leonardo_OK, thanks!00:04
RikMillsleonardo_: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41337700:05
ubottuKDE bug 413377 in kcontrol module "Setting auto-login for a user does not change config files" [Normal,Unconfirmed]00:05
RikMillsJust reported it00:06
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IrcsomeBot<Swift110> Sup04:55
airmen55Hi - with kubuntu 10,10 in the top right "system menu" - there is no "wifi not connected!?" How to start thr normal route to connect to wifi?05:54
airmen55e e e correction ..with kubuntu 19.10..05:55
airmen55it would be real cool if some kind kubuntu nerd/geek/user could help this war disabled air force vetersn (71yo) get the above problem fixed..05:57
airmen55- before it is "too late!" ;=)05:57
airmen55 I have of course found this a week+ ago but..see above problem :- https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/net-wireless-hidden.html.en05:59
airmen55I find it difficult to understand how come there are no respnses here at 08:02 on a Thursday morning <berlin time.<06:02
airmen55can some kind soul at least explain what I am doing wrong - to have NO !! response?06:03
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HOUNDDOG71Hi - with kubuntu 19,10 in the top right "system menu" - there is no "wifi not connected!?" How to start thr normal route to connect to wifi?06:28
HoundDog7136How come no responses or any sort of dialogue?06:33
IrcsomeBot<bauchhaus> IRC rule #1 be patient06:47
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BluesKajHi folks12:12
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IrcsomeBot<icodelife> hi13:24
IrcsomeBot<icodelife> im on kubuntu 19.1013:24
IrcsomeBot<icodelife> my screen flickers after it wake up from sleep13:25
IrcsomeBot<icodelife> or logout sometimes13:25
IrcsomeBot<icodelife> dmesg https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/H9zTP3Q5tM/13:25
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m_tadeuhi...I'm fighting with a problem for several days now...I have a usb3 disk and when I connect it, this is what I get https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/M7PFRJ7XCx/13:51
IlgazIt looks like cable or port issue14:02
IlgazDo you have spare ports or better, cables?14:02
IlgazI had a nightmare with 4 problematic USB cables until I went out and bought a new one.14:03
icodelifeUploaded file: https://uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/524feb4ada03d74761de5368c38750fc/pasted.txt14:05
IlgazWeb is full of wayland bugs, completely confused where to report kubuntu+firefox wayland14:05
icodelifei installed kubuntu 19.10 and im experiencing screen flickering/blinking14:06
icodelifeit usually occurs when laptop goes in sleep or logout14:06
IlgazWhich gfx card do you have? even if integrated?14:07
icodelifeits AMD Vega 8 x Nvidia GTX 165014:07
icodelifeoutput of inxi : https://del.dog/inxifxx14:08
IlgazOh dual gfx, sorry just an integrated Intel here. However, I see there is an issue with amd/ati14:09
icodelifeive been experiencing the same issue with couple of distros ive tried14:09
Ilgazperhaps it gets into action with generic gfx support without driver after waking up from sleep.14:09
Ilgaze.g. "generic vga card" on Windows like14:10
icodelifeif  flickers starts what i do is either put it on sleep and wake up or logout login14:10
icodelifethis fixes it14:10
IlgazThat is a guess only. I have chosen this Intel HD5500 crap equipped HP mostly because of nightmare I lived with dual gfx on Lenovo14:10
icodelifebut this isnt a proper solution14:10
m_tadeuIlgaz: changed the usb enclosure and the cable....same result14:12
IlgazUbuntu third party drivers app doesn't suggest a driver etc icodelife?14:13
IlgazUbuntu third party drivers app doesn't suggest a driver etc icodelife?14:13
icodelife90it does14:13
icodelife90it suggests nvidia-44014:13
icodelife90i installed that14:13
icodelife90check output of inxi ive sent14:14
icodelife90but nvidia gets unloaded and amd gpu drives display14:14
IlgazOK there are indeed some horrific bugs in KDE-wayland :-) E.g. K menu didn't work lol14:37
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denza242can i use f2fs for a boot partition18:11
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Ilgazanyone from kde around? There is a very easily reproducable bug in kde under wayland, "kickoff menu" disappears if plasma-wayland enabled18:46
IlgazI remember there was a bug reporting app in kde, now I can't find it.18:47
trakinasIlgaz: check if this bug is already reported on their systems.18:49
IlgazOK, I did it already. I am not sure what "start menu" is called on KDE? kickoff menu?18:50
cybercryptoHi there, any guesses on when kubuntu will merge zfs install option into the iso image?19:06
Ilgazhplip is a complete mess on kubuntu 19.10 :-( too many missing dependencies19:21
valoriecybercrypto: we'll be testing it this round for possible release with 20.0419:31
valoriekeeping in mind that 20.04 is an LTS, so we have to have very good confidence in it to allow it19:32
IlgazI am building hplip from source now, hopefully it doesn't mess up things19:32
Ilgazno hp user provided feedback I think, I didn't run hardcore things like debfoster and I am missing like every dependency of hplip19:33
IlgazIt is "hp printer&scanner support" software19:35
valorieIlgaz: if you get no help here about hplip (I have none to offer) you might try #ubuntu19:35
valorieit's much larger19:35
IlgazIt wasn't too bright on "ubuntu" but on kubuntu it is a disaster19:35
Ilgazvalorie: really mysterious thing is, I thought kubuntu and ubuntu share same packages for such things19:35
valoriewe do, which is why I suggested #ubuntu19:36
valoriewe provide KDE packaging and not the underlying system usually19:36
valorieexcept Qt19:36
cybercryptovalorie: thanks. I see that xubuntu kept the zfs option merged into the iso 19.10.. they are the only one that kept (even Ubuntu Gnome unmerged it).19:37
valorieUbuntu is a large effort with lots of paid professional support, whereas we are a small all-volunteer team19:37
valoriexubuntu team might have had the time and interest to do lots of testing19:38
Ilgazon Ubuntu I used it, except the obvious its status icon not working on gnome3, it was fine. I am surprised now19:38
valoriewe did not19:38
Ilgazsorry valorie, I thought I better report it fast on irc19:38
valoriewe don't offer things we've not tested19:38
Ilgazas I had urgent printing to do, I source built it now I can't report breakage either19:38
valorieusers testing and reporting is great!19:39
valoriebut IRC is no bug tracker19:39
IlgazI will report a wayland bug but kde is gigantic, don't know the component which does the "K menu" thing. I better do tomorrow, bbl19:48
cybercryptovalorie: Correct. I read the same about other flavours. They are aiming to have zfs install option tested and ready to go for 20.0419:49
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trakinasI will stick with 18.04 until it is not supported anymore. I'm not a youngling anymore who has the time and energy to spend whole saturdays configuring their machine *AND* going out at night.21:33
trakinasHow sundelly our youth goes.... (but I digress)21:33
trakinasOn another note, the only thing I'm not sure how to make it to work as I want to: my login screen has a different theme from my lock screen, but I don't recall changing any of them.21:34
bprompttrakinas:  what was your original question or inquiry anyway?21:35
trakinasbprompt: none. I really don't mind it - I see it once every week (when I shutdown my laptop). It is just odd.  Thanks anyway. =)21:37
bprompthmmm see what every week?21:38
trakinasbprompt: My login screen (SDDM) has a whitish background screen, where I can barely read the login fields. However, when locking my screen, everything is fine and the default lockscreen is loaded (with wallpaper, good contrast).21:48
trakinasSince I only shutdown my work computer on the weekends, I only see it once on mondays. So, it really nothing that distracts me or annoys me.21:48
user|76953ERROR GRUB INSTALL22:03
bprompttrakinas:  I'd assume it may just be videocard drivers, check if there is any alternative to the one you're using22:07
bprompttrakinas:  some video drivers semi-work for some system, but may run in compatibilities issues with the hardware, a good example will be mine, kubuntu runs smooth here, but I had an issue with Libreoffice crashing the hell everytime almost, well, it turned out that the video driver loaded by default on this Intel chipset worked for everything else BUT Libreoffice works better with an xserver-xorg-vide-intel driver, so I installed that, and every works,22:10
bpromptno more crashing on Libreoffice, and everything else works with that driver just the same22:10
bpromptallo iscshl22:24
iscshlhi I have a problem22:25
iscshlI need help22:25
iscshlWell I use Kubuntu in my laptop DELL, everithing is Ok KDE and my computer work very fine, but I've bought a Samsung Screen, When I connect my new Screen my computer is slow22:27
iscshlI usually use docker, angular or react CLI22:28
iscshlI don't want to change my KDE22:28
bpromptiscshl:  dunno that one, all I can think of is check the running services in something like "ksysguard", to see which one might be bogging down the system, and unnecessarily triggering on the video-out process22:36
iscshlbpromopt: It's completely strange, the readings are the same when I connect the monitor and when I don't.23:08
bpromptiscshl:  well, can't be power, it has to be some daemon23:24
iscshlDo you use Kubuntu?23:24
bpromptyeap, 16.0423:25
bpromptI've used KDE even way back in Mandrake 7.0 =)23:26
bpromptmany of the apps I use are KDE-based, reason why, not all, but a good chunk, and some are QT-based as well23:26
bpromptand kubuntu comes with both by default :)23:27
iscshldo you think that KDE and KDE apps are lighter than mate DE23:30
bpromptI don't use them because they're lighter, just more efficient at some tasks, I don't mind the overhead so long the works is done well23:34
bpromptI mean, a lighttools is great only if it can firstly be efficient, if it's just light and cumbersome, then it won't get much mileage23:35
bprompts/can/can be/23:35
iscshlReally I don't want to stop using kde23:35
iscshlbut I need to work xD23:36
bpromptiscshl:  well, I use KDE, I don't use Kwin though, I use LXQT23:36
bpromptsame is true back in Mandrake, I even ran KDE apps in Gnome window manager =)23:36
iscshlbprompt:  Ok thanks for you support23:39

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