studiobot<Duke> Eickmeyer: I asked a question on the Ubuntu Studio Facebook page, not realizing that it was a technical support question.  I did go back and use Ask Ubuntu, as suggested. Sorry.😕00:53
AppAraat[m]wonko: what do you use for prioritizing IRQs?11:29
paganicHi, anyone there who knows why wine does not appear once installed my version is 18.0411:32
paganichi there! anyone who knows why Wine say it is installed from software but it does not appear (I think is not installing)11:41
wonkoAppAraat[m]: udev-rtirq12:27
wonkoit's nothing special, just a bash script to find the processes you want to prioritize and then sets priority12:27
wonkobasically just a wrapper around chrt12:29
danwedear ubuntustudio community, What would you say would be the first things to do after installing ubuntustudio on your machine? it has been a while since i ha ve used it and I just came back to it.13:09
Eickmeyerdanwe: That's not really a support question and is more of a matter of opinion. Questions like that aren't allowed here. Please ask in #ubuntustudio-offtopic. :)13:10
danweEickmeyer: Thanks, I will head to there immediatly13:11
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AppAraat[m]wonko: thx, I'll take that into consideration later19:28
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