Bashing-omDirtyEar: linux does not do spaces in a filename / How did you list your files? (andI can accept that the ownership of the files must be changed to "you").05:43
DirtyEarBashing-om: when U try to open a file shows me: This session has been opened in read-only mode.05:43
DirtyEar*When I try05:44
DirtyEarAnd do not let me save05:45
Bashing-omDirtyEar: These look good "drwxrwxr-x 1 raices raices" showing complete access to the directory .05:46
DirtyEarBashing-om: what can I do?05:46
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Or rather "raices" has the access, Are you not that user on this system ?05:47
DirtyEarI am the only user of this computer05:47
Bashing-omDirtyEar: But - are you raices ?05:48
DirtyEarMy user id is: raices05:48
DirtyEarBefore enter to ubuntu I jave to put my user= raices, and my password05:49
Bashing-omDirtyEar:  We look deeper then ;pastebin ' ls -al /mnt/windows/"Salvar 2019"/ ' .05:50
DirtyEarBashing-om: I got this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Wx8m3z6YTg/05:51
Bashing-omDirtyEar: So far I see no other issue than those pesky spaces in the file names. What particular file is at fault ?05:57
mnhrdtI upgraded to eoan and apt-file is broken (even after reinstalling)05:58
mnhrdt"apt-file search apt-file" returns nothing05:59
mnhrdtdoes anybody else have this problem?05:59
Bashing-om!info apt-file eoan06:00
ubottuapt-file (source: apt-file): search for files within Debian packages (command-line interface). In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.2 (eoan), package size 27 kB, installed size 90 kB06:00
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DirtyEarBashing-om: This file for example /mnt/windows/Salvar 2019/Documentos/PROYECTO-RECOPILA-HELLZINE-5.docx I only can read the file but I cannot do anything else06:01
Bashing-om DirtyEar: pastebin' ls -al /mnt/windows/"Salvar 2019"/Documentos/PROYECTO-RECOPILA-HELLZINE-5.docx ' Note that I quote around that space.06:04
DirtyEarBashing-om: I got this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/9dfy2RhjWT/06:06
DirtyEarBashing-om How can I change the name. I cannot create or delete any folder06:07
Bashing-omDirtyEar: I see no issues // At this point All I can suggest is to go into Windows and fix the file system, then make sure Windows does not have any problems with that Windows File system.06:12
DirtyEarBashing-om: I do not know how to fix it?06:13
Bashing-omDirtyEar: As said - I do not do Windows // I can not advise you on running a Windows application.06:14
DirtyEarBashing-om: I will restar my pc and let as soon as I restart I will write here again. Thanks for your help. Give me a moment please06:14
Bashing-omDirtyEar: Sure But the file system check/repair is a must.06:15
devslash2has anyone here upgraded to 19.1006:26
fp-hi all06:28
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Bashing-omFor the record - from PM - DirtyEar now has access to his Windows partition.06:32
rfmdevslash2, the channel is for support questions on ubuntu, not polls about who has done what. If you're trying to upgrade and have a problem, tell us what the problem is.06:33
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crabsis there anyone out there07:38
EriC^^!ask | crabs07:39
ubottucrabs: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:39
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/07:40
elias_aNot to mention that there are people on this channel all over the world in different timezones...07:47
glitchdtatertots, hey not sure if you remember me, i was the guy that mysteriously had wifi. still trying to figure out how and why, but now i have a device name from iwconfig if that can aid in figuring out what device is giving me wifi.08:06
glitchdcan anyone help me figure out how i have wifi if i never installed a wifi card?08:07
roryIt's almost certainly your motherboard08:09
roryIs there a connector (or pair) on the back that looks like a TV arial?08:10
glitchdlike for antennas to screw onto?08:10
rory"lspci -v" command will be a good place to start08:10
roryeven without an antenna you would still pick up strong wifi08:10
glitchdno there are not08:11
glitchdthis is the motherboard i have https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16813157884?Item=N82E1681315788408:11
rorydoes your mystery wifi actually work? can you see networks?08:11
rory"sudo iwlist scan"08:11
glitchdit says that it supports an m.2 wifi key but it was not included08:11
glitchdheres my lspci https://pastebin.com/c6HM6i8008:11
glitchdheres my lsusb https://pastebin.com/LT7iTrHa08:12
glitchdheres my iwconfig https://pastebin.com/FFQ52Yyp08:12
boktanhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1849276 who can help me about this problem :/  please!08:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1849276 in linux (Ubuntu) "alfa-AWUS036ACH wifi usb adapter not working" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:12
glitchdits picking up wifi intermittently, like it was working and showing networks 2 days ago, but yesterday it wasnt, then again today it is.08:13
glitchdalso, i dont get wifi in windows, if that helps at all.08:15
roryok so it's not a weird kernel bug, there really is wifi hardware somewhere that's actually working08:16
roryjust in case, can you share lspci -v08:16
glitchdrory, i already did, but here is is again this time using sudo for all the extra info.   https://pastebin.com/0Mq5vFWD08:21
boktancan you please add some comments here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1849276 that the developpers take care on this topic?08:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1849276 in linux (Ubuntu) "alfa-AWUS036ACH wifi usb adapter not working" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:23
isomarigreetings, how can I make do-release-upgrade answer all questions with the deafult answer? I left my system to upgrade last night only to coe back this morning with it not complete but waiting for me to answer a question.08:28
roryisomari: The following command upgrades to the new stable release without prompts: do-release-upgrade -f DistUpgradeViewNonInteractive08:29
roryisomari: This sort of thing is called "unattended" installation/upgrade, that's the word for future googling08:29
isomariI know. I just didn't know how to do it for this installation.08:30
glitchdrory, any clues or ideas?08:30
roryThis is a mystery tbh08:42
roryI found this very verbose "lshw" command though08:42
roryit shows my laptop batteries, so it might show your mystery device08:42
isomarisome of the posts I have read online claim that do-release-upgrade -f DistUpgradeViewNonInteractive does not work properly. Some even say it messed up their installation. Is this true?08:44
groksisomari: it's all possible, especially if you have custom config changes.08:44
roryblindly accepting the default setting is always going to have its dangers, it's the nature of the beast if you have a very custom system08:45
groksthat when the release upgrade goes, some default configs could possibly be upgraded or missing values needed08:45
isomariunderstood. thanks08:45
roryif you had custom boot loader settings or something, you could potentially overwrite those during do-release-upgrade08:45
rorythat would be the most annoying thing to deal with. other stuff probably less important08:46
isomarii'll just make sure I'm around. thanks.08:46
glitchdrory, heres lshw  https://pastebin.com/Cwe47C6L08:47
groks       logical name: wlp9s0f3u308:47
groksjeeze that's a wifi name if i've ever seen one08:48
glitchdgroks, lol right?!08:48
rorywell it's definitely USB08:48
groksglitchd: you have the model of the wifi module you bought?08:49
grokspossible that the m2. wifi port is using that usb chipset08:49
roryis it possible you have a very small wifi adaptor plugged into a USB port and forgot?08:49
roryi've made stupider mistakes08:49
groksrory: I forgot i had something similar happened and had a hub behind my PC.08:50
isomaritracker is like the walking dead. except even shooting it in the head doesn't stop it. How on earth can I kill that damn beast?08:50
groksTook me >1day to figure that was still plugged in08:50
glitchdrory, the only usb type things that i have plugged in are a nano usb dongle for my mouse/keyboard and a wireless controller receiver.08:50
glitchdrory, no, i just checked again.08:50
glitchdgroks, i did buy any wifi adapters or equipment. i shouldnt have wifi.08:51
isomarinothing I tried in google works. I even deleted the binaries but they respawn on their own.08:51
groksah then you dont08:51
groksthat wireless adapter is for your remote08:51
glitchdgroks, yea, i know lol08:51
grokscrazy that it shows up as a wifi-adapter08:52
glitchdgroks, but then why is it displaying the wifi networks around me?08:52
groksbut you can set it to link-local08:52
groksyour desktop is?08:52
groksquick check for you08:52
glitchdgroks, yes, the computer im on right now08:52
groksiwlist wlp9s0f3u3 scan08:52
groksyou can install that utility and nuke it later08:53
glitchdgroks, yes that command listed all the nearby wifi networks08:53
groksor iw dev wlp9s0f3u3 scan08:53
groksso that mediatek is indeed a wifi module as well as your remote dongle.08:53
glitchdgroks, ok im gonna unplug it and see if wifi goes away then08:54
groksit should08:54
groksfunny part is the different models of it support the wireless xbox controller08:54
grokshttps://cateee.net/lkddb/web-lkddb/MT76x2U.html listed here08:54
glitchdgroks, lmao it did. i swear the last time i tried that, the networks still showed08:54
groksprobably cached until NM refreshed08:55
glitchdgroks, thats what it is. its an xbox one wireless controller receiver.08:55
groksso problem solved, yeehaw08:55
groksah, haha08:55
groksdigging for docs is a pita08:55
groksespecially when it comes to drivers08:55
glitchdno doubt08:55
glitchdthis thing just worked out of the box08:56
glitchdan added bonus is that i dont need to buy a wifi dongle now lol08:56
grokshaha for sure08:56
boktanhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1849276 please help me too :(08:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1849276 in linux (Ubuntu) "alfa-AWUS036ACH wifi usb adapter not working" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:56
grokswon't probably be as fast08:56
glitchdgroks, meh no worries, this thing stays plugged into the router anyways08:57
slavanapHello! Is that possible to run linux app under Wine? I'm curious of git.exe integration with other apps, but Cygwin's git.exe doesn't work under wine08:57
roryomg I even saw xbox in the search results and didn't put 2 and 2 together :) Nice one folks08:57
groksrory: haha08:57
groksslavanap: don't know and havent tried, but I figure there are some libraries required that aren't included in wine for git.exe to work08:58
glitchdrory groks, i had my suspicions but i wasnt certain08:58
glitchdbut like i said, i swear that last time i was trying to figure this out, i unplugged that adapter and the wifi stayed. no matter, thx guys. much appreciated.08:59
groksslavanap: some of those wifi modules aren't capable of going into promiscuous mode (e.g. the tools you're trying to run won't work)09:00
groksyou'll want an intel or atheros based card for that kind of stuff.09:00
groksand not promoting wifi hacking around here.09:00
slavanapgroks, maybe someone here knows wine support channel, because my git.exe for portable git I've download from git-scm.com just crashes all the time09:01
groksslavanap: bah meant to type boktan for the wifi thing haha09:01
groks2am brain is retiring09:01
groksslavanap: whats the error when it crashes?09:02
boktangroks was the message about capable to me?09:02
slavanapSome internal exception. Will take a screenshot.09:02
groksboktan: correct09:02
groksslavanap: just run it from cli and pastebin09:02
boktanmy external wifi was working perfect on kali linux i dont think it haves a problem but i think ubuntu have some problems because of the driver from repo works NOTHİNG even the light is not blinking then i install it from github it is now part of working09:03
groksboktan: ah, what kernel version is kali on?09:04
groksmight be a kernel issue with that particular driver and the default ubuntu one09:04
roryboktan: might be the driver is available in the Drivers tool in Ubuntu, and not installed by default due to licensing or space requirements? Whereas Kali pretty much doesn't care about that stuff, and will bundle everything in their massive iso09:05
groksrory: yeah was my thoughts as well09:05
grokskali is like "Lets pile all this on here and call it a day"09:05
roryit's designed to be run as a live environment so it needs all the things09:06
boktan5.3.0-19-generic groks09:06
jeremy31I don't think that is the case, the rtl8812au code is open source09:06
slavanapgroks,  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Hxb35Z3NFc/09:08
boktangroks one guy suggest me to do this: https://github.com/v1s1t0r1sh3r3/airgeddon/wiki/Consistent%20Network%20Device%20Naming09:08
boktanthis wifi name problem i have too mentioned on that link09:08
groksboktan: just read something09:09
grokssudo apt remove realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms; sudo apt autoremove; sudo apt install realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms; unplug the wifi module, and then plug it back in, verify09:10
boktanthis topic i read and tryed already i know from where you see it :D  groks09:11
boktanand realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms not have in ubuntu repo09:11
boktanrtl88xxau-dkms have09:11
groksthat should be fine09:11
boktanyeah and i tryed it already09:11
boktanafter i did fresh install09:12
groksand nothing, does dmesg even detect it being plugged in?09:12
boktanyes  :D09:12
boktanthat driver on ubuntu repo not working09:12
boktanIf you see your wireless card named as wlx00c0ca9208dc or any similar name, yeah you are affected and probably you'll have some issues using airgeddon while changing mode of your card.09:13
boktanit says on airgeddon link09:13
boktanand exactly this i have now :/09:14
MudchainsI am running a fresh install of ubuntu 18.04 LTS (server) with xrdp & ubuntu-mate. When in RDP I want to logoff, i get kicked back to the session after ~30 sec. Anyone has experience with it ?09:14
jeremy31boktan: in terminal>   sudo ln -s /dev/null /etc/systemd/network/99-default.link09:15
jeremy31boktan: then reboot and see if wifi is wlan009:15
boktani did GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="net.ifnames=0 biosdevname=0" now my wlan names are normal :D09:19
slavanapOne more question from me: what's the simplest way to build and install custom kernel in Ubuntu. I need this commit https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git/commit/?id=12e36d98d3e5acf5fc57774e0a15906d55f30cb909:22
slavanapIf it's possible to rebuild just iwlwifi module, that'd be great09:22
jeremy31slavanap: Building only the iwlwifi/iwlmvm modules is possible09:23
groksjeremy31: yeah was just gonna say that09:23
jeremy31slavanap: download kernel source code, apply patch and build modules09:24
slavanap`dpkg -S /usr/lib/modules/5.3.0-19-generic/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/intel/iwlwifi/iwlwifi.ko`    does not show the owner of module binary...09:25
jeremy31slavanap: You might want to check iwlwifi-backports and see if the commit is there09:28
slavanapjeremy31, my furute isn't that bright: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YV2VnTqJQz/09:32
jeremy31slavanap: That one is too old to have the commit and it might not support the 5.3 kernels yet09:34
slavanapwhich backport you suggest then?09:34
jeremy31slavanap: https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/iwlwifi/backport-iwlwifi.git/log/?h=release%2Fcore47  but even it doesn't have that commit yet09:35
slavanapOk. It seems building it myself in the only option09:35
slavanapI hope this doc is up-to-date https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel09:37
slavanapapt-get source linux-image-$(uname -r)   does not seem to download the whole source code though09:38
jeremy31slavanap: apt-get source linux-modules-extra-$(uname -r)09:39
slavanapjeremy31, thanks a bunch!09:39
hans_i think i found a bug in the /etc/sudoers.d/* parser on 18.0409:40
rorygo on09:42
hans_if /etc/sudoers.d/www-data-jailexecutor  contains the exact string "www-data ALL = (root) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/php /jail/jailexecutor.php" without ending with a space or a newline, you will get the error > >>> /etc/sudoers.d/www-data-jailexecutor: syntax error near line 1 <<< sudo: parse error in /etc/sudoers.d/www-data-jailexecutor near line 1 sudo: no valid sudoers sources found, quitting sudo: unable to initialize policy plugin09:43
jeremy31slavanap: It is easier than the wiki link as you just need to compile iwlwifi09:43
hans_but if you add a space or a newline to the end, it's parsed without complaining09:43
hans_.. are those files required to end with a space or a newline? i didn't think that was a requirement09:44
hans_(unless it's a parser bug, perhaps?)09:44
mgedminhans_: non-empty text files are supposed to end with a newline character in unix; many programs (like cron) are unhappy if they don't09:44
mgedminapparently sudo is one of them09:45
hans_well quickly skimming `man sudo`, it doesn't appear to be documented :o  - https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/93IDgvBeCWyen-upDS5rtQ/raw?password=TSjSjv5SVnLFHjaxiJ09:46
mgedminyeah, I see no explicit mention of this in man sudoers either09:47
hans_well it broke my install script09:50
cgm____Hi all, is there somewhere I can find the commands used to build the official Ubuntu netboot ISOs?10:30
cgm____Specifically the xorriso arguments10:30
ceed^I can not find out how enable click to minimize for the dock in 19.10. I seem to remember that option was somewhere in the settings or tweak tool, but I can not find it. Anyone know?10:39
lotuspsychjeceed^: dconf-editor10:40
ceed^Ah so it's not in settings/tweak tool anymore. Thanks!10:41
lotuspsychjeceed^: dconf-editor has a nice search function now, great & easy for tweaking10:41
ceed^I've used it in the past but search will be very helpful.10:42
lotuspsychjeceed^: did you find it?10:54
ceed^lotuspsychje: Got sidetracked, yes found it under the dash-to-dock settings. All good now :)11:03
lotuspsychjegreat, enjoy11:03
BluesKajHowdy all11:06
funabashiHi all maybe someone can be nice and help me out with my problem with source.lst... https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/F8PdfVJ5Ds/11:23
lotuspsychjefunabashi: /join #debian11:23
lotuspsychjehere is the #ubuntu support11:24
vortexxhello, I upgraded to ubuntu 19.10 today and now dbus won't start, so I can't get into X11. Is this a known bug? (Dell XPS 9370 with amd64 version of the OS, intel gfx)11:27
ceed^vortexx: That happened to me as well. I didn't have time to mess with it so I did a clean install instead. Pretty nasty though.11:30
vortexxceed^: yeah I may just do a clean install to fix it but would rather find the root cause if at all possible instead11:30
lotuspsychjevortexx: can you enter from a recoverymode?11:40
tortalwhat is going on: $ traceroute ANY_HOSTNAME ; 1  _gateway (  0.198 ms  0.143 ms  0.110 ms; 2  _gateway (  3.578 ms  4.906 ms  6.094 ms11:40
lotuspsychjetortal: a question for ##networking ?11:41
tortaloh sorry11:41
lotuspsychjetortal: unless you think its ubuntu related?11:41
tortalno not ubuntu. maybe systemd-nspawn.. but that is poettering11:42
vortexxlotuspsychje: yes I can, even regular boot dumps me to recovery11:42
lotuspsychjevortexx: graphics driver loaded correctly? sudo lshw -C video11:42
vortexxI tried running startx and the /var/log/Xorg.0.log had an error about not finding /var/run/dbus/dbus*whatever11:43
lotuspsychjevortexx: startx is best not used anymore11:43
lotuspsychjeit will get you in trouble11:43
vortexxI know it's not the best recommended but it'll pick up basic errors11:44
vortexxlet me switch laptops for irc and reboot into ubuntu on this one11:44
vortexxlotuspsychje: lshw -C video prints out my display fine, intel UHD 620 gfx11:46
lotuspsychjevortexx: can you share your dmesg please11:47
vortexxjust a sec11:47
vortexxlotuspsychje: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/GGX95wdtXD/11:56
lotuspsychjevortexx: not sure yet whats going on, maybe unrelated but this looks like an error: pcieport 0000:03:00.0: BAR 13: no space for [io  size 0x4000]12:00
vortexxhttps://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/YTcHZM476y/ my Xorg.0.log12:02
lotuspsychjevortexx: at wich point on boot, things get stuck?12:02
vortexxlotuspsychje: let me boot without the quiet option, I think it's when gdm3 starts12:04
vortexx[   840.294] (EE) dbus-core: error connecting to system bus: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.FileNotFound (Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory) <-- the Xorg error12:04
lotuspsychjevortexx: did you reboot yet since upgrade?12:07
vortexxlotuspsychje: multiple times12:08
vortexxdid a apt dist-upgrade too12:08
mgedmin(1) does /run/dbus/system_bus_docket exist?  (2) is /var/run a symlink to /run?12:10
mgedmin(3) what does 'systemctl status dbus' say?12:10
vortexxyes /var/run is a symlink to /run but there's no /run/dbus and systemctl status dbus says it's Active: inactive (dead)12:12
mgedminany log messages with errors in systemctl output?12:13
mgedmin(I'm surprised tbh, I thought dbus was required for systemd to function)12:14
lotuspsychjevortexx mgedmin an old bug related, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dbus/+bug/81144112:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 858122 in sysvinit (Ubuntu Precise) "duplicate for #811441 incomplete migration to /run (shutdown script order has been demolished)" [High,Fix released]12:15
vortexxok I think I may have the source of the problem, I installed 19.04 with ZFS manually and now I'm getting errors with mounting various mountpoints12:15
mgedminooh, that sounds unpleasant12:16
vortexxit was working fine but maybe the upgrade borked it12:16
vortexxit can't mount the /boot partition12:16
neowebwhat is with this snap package manager12:18
vortexxI'm going to reinstall freshly, it'll be easier12:18
lotuspsychjeneoweb: whats with it?12:18
vortexxI have a backup of my package list and /home12:18
vortexxthanks for the help lotuspsychje12:18
neowebwould there be any reason a piece of software installed by it could not see a directory mounted by the user that is running the software?12:18
neowebI can't see Desktop12:19
neoweba folder /media/mouted12:19
neowebI sure can see /home/user/snap12:19
lotuspsychjeneoweb: wich snap software are we talking about please?12:20
neowebcant. save. files. anywhere.12:20
neowebbitcoin core12:20
mgedminsnaps are confined and have limited access to the filesystem12:20
neowebwell that is just great12:20
mgedminit's a security measure12:20
mgedminso random bitcoin software can't steal your firefox saved passwords etc12:21
neowebIf I wanted security I would have installed cubes heh12:21
lotuspsychjeneoweb: the maintainer of the snap is: contact:   https://github.com/bitcoin-core/packaging/issues/new?title=snap:12:21
neowebI cant even save a file in 'snap'.12:21
mgedminI believe each snap gets is own area in ~/snap/.../, with $HOME set so it could save files there12:27
funabashiI have now found out it runnning ubuntu xenial12:27
lotus|i5neoweb: from gnome-software you can also tweak some settings of the snap, permissions etc12:27
lotus|i5funabashi: you were on debian an hour ago?12:27
neowebthis reminds me of systemd all over again.12:27
=== lotus|i5 is now known as lotuspsychje
neowebi mean did they embed selinux into the snap or something12:28
neowebis this all dockerized12:28
lotuspsychje!snap | neoweb12:29
ubottuneoweb: Snaps are containerised software packages similar to flatpaks or appimage. For more info, see https://snapcraft.io12:29
mgedminapparmor is the linux security module used on ubuntu (instead of selinux)12:29
neowebi mean this is crazy12:29
tarzeauneoweb: you're free to not use snap? or is the application you use not availble by apt/apt-get ?12:30
neowebthats the suck part about it12:30
tarzeauneoweb: i love to make debian packages, which software is it?12:30
lotuspsychjeneoweb: we advice if you find a bug in snaps, to contact its maintainer12:30
neowebit is not a bug12:31
lotuspsychjetarzeau: bitcoind-core12:31
neowebhow do I give a snap access to a folder somewhere in a filesystem?12:31
neowebNOT MAINTAINED (for new versions of Ubuntu), PLEASE USE THE SNAP INSTEAD (see https://github.com/bitcoin-core/packaging/tree/master/snap)12:31
neowebI mean.12:32
tarzeauneoweb: here's the source, looks not too hard... https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin12:32
neowebThis has to break so much stuff.12:32
neowebhow the hell is a /home directory safer then anything?12:32
tarzeauneoweb: i'm feeling some pain with chromium (browser) but keep abping from debian sid to 20.0412:33
funabashiCan anyone be nice and tell me how a sources.list wil work with ubuntu xenial12:33
tarzeauneoweb: i'll have a packate at http://phd-sid.ethz.ch/debian/bitcoin/ (do you know how to build debian source packages?)12:33
neowebtarzeau: that is not the point, but thanks.  I mean, someone should have a package.12:34
neowebThe point is that this snap stuff is crazy12:34
tarzeauneoweb: i'm having packages. if you want no snap for chromium, can give you my copy12:34
neowebYou are telling me, someone created a piece of software that jailbreaks every pieces of software I installed?12:35
neowebpiece * install *12:35
tarzeau? i'm just prefering .debs over snaps12:35
lotuspsychjeneoweb: this isnt the complaints channel, please focus on the actual ubuntu issue12:35
jsphillips86I heard a pop when plugging in my laptop. Windows won't boot with acpi_bios_error, and Ubuntu works, but doesn't see y discrete graphics. am I fubar'ed?12:35
neowebit is an ubuntu issue12:35
funabashihow can i do apt-update without KEYS and stuff?12:35
neowebsomeone here tell me if it is possible to mount /somedir with a snap.12:35
lotuspsychjeneoweb: mgedmin already explained you the security part12:36
neowebsomeone explained to me it, but no one confirmed if the security policy was still to jailbreak to some crazy user, and some crazy dir.12:36
tomreynfunabashi: sources.list works on xenial the same way it works on other ubuntu releases, just the release codename needs to be "xenial" in those lines.12:37
tomreynyou will need to have the GPG keys available to apt-key12:37
funabashitomreyn: how to do this with keys never done that12:39
tomreynfunabashi: your "apt-key" is missing the gpg signing keys used for the http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu apt archive. normally, the sytem would already have them present so seomoene must have explicitly removed (or initially failed to install) them.12:40
funabashitomreyn: ok but can u please tell me how do it? please12:40
tomreynthe apt-secure(8) man page explains how this works12:40
funabashiits fixed guys =)12:41
jsphillips86just tried the hdmi port... yeah, my nvidia card is fried. Arg12:51
lotuspsychjejsphillips86: your nvidia chipset, driver version and ubuntu version please?12:52
jsphillips8619.10 Can't see the rest since lspci can't see the card12:53
lotuspsychjejsphillips86: sudo lshw -C video && nvidia-smi12:54
lotuspsychje!paste | jsphillips8612:54
ubottujsphillips86: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:54
jsphillips86Pretty sure the card is just fried. It doesn't show up12:56
lotuspsychjejsphillips86: its your system? wich card is in there?12:57
jsphillips86a 1050 I believe. It's a laptop, so built into the motherboard12:58
jsphillips86Weird that the graphics would fry but everything else is completely fine?12:59
lotuspsychjejsphillips86: hmm, its not disabled by bios or something? are you on uefi or legacy?12:59
jsphillips86uefi. There is no option to disable it in bios, but I did update it and reset defaults12:59
tomreyndid it previously work?12:59
tomreynor was it broken since you got your hands on it?13:00
jsphillips86yeah, I used it a couple days ago with a cheap vr headset in windows. THinking maybe it backfed power incorrectly, but I did hear a pop while plugging the ac adapter in13:01
jsphillips86So i'm not sure if it was the headset or the ac adapter.13:01
lotuspsychjejsphillips86: can you pastebin your dmesg please13:01
jsphillips86It is on it's third mobo, so I think it's a junk model13:01
tomreynsounds like a realistic scenario to me, but u'd also wanted to inspect the system log ( journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 9999 ) or at least dmesg to ensure.13:02
=== Leion1 is now known as Leion
tomreynit could also just be a resouce conflict due to the new bios or new kernel13:03
tomreynmce: [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged13:05
tomreynprobably faulty ram?13:05
jsphillips86I did have to reset the ram because of a beep code. Would faulty ram mess up the nvidia part. (not sure if it's shared ram)13:06
tomreyni'd expect vram to be dedicated to the gpu, not shared13:07
mgedminhttps://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=mcelog was last seen on xenial; any ideas what replaced it?13:07
lotuspsychjejsphillips86: are you running wayland? systemd[1082]: Started GNOME Shell on Wayland13:08
tomreynmgedmin: rasdaemon13:08
jsphillips86It's whatever the default ubuntu is. It's a new installation. I wiped the drive13:09
lotuspsychjejsphillips86: could you doublecheck please, logout and click the little gear at login, see if you on xorg or wayland?13:09
=== dionysus70 is now known as dionysus69
tomreyni think PEG0 is the first PCI bus graphics chipset: ACPI Error: Aborting method \_SB.PCI0.PEG0.PG00._ON due to previous error (AE_AML_LOOP_TIMEOUT) (20190703/psparse-529)13:10
AESthetic256I've got a VM on Azure and it keeps freezing up on me every couple days or so; df -h shows only ~20% disk usage; what's can I check or implement to investigate this issue?13:10
jsphillips86no wayland13:11
lotuspsychjejsphillips86: ok, tnx for checking13:13
tomreynjsphillips86: so you can run a memory test. there's memtest86 in ubuntu (which you can select from grub if you're booting in bios mode). i personally prefer the free edition from https://www.memtest86.com/download.htm which also supports uefi.13:14
jsphillips86I did do the built-in dell diagnostics, and they reported no error, but I'm sure memtest is better13:15
lotuspsychje!info spectre-meltdown-checker | mgedmin also handy13:15
ubottumgedmin also handy: spectre-meltdown-checker (source: spectre-meltdown-checker): Spectre & Meltdown vulnerability/mitigation checker. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.37-1 (bionic), package size 29 kB, installed size 120 kB13:15
lotuspsychjeAESthetic256: are you on ubuntu-server?13:15
AESthetic256lotuspsychje, yes, 18.04.3 LTS13:16
tomreynjsphillips86: a proper memtest takes a full night with current computers.13:16
lotuspsychjeAESthetic256: not sure if azure has an official irc, but for server you can try #ubuntu-server13:17
jsphillips86tomreyn, wow13:17
AESthetic256lotuspsychje, thank you :]13:17
lotuspsychjeAESthetic256: are you on canonical advantage?13:17
AESthetic256lotuspsychje, I don't believe so13:17
jsphillips86I wouldn't doubt that the ram is bad, but there is no point replacing it if that doesn't fix the nvidia problem. I don't have any other compatable sticks laying around13:18
jsphillips86If I can't get graphics, the laptop is useless to me.13:18
tomreynjsphillips86: i see you have 8 GB RAM, the memtest may be a bit faster then. but it'll still take many hours.13:19
tomreynjsphillips86: right, there is no indication of any nvidia hardware on this log.13:19
jsphillips86maybe it'll heat up enough to help the graphics. lol.13:19
lotuspsychjejsphillips86: another idea crossing mind, is to compare on a liveusb ubuntu, if nvidia doesnt work either, we could state its hardware?13:19
tomreynjsphillips86: secureboot is enabled, have you booted without for testing?13:20
jsphillips86yeah, that makes sense.13:20
jsphillips86tomreyn, yes13:20
tomreynah no, not actually enabled13:20
lotuspsychjejsphillips86: was it working before you upgraded your bios?13:20
lotuspsychjelets hope you didnt brick something13:20
jsphillips86I think the update was actually the same version number, but I let it run away13:21
lotuspsychjejsphillips86: can you share the version with tomreyn you updated?13:21
tomreynInspiron 15 7000 Gaming/, BIOS 1.10.0 05/17/2019 is what you have now13:21
jsphillips86yeah, it was the same version number. guess it wasn't actually an "update"13:21
jsphillips86more like a cross date13:21
tomreynpatched bios?13:23
jsphillips86no. dell bios. Just did the "update" as part of the diagnostics13:24
tomreynwell, you're on the latest released bios version.13:24
jsphillips86yeah. was before the problem too.13:24
tomreynbut if a bios upgrade would stop the graphics card from working they'd likely notice and remedy that soon13:25
jsphillips86and it's over 2 months old.13:25
jsphillips86I'm guessing it was either the headset or the ac adapter popping. But I can memtest to check that. Guess I can replace the ram and donate the computer. Without discrete graphics, it's useless for me13:27
tomreynmobile computers and potent graphics cards don't go well together, and probably won't anytime soon13:28
lotuspsychjejsphillips86: intel graphics can do some work too these days13:28
jsphillips86Nope, it's replacement will be one I build myself13:29
jsphillips86lotuspsychje, Guess if I can get it to run Doom, lol. That's my most intense game13:29
lotuspsychjejsphillips86: 2 months old = warranty?13:29
jsphillips86lotuspsychje, I meant the bios update. My warranty ended a month ago. Go figure13:30
tomreynwell designed hardware!13:30
tomreyni mean, according to vendor needs13:30
* tomreyn bbl13:30
jsphillips86I  could pay for more warranty and then replace it, but that seems dishonest13:30
jsphillips86and would stil be nearly $10013:31
lotuspsychjejsphillips86: lets focus on ubuntu again now, getting bit out of scope13:32
jsphillips86lotuspsychje, True. Sorry about all that.13:32
jsphillips86Thanks for the help everyone13:32
lotuspsychjejsphillips86: try a liveusb as last resort?13:32
jsphillips86lotuspsychje, I will.13:32
=== Leion1 is now known as Leion
zzarrI'm trying to join this chat with irssi (using xchat now), but I get this error "Irssi: warning None of the Subject Alt Names in the certificate match hostname 'irc.ubuntu.com'"13:42
zzarrany idea what could be wrong?13:42
tomreynuse irc.freenode.net as a server name13:42
tomreynzzarr: welcome back. where did you read about using irc.ubuntu.com in the first place? or was this just a preset configuration in xchat?13:44
zzarrit worked, thanks :)13:44
zzarrnow I can screen my chat :D13:45
tomreynzzarr: did you see my message above?13:45
zzarrnow I just need to understand how to change between channels13:46
zzarryes (the welcome back one)13:46
tomreynand a question, yes13:46
tomreynyou can get irc help in #freenode13:46
tomreyn/join #freenode13:46
tomreynthere is also #irssi, i think13:47
zzarrto be fair, I don't remember where, it must have been like 5-10 years ago13:47
zzarrI had a ubuntu phone and I chatted frequently here13:48
zzarrand in other ubuntu channels13:49
pragmaticenigmaHey zzarr, welcome to the channel. For further discussion please consider joining the #ubuntu-offtopic channel. If you have a support related issue, please send it here. Conversation is better suited for the offtopic channel.13:50
isomarigreetings, can I download all the updates for 19.10 before I install them13:51
isomarinevermind. i already fount the answer. apt-get -d.13:53
isomariwhere can I find the options for do-release-upgrade --frontend=13:57
oerheks1huh, --frontend= ??13:57
isomariI'm looking for a way to download only overnight, then continue when I come back in the morning so I can monitor the install.13:57
oerheks1never heard of that, where did you find that option?13:58
isomarirun dorelease-upgrade --help13:58
pragmaticenigmaisomari: there is no frontend you can defined, that is intended for other purposes13:59
isomariI know, I'm looking for how to download without installing13:59
isomarii now I can use that for no prompting.14:00
oerheks1interesting, you know that option is not the answer14:01
pragmaticenigmaisomari: "update-manager" is intended to provide you with a GUI interface for handling the upgrade. You can call it with "upgrade-manager --dist-upgrade" to attempt a distribution upgrade14:01
=== oerheks1 is now known as oerheks
isomaripragmaticenigma: will that allow me to only download first?14:01
isomarii'm launching it now14:02
hydrianEllo all14:03
isomariit's only showing me it will update to disco. It's currently on cosmic. i want to go to eoan.14:03
pragmaticenigmaisomari: What you are seeking is something I don't think is a use case that is commonly done to have it documented anywhere.14:03
hydrianI'm having an issue setting up a bonded pair of 1Gb Interfaces.14:04
isomaripragmaticenigma: I C.14:04
isomariok thanks14:04
hydrianIf i have one interface in the pool, it works fine. When I add the second, I can't ping anything.14:04
hydrianAny thoughts14:04
pragmaticenigmahydrian: You might want to ask in ##networking14:04
oerhekshydrian, you might want to reask in #ubuntu-server too14:05
oerheksone can schedule unattended updates, but do-release-upgrade is not on that, iirc14:06
hydrianYou can't automate do-release-upgrade with stock. That'd require some custom scripting and probably quite dangerous.14:07
=== ap5_ is now known as ap5
suboptLooking for something like `tree`, but can take either regex's or  lists of filename patterns. We're using tree v1.5.3, and i could build/install a newer version myself if need be, but i'd likely get bogged down in dependency hell.15:37
pragmaticenigmasubopt: For recommendations on software, please ask in the #ubuntu-offtopic channel. IF you have a support related question about a specific application, please clarify your statement so it is more clear what you need help with.15:40
subopt pragmaticenigma : Okay.15:41
SoulofTruth7Hi, I recently installed Ubuntu 19.10, and I am having trouble playing DVDs. I have installed libdvdcss2 and VLC still won't play DVDs.15:47
SoulofTruth7Can anyone help me with this, please?15:48
oerheksSoulofTruth7,  sudo apt install libdvd-pkg # and once installed; sudo dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg15:48
oerhekslibdvdcss2 is the old method15:49
SoulofTruth7oerheks It says in the terminal "libdvd-pkg is already the newest version" after I just ran that15:50
tomreynso what's the error message?15:51
oerheksoke, then run -reconfigure15:51
oerhekssudo dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg15:51
SoulofTruth7oerheks: "libdvd-pkg: guest package [libdvdcss2/1.4.2-1~local] is already installed."15:51
* uRock wishes the installer would give the option to not install nvidia drivers. Had just installed 19.10 on my laptop and getting black screen. Ctrl+Alt+F1ed to add nomodeset, then rebooted and now I can't even get a terminal. Reinstalling again. I am guessing I will be best off uninstalling the nvidia driver from the beginning this time?15:54
SoulofTruth7oerheks: So what should I do now?15:55
pragmaticenigmauRock: Do you have a support question? Please state it more clearly. From your statement it is hard to know what or if you are seeking help15:55
oerheksSoulofTruth7, so after reconfigure you still get that error?15:56
uRockpragmaticenigma, the last sentence, "I am guessing the I will be best off uninstalling the nvidia driver first this time?"15:56
SoulofTruth7oerheks: Yeah15:57
uRockie, should I remove the nvidia driver?15:57
lotuspsychjeuRock: wich chipset do you have?15:57
oerheksremove libdvd-pkg and libdvdnav4  libdvdcss2 and reinstall?15:58
uRocklotuspsychje, I'll let ya know when this install finishes. Thanks!15:58
uRockIt's currently on the stage of install nvidia-34015:59
SoulofTruth7What do I type in order to remove those three? Sorry, but I'm a newbie to this Ubuntu terminal stuff, I have been mainly a Windows user.15:59
oerhekslibdvdread4 libdvdnav4 libdvdcss2 .. maybe you better install synaptic, more detailed softwarecenter16:00
uRock+1 for synaptic16:00
oerheksi find no bugreport for EOAN + libdvd-pkg16:01
oerheksbut then again, you started with installing libdvdcss2 , not using the wiki16:01
=== tmager1 is now known as tmager
uRocklotuspsychje, geforce 310m16:10
lotuspsychjeuRock: i recently made an old laptop with nvidia work with 34016:11
uRockwhat magic did you do, lotuspsychje ?16:11
lotuspsychjetuxracer worked better then on nouveau16:11
lotuspsychjeuRock: what does ubuntu-drivers list show?16:12
uRockis "ubuntu-drivers" the command to see that? I have no GUI on it.16:13
lotuspsychjeuRock: ubuntu-drivers list16:13
uRockk, I just installed openssh-server on it so I don't have to keep running in there. One moment, please.16:14
lotuspsychjeuRock: you trying to make graphics work on headless?16:15
lotuspsychjeoh its just a remote box?16:16
uRockit's hooked up in another room16:16
uRockit just lists the nvidia-340 lotuspsychje16:19
lotuspsychjeok uRock seems like your card doesnt leave you much choice16:19
uRockk, it worked before when I had removed the driver. I will go ahead and remove it. Thanks for the guidance.16:20
SoulofTruth7oerheks: Are you still there? I uninstalled and reinstalled libdvdpkg and DVDs still won't play in VLC.16:21
lotuspsychjeSoulofTruth7: can you launch vlc from terminal please?16:22
oerheksi am sure you restarted vlc?16:22
lotuspsychjeSoulofTruth7: just type vlc in a terminal and try your dvd, see if we can catch more errors16:22
SoulofTruth7Can I copy and paste the errors here?16:25
lotuspsychje!paste | SoulofTruth716:25
ubottuSoulofTruth7: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:25
jrgilmanhey guys, is there an alternative to pulseaudio that is more "stable?" I keep having crackling/high pitched problems happening consistently, when i do pulseaudio -k it fixes it, but then i have to restart anyways because half of my applications no longer pick up my microphone or sound output16:25
mgedminI think pipewire is meant to replace pulseaudio, but I'm not sure if it's already packaged/integrated in ubuntu16:26
uRockAnd I have my GUI on the laptop again.16:26
mgedminjrgilman: have you tried filing bugs?16:27
oerhekscrackling sound often comes from too high input, or bad cables, next to some unshielded devices16:27
mgedminIIRC crackling when sounds stops/starts can be fixed by asking pulseaudio to play a loop of silence instead of turning off the output16:27
lotuspsychjejrgilman: also handy to know, would be your ubuntu version/kernel clean installed or upgraded from..16:27
mgedmincrackling during soundback would be a different thing ofc16:27
SoulofTruth7oerheks & lotuspsychje: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/BpDWp8z872/16:27
jrgilmanlotuspsychje: 19.04 at the moment16:28
jrgilmanupgraded from 18.04 a while back16:28
mgedminany sound-related errors in journalctl?  buffer underruns/overruns etc?16:28
jrgilmanit's just been something i've been dealing with for a while16:28
jrgilmanuh will check16:28
lotuspsychjeoerheks: Error cracking CSS key for /VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_1.VOB (0x0000373c)!!16:28
jrgilmananything i should grep for in specific mgedmin ?16:28
mgedminI don't remember -- haven't had pulseaudio problems in a long time16:29
oerhekssome dvd's will never play, try another one?16:29
jrgilmanmgedmin: yeah basically I would have no problems, and then suddenly it will decide to make the sound sound like it's coming from an original gameboy or something16:30
jrgilmanlooking through journalctl now though16:30
oerheksnetwork cable clutter with soundcable16:31
jrgilmanoerheks: wouldn't that cause a consistent problem16:32
jrgilmanalso the sound cable is nowhere near the networking16:32
jrgilmanalso doing pulseaudio -k and it immediately fixing it seems like it's not a hardware issue16:32
mgedminthat does sound like a software or driver problem16:32
SoulofTruth7oerheks: I tried another DVD and it worked16:33
mgedminanything even vaguely sound-related near the end of journalctl -e output right after the problem happens could be helpful16:33
jrgilmanmgedmin: unfortunately it happened while the computer was asleep so i'm trying to find this now16:34
jrgilmanor at least it happened while i was AFK16:34
oerheksSoulofTruth7, yay!16:34
jrgilmani wonder if there is a way to induce the problem16:34
jrgilmanthat's weird...16:35
SoulofTruth7oerheks: So why is it that some DVDs will work in Ubuntu, and some won't?16:35
jrgilmandoing pavucontrol > Configuration and then switching the Profile back and forth on the dock output fixes it16:36
mgedminSoulofTruth7: AFAIU different discs use different encryption keys; some have been cracked, some haven't16:36
tomreynSoulofTruth7: install regionset and use it16:38
mgedminonly careful: DVD drive firmware is usually limited to something like 5 region changes per lifetime16:39
oerheksSome use a protection mechanism, to prevent things like this, but that would be 5%. nowadays it is too expensive to use such license16:40
oerheks* with the risk the dvd will not play on regular dvdplayers16:41
lotuspsychjeSoulofTruth7: try other player perhaps to compare?16:43
lotuspsychje!info smplayer | SoulofTruth716:43
ubottuSoulofTruth7: smplayer (source: smplayer): Complete front-end for MPlayer and mpv. In component universe, is optional. Version 18.2.2~ds0-1 (bionic), package size 1987 kB, installed size 4785 kB16:43
SoulofTruth7lotuspsychje I tried to install Mplayer and it gave me an error16:44
lotuspsychjeSoulofTruth7: proves the statement from above then?16:46
SoulofTruth7lotuspsychje: No, I meant I couldn't even run MPlayer because of the error it gave me.16:47
lotuspsychjeSoulofTruth7: smplayer works like a charm on my end16:47
lotuspsychjeSoulofTruth7: pastebin your errors to the channel, volunteers will have a look for you16:47
SoulofTruth7lotuspsychje: OK, I have to reinstall it, one moment.....16:50
=== Guest_39 is now known as pgpfox
pgpfoxI need help! FAST! .. I wanted to secure my lockscreen password from bruteforce attacks, so i followed a guide i found with the pam.d config file and now i cannot login to my account16:53
pgpfox Open /etc/pam.d/common-auth and add the line AT THE TOP OF THE FILE:auth required pam_tally.so per_user magic_root onerr=failTo set the number of attempts allowed & timeoutfaillog -m 3 -l 360016:53
pgpfoxi set "3600" to 30 as in 30 seconds..16:53
pgpfoxwhat is going on?16:53
ioriapgpfox, you can boot in Recovery, remount rw  and revert any changes you did16:54
ioriapgpfox, please, not in pvt16:55
pgpfoxokey, sory.16:55
pgpfoxhow do i do this16:56
pgpfoxim a noob16:56
ioriapgpfox, rebbot, press shift, visualize the Grub menu and select Advanced Options then Recovery16:56
pgpfoxokey ill try, brb16:57
SoulofTruth7lotuspsychje: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/RJMmHpM6s2/16:57
ioriaSoulofTruth7, have you checked the Region Code of the not-working dvd ?16:58
SoulofTruth7ioria: No, I never looked at it16:58
pgpfoxioria shift doesnt work..17:01
ioriapgpfox,  try ESC17:02
uRockI went through that same issue earlier. Can't get to the grub menu.17:03
ioriayeah, it's stubborn17:03
pgpfoxioria well im in the UEFI Bios Utility but i cant find Grub menu17:04
ioriapgpfox,  https://www.maketecheasier.com/boot-recovery-mode-ubuntu/  ; if not working , you need a live cd17:05
pgpfoxi have pop_os on flashed usb stick17:06
pgpfoxwill that work?17:07
oerhekslike you are on pop_os now?17:07
pgpfoxim on my laptop right now17:08
ioriapgpfox,  idk; but the procedure is this: you mount the root partition and revert the changes ; you don't need chroot for that17:08
pgpfoxwhat has gone wrong in the first place ?17:08
oerhekssee the grub manual, esc or shift repeatedly after biosscreen17:08
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub217:08
oerheksmight work for pop_os too17:08
ioriapgpfox,  but for esc (or shift) to work you need to take the right time17:10
TuorHi, what virtualisation system would you use when you want to virtualize windows to run Adobe Lightroom in it and you need to connect your camera via USB to the VM (for lightroom and updating the camera)?17:17
TuorKubuntu 19.10, 6core/12threads, 2x nvme ssd, gtx108017:19
oerheksmaybe virtualbox?17:20
lordcirth__Tuor, Virtualbox is the easiest to use on a desktop17:20
lordcirth__You'll need the extension for USB passthrough support17:20
oerheksthat is *if * it works, prop. blob17:21
oerheksgood luck :-P17:21
lordcirth__It's a blob, yeah, but it's seemed reliable to me generally17:22
TuorOK. Would you call it stable and reliable? I can need a lot of time to set it up once, but when I'm done it should work and don't need to repair or other work often. A lot of 1 time work is OK, but I would like to prevent repeated work .17:22
Tuorlordcirth__: OK that's good to know. :) That's what I'm seeking for, someone which has already did something kinda similar...17:23
TuorAnd yes it's a desktop.17:23
lordcirth__Dunno how reliable it is with updates.17:23
oerhekstry RawTherapee, darktable ?17:24
Tuoroerheks: I heard about this programs befor. Are you using them for a productiv workload? Do you just "know" them or do you use them (or one of them) for every day work?17:26
oerheksi am familiar with darktable, yes17:27
oerheksbut all programs have a learningcurve17:27
TuorOK. yes but lightroom was like 5 minutes until i got my first things done. All videos are about lightroom...17:28
TuorI even did some things in photoshop without any studiing and it did work. How intuitiv a programm is, is important to me.17:28
TuorBut how ever, for now I don't change, I just move the lightroom from a windows laptop (which runs out of space and can hardly beeing upgraded) to a VM on my main laptop, which has ~ 2TB of free nvme storage and a fast cpu.17:31
slingamn_i'm trying to install 19.10 server on a UEFI amd64 machine17:37
slingamn_GRUB fails to install17:37
slingamn_syslog says:17:37
slingamn_Oct 23 17:28:49 in-target: grub-install: error: failed to register the EFI boot entry: Input/output error.^M17:37
sarnoldanythiung else in dmesg? like hard drives failing?17:39
slingamn_more context: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/kJ5w89GTwedmQRqSJg4bzw17:39
slingamn_there are i/o errors from the efivars virtual file system?17:39
ioriaslingamn_, does the esp partition exist ?17:40
DigitalisAkujinAny thoughts on why this gets truncated?17:41
DigitalisAkujin> sudo crontab /opt/codedeploy-agent/deployment-root/99f26f3f-aeb2-4606-a41b-7d74a63ed871/d-KG64U8OI0/deployment-archive/crontab/cron117:41
DigitalisAkujin /opt/codedeploy-agent/deployment-root/99f26f3f-aeb2-4606-a41b-7d74a63ed871/d-KG64U8OI0/deployment-a: No such file or directory17:41
slingamn_ /boot/efi is a regular fat32 whatever but /sys/firmware/efi/vars is something else17:42
ioriaslingamn_, do you have CSM enabled in bios ?17:46
slingamn_apparently yes17:48
iorianot good17:52
slingamn_as in i should disable it?17:58
tomreyni don't think it's why you ran into these errors, really. you clearly did boot in uefi mode17:59
tomreynmaybe try disabling secureboot though18:00
tomreynat least during installation18:00
slingamn_good idea18:00
pgpfoxioria I am in recovery mode now18:02
pgpfoxi have followed these steps: https://support.system76.com/articles/pop-recovery/18:03
pgpfoxexcept the chroot thing cuz i dont know what it does and if it applys to my issue.'18:03
tomreynslingamn_: it's also not rare that early mainboard firmware versions contain an incomplete or buggy uefi implmentation. so i'd also suggest checking for a mainboard firmware upgrade ("bios update").18:04
tomreyn!popos | pgpfox18:05
ubottupgpfox: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)18:05
pgpfoxtomreyn yeah well everything i do on popOS i follow ubuntu guides and it works..18:07
pgpfoxand now i kinda really need help fast so18:07
tomreynpgpfox: then you should turn fast to the support channel of your OS18:07
tomreyn(or install ubuntu and get support here)18:08
tomreynapparently you can go to https://system76.com/pop/community18:09
smithsr93recently downloaded 19.10 under vmware and long boot vs prior versions of 18.04.3 and 19.04 which have no issues at startup18:10
smithsr93getting error "gkr-pam: unable to locate daemon control file"18:10
smithsr93how to fix?18:10
tomreynsmithsr93: is this default ubuntu, or a flavor?18:12
slingamn_i'm using the latest BIOS --- i had 19.04 on this system right before this upgrade18:13
slingamn_was trying to do a clean install :-|18:14
smithsr93also get security issue: "Failed to start GNOME Shell on Wayland."18:14
tomreynsmithsr93: this is not a security issue. also it does not seem like there is anything involving gkr-pam on 19.10, at least not in ubuntu, unless the file search at https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=eoan&arch=any&mode=exactfilename&searchon=contents&keywords=gkr-pam failed me18:16
tomreynsmithsr93: what does     dpkg -S gkr-pam | nc termbin.com 9999    return?18:16
slingamn_if i can't get this to work i would consider going through the 19.04 installer again and then doing an in-place upgrade to 19.1018:16
sarnoldtomreyn: hopefully useful http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/7CxxHSDP78/18:16
tomreynsarnold: thanks, i wonder what's broken with packages.u.c. this time :/18:17
popeycorelooks like a gnome keyring issue?18:18
popeycoresmithsr93: what flavour of Ubuntu is this? Stock Ubuntu GNOME ?18:19
smithsr93tomreyn: "dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern *gkr-pam*"18:19
sarnoldtomreyn: hmm there's a chance I haven't run the 'unpack sources' step in a while, so that pattern not existing in newer versions may not mean anything beyond 'sarnold should really schedule the unpacking step too'18:19
slingamn_heh, i have no idea what happened, but i successfully installed 19.10 server18:19
smithsr93popeycore: default18:19
slingamn_i booted from live media at one point and used efibootmgr to delete the old boot entry for the previous install18:20
slingamn_maybe that fixed it or maybe it was something else18:20
sarnoldtomreyn: (sigh, to be clear, that's for my pastebin, I don't know much about the packages.ubuntu.com site)18:20
slingamn_oh, i ended up with a non-EFI install somehow :-\18:20
popeycoresmithsr93: looks like its related to bug 181712818:21
ubottubug 1817128 in gnome-keyring (Ubuntu) "gnome-keyring not automatically unlocked on login" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/181712818:21
smithsr93popeycore: reading bug now  thanks ubottu18:22
slingamn_btw what's the difference between the 'live' and non-live server images?18:25
popeycorethe installer software used18:25
popeycorelive uses a newer technology and  has a live environment for debugging and fixing18:25
popeycorethe non-live uses the traditional curses based "debian installer"18:25
slingamn_cool, thanks18:27
smithsr93popeycore and ubottu: thanks looking at bug now18:28
kadiroHi there, I have a same situation as in this link https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/442698/when-i-log-in-it-hangs-until-crng-init-done I have installed that haveged thing without a success, the issue in that link is old from kernel 4.15 and mine is the latest 5.0.0-32 and still the devs didn't fix that random thing18:28
oerhekskadiro, debian kernel issue?18:28
oerhekswith lightdm, not gdm3?18:29
kadirooerheks> It sound like that but i'm in xubuntu 18.0418:29
kadirooerheks> yeah18:29
EriC^^kadiro: did you try sudo apt-get install rng-tools18:30
tomreynsmithsr93: in case you can't solve it, please provide csome more context around the error message: where do you see it, which other messages are logged next to it, what fails or misbehaves (how) as a result of it?18:30
kadiroEriC^^> no i installed the other called haveged18:30
EriC^^kadiro: give rng-tools a go, maybe it helps18:30
kadiroEriC^^> ok i will try it18:30
kadiroEriC^^> do I need to remove haveged first or it is ok18:31
EriC^^kadiro: not sure18:32
kadirook rng installed let me try with and without haveged18:33
smithsr93tomreyn: I have not been able to solve it.  Issue is at startup, screen is black for about 30 seconds then starts18:34
smithsr93shows up in log file I am looking at logfiles now18:34
tomreynsmithsr93:     systemd-analyze critical-chain    may hint on what took so long.    systemd-analyze blame    can also be of use there.18:35
tomreynit depends on when the 'wait' / 'freeze' occurs, though, if it's in the early boot those commands wont show it18:36
smithsr93tomreyn: thanks using commands now18:37
tomreyn!bootlog | smithsr9318:37
ubottusmithsr93: To get a more verbose log of the boot process, add the following !kernelparm: debug systemd.log_level=info18:37
tomreyn...and remove "quiet" and "splash"18:38
daxkernel parm is my favorite type of cheese18:40
smithsr93tomreyn: ok looking at "critical-chain:18:40
smithsr93graphical.target @8.379s18:40
smithsr93└─multi-user.target @8.378s18:40
smithsr93  └─snapd.seeded.service @6.298s +2.078s18:40
smithsr93    └─snapd.service @2.416s +3.878s18:40
smithsr93      └─basic.target @2.338s18:40
kadiroEriC^^> no success with/without haveged18:40
EriC^^kadiro: is the swap partition intact?18:40
tomreyn!paste | smithsr9318:41
ubottusmithsr93: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:41
smithsr93tomreyn: sorry18:41
kadiroEriC^^> I think yes, how to confirm18:41
EriC^^kadiro: try "swapon -s" and see if it shows up18:41
kadiroEriC^^> yes it show up18:42
tomreynno problem, smithsr93. you can also pipie the output into "nc termbin.com 9999", e.g.        systemd-analyze critical-chain | nc termbin.com 999918:42
kadiro/dev/sdb5                              partition20479960-218:42
smithsr93tomreyn: bit of a newbie please give me a few minutes to process information18:43
tomreynsure, take your time ;)18:44
EriC^^kadiro: can you type "cat /etc/fstab | nc termbin.com 9999" and paste the link it gives?18:44
kadiroEriC^^> https://termbin.com/vzsk18:45
EriC^^kadiro: also "sudo blkid | nc termbin.com 9999" please18:45
kadiroEriC^^> https://termbin.com/r2lw18:46
kadiroEriC^^> the swap partition is common between ubuntu and debian if that help18:47
EriC^^kadiro: ok, seems not a swap issue18:47
EriC^^kadiro: i see, it's not encrypted right?18:49
kadiroEriC^^> yeah i never used encryption18:49
EriC^^kadiro: can you type "cat /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume | nc termbin.com 9999" ?18:49
kadiroEriC^^> https://termbin.com/qk1018:50
kadiroI think that's the problem18:51
kadiroI disabled the hibernat18:51
smithsr93tomreyn: I have posted twofiles to pastebin.ubuntu.com chain systemd-analyze critical-chain "https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/zTvVCTDfCm/"18:55
smithsr93systemd-analyze blame "https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/SPy7Q4VBc9/"18:55
kadiroEriC^^> can i just remove that line inside that resume file to get rid of using the swap partition as resume?18:55
EriC^^kadiro: yeah you can remove it completely, then sudo update-initramfs -u -k all18:56
kadiroEriC^^> you mean removing the file itself?18:56
EriC^^kadiro: no, i mean making it empty, sorry18:56
tomreynsmithsr93: great, so those actually claim that you reach the graphical login in less than 10 seconds. which makes me thin the issue must be before the data starts getting collected, which means you may need to look at the early boot process.18:57
tomreynsmithsr93: To get a verbose log of the boot process, add the kernel parameters "debug systemd.log_level=info" and remove "quiet splash". See !kernelparm on how to edit those.18:57
tomreyn!kernelparm | smithsr9318:58
ubottusmithsr93: To add a one-time or permanent kernel boot parameter see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters18:58
smithsr93tomreyn and ubottu: looking at wiki now18:59
kadiroI guess i must reinstall lightdm itself19:03
EriC^^kadiro: do you recall when the issue started?19:04
kadiroEriC^^> when the boot message finish I see the tty1 show up and taking about 1 minute or 2 for the lightdm to show up19:05
kadirothe LED for the harddisk indicate there are things loading up but no idea what is going on19:06
EriC^^kadiro: i see, when did it start doing this?19:06
kadiroEriC^^> not sure may be from the kernel 519:07
EriC^^kadiro: maybe the lightdm logs can show some info, try "sudo cat /var/log/lightdm/*.log | nc termbin.com 9999"19:08
kadiroEriC^^> https://termbin.com/4u5j19:09
EriC^^kadiro: also these commands might give some insight to some hanging service "nc termbin.com 9999 <(systemd-analyze critical-chain; systemd-analyze blame)"19:10
kadiroEriC^^> no resulted link from the last command it hang19:12
tomreynsmithsr93: so the "gkr-pam: unable to locate daemon control file" message is actually printed by gdm-password, and it seems to be benign or at least not in any way related to the slow boot issue you're reporting. i see the same message on my 19.10 VM.19:15
EriC^^kadiro: try "(systemd-analyze critical-chain; systemd-analyze blame) | nc termbin.com 9999"19:16
kadiroEriC^^> https://termbin.com/h6tx19:17
smithsr93tomreyn and ubottu: thank you for your help, I am going to try suggestions you stated and go from there19:20
BSODXhey there19:20
smithsr93I have taken notes and will work on Kernel Parameters and review wiki19:21
boktanwhich one is the best android emulator for ubuntu (free)19:21
BSODXwhat would cause a pc to make any ubuntu distros fall to initramfs19:21
kadiroBSODX> may be the graphic card19:22
BSODXany workarounds for that?19:22
ioriaBSODX, maybe starting from the beginning ...19:23
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.19:24
oerhekswhat hardware, for a start19:24
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:24
EriC^^kadiro: it seems like the "basic.target" is taking a long time, try "systemd-analyze plot | nc termbin.com 9999"19:25
tomreynsmithsr93: also, while i really appreciate your eagerness to studying documentation (a usually underdeveloped trait amongst newer ubuntu users), please be sure to come back here for live support if you feel you can't make progress.19:26
kadiro_EriC^^> https://termbin.com/6dqt19:26
=== kadiro_ is now known as kadiro
ioriaBSODX, what release of ubuntu ?19:28
oerheks32 bit pc .. no access .. public pc ...19:28
BSODXioria tried 19.04, 18.04, 16.04(x86), 14.04 (x86)19:29
_KaszpiR_32bit pc  is dead19:29
BSODXtell that to them19:29
oerheksgood luck19:29
ioriaBSODX, you tried 19.04 32-bit of TU ?19:29
BSODXno, I didn't after I am convinced that I can't boot any of them19:30
oerhekscan't or not allowed?19:30
EriC^^kadiro: how long is lightdm taking to show up from initial boot?19:30
kadiroEriC^^> about 1 mn or twoo19:30
BSODXoerheks It's at my school, so I can't go there at the middle of the night, can I?19:31
EriC^^kadiro: aha, assuming it's correct in the log it says 1min 16secs, it's not that bad, is this a hdd or ssd?19:31
BSODXIt's a public PC, sitting at the library of some school. No restriction for USB boots (tbh it's endorsed)19:31
kadiroEriC^^> it is an hdd19:31
EriC^^kadiro: same here, mine is 20secs faster than yours, but you have some other services running on yours, vdr.service is taking 10secs for instance, i think it's pretty normal19:33
kadiroEriC^^> but when booting in debian with the same services, the session show up very fast19:34
BSODXIs there a way to pass the -nomodeset to a live boot19:34
oerheksask the school administrator, sounds like you have no access to boot properly19:36
kadiroBSODX> see this https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=198697519:37
oerheks286 .. even in Gambia they dumped them years ago19:37
BSODXoerheks I can access and linger around BIOS freely, that's how I set the boot priority in the first place19:37
BSODXThese PC's havge nothing restricted on them, that's why I want to do a liveboot to keep safety up19:38
BSODXalso the equipment were most likely at least 10 years old, I'm impressed with how they stay alive anyway19:40
BSODXwait, did I pingsomeone19:41
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slingamn_am i missing something or does the 19.10 live server install image not offer disk encryption?19:47
denza242how easy is it to move a partition over to another drive? What i'd like to do in my new laptop, is get a new ssd, and transfer my linux partition onto it, as currently, i have both my windows partition and linux partition on the same ssd19:49
denza242the end goal is that windows is on one drive, while kubuntu is on the other19:50
EriC^^slingamn_: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1030491/ubuntu-18-04-lts-server-full-disk-encryption19:50
EriC^^denza242: it's not really difficult or complicated, you'd need to create a new partition table on the ssd, same type as you currently have, then a partition that uses all the space, copy the new partition into it, then resize the filesystem so it uses the whole space (assuming the ssd is bigger than your current ubuntu partition) then you'd need to chroot into the install and reinstall grub from a live usb, or your current ubuntu19:52
EriC^^denza242: what does your current setup look like? might show some info "sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999" , paste the link here19:53
denza242ah not on that machine atm19:53
denza242basically just a win10 partition followed by an ubuntu partition on a 512 gb ssd19:54
EriC^^is it using uefi?19:54
denza242i think so19:55
denza242but i think in legacy boot mode19:55
EriC^^denza242: you mean the bios has uefi but you're using legacy boot?19:56
EriC^^oh ok, then it should be straightforward, as i mentioned earlier19:57
cgianyone uses landscape here? how much does it cost beyond 10 machines?20:19
oerhekscgi, contact canonical? https://landscape.canonical.com/20:20
cgioerheks, thanks20:23
kadiroI'm installing kde right now, it suggest me to choose between lightdm and sddm, which one will be best for kde?20:28
bpromptkadiro:   kde uses sddm by default IIRC20:28
kadirobprompt> thanks man20:29
=== juboxi is now known as jubo2
bpromptkadiro:   why installing kde anyway? you could have just gotten kubuntu, no?20:29
kadirobprompt> I have xubuntu, i want to test kde desktop to see if it get any faster20:30
kadiroIt is just kde-basic not the full one20:31
bpromptkadiro:   doubt it, KDE is not faster than XFCE, what kde is very GUIsh20:31
kadirobprompt> yeah that's was my though but recently i got it heavy a little bit20:32
chietawhy this rsync couldn't transfer the mtp folder https://dpaste.de/EYpR20:46
=== Etua_ is now known as Etua
jhutchins_wkDoes wayland accept X forwarding?20:51
igeniany able to exp,ain me why i get this https://dpaste.de/02Vh21:02
Bashing-om!artful |21:04
ubottu: Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) was the 27th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 19th, 2018. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2018-July/004483.html21:04
Bashing-omigeni: ^^21:04
igeniwhat is the proper way to upgrade now? do-release-upgrade?21:04
oerheksigeni, so yo ignored the upgrade warning ..??21:06
igenii proberly did , didnt lokk at this server for a while21:06
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:06
Bashing-om!eol | igeni -from 17.10 is a long way togo - highly suggest a clean fresh install21:06
ubottuigeni -from 17.10 is a long way togo - highly suggest a clean fresh install: please see above21:06
oerhekslook at the releasenotes, what is changed21:07
kadirobprompt> you were right, trying kde make it worse21:07
oerhekskubuntu is faster than kde21:07
kadirooerheks> is not kde just a desktop ?21:07
bpromptkadiro:   what are you trying to do anyway? just change to a ligher distribution?21:08
oerhekswhere do you get kde-basic?21:08
kadirooerheks> so if i try kubuntu-desktop it will be better than the one i installed kde-basic?21:08
kadirobprompt> yeah to test and may be fix the slow system21:09
kadirooerheks> from the repo21:09
bpromptkadiro:  I run kubuntu 16.04, however I do not run Kwin, the windows manager, I use LXQT, which is a QT-based light windows manager, LXDE-like, but more GUIsh21:10
oerheksnever heard of kde-basic21:11
bpromptkadiro:   on an SSD and mine runs quite fast21:11
kadirobprompt> oh thanks to make me remeber lxqt, i heard about it a few years ago when it was under developement but i though it was stoped developement21:12
kadirooerheks> oh my bad it is kde-standard21:13
bpromptkadiro:  nope, still in development and support, better icons and GUI than LXDE, uses the QT libs21:14
bpromptand kubuntu comes packaged with QT21:14
kadirobprompt> I'm using xubuntu, can i just install kde-desktop and then try the lxqt ?21:15
bpromptkadiro:   could, but sounds a bit overkill, you might just be better off installing Kubuntu and then LXQT21:16
kadirobprompt> hmm that's will wipe out my data as I'm out of space21:17
kadiroanother problem to get some apps configured right as i always get problem to make them works21:18
bpromptkadiro:  you can always backup your $HOME directory, that's where all the data is at, and put it back after the installation, most apps configurations are under $HOME/.config or $HOME/.local, a few however use $HOME for their configuration21:18
kadirobprompt> yeah that ok but the other apps have other places as /usr /var ...etc plus the services ( i always change the inside of them with some luck to get them working again )21:20
bpromptkadiro:   install kubuntu, install your apps, put the configuration back, or put the configuration first and then the apps, the apps pick up any configuration changes, but I usually install first and then put the configurations, to avoid any overrides21:20
kadirobprompt> the problem i don't remember were thoses config /:21:22
bpromptkadiro:   the ones in /usr or /var? well, you can always check, the ones in $HOME, you don't have to, just grab the whole folder21:22
bpromptI install some apps manually under /usr/apps , but is the only spot I use, so I can always back that up21:23
kadirook may be when i got some space i will try your idea, thanks bprompt21:24
bpromptkadiro:   I've transferred my configurations using $HOME backups for a long while now, since 9.04 IIRC, maybe even before, I used to run 7.04 as well21:25
bpromptand I've done that over hmmmm 6 machines or so and about 8 HDD21:26
bprompthad an OCZ SSD going south once on me, it just went poof, no warning, got another SSD install everything, put $HOME back in and I was golden21:27
kadirossd are very fast i hope i can get one localy in my country21:28
bpromptkadiro:   nevermind the price, get a Samsung SSD, best in reliability and just as fast, they're worth every dollar21:29
kadirobut anyway i have to get a new pc, mine is very old21:29
kadiroyou're right21:29
sushi1735I'm having this issue if anyone can help21:39
chietalet's say i have dual head monitors ; edp and hdmi one ... is it possible to locate the window app on edp one rather than hmdi ?21:40
kadirosushi1735> I think your issue is related to hibernat21:43
gambl0reim adding export PATH="$HOME/.local/bin/aws" to my .zshrc config file21:46
gambl0rebut when i start the terminal i get a message "prompt_status:5: command not found: wc                                                    "21:46
sarnoldgambl0re: looks like you forgot to include the current PATH when you changed it21:47
sarnoldgambl0re: so now every execution is looking in your ~/.local/bin/aws/ directory and only looking in that directory21:48
kadironice shot sarnold21:48
gambl0reyea i forgot to add :$PATH at the end21:48
ryuosushi1735: sounds like you're going to need to do some investigating.21:50
ryuosushi1735: though more information would be helpful.21:50
eggsaladwhats the best way to close port 25?22:10
eggsalador stop the service22:11
eggsaladon postfix22:11
tomreynsystemctl stop $service22:11
sarnoldwhat's your goal?22:11
eggsaladthat answered my question22:12
eggsaladthe box doesnt need local mail routing anyways22:12
tomreyneggsalad: the command i provided only stops the service until it is started again, such as on the next boot22:12
eggsaladawesome, thank you22:13
eggsaladmuch better!22:13
tomreyni assume this is not what you want, though?22:13
eggsaladanyone know what service is running port 11122:13
eggsaladyeah, it works22:13
eggsaladand ive disabled the startup22:13
eggsaladchkconfig postfix off22:14
tomreynwhy do you have postfix installed then?22:14
sarnold111 is sunrpc22:14
tomreynchkconfig? wow, you live far in the past. which ubuntu release are we talking about?22:14
tomreyn!yy.mm | eggsalad22:14
ubottueggsalad: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle22:14
sarnoldsudo ss -lnp  --- may come in handy while you're tryiung to figure out what's running where :)22:15
tomreynport 111 is likely portmapper22:15
bprompteggsalad:   you could try -> lsof -i :11122:16
sleeping82Hi Folks! I want to install Ubuntu on my AMD. But my mainboard is "Windows only" and doesn't boot from my properly made Stick. It is possible to put the files for installation on an external HDD...did it before...years ago with Ubuntu 16. But I forgot how to manage that ^^22:54
tomreynsleeping82: you can dd the installer to a hdd instead of to flash storage, should make no difference. is this an old mainboard then?22:56
tomreynbooting the installer from internal storage (compared to usb connected storage) most likely makes a difference for the mainboard firmware, though, that's right.22:57
sleeping82current mb is a X370 :)  I am currently backupping...want to format the external hdd...broken Ubuntu 16 is still on it...23:00
tomreynoh so a 1st gen zen board. and this has difficulties booting ubuntu from usb? i'm surprised.23:05
tomreynon the other hand, in case you're trying to install ubuntu 16.04 LTS there, i'd understand it.23:07
sleeping82won't boot from the Stick I made for 19.10 with rufus...but would boot from the external HDD which is also USB. The Stick doesn't even show up in BIOS :)23:10
tomreynand the bios is current?23:10
doug16kwhat is Super+P doing? it makes my monitors backwards. I looked at the keybinds in system settings, super+P isn't there23:11
doug16kbackwards = mouse goes off the right of right screen onto left of left screen23:12
doug16k"projector" or something? how do I turn that off?23:12
bluejaypophello, what is the correct way to get the dns /etc/systemd/resolved.conf  (section [Resolve] DNS=XXXX) in the NetworkManager.conf dns= option? is it default or systemd-resolved  ?23:13
doug16kthe display settings still had my screens correctly laid out. had to make a change and change it back to get it to normal23:13
bluejaypopi figured out, dns=systemd-resolved23:16
gbellinoz_update-manager brings up dialogues that confuse my users. I handle updates in the background. But I can't apt remove it because ubuntu-desktop depends on it... suggestions?23:17
sarnoldgbellinoz_: if you can't find better ways to disable the dialog boxes, the equivs package would help you construct a fake package to satisfy the dependency23:18
sleeping82...Bios is current...hmmmm once my backup is complete I try something "msi specific"...thx tomreyn23:18
gbellinoz_interesting lead, thanks sarnold23:19
tomreyngbellinoz_: update-manager != update-manager-common. i think the latter creates the popoups but can be removed (or was it the other way around? something like this.)23:20
gbellinoz_Hmm... So I have my fake/equiv update-notifier installed, but the files from the real update-notifier are still all over my filesystem since I can't apt remove it...23:27
thePiGrepperhi, quick question. I just installed ubuntu and eclipse-cdt, however it doesnt load, and gives an error. everything is updated and still.. what could be the issue?23:29
oerheksmaybe the howto you used?23:31
sarnoldgbellinoz_: hrm, that's not ideal :/ I've not used equivs myself, the last person I suggested it to replied with a "works great thanks" like two minutes later, so I felt good about suggesting it again :)23:33
gbellinoz_I guess the question is "how to purge without actually removing the package from the db and cascading things", then I can replace the real package with the equiv.23:34
A_DThere a known bug regarding firefox rendering?23:45
A_Djust updated and it appears to be broken for me23:46
A_DId post a screenshot but it doesn't seem to like me trying with the popup open23:47
gbellinoz_What firefox version? What Ubuntu version? What graphics card?23:50
sarnoldA_D: what are you seeing? I just instal;led and restarted firefox, I don't spot anything funny yet..23:50
A_Dlemme see if I can get a decent screenshot23:50
A_Dactually you know what23:52
A_Dthis might be shadowfox23:52
A_Dyep okay its shadowfox23:53
sarnoldhah, crazy23:55
A_Dgbellinoz_: 70, latest update, was released today, but as said, shadowfox, so this is a case of user using plugins and changing things that arent updated yet >.>23:56

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