didrocksgood morning05:35
dufluMorning didrocks06:21
jibelhi all06:21
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers06:24
dufluMorning jibel and oSoMoN too06:38
didrockssalut oSoMoN, hey duflu, jibel06:44
oSoMoNhey duflu, didrocks, jibel06:57
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seb128goooood morning desktopers07:26
dufluMooorning seb12807:28
seb128hey duflu, how are you?07:33
dufluseb128, going well though slightly frustrated the day is cut short in 30 min ;)07:33
seb128I'm good, a bit annoyed at the trolls users repeating the same rant daily on discourse though07:34
dufluWell, haters are going to hate. But at the same time, sometimes a good point is made like launch speed07:36
dufluIt drives me crazy too07:37
seb128the discussions or the startup time?07:38
didrockshey seb12807:38
seb128lut didrocks, en forme?07:39
didrocksça va, et toi ?07:39
seb128duflu, haters can hate, there is just no reason we should have to deal with them on our discourse though, they can go hating on their user forums07:39
seb128didrocks, ça va, j'suis rentré avec 1h de retard au final donc ça a été :)07:39
dufluseb128, the startup time. I ignore trolls mostly, or report them when appropriate07:41
seb128duflu, is it the calculator or other things? and how slow is it for you?07:41
didrocksça va, ça aurait pu être pire07:42
dufluseb128, calculator, chromium, snaps in general07:43
dufluLike other people I generally cold boot so it hits me all the time07:43
dufluI don't want to complain though. I know we have plans to work on it further07:43
seb128duflu, well it's going to have data from people who aren't trolls07:44
dufluAnd I am writing an article that suggests how to approach it :)07:44
seb128I do agree that the tradeoff for a calculator is probably not making sense07:44
seb128but I didn't find it so annoying for bigger apps that are slow to start anyway07:44
seb128like a few seconds more when I first start e.g my browser in the morning isn't really noticable to me07:45
clobranomorning all 0/08:02
dufluMorning Laney, willcooke, clobrano08:03
didrockshey Laney, willcooke, clobrano08:03
oSoMoNgood morning seb128, Laney, willcooke, clobrano08:09
seb128lut oSoMoN, comment ça va aujourd'hui ?08:09
oSoMoNmieux :) et toi?08:10
seb128ça va :)08:11
dupondjehttps://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Will-Cooke-Leaving-Canonical ! OH08:13
dupondjeGood luck willcooke  :)08:13
willcookethanks dupondje08:14
Laneyhi dupondje didrocks oSoMoN08:14
jibelwillcooke would do anything to make phoronix headline ;)08:14
dupondjeYou could do a commit in wireguard also for that :D08:15
dufluseb128, fyi bluez 5.51 works on eoan: https://git.launchpad.net/~bluetooth/bluez/log/09:43
dufluSo I would aim to get it into focal as soon as convenient09:43
ograwillcooke, dude ! do i now need to join the desktop team to bring the smoke to the smoke tests ?09:44
willcookeogra, XD09:44
dufluseb128, or just see bug 184964110:10
ubot5bug 1849641 in bluez (Ubuntu) "New upstream release: bluez 5.51" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184964110:10
* duflu goes to make dinner10:10
Laneynew pulseaudio streams that firefox is creating are coming up muted for me :(12:15
seb128Laney, :(12:46
seb128popey, can we get that sibe39 guy banned from posting on discourse for $time?12:50
seb128willcooke, ^ or you?12:51
ograor rather +100012:51
Beretso desktop notifications don't seem to disappear until I mouse over them - is that intended or a bug?12:52
ografunnily he actually listened to you and stopped posting on that one thread ... (to take over all the others that could potentially be about snaps :P )12:52
Beret(this is 19.10)12:52
oSoMoN+1 on banning that person, (s)he is starting to get on my nerves, so much time wasted reading their neverending complaints about snaps12:54
ograwell, the last two posts look like copy/paste to random threads actually12:54
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seb128Beret, depends of the notifications, those flagged as 'urgent' stick there iirc. Also if you mouseovr the bubble it will not go away until you move the mouse away12:57
seb128Beret, do you get the issue all the time/with any notification?12:57
Beretthe only notifications I get are from google calendar and it happens with all of those12:58
Beret(on a regular basis I mean)12:58
ograBeret, isnt that a browser notification (i.e. not integrated at all with desktop notifications)13:00
ogra(my gcal ones (coming from chromium) are not even themed)13:01
seb128those could be coming from the browser or through eds/desktop integration13:01
seb128screenshot would help to tell13:01
ograthey definitely stick (i turned them off in gcal)13:02
seb128chrome/ium has an option to use the gtk theme for notifications13:02
ograwould that adjust behaviour too ?13:06
ograseb128, https://imgur.com/a/Y1kUYN013:09
ograthey actually only go away if i click the X13:12
seb128popey, thanks!13:30
popey_yw :)13:36
sergiusenskenvandine: morning, still have FAIL: test_extension (tests.unit.project_loader.extensions.test_gnome_3_28.ExtensionTest) failing13:50
kenvandinesergiusens: sigh... looking :)13:50
tewarddoes the Desktop team have any say in the packaging of, say, Thunderbird?13:53
tewardbecause there's some major breakages in Thunderbird as is on 18.04 environments, and Thunderbird hasn't had updates since 60.* and is 68.* upstream now.13:53
oSoMoNteward, yes, as a matter of fact I look after thunderbird in Ubuntu13:54
oSoMoNand I'm working on backporting 68 to bionic (and xenial and disco)13:54
diddledanif only there was a snap13:55
oSoMoNI'd be interested in hearing about those "major breakages" though, if possible as bug reports13:55
tewardoSoMoN: they're mostly with 'third party plugins' ala Enigmail13:56
tewardso they don't get bugs here.13:57
tewardnamely, Enigmail + TBird 60 == ERR:CRASH in all cases13:57
tewardcan't use it13:57
tewardeven the 'older' upstream releases of Enigmail (and yes I tried them)13:57
tewardoSoMoN: right now, I have a TBird 68 install running out of /opt/mozila/thunderbird/ to make my email and email with PGP work, as well as to support certain other things I need.13:57
tewardbut i'm pretty curious on your progress (if you don't mind keeping me in the loop that'd be grand, or if you have a tracking bug for the progress I Can subscribe to that'd be great also)13:58
tewardoSoMoN: do we even package the Enigmail plugin?  I could have sworn at one point there was a package for it...13:59
mdeslaurteward: I'm running thunderbird and enigmail from archive packages just fine14:01
tewardmdeslaur: right, but i don't use the archive package enigmail for reasons.  the problem here though is introduced with a second problem:14:01
tewardif you backport TBird 68 you need to also backport 2.1.2 / repackage it for the older releases14:01
tewardsince < 2.1.2 doesn't have TBird 68 support14:01
mdeslaurteward: yes, the enigmail package is usually updated along with thunderbird14:02
seb128teward, I'm using tb60 and enigmail from the archive without issue...14:03
seb128teward, you should report bugs about your problem, but your fact statement is boggus14:04
oSoMoNteward, as mdeslaur said, you should use enigmail from the archive, that works well. And I'm updating enigmail to a newer upstream release along with thunderbird, indeed14:04
tewardoSoMoN: let me know when you provide those, because I ran into an issue with the packaged enigmail not liking gnupg2 at one point (which is why I went with upstream)14:04
oSoMoNteward, thunderbird 68.1.2 and enigmail 2.1.2 are already in eoan, fwiw14:05
tewardoSoMoN: nice.  (I stick to LTSes on my major systems though)14:05
tewardglad to see it's in Eoan.14:05
teward... if i'm bored I might do an in-PPA backport, but i'm currently focused on nginx in server atm with some work to get it updated and get some FFes from the Release Team ahead of time14:05
teward... oh that reminds me, note to self reach out to the rest of the server team bigwigs... *goes to make notes to himself*14:06
seb128there is also a thunderbird snap14:06
seb128you might try 68 from the edge channel14:06
seb128that should work on the LTS14:07
seb128(it does lack translations though)14:07
oSoMoNteward, I don't have a tracking bug, but you can subscribe to https://trello.com/c/cbm9DllY/237-thunderbird-6812-update14:18
oSoMoNand it's high on my to-do list14:18
mvosilly question - https://extensions.gnome.org/ tells me my native host connection is not detected, AIUI that means I need to install chrome-gnome-shell (?). is there a reason we don't do this by default?14:30
ograbecause we hate our users ...14:32
ogra(same reason why we pre-seed snap packages in installs)14:32
seb128mvo, security team hates it (with reasons) iirc14:34
seb128mvo, also doesn't work with chromium now since it's a snap but I'm unsure what browser you use14:34
seb128mvo, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chrome-gnome-shell/+bug/1695565/comments/714:35
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1695565 in chrome-gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "[MIR] chrome-gnome-shell" [Undecided,Expired]14:35
LaneySoftware can install them also14:36
hellsworthmorning everyone14:43
seb128hey hellsworth14:51
oSoMoNgood morning hellsworth14:54
hellsworthhiii :)14:57
mvoseb128: thank you15:03
kenvandinesergiusens: tests fixed for both PRs15:16
sergiusensthanks kenvandine15:20
kenvandinesergiusens: there are a few unrelated failures when I run it locally15:22
kenvandineBut everything in extensions are pass615:22
Laneycan't reproduce that rls bug I got assigned15:42
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Laneytseliot: would you mind looking at bug #1845801 please? tried with 390, 435 here and automatic login works :(16:46
ubot5bug 1845801 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu Eoan) "[nvidia] Automatic login fails and then all subsequent logins fail. Killing gnome-session-binary fixes it, or just not using automatic login." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184580116:46
willcookenight all16:51
tewardseb128: given I'm using US English I don't think translations are a concern there heh.16:52
tewardthanks oSoMoN16:52
tewardanother question, does the Desktop team have any influence on the Network Manager GUI plugins for VPN(s)?16:53
om26eris there a "blessed" python3.8 ppa by the desktop team or foundations team ?17:43
seb128om26er, desktop no, I don't know about foundations17:50
seb128teward, what's the question about VPN plugins?17:51
om26erhmm, in that case, I'll try my chances with https://launchpad.net/~deadsnakes/+archive/ubuntu/ppa (fingers crossed)17:52
kenvandineom26er: deadsnakes, what could go wrong :)17:52
om26erI would build py38 from source but I need to use that in a snap and need it for all(most) arches ;-)17:53
tewardseb128: lack of the OpenVPN plugin's GUI allowing tls-version-{min,max}18:17
tewardwhich i discovered testing the same plugin in Debian Unstable and discovered it needing some attention locally because of Debian changing the TLS defaults in OpenSSL to lock it to 1.3 and disable tls 1.0-1.2 by default18:18
teward(so if you can't pass tls version min/max to openvpn via the plugin to override it will fail to authenticate anywhere)18:19
tewardless of an issue since here in Ubuntu we don't intend on pulling in that default-TLS-version change (I checked with Security Team), but still relevant18:19
seb128teward, try nagging #nm about getting https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/NetworkManager-openvpn/merge_requests/15 reviewed?18:34
tewardseb128: that's exactly the thing i manually patched in my Bionic xD18:34
tewardit needs that in Debian for an important-severity bug too18:34
seb128teward, well, #nm would be the right channel to ask about getting it reviewed18:35
seb128the changes landing upstream makes easier to get distro backports18:35
tewardtrue statement18:36
tewardseb128: dead channel seems dead though :p18:45
tewardi can say with certainty though the patches in that merge req don't break the package and work find out of the box with the version from Eoan/Focal.  Doesn't apply cleanly to the version in Bionic, so I just got mad and backported the entire thing in a PPA to Bionic xD18:46
seb128teward, indeed, seems pretty quiet today, maybe some people are on holidays ... it might be worth pinging on the mp as well19:15
tewardseb128: yep I made a post about it being more critical to include since Debian Buster, so.19:24
tewardthis said, the patch applied cleanly to 1.8.10 in Unstable, and worked well19:25
tewardit also worked in the Focal and Eoan and Bionic versions of 1.8.10 (Bionic's a backport in a PPA heh)19:25
tewardso I have first hand knowledge that this does indeed work xD19:25
sergiusenskenvandine: are you still looking forward to a hotfix?20:00
kenvandinesergiusens: yes20:01
kenvandineI haven't seen a snapd fix20:02
kenvandinesergiusens: even edge is fine20:04
sergiusenskenvandine: is this for your docker magic?20:04
sergiusenskenvandine: if so, it should be building on edge soon as I just merged it20:04
kenvandineI can have my build use edge20:05
kenvandineThat's good enough20:06
sergiusensok, thanks, I will get this chugging, there are a lot of big changes on edge though ;-)20:07
sergiusenshmm, TLS issues on our builder20:10
sergiusensif they persist, this might take a bit longer20:10
sergiusenskenvandine: currently building on edge -> https://code.launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/+snap/snapcraft20:19
sergiusenskenvandine: if you want just the minor delta, we can talk about it if this doesn't work out for you20:20
kenvandineLaney: I published a build of gnome-calculator built with the fixed snapcraft22:54
kenvandineLaney: next image build should work22:54

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