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GusjHi there, I have Xubuntu 19.04 that I upgrade from 18.04, but when I do 'lsb_release -a' I get this=> "Description:Ubuntu 19.04 Release:19.04 Codename:disco" Shouldn't it say Xubuntu?02:09
GusjI upgrade using the 'Software Updater'02:10
tomreynGusj: see /etc/os-release does this say xubuntu?02:12
tomreyni think lsb_release always says Ubuntu for all flavors since it's about the foundation / base that is common to all flavors02:13
Gusjtomreyn: Hi Tom :) one of the lines says this => VERSION="19.04 (Disco Dingo)" on other lines it mentions Ubuntu never Xubuntu02:13
Bashing-omGusj: ' echo $DESKTOP_SESSION " " $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP '.02:14
tomreynand when you run    cat /var/log/installer/media-info      what does it say?02:14
GusjBashing-om: I get  ablank line after running that02:14
xubuntu6wi have xubuntu 18.04 and i need to delete the tar.xz extract file?02:15
Gusjtomreyn: Ok now yes Tom, ===> Xubuntu 18.04.3 LTS "Bionic Beaver" - Release amd64 (20190805)02:15
tomreynGusj: well that's just what you installed with. is the    xubuntu-desktop    package installed?02:16
Bashing-omGusj: Huh ? I get - sysop@x1804mini:~$ echo $DESKTOP_SESSION " " $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP >> xubuntu   XFCE -02:16
tomreynxubuntu6w: "the tar.xz extract file"? which one?02:16
tomreynubuntu   ubuntu:GNOME02:16
tomreyn...is what i get, i think Gusj may have run it with the single quotes02:16
Gusjtomreyn: I am not sure, I installed originally the Xubuntu 18.04 LTS from liveusb and now I upgraded through Software Updater to 19.04 to get to 19.1002:17
xubuntu6wi have xubuntu 18.04 and i need to delete the tar.xz extract file how can i delete these file02:17
tomreynxubuntu6w: the "rm" command can delete files02:18
GusjBashing-om: I ran it without single quotes and got an empty line02:18
xubuntu6wyou mean type rm in the commad02:18
tomreynGusj: what's the output for: apt list xubuntu-desktop02:19
tomreynxubuntu6w: i can't provide more details since your questions are unclear02:19
Bashing-omGusj: Is there A GUI active at this time ?02:20
tomreynxubuntu6w: maybe you can provide more contextual information02:20
GusjBashing-om: yes the xfce session02:22
Gusjtomreyn: xubuntu-desktop/eoan 2.231 amd64 [upgradable from: 2.228]  +  xubuntu-desktop/eoan 2.231 i38602:22
tomreynGusj: so your upgrade isn't actually done02:23
xubuntu6wi donwload tar.xz file and extract in the desktop but unfortunate i cant remove those files because it shows me lock sign02:23
Gusjtomreyn: I am upgrading right now to 19.10 inorder to get the xfce 4.14 which I was told has Color managing integrated, needed to change Color Profile in 18,04 and displaycal would not work, I was not able to get it to work02:24
tomreynGusj: oh wait you said you upgraded to 19.04 from 18.04. but why is it shoing you the 19.10 version?02:24
tomreynah, good info to have02:24
tomreynxubuntu6w: select all file on desktop, right click on, select properties, then make sure it's writable02:25
tomreynxubuntu6w: all the files with a lock sign, that is02:26
tomreyni'm not 100% sure it works like this on xubuntu, but it may02:26
xubuntu6wi try it but it is not working02:27
tomreynxubuntu6w: try this instead: open a terminal window, type:    chmod -R +r ~/Desktop/       mkae sure you make no typos there02:29
tomreyn(you can copy + paste)02:29
Gusjtomreyn: Right now it is in the 'installing upgrade' stage of the updater's GUI02:31
tomreynthat's cool with me02:32
Gusjso the output of  'apt list xubuntu-desktop' xubuntu-desktop/eoan 2.231 amd64 [upgradable from: 2.228] xubuntu-desktop/eoan 2.231 i386 confirms that I have xubuntu?02:34
xubuntu6w60hi can please retype02:35
tomreynxubuntu6w60: open a terminal window, type:    chmod -R +r ~/Desktop/       make sure you make no typos there02:36
xubuntu6w60it says Operation not permitted02:38
tomreynxubuntu6w60: hmm i guess you unpacked the files using sudo then?02:42
xubuntu6w60what do i type02:45
tomreynsudo chown -R $USER:$USER ~/      #  again, no typos please02:48
Gusjtomreyn: Tom, after it has finished upgrading to 19.10, do I have to erase the previous versions, leftovers? I know the Software Updater says it does it, but is there a manual step that I must take?03:07
tomreynGusj: it should have cleaned things up already. unless anything is not working which should be working, it'll be fine.03:09
Gusjtomreyn: Ok thank you, looking forward to being able to change Color Profiles and explore the new version, really liking Xubuntu03:10
tomreyn:) you're welcome. ttyl.03:11
GusjBashing-om: Now I got the output of the ' echo $DESKTOP_SESSION " " $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP  as Xubuntu Xfce :)03:26
Gusjtomreyn: This happened incase it happens to someone else, when I restarted after the upgrade was over and it asks you to restart, that first restart did not have wifi, it was active, turned on the laptop, as I could see it in black and not in gray, btu would not connect to my wifi, then I rebooted again and it connects automatically03:27
Gusjtomreyn: happene dboth times, from 18.04 lTS to 19.04 and to 19.1003:28
Bashing-omGusj: :D confirms then that your install is (x)ubuntu.03:31
GusjBashing-om: Yes thank you :) saved that comm and Toms03:43
Bashing-omGusj: And confirms too that I have not completely lost my sanity :P03:47
GusjBashing-om: Ahh haha03:51
GusjJust went to 'Color Profiles' in settings to calibrate, but after I start calibrating it asks me to plug in hardware in order to calibrate. I have some hardware for this just not right now at hand, so it does not let me continue calibrating03:53
GlaceonBMhey hey, I'm having an issue where my headphone jack isn't working. nothing's being recognized through it05:00
GlaceonBMit's been like this for a few releases05:00
GlaceonBMI'm on a Thinkpad E48005:01
diogenes_GlaceonBM, maybe it's broken?05:07
GlaceonBMNo, cause it works fine on the Windows partition. I'm dualbooting linux and windows.05:09
diogenes_GlaceonBM, have u tried to switch the output manually in pavucontrol?05:11
GlaceonBMI believe I tried that in the past, but I can check it again. How would I go about doing that?05:13
diogenes_in menu type pavucontrol05:14
GlaceonBMYeah, the only output device available is Speakers. It doesn't recognize the jack at all.05:15
diogenes_GlaceonBM, i'd also recommend asking in #pulseaudio.05:17
GlaceonBMOkay, thanks!05:17
xubuntu99whi are you human/06:50
xubuntu99wwell anyone can suggest me which one is good ?06:51
MeadNegative we are meat popsicles06:51
xubuntu99wubuntu or xubuntu?06:51
diogenes_xubuntu ofc.06:52
xubuntu99wfor i3 laptop06:52
Meadit is all about your preference and what not.  xubuntu using a different gui that people here tend to like better06:52
xubuntu99whave i3 2348m with 3gb ddr306:53
xubuntu99wdualboot with win7?06:54
Meadget the 32 bit version if that is still a thing06:54
xubuntu99wwell it can support win7 64bit06:55
diogenes_64bit is recommended.06:55
xubuntu99wso xubuntu is better/06:55
Meadit doesn't have enough ram to need 64bit06:55
xubuntu99wwell someone told me that 2gb+ ram is needed06:56
Unit193Right but i386 is being deprecated in Ubuntu.06:56
diogenes_3gb is ok for 64bit.06:57
xubuntu99wwill work in dualboot with win 7?06:58
xubuntu37wwell 19.10 desktop version work on laptops?09:06
diogenes_xubuntu37w, of course.09:08
xubuntu37wwhile installing will it erase any data?09:09
diogenes_xubuntu37w, dependin if you know what you're doing.09:11
xubuntu0wwell i what is the latest version of xubuntu to usa?12:00
xubuntu0wis anyone here?12:04
xubuntu99whi there12:06
xubuntu99wanyone here?12:07
xubuntu99wxubuntu 18.04 or 19.10?12:09
xubuntu0whi anyone here?12:10
henrebotha[m]Patience my friends12:12
henrebotha[m]Use whatever version you feel like12:12
xubuntu0wwell actually im not familier with ubuntu trying it for first time12:13
xubuntu0wi have downloaded an iso of xubuntu 19.10 which is about 1.53GiB12:13
ondondil18.04 is long term support release, has support for 3 years. 19.10 is regular release supported for 9 months12:14
xubuntu0wso shuld i go for 18.04 or 19.10?12:14
xubuntu0wis 19.10 is beta or stable version?12:16
nikolamHi, how do I force desktop icons on 19.04 to appear on primary monitor12:20
nikolamI added external monitor to the laptop and both panel and desktop moved to external monitor , I want them on primary, laptop monitor12:21
xubuntu0wwhich one is more user friendly 18.04 or 19.10?12:21
nikolamI think it's mostly same stuff since 2006 if you ask me :) but, yes, newer is more reasonable to report bugs in order to make it better12:22
xubuntu0wwell i have both iso12:22
xubuntu0wwhich one should i install?12:22
henrebotha[m]We don't know12:23
henrebotha[m]Asking the same question twelve times doesn't help12:23
henrebotha[m]Take it slow12:23
henrebotha[m]Ask one question at a time12:23
henrebotha[m]Wait for an answer12:23
nikolamif you are running server and want to be stable and with old packages, and will to update only when next LTS comes, choose LTS, 18.0412:24
nikolamIf want to use newer stable apps, still supported and able for your reports to count and as well to keep user experience not outdated, choose newest12:24
henrebotha[m]18.04 and 19.10 are very similar. 18.04 is a long term support release, so if you are doing something critical, 18.04 is a good choice. 19.10 is the most recent stable release, so if you want the latest nice features then get that one.12:24
nikolamWhnever I enable external monitor, desktop icons migrate to it, how do I keep them on primary monitor and stil use external monitor?12:25
xubuntu0wwell i am just installing the ubuntu to improve my game performance12:27
nikolamthen definitely newest12:29
nikolamand also it pushes to even newer parts then usually, for games.12:30
nikolamthen newest12:30
xubuntu32wwill i still be able to run apps after installing xbuntu ?12:37
xubuntu32wwin apps?12:37
nikolamI figured it, it simply does not care what monitor is primary, but which one is on the left side.12:53
nikolamone on the left side gets panel, desktop and app windows12:54
henrebotha[m]Which version are you on nikolam ?12:55
nikolam19.04 henrebotha[m] . But I will soon migrate to 19.1013:00
nikolamthey say xfdesktop got support for setting it to open on primary display.13:00
nikolamWill see how it goes for windows manager13:00
henrebotha[m]Apparently 19.10 (with Xfce 4.14) has a lot of improvements to display settings, maybe it will be better about fixing monitor layout stuff13:00
nikolamhenrebotha[m], yes, I'll see how it is after update now.13:01
LoebSince upgrading to 19.10, when coming back from a lid shut + suspend, the desktop is showing for a moment before going to the lock screen. Is this a known bug? I've removed xfce4-screensaver as it seemingly got installed during the upgrade and was messing up other things.16:02
LoebOr, if not installed it got settings changed dramatically.16:03
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brainwashLoeb: so, you see this problem with the previous locker (light-locker)?16:52
LoebNot actually sure which locker is being used16:53
LoebI hadn't manually changed anything from bionic to eoan16:54
Loebjust did `apt upgrade` and let the devs take the wheel16:55
brainwashthen it should still be light-locker17:00
brainwashmaybe there's a new report for this type of issue17:01
brainwashonly found a report for xfce4-screensaver though17:05
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 15929 in General "on 'suspend' : locking only occurs after resume, desktop is visible (with workaround)" [Normal,New]17:05
Loeb@brainwash I think the "suspend happening before screen can be locked" scenario checks out. The posted workaround didn't work but I don't have time to super dig into it at the moment17:26
LoebBut it sounds like that's where I should start17:26
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Noboru55Hello, today i got the same problem twice in Xubuntu 18.04.  I uninstalled the e-mail client and notes in gnome-software  and after i did it, the emulator was uninstalled too and the keyboard alt+esc stopped works.  so i just reinstall all xubuntu and did the same uninstalling notes and e-mail cliente in software-gnome  and again i lost emulator22:42
Noboru55and the keyboard shortcut to menu whiskers...22:42
Noboru55just installed again the xubuntu now i will not uninstall the mail client and notes...22:42
Noboru55in the first time i lost thunar too.... oO  weird things happens when i use that new ubuntu software center22:44
tomreynuse apt or synaptic to carry out your changes, then, if you actually read the output, you will know in advance which impact they will have.22:46
Noboru55tomreyn: i always liked the synaptic.. i will do it22:47
tomreynif you're moving software that's part of the graphical desktop, and the graphical desktop metapackage gets removed as a result of your changes, this can also cause other packages to be removed22:47
Noboru55i see.. probably when i deleted the email client i got some changes in the menu whisker, panel and other places22:48
Noboru55tomreyn but the gimp is better in software ubuntu.. all menu are in the same window22:49
Noboru55i do not like that old style.. and the old style is installed in synaptic or apt22:49
tomreyni don't see how your preferences for GUIs relate to package management22:50
Noboru55maybe the version of synaptic is not the same of the software center, but its ok.. now everything is ok22:51
Noboru55^ ^22:51
brainwashyou shouldn't uninstall the email client22:57
brainwashactually, the email client launcher22:57
brainwashbug 178376422:59
ubottubug 1783764 in Exo "Deleting "Mail Reader" crashes the computer" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/178376422:59
Noboru55brainwash really? i did not know that.... thanks for advice23:10
Noboru55i just thought the email client was kinda a icon in panel and a item in menu23:11
brainwashyes, it is a launcher23:11
Noboru55oh... now i know why i had some problems with alt+esc23:12
brainwashbut the launcher is provided by an important Xfce library23:12
Noboru55they should name it with other name23:12
brainwashthis was fixed in newer Xubuntu releases already23:12
brainwashthe entry for email client does not appear in the software center anymore23:13
brainwashsame for web browser23:13
Noboru55i see... but the notes... can i remove?23:14
brainwashI think so23:14
Noboru55better not.. tired of reinstall xubuntu today23:14
brainwashyou can remove it via terminal: sudo apt remove xfce4-notes23:15
Noboru55brainwash thank you for the explanation23:15
Noboru55brainwash i like this.. indicator-stickynotes   looks better23:15
brainwashremoving a package via terminal will tell you what other packages will be removed also23:15
Noboru55right... its better to use the terminal so23:16
Noboru55xterm i guess23:16
brainwashXfce has xfce4-terminal23:16
Noboru55xubuntu is great, surprised how it works lightweght and fine23:17
Unit193You could also use synaptic, which will also say what else will be removed.23:17
Noboru55Unit193 yes, good idea too...23:17
Noboru55just wondering to do not use the software center23:18
Noboru55after a update i can't find the games section in software center... but i'ts ok.. now i will use apt and synaptic23:18

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