Eickmeyerteward: If you're alive (I'm up early this morning, couldn't sleep anymore) I need help with an SRU at bug 1849168. I have PPU on this one, It's uploaded to focal (in-queue at the moment), and I got a bit of flack from LocutusOfBorg for not targeting eoan in the bug report (I'm unable to) or including a patch (I have PPU so it's in-queue). Am I missing anything?13:45
ubottubug 1849168 in carla (Ubuntu) "[SRU] Missing build dep libsndfile1-dev discovered" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184916813:45
studiobot<teward001> @Eickmeyer [<Eickmeyer> teward: If you're alive (I'm up early this morning, couldn't sleep a …], oh i've been here, what's your question, about it not targeting Eoan in the report?16:44
studiobot<teward001> oh16:44
studiobot<teward001> Eickmeyer: you can always ask me to set the target16:44
studiobot<teward001> since i'm coredev it lets me set the target for all Ubuntu bugs16:44
studiobot<teward001> i set it for Eoan and Fix Committed16:44
studiobot<teward001> and no, if you have it PPU'd in queue it should be sufficient, though a link to the diff that LP provides would be useful to counter Borg's flak16:45
studiobot<teward001> erm actually16:47
studiobot<teward001> @Eickmeyer i think your upload will get NACK'd16:47
studiobot<teward001> because you have the same version in multiple releases16:47
studiobot<teward001> what changelog did you use?16:47
studiobot<teward001> nevermind, didn't see the Focal upload too16:52
studiobot<teward001> all LOOKS OK there Eickmeyer, i've targeted the Bug Report though16:54
studiobot<teward001> Eickmeyer: also if you have PPU you *do* get a Target to Series button when looking at the Ubuntu bug, that'll let you target it16:55
studiobot<teward001> had that with NGINX when I had PPU16:55
studiobot<teward001> now I have it for all16:55
studiobot<teward001> (thanks to coredev)16:55
Eickmeyer@teward001: Thanks, I have PPU, but I did not see a Target to Series button, nor would it allow me to edit to target to series. Dunno why.17:05
studiobot<teward001> hm.  might need bug control to do that too.  In any case, i targeted the bugs.17:05
studiobot<teward001> also wasn't aware you uploaded to Focal too17:06
studiobot<teward001> going to write some checkers wrapped around `queue` in ubuntu-archive-tools to see if I can't check queues easily, thought you had a version conflict initially17:06
studiobot<teward001> didn't see the Focal upload :P17:06
EickmeyerGotcha. Yeah, I had uploaded the same version to both queues, infinity NACK'd the Focal, so I reuploaded a no-changes version bump.17:07
tewardah, missed things :P17:09
tewardalls good now17:11
Eickmeyerteward: Thanks. Nice to know I actually did it right. :)17:53

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