aleksandrdvorkinhi guys i am trying to build Kodi from the source but i get this error00:02
aleksandrdvorkinchecking whether the C compiler works... no00:02
aleksandrdvorkinconfigure: error: in `/home/kodi/tools/depends':00:02
aleksandrdvorkinconfigure: error: C compiler cannot create executables00:02
sarnoldcheck the configure logs, it should have more detailed error messages00:03
aleksandrdvorkinwhich configrue log00:04
oerhekspretty copy paste, howto build kodi00:04
aleksandrdvorkinits not for ubuntu its for raspberrypi00:05
oerhekswhat pi version? and what guide do you follow?00:06
aleksandrdvorkinRaspberrypi 400:07
aleksandrdvorkinthsi guide00:08
desertbilli'm trying to load ubuntu linux 18.04.3 via iso.  Busybox won't recognize my nvme ssd to format ext4 any ideas why?00:09
desertbillI used the command fdisk -l  then got msg  Not found00:12
oerheksall i find is RPi4B has LibreELEC 9.1.002 as its initial Alpha software version with Kodi's latest version.00:14
desertbillI have absolutely had it with MS and the fruit guys.  i'm not computer illiterate. I am willing to compensate someone to help me get Linux on my computer.00:15
oerheksthere is a bug with pi4 and usb, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-raspi2/+bug/184870300:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1848790 in linux-raspi2 (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1848703 USB not working under arm64 on Pi4" [High,Confirmed]00:15
stonedI am trying to compile a GIMP plugin01:11
stonedconfigure: error: Package requirements (gimp-2.0 >= 2.2.0 gimpui-2.0 >= 2.2.0) were not met:01:12
stonedWhat paackages do I need to build gimp plugins? do you know this in ubuntu?01:12
stoned18.04 is my version01:12
stonedhttps://github.com/inpaintgimpplugin/inpaintgimpplugin here is the plugin in question01:13
stonedinstall libgimp2.0-dev was the package01:17
stonedfound it by much apt-file search01:17
cgiwho is livepatching useful for?01:25
tomreynanyone who can't reboot instantly when important kernel bugs are fixed01:26
sarnoldman I need my vision checked. I read that as "robot insanity" and .. what an interesting idea. hotpatching your robots.01:28
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tomreyniot right :)01:35
k_szeDoes debsums check *every* "registered" packages, including kernel images and whatnot?01:45
sarnoldI'm not sure all packages have md5s01:46
k_szesarnold, debsums tells me all packages have checksums.01:47
k_szeAs in, `debsums -l` doesn't show anything (-l lists the packages with missing checksum)01:47
sarnold$ ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/*md5sums | wc -l ; ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/*list | wc -l01:48
k_sze2033 vs 203601:48
k_szeSo debsums is lying?01:48
sarnoldI think that just means three of your packages don't have sums available to check01:49
tomreyn2 x 2793 here01:49
k_szeBut then why doesn't debsums -1 list them?01:49
k_szeI guess I need some command line fu to compare the two lists.01:50
tomreynuse ls -1 or better find01:51
tomreynthat's a "one"01:51
k_szetomreyn, why?01:52
tomreynbecause ls may print multiple results per line01:52
k_szeoh, I still need to chop off the 'md5sums' and 'list' to make them diff'able anyway.01:52
k_szewhich mean piping into awk or something.01:52
k_szeSo the -1 is redundant.01:52
tomreynokay, just sarnolds' oneliner then ;)01:53
k_szeThis is when I wish I knew awk and friends.01:53
sarnolddiff -u <(ls -1 *md5sums | sort | sed 's/.md5sums//') <(ls -1 *list | sort | sed 's/.list//')01:54
sarnoldit's not perfect01:54
k_szeI think that's probably good enough, especially if I qualify the search pattern with an end-of-line ($).01:55
k_szelooks like the sort should go *after* sed01:59
sarnoldheh did that change anything?02:00
sarnoldI figured it'd slightly speed things up to move the sort after the sed, but not enough to re-write the commands :)02:00
k_szeodd, no checksum for linux-image-4.18.0-15-generic, linux-modules-4.18.0-15-generic, and linux-modules-extra-4.18.0-15-generic.02:00
k_szesarnold, the sorting is actually incorrect if you do it before the sed.02:01
k_szeWhich means you get false positives (like +python3 and -python3 with a few lines in between)02:01
sarnoldk_sze: and those go away if you move the |sort to the end? weird :)02:03
k_szeok, I guess the checksums are not there because that kernel version is actually no longer installed.02:03
k_szedpkg -l tells me those 3 packages are just 'rc' now (Remove, Conf-files)02:04
sarnoldI hadn't realized the .list files were left around for packages in 'rc' state, but they are02:04
k_szeOk, so at least my base system seems ok.02:05
sarnoldbut they're zero-bytes.. unexpected. interesting02:05
k_szeIt's been the second time that I got an inconsistent ext4 in two weeks.02:05
k_szeI was forced to do a e2fsck in initramfs at boot time.02:05
k_szeI don't know if it's a hardware problem or what.02:06
k_szeS.M.A.R.T. seems to say the HDD is ok.02:06
l4m8d4Hello there, I am having a problem on ubuntu with grub. Following setup: Multi-device btrfs on top of luks containers which are on top of GPT formatted nvme drives. Everything is setup in crypttab and fstab for the containers to get opened correctly at boot. /boot resides in the btrfs on top of luks, only unencrypted thing is the ESP, so grub needs to decrypt the luks containers before continuing. But grub02:08
l4m8d4will only unlock one of the containers and go on, which results in an error since one of 3 containers isnt enough. If I manually decypt the other 2, it can boot fine afterwards. Why is grub not generating a correct grub.cfg in this case? Any way to circumvent the problem?02:08
k_szeIf I'm fully booted (via UEFI) and my root / is a mounted LUKS volume, can I perform a check on /boot and /boot/efi?02:10
k_szewhich are /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda202:10
l4m8d4GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK is enabled btw, otherwise decrypting manually couldnt even work, so that not the problem. The problem is missing cryptomount statements in grub.cfg, despite the crypttab file being setup correctly. Also fstab mentions that it needs all the 3 containers for root, so I dont really know what else to do except writing my own grub.cfg, which I really dont wanna do....02:11
l4m8d4k_sze: /boot/efi is the ESP, it is not needed once the system is running (except on upgrades where it could be modified) so you can unmount it, check it and remount it. Or create a new one if it breaks02:12
l4m8d4k_sze: For /boot it obviously depends if it resides on the same FS as / and if yes, if that FS supports online checking (e.g. btrfs scrub)02:13
k_szel4m8d4, different FSs02:14
k_szeIt's just that gnome-disks is asking me for permission to unmount /boot when I ask it to check it.02:14
k_szeSo I'm hesitating.02:14
tomreynyou can unmount both /boot/efi and /boot02:14
l4m8d4k_sze: If boot is on its on FS, you can unmount it02:15
k_szeCan I trust gnome-disks to do the right thing (maybe automatically remount /boot and /boot/efi) after it's done checking them?02:15
tomreynno idea02:15
l4m8d4k_sze: I wouldnt, but probably it will02:15
l4m8d4k_sze: Just check afterwards with "mount" if its mounted again. If not, do "mount /boot && mount /boot/efi"02:16
tomreynit may even fail to umount /boot because /boot/efi is mounted02:16
l4m8d4Yeah, these should be dismounted in order02:17
k_szebah, gnome-disks fails to even unmount /boot/efi02:18
k_szeudisks-error-quark, 1402:18
devslashI ran the upgrade from ubuntu 19.04 to 19.10 last night and at some point my pc turned off i thought that the installer rebooted but when i try to boto ubuntu now i get a kernel panic02:18
tomreynuse cli02:18
devslashvfs: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)02:18
tomreynk_sze: ^02:18
l4m8d4Well then, you can just go into the terminal and (as root) do "umount /boot && umount /boot/efi"02:18
devslashis there anything that i can try and do to fix this before i just say screw it and do a fresh installation02:19
k_szewtf? unmounting /boot/efi causes /boot to also automatically be unmounted!?02:20
tomreyndevslash: two things: you could boot to recovery and run a file system check against /root (but it shuld already have done so automatically really). or you could https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCdRecovery#Update_Failure02:21
devslashwhen I choose 5.3.0 it kernel paniced02:21
devslashbut 5.0 recovery seems to boot02:22
devslashi chose fix packages02:22
k_szeSo anyway, gnome-disks tells me neither /boot nor /boot/efi has a problem.02:22
l4m8d4k_sze: Maybe an unmount was still pending and you unlocked it be unmounting /boot/efi02:22
devslashi think the upgrade was interrupted02:22
k_szel4m8d4, maybe02:22
tomreyndevslash: it probably sat at a prompt and the battery went dry02:23
k_szeI forget where to control the S.M.A.R.T test to run (I mean short vs extended vs conveyance)02:23
devslashtomreyn, so the same thing just happend while it tried to build nvidia drivers02:23
devslashits adesktop02:23
devslashits a desktop02:23
devslashnot a laptop02:23
tomreyndevslash: hmm maybe you have it setup to power off after a longer period of non-use?02:24
devslashnbow it only boots to a grub prompt02:24
devslashnow it only boots to a grub prompt02:24
k_szeinstalling smartmontools requires me to configure postfix. I want to cry.02:26
tomreynk_sze: only if you install recommended packages02:26
tomreynalso first option in postfix configuration is "leave untouched"02:26
l4m8d4k_sze: You can just tell it you want local only mail then there isnt much to configure02:26
devslashI was able to get it to sorta boot ubuntu but now its on the purplish ubuntu screen with the dots and its stuck on that screen02:27
devslashoh nm now its at an initramfs prompt02:27
l4m8d4k_sze: The mail system was used to inform an admin about failing drives. Nowadays, probably not many using it when there a things like zabbix and graylog to monitor that kind of stuff02:28
kadirodevslash> just to see what happen before the initramfs try to remove quiet spalsh and see what was the last error/fail02:29
devslashok i did that02:30
devslashi see that it says cannot open root device sda202:31
kadirosda2 probably is just an extended partition, what is else?02:31
l4m8d4devslash: Are you using luks?02:31
devslashbefore thst it says powernow_k8 this cpu is not supported any more using acxpi-cpufreq instead02:32
devslashnot sure if thats important02:32
l4m8d4probably not02:32
devslashafter the cant open root device it says02:32
devslashplease append a correct root= boot option02:32
devslashthen the kernel panic02:32
l4m8d4if you have an initramfs shell, try running blkid and see which drive is the one you want in your root02:33
kadirodevslash> I think that mean the it can't find the UUID or the /dev/sdxy02:33
devslashthats the root partition isnt it02:33
devslashwhich is why its kernel panicing02:33
l4m8d4maybe your device numbering changed across kernel version and what used to be sda2 is maybe sdb now or something similar02:34
devslashat the grub prompt i was able to boot by using hd1,gpt2 as the boot02:34
l4m8d4Try disconnecting excess drives you dont need for now and see if that helps with the numbering02:34
gambl0reanyone use docker?02:35
k_szeHmm, how do I show the progress of a long test started by smartctl?02:37
k_szelooks like '-c' does it.02:38
devslashos there a way to get fro mthe grub boot menu to just a grub prompt02:39
l4m8d4devslash: It should be possible by pressing "c"02:41
l4m8d4Otherwise, you can also just press f10 and modify the config of the highlighted entry to match your drive02:41
l4m8d4(Or whatever the key may be, it displays it in the menu normally)02:41
devslashyes i figured it out thanks02:42
kadiroor you can use 'e' to edit temporarly it and booting with ctrl-x or F10 when you are done02:45
k_szeDoes anybody know a site to check for known bad HDD firmwares?02:49
k_szeMy ext4 LUKS root volume has ended up in an inconsistent state twice in the past 2 weeks and I wonder if it's a firmware problem.02:50
k_szefsck didn't identify any bad block.02:50
k_szeI also have no power management or write cache configured for that drive.02:51
devslashi think i have a hardware issue. my desktop is automatically shutting off at the grub prompt before i have a chance to enter the commands to boot up my borked install of ubuntu02:53
l4m8d4k_sze: You can do a badblocks read-only test to sort out the worst ones02:55
k_szel4m8d4, I already did that in initramfs. no bad block reported by e2fsck.02:56
l4m8d4k_sze: Regarding firmware I would start by looking up the model, if the manufacturer has issued firmware updates recently02:56
k_szeIt's a Toshiba MQ04ABF100. I have no idea if the firmware is even updatable.02:56
k_szeThis white suggests that there are multiple firmware versions for my HDD. But I can't find a firmware download on the official Toshiba HDD site.02:58
k_szeI think this is the official Toshiba HDD site: https://toshiba.semicon-storage.com/us/product/storage-products/client-hdd/mq04abfxxx.html02:59
k_szeNo mention of firmware there.03:00
l4m8d4k_sze: I'd also check for bad sata cables. They can cause corrupt data blocks too03:00
devslashok so i can get to a grub prompt and know how to enter the commands to get to the grub boot menu but i dont know what to do from there03:00
devslashi cant boot without getting a kernel panic03:00
l4m8d4devslash: See if blkid outputs matches your /etc/fstab03:02
l4m8d4k_sze: Also, if you have the possibility, try another sata port. These can be bad too03:03
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lotuspsychjeFirefox 70 is out, update your systems to latest03:56
alesanhello is there a way to configure automatic shell login on bootup just by accessing a box on ssh?04:10
alesanin other words can I configure automatic login from the command line04:10
tonytalesan is a remote boxx?04:11
alesanhow is it relevant04:12
alesanit's in the next room04:12
tonytbesides using a terminal to ssh, there ssh apps you can use like secure crt that will save passwords. so that is how it is relevant04:13
alesanI was not clear04:13
alesanI need the GUI (lightdm) to login automatically an arbitrary user when the system starts04:14
alesanand open a desktop session04:14
alesanbut I can only access that box over ssh04:14
alesanso no GUI tools04:14
tonytoh ok. got it04:14
alesan(technically, I could do X over ssh but I hope I don't have to resort to that)04:15
daxfilename and settings to use are in there04:15
alesanlet's see if it works...04:22
gharzhi guys. i've been researching on setting up pptp client to connect to a windowz server... however, i couldn't find an answer on how to set up pptp especially in the PPTP Advanced Options... so many options. would appreciate if you could guide me to at least a website. i tried searching onj google and youtube but to no avail. my credentials are correct. thanks in advance for the help.04:28
devslashhey guys so I fixed my borked ubunbtu install and now its working fine but i still have an ongoing issue that was also the case in 19.04. i have 2 monitors and the ubuntu login screen also shows up on my 2nd monitor not my primary one. does anyone know how to fix this ?04:56
rfmdevslash, swap the cables05:02
devslashwhat do you mean05:02
devslashi have one monitor connected via hdmi and the other is connected using dvi05:03
crabsGo into Settings > Devices > Displays and configure your monitors the way you want for your login screen (in your case, internal laptop display disabled). Click the "Save" button when done.05:03
crabsor screen etc.05:03
devslashi dont understand what you mean05:04
devslashi have desktop with 2 monitors05:04
tatertotshe'd need some adapters/dongles to address it physically by swapping the displays cables around05:04
devslashmy primary is a samsung monitor05:04
devslashmy secondary is a gateway monitor05:04
crabsGo into Settings > Devices > Displays and configure it05:04
tatertotsso he only has the option of addressing it in software now05:04
devslashi dont have the ability to fix it in display under settinbgs05:05
devslashif i switch my monitors there they are reverse05:05
devslashmy 2nd monitor the gateway is to my left and the primary monitor is to the right05:05
crabstake your screens and swap them, so the left one is on the right and vice-versa ;-)05:06
devslashyea no...05:06
crabswhy not05:07
devslashthat ducking stupid...05:07
crabsis it though?05:07
devslashyes i dont have room to do that anyway05:08
tatertotsyou'll acclimate to logging in as is in time05:08
devslashthats a shitty solution05:08
tatertotsjust allow yourself time to get used to it the way it is and obey05:08
crabsyour question is shitty too05:08
devslashlol ok05:09
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Ademanmy root drive is a fast NVMe, and my /home is a relatively slow RAID1 array of HDDs. Anyone have a thought where on the root drive to create some extra user-r/w space so I can leverage the NVMe's speed?05:22
Ademanbest I can come up with is /var/lib/home/$USER but that's probably abusing the purpose of /var/lib a bit too much05:23
Ademanor maybe, following the lead of /var/www, just /var/home/$USER or /var/data/$USER ?05:24
slingamni saw a dialog about unattended-upgrades automatically restarting some services when libraries they depend on are upgraded05:26
crabsnicklist scroll +1005:26
slingamnwhere are the underlying configuration files that control this?05:26
alesancan I setup vnc so that I can login with lightdm and start the session that is also shown on the physical screen? ie not multiuser05:31
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boktanwhich android emulator is the best for apps and games and root things on ubuntu07:04
NGC_6205err, anyone familiar with a feature I think I accidentally enabled with some weird shortcut, can't figure out anything fruitful to google: there is a line in the middle of screen and the right half is tinted dark07:09
NGC_6205aha, clicking on it while holding alt made it disappear, gnome panel maybe?07:10
lotuspsychjeNGC_6205: screenshot please?07:16
NGC_6205lotuspsychje: unfortunately fixed it (apparently) before taking one07:19
lotuspsychjeNGC_6205: was it like a corrupted half icon on the dock you mean?07:19
nikolamI upgraded to Xubuntu 19.10 and everything is slow as hell. it is lowlatency kernel on T5600 cpu in laptop.08:04
nikolamI can't even type, hexchat were opening for 12 minutes or more08:04
nikolamin panel it shows large cpu usage one core at a time, but can't see anyting in top08:05
nikolamon 19.04 it worked fine, system is on Btrfs on SSD08:06
nikolamit's linux-image-lowlatency installed for kernel08:08
gigirocknikolam, there is a low latency version of ubuntu 1910 installed on ubuntustudio, i think is better to test with that configuration. Is the kernel that you install 'certified' by ubuntu ?08:17
nikolamI think that installed package is same named as one that were installed with 19.04, that is, linux-image-lowlatency . I could try installing linux-signed-image-lowlate08:22
k_szeIt should be safe to turn on write cache for a laptop that is plugged in most of the time, right?08:22
k_sze(in fact, it should be safer to do so on a laptop than on a desktop without UPS?)08:22
nikolamk_sze, another question is what happens when power comes back. There helps having copy-on-write FS like Zand Btrfs. But as I know, only XFS and ZFS would save you from long disk checks if unexpected shutdown on large disk pools.08:26
k_szeMy root fs is still ext4, in LUKS.08:27
nikolamSorry, ZFS and Btrfs08:27
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k_szeActually, aside from checking the FS *within* the LUKS volume, is there any tool to check LVM2/LUKS itself?08:30
k_szeOr can I assume that LVM2/LUKS is ok as long as I can mount the LUKS volume?08:37
nikolamgigirock, actually linux-signed-image-lowlatency is already installed. I will see what kernel I can choose on reboot08:38
adacGuys, my sound stopped working. Any ideas what I can check?08:51
lotuspsychje!sound | adac start here08:51
ubottuadac start here: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - https://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.08:51
zambahow do i recover an efi boot partition?08:53
adaclotuspsychje, ook I now went to this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting but all seems fine. I now simply ty a reboot08:55
arpad2nvidia driver not working on an Optimus system08:55
jeremy31zamba: what happened to it?08:55
lotuspsychjearpad2: wich chipset, wich nivida driver on wich ubuntu version please?08:56
arpad2lotuspsychje: is there any command to obtain this info? I don't know this exactly.08:57
arpad2lotuspsychje: ubuntu is 18.04.0308:58
lotuspsychjearpad2: pastebin please: sudo lshw -C video && nvidia-smi08:58
zambajeremy31: i'm not able to boot off it at all09:00
nikolamgigirock, seems there is some Xfce bug in Xubuntu now, newly introduced in 19.10 . After turning off displaying image on external monitor (945GM graphics in laptop), everything speed-wise is back to normal...09:00
EriC^^zamba: are you in a live usb currently?09:00
zambajeremy31: i attempted to perform a physical to virtual migration of a running machine by doing dd over ssh09:00
zambaEriC^^: yes09:00
EriC^^zamba: type "(sudo parted -ls; sudo efibootmgr -v) | nc termbin.com 999909:01
EriC^^zamba: type "(sudo parted -ls; sudo efibootmgr -v) | nc termbin.com 9999" and paste the link09:01
nikolamTurning on back external monitor again makes everything be dedaly slow, so it's som XFce/Xubuntu bug.09:01
zamba"Fatal: Couldn't open either sysfs or procfs directories for accessing EFI variables."09:01
arpad2lotuspsychje: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/4cPdJt8Z7z/09:01
EriC^^zamba: any link?09:01
zambaEriC^^: the box is not online09:02
EriC^^zamba: can you get it online?09:02
zambaEriC^^: unfortunately no09:02
EriC^^zamba: ok what happened before it stopped booting?09:02
zambaparted -ls shows a vmware virtual disk.. 78.4GB.. partition table: gpt.. three partitions, first one is a fat16 filesystem of around 164MB.. has the boot flag enabled.. the second partition is also a primary partition.. 4GB.. it's the swap.. the third partition is the / and is ext4.. also a primary09:03
zambaEriC^^: the physical machine works just fine.. but i have migrated this to a virtual machine09:03
zambaEriC^^: so i have copied every block of the /dev/sda from the old one to the new one09:03
zambaEriC^^: to a virtual machine.. so the blkids should change and stuff like that09:04
EriC^^zamba: you need to add an entry to the uefi list09:04
zambaEriC^^: where is that?09:04
zambaEriC^^: in the bios?09:05
EriC^^zamba: for that you need to boot the live usb in uefi mode09:05
zambawhich iso can be used for solving stuff like this?09:05
EriC^^zamba: no, you use efibootmgr to add it, or just chroot to the install, then run "grub-install" (after mount binding /proc /sys /dev /dev/pts)09:05
EriC^^zamba: any live iso that has the same arch as your install 32bit or 64bit09:06
zambaEriC^^: i'm using gparted live iso09:06
EriC^^zamba: ok, set the vm to boot in uefi mode, and boot the iso09:06
zambais this true?09:08
EriC^^i can confirm the virtualbox one yeah09:09
zambawell, the resolution increased09:09
zambaso something changed09:09
zambalet's see09:09
KamuelaHow would I see my current machine's specs from the CLI? E.g. RAM and CPU09:12
zambaEriC^^: ok, now i got the system to boot through the gparted live c09:13
zambathe option "boot from local hard drive"09:13
zambabut it's not able to boot on its own09:13
EriC^^zamba: ok, type "ls /sys/firmware/efi"09:13
EriC^^any dirs found or no such dir09:13
zambabut it's having issues finding its disks09:14
zambaWaiting for device /dev/root to appear: ..... Could not find /dev/root09:14
zambaWant me to fall back to /dev/disk/by-id/scsi-<XXXX>-part3? (Y/n)09:15
EriC^^zamba: get to a terminal09:15
zambabooting the live cd again09:15
nikolamSeems like Xfce 19.10/Xubuntu have a problem with COmpositing, when using multiple monitors. If pictures on both monitors are diferent (notjust mirror displays), then it is all urbanely slow. When screen compositing is off, everything works back again normal speed-wise. It is 945GM graphics and didn't ha an issue on 19.04.09:16
zambaEriC^^: yup, up09:17
nikolamAnyone else have 945GM (Dell D620) graphics or similar, to try using multiple monitors and check if , while Display compositor is enabled, speed plunges , if 2 displays are not in 'mirror display' mode.09:18
EriC^^zamba: type "sudo parted -ls" which one is the ext4 one09:18
zambaEriC^^: /dev/sda309:19
EriC^^zamba: confirm uefi mode is enabled with "ls /sys/firmware/efi"09:19
zambaEriC^^: i have several folders and files dere, yes09:19
EriC^^zamba: ok, type "sudo mount /dev/sda3 /mnt"09:20
zambaEriC^^: already have :)09:20
zambai'm chrooted into that already09:20
zambaand bind mounted /dev, /sys, /proc and /dev/pts09:20
EriC^^zamba: then "for i in /dev /proc /sys; do sudo mount -R $i /mnt$i; done"09:20
zambayup :)09:20
EriC^^zamba: sudo chroot /mnt09:20
EriC^^mount /boot/efi09:21
zambaalready have :)09:21
zamba/usr/sbin/grub-install: line 23: /etc/grub.conf: No such file or directory09:22
EriC^^odd it usually doesnt require that file09:23
EriC^^zamba: grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot/efi09:24
zambaEriC^^: i'm able to get it booted if i manually navigate to the EFI file09:38
zambaEriC^^: so boot off file works, but not boot of device09:39
EriC^^zamba: i pasted you a command to run a while ago dunno if you noticed09:39
neilduganI am having trouble with the new arduino: I keep getting the error message "arduino: line 35: /home/neil/arduino-1.8.10/java/bin/java: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error" .... does anyone know how to fix this?09:55
neilduganThe previous version still starts up.10:01
=== fling_ is now known as fling
EriC^^neildugan: exec format usually means an architecture mismatch, 64bit on 32bit machine for instance10:44
vincenzomlHi, I need to check my filesystem urgently, it's btrfs both for / and home11:06
vincenzomlI'm using 19.1011:06
vincenzomlthe problem is if I reboot in repair mode, and select a root shell, the filesystem gets mounted rw, and there's no way to remount it ro (it's busy).11:07
EriC^^vincenzoml: go to recovery in grub, then straight to "drop to root shell" it should be ro11:11
EriC^^or run "sudo touch /forcefsck"  and reboot it should fsck11:11
vincenzomlEriC^^, that is precisely what is not working here: I reboot to recovery and then root shell mounts it rw11:11
vincenzomlbut I will try the second one and reboot!11:12
vincenzomlrebooting in 3...11:12
BluesKajHi folks12:12
lucasrangitIn recompiling my kernel (for a config change) from a tag from git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-xenial.git (e.g. Ubuntu-hwe-4.15.0-66.75_16.04.1), why does the build (`fakeroot debian/rules binary-headers binary-generic`) fail unless I install the corresponding `linux-headers-4.15.0-66` debian package?12:15
lucasrangit * In recompiling my kernel (for a config change) from a tag from git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-xenial.git (e.g. Ubuntu-hwe-4.15.0-66.75_16.04.1), why does the build (`fakeroot debian/rules binary-headers binary-generic`) fail unless I install the corresponding `linux-headers-4.15.0-66` debian package? The error being "Error! Your kernel headers for kernel 4.15.0-66-generic cannot be found."12:15
lotuspsychjelucasrangit: we dont really reccomend compiling own kernels, use !mainline instead12:17
cgiAnyone using landscape here?12:18
lucasrangitFair enough, this is not mentioed on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel though. maybe it should be.12:18
lotuspsychje!landscape | cgi12:19
ubottucgi: Landscape makes the management and monitoring of Ubuntu systems simple and effective by combining world-class support with easy to use online management tools. https://landscape.canonical.com/12:19
lotuspsychjecgi: for landscape support, its best to contact canonical12:19
lotuspsychjelucasrangit: whats your real purpose with the kernel please?12:20
lotuspsychjetrying to make something work?12:20
lucasrangitlotuspsychje: I want to enable a driver that unfortunately can only be built-in. so I want to minimize the issues I have by using the same kernel I am running.12:22
lotuspsychjelucasrangit: are you on ubuntu?12:23
lucasrangitlotuspsychje: yes 16.04.512:23
cgilotuspsychje, thanks12:23
cgilotuspsychje, is there something like landscape that is open source and easy to use?12:24
lotuspsychjecgi: for software reccomends you could try #ubuntu-discuss or maybe #ubuntu-server (if server related)12:25
cgilotuspsychje, thanks12:26
lotuspsychjelucasrangit: is your system up to date to latest?12:26
lotuspsychjelucasrangit: if something doesnt work by default on ubuntu, i would reccomend a new !bug so developers at least know the issue12:27
lucasrangitlotuspsychje: ok thanks12:29
lotuspsychje!uptodate | lucasrangit to doublecheck12:30
ubottulucasrangit to doublecheck: To ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.12:30
shelteri'm a bit confused about the kernel image versions..  linux-image-5.0.0-32-generic are they stuck at 5.0.0 and just adding custom patches or?12:32
lotuspsychjeshelter: wich ubuntu version are you on?12:33
shelteruhm.. bionic12:33
lotuspsychjeshelter: then you can be on 2 kernels, or 4.15 or 5.0 HWE12:34
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic bionic12:34
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (bionic), package size 2 kB, installed size 15 kB12:34
shelteri changed kernel myself now but they seem to get increased by the last number12:34
shelteryeah.. whats the last numbers all about in
shelterthe version naming for linux kernels are normally 4.15.xx12:36
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic-hwe-18.0412:36
ubottuPackage linux-image-generic-hwe-18.04 does not exist in eoan12:36
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic-hwe-18.04 bionic12:36
ubottulinux-image-generic-hwe-18.04 (source: linux-meta-hwe): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (bionic), package size 2 kB, installed size 12 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; armhf; arm64; ppc64el; s390x)12:37
lotuspsychjeshelter: you 'changed' the kernel yourself? what did you do exactly?12:38
sheltertook the 5.3.6 one from the dev ppa12:40
shelterbvt that wasnt really my question...  i was wondering about ubuntu's kernel versioning ... is that the 5.0.0 kernel with ubuntu custom patches or?12:41
oerhekseasy answer to find; https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/FAQ#Kernel.2FFAQ.2FGeneralVersionMeaning.What_does_a_specific_Ubuntu_kernel_version_number_mean.3F12:42
shelteri see, thanks12:43
Aisonhello, on a testing machine i have a working 18.04 bionic version. Now I tried do-release-upgrade. But somehow this command simply hangs, nothing happens...12:52
Aisonany ideas? Network connection is ok, apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade etc... works12:52
oerheksAison, did you set updatemanager to any new version?12:53
EriC^^Aison: when it hangs, try to get the pid and run sudo strace -p <pid>12:53
EriC^^Aison: type "grep -i prompt /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades"12:54
Aisonoerheks, yes, it is set to normal12:56
Aisondo-release-upgrade -c says that I can upgrade12:56
Aisonwithout -c it hangs12:56
AisonEriC^^, trying strace...12:56
oerheksgood, so you can upgrade.12:57
Aisonoh, it hangs at connect(.....   AF_INET612:57
Aisonso it tries to connect with ipv6, which is not available now12:58
EriC^^looks like its trying to use ipv6?12:58
EriC^^maybe force it to use ipv4 somehow12:58
Aisondisabled ipv6 at all13:01
Aisonnow it works ;)13:01
Aisonrenable it later13:01
EriC^^great ;)13:01
tomreynubuntu prefers ipv6 over ipv4 by default. if ipv6 is not available, it falls back to ipv4. but if ipv6 is available but not working, like in your case...13:10
dreamcat4hello... after upgrading to 19.10 eon today i am getting a lot of 'ip not found' returned ?13:32
dreamcat4for example on apt-get update13:32
EriC^^dreamcat4: can you paste the exact error?13:32
oerhekspaste the output of your apt update on paste.ubuntu.com please?13:32
dreamcat4sure man, 1 sec13:33
oerheksif this is for all lines, change mirror?13:33
dreamcat4so it's weird because i check the dns and that resolves to those ip address ok13:33
dreamcat4then i try to ping those ip address directly (without any dns or anything else)... and no response13:34
dreamcat4and before i did my release upgrade today my apt-get update was working fine13:34
lotuspsychjedreamcat4: we dont support external ppa's here, and you have a huge list of them13:34
lotuspsychjedreamcat4: we advice to revert back to the official sources of ubuntu13:35
dreamcat4yes it's not an external software if it's to do with the networking13:35
EriC^^dreamcat4: it seems some links are forbidden, some have non existent eoan releases, as far as i saw13:35
oerheksjetbrains, atareao, docker, microsoft, mega, riot om, keybase, bian murray, bintray, vertbot, dub,ime text, coffeetea, heroku, dawidd0811. mprdvpn, elementary os , eugenesan, opensuse, gezakovacs, gnumdk, jfi, js-reynaud13:35
oerheksmax 40 lines, iirc13:36
dreamcat4that isn't actually the problem though, is it13:36
oerheksyes, it is13:37
oerheksand check any ppa for eaon packages, i guess you can wipe 75% of them13:37
EriC^^dreamcat4: go over the errors one by one, as i said some links are forbidden, others dont have eoan in their "dist" folder, i guess the maintainers havent added an eoan release yet13:37
dreamcat4thank you yes i shall do that13:37
miguelanxoHi there!13:37
oerheksi do the last one: https://launchpad.net/~webupd8team/+archive/ubuntu/terminix  ,, no eoan packages13:38
miguelanxowhat would be the best way to substitute the subiquity installer and run a script instead?13:38
dreamcat4EriC^^: here is i think the issue https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/VwRrq7Ndqx/13:39
oerheksdreamcat4, do a fresh install, to avoid endless fixing13:39
dreamcat4it's funny how i say i have problem A, then people try to fix problem B, which i didn't actually need help fixing myself13:39
enkeyzHey guys! Can somebody tell me, if Cannoncial is series about adding snap as native package manager to Ubuntu(I already left for Manjaro), because I'm just uninstalled 19.10 after using it for a day. Snap is the worst thing happened to Linux since systemd. I'm pretty sure, it's good for devs, but for end-users, it suck ass.13:39
oerheksenkeyz, yes, ubuntu has snap by default, and watch your language, keep this channel family friendly, thanks13:40
lotuspsychjedreamcat4: if you come here with unsupported methods, what do you expect volunteers can do for you?13:41
EriC^^dreamcat4: what do you mean? what problem B?13:41
dreamcat4ok... so it seems to be only that 1 host dl.bintray.com13:42
enkeyzCan't Cannoncial realize, that snap isn't ready at anyway to put it a production environment13:42
lotuspsychjeenkeyz: this is not the complaints channel13:43
legreffieroerheks: terminix is in official repos now.13:43
legreffieroerheks: it changed name though : tilix13:43
oerhekslegreffier, i read that, let dreamcat4 find out?13:44
zaggynlhi, what is the proper channel to report 0days in ubuntu packages?13:50
lotuspsychjezaggynl: security issues?13:50
lotuspsychjezaggynl: whats the issue you found please?13:50
zaggynlsee pm13:50
lotuspsychjezaggynl: #ubuntu-hardened13:51
oerheksubuntu-bug security13:51
oerheksnot in channels, if they are logged13:51
zaggynlwell the fix and exploit have already been released13:52
zaggynlin upstream, just wondering if ubuntu team is aware13:52
oerheksdo you have a CVE ?13:52
angryantIs (system or bios) software RAID0 on Ubuntu desktop a thing? I am only finding guides for Ubuntu server installs and did not have any luck getting the 18.04 installer to recognize an ASUS RAID0 setup.13:53
oerhekslast item is a patch, i think you point to13:54
zaggynlah thanks13:54
tatertotsangryant: if you check out your mother board documentation you'll see your motherboard has a "windows driver" for the raid13:54
lotuspsychjetatertots: how is that suppose to help on ubuntu?13:55
ryuoangryant: fake raid may or may not work. you're likely better off with something else, either mdadm or lvm's raid 0 equivalent.13:55
Rboreal_FripperyI have some 18.04 servers with recent tesla or RTX nvidia cards, but also the original old quadro cards they came with (basically just used for showing the display during installation). If I install a recent driver will it cause any issue with the old card?14:03
ryuoRboreal_Frippery: No idea. That largely depends on NVIDIA.14:04
hugoAgogoRboreal_Frippery, if you download the correct driver then no, it'll be fine :)14:04
Rboreal_FripperyWell I assume there is some old version which supports the old card, and some newer version package which supports the new card. And I don't think that you can install two.14:05
angryantryuo: Thanks! I'll take a look at mdadm and lvm :)14:05
ryuoRboreal_Frippery: Well you're being vague. You'll have to check the supported list.14:06
hugoAgogo*then yes....14:07
tomreynRboreal_Frippery: ubuntu 18.04 provides the nvidia 435.21 driver: https://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/435.21/README/index.html14:20
boktanhttps://ryujinx.org/#/Build can anybody help me to install this to my ubuntu? https://ryujinx.org/#/Build14:21
zaggynloerheks: what does the DNE stand for on the CVE page?14:24
zaggynlI assume green is good14:24
oerheksdoes not exist14:26
tomreyni.e. the given software in the given version is not available as part of this ubuntu release.14:28
Noboru55Hello, i heard the ubuntu 18.04 is using nome. But why it still looks like unity ? i mean the left panel....  is it possible to use ubuntu like the old gnome style ?14:30
Noboru55but i do not mean the flavour ubuntu mate..14:30
ryuoNoboru55: they dropped unity but keep a similar appearance with a gnome theme or something.14:30
oerheksyou hear, and tell us you see something?14:30
oerheksno, 18.04 comes with gnome3, that also gives a panel14:31
tomreynmaybe you want to install ubuntu-unity-desktop14:31
Noboru55so, there is a easy way to make the ubuntu 18.04 looks like the ubuntu mate?14:31
Noboru55i do not want that unity desktop or left panel..14:31
oerheksinstall mate-desktop ?14:31
ryuoyep. install mate.14:31
oerheksbetter do a fresh install, no clutter from gnome apps14:32
tomreynxubuntu may also be of interest.14:32
Noboru55thanks you all14:36
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skye0hello, i'm here to talk about a problem i have quickly14:44
skye0one of my ubuntu systems isn't responding to input since i've locked it, and it's busy copying some files from one drive to the other using a terminal. the only other programs i have open on it are chromium and the file manager14:45
skye0i'm not willing to use REISUB because this file transfer is taking a very long time but i'm worried that even when the transfer has finished, the system will still not respond14:46
tomreynskye0: that's unpleasant. now what can we do for you, do you have a question?14:48
lordcirthskye0, it's an Ubuntu Desktop machine, and you locked the screen, and it's not responding?14:48
lordcirthWhat Ubuntu version? Could you be out of RAM and swapping?14:49
skye018.04 LTS, disabled swap space i think. i'm not sure about the RAM actually14:49
skye016 GB but i have had a lot of Chromium tabs open14:49
skye0i've been looking around and i found a workaround, but it isn't working, CTRL+ALT+Backspace. I love using Ubuntu but I'm worried that I may experience a repeat of this14:50
skye0I can always just wait it out i guess.14:50
tomreynhave oyou tried logging in on a tty to examine the situation?14:50
skye0the keyboard isn't responding to input. neither is mouse movement14:51
skye0i'm worried about using REISUB because i have mentioned that it will terminate a file transfer operation that's already taken me several hours to partly complete14:51
tomreynif the keyboard does not work then how would you use magic sysrq anyways?14:52
ubottuTo get to the TTY terminals 3-6, use the keystroke Ctrl + Alt + F3-F6 respectively. Ctrl-Alt-F2 or Ctrl-Alt-F1 will get you back to your graphical login (Ctrl-Alt-F7 on 16.04). To change TTY resolution, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution14:53
skye0keyboard backlight isn't working. i might have to unplug it and plug it in again or i might just trigger reisub14:53
skye0triggering reisub hasn't worked.14:54
tomreynwithout a working keyboard and without other means to trigger sysrq, it cannot be triggered.14:55
skye0the file transfer's going to take me another 13 hours or so :(14:56
tomreynthis, or maybe it's just stuck in an infinite loop14:56
skye0this time i'll try and not have chromium open14:57
tomreynyou can review the last records of the previous session after reboot using    journalctl -b -114:58
Frogger-For the most part, 19.10 seems good.  I have one weird problem with it, though, that I can't figure out. The package, grub-efi-amd64-signed, won't configure properly.  Says there's no space left on the device.  But no partition is short on space! /boot/efi has 155 MB free.15:16
Frogger-Does anyone know what's going on here?15:17
=== Guest64681 is now known as catalase
pragmaticenigmaFrogger-: It may require more space than what is available to perform the installation15:23
ryuothat would be odd. i've successfully done efi installs on system partitions < 1MB.15:24
=== retentiveboy_ is now known as retentiveboy
ryuothen again it wasn't using the signed grub stuff.15:24
pragmaticenigmaryuo: The key there is on install... this is an update, which would require the old package, new package, plus workspace to perform the update15:25
ryuopragmaticenigma: same with updates for me? the efi blob was overwitten.15:27
ryuoit's likely somewhere else.15:27
Frogger-pragmaticenigma:  /boot/efi has 49 MB used, 155 MB free.15:27
ioriamight be a bug : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/shim-signed/+bug/177627115:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1776271 in shim-signed (Ubuntu) "Could not prepare Boot variable: No space left on device (package shim-signed 1.34.9+13-0ubuntu2 [origin: Ubuntu] failed to install/upgrade: Unterprozess installed shim-signed package post-installation script gab den Fehler-Ausgangsstatus 1 zurück)" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:28
ioriaFrogger-, update the bios, remove the dumps file, use kernel parameter , not fixed by now15:28
Frogger-Aha!  I think I've found  the reason.  There are no inodes left in /boot/efi!!15:29
ioriaFrogger-,  df -i  (15:29
pragmaticenigmaFrogger-: What are the block sizes set to on that partition?15:29
Frogger-No idea.  It's a FAT32 partition.15:30
ryuosounds like they overloaded the EFI's storage capabilities.15:30
ioriaFrogger-,  paste df -i15:30
Frogger- /dev/sda1                        0     0     0     - /boot/efi15:30
iorianope, inodes are ok15:31
WaVMy SSHD has been getting bruteforced like a mofo. I finally had to lock it down via my router firewall.15:31
pragmaticenigmaioria: Not sure how you came to that conclusion, Inodes reads zero, IUsed reads zero, and IFree is also zero. That doesn't sound right to me15:34
daxdo fat32 partitions even have inodes15:34
pragmaticenigmaWaV: Do you have a support question? It isn't clear from your statement. Also, if your seeing disk activity stop after locking down your firewall, you've got some big issues to resolve15:35
WaVDisk activity is the same. I look at it constantly. Was just making a statement. I do wonder if anyone else experiences this though.15:36
WaVAnd if you do experience it, what do you do to keep yourself safe?15:37
WaVOther than strong passwords15:37
Frogger-Hmm, trying to free up some space on /boot/efi with "efibootmgr -b 2 -B" fails with "Could not delete variable: No space left on device"15:37
pragmaticenigmaWaV: This isn't the right channel for discussion like that. #ubuntu-offtopic of #ubuntu-discuss are better channels15:37
pragmaticenigmaFrogger-: It looks like something has corrupted the /boot/efi partition. With all the Inodes returning zero, I'd start backing up your data and prefer for a fresh install15:38
Frogger-pragmaticenigma:  Hmm, it seems inodes aren't used by FAT.15:40
ioriaas dax suggested fat32 does not have inods15:41
pragmaticenigmaFrogger-: That's why I asked what the block size was on the drive. You can have a 200MB partition and use it up with a several 1MB files if the block size is set to seomthing like 50MB15:42
Frogger-How do I find the block size on a FAT32 system?15:42
Frogger-I shall ask Dr. Google.15:42
ioriaFrogger-,  not sure it's an inodes problem (despite the kind of error you got)15:43
Frogger-Default is 4k cluster size.   I didn't change the default.15:43
ryuoWaV: restricting logins to ssh keys only is the most effective way to make those automated attacks futile.15:44
Frogger-I'm trying boot-repair.15:44
WaVThank you ryuo. I'll look into it.15:45
EriC^^Frogger-: hello15:47
Frogger-Good morning EriC^^15:47
Frogger-boot-repair didn't help me, still get error.15:48
EriC^^Frogger-: running efibootmgr and getting that sounds odd, cause that deletes nvram entries, and not stuff on /boot/efi15:48
EriC^^it kind of sounds like the nvram is read-only or something15:48
Frogger-Any idea how I'd check that?15:49
Frogger-Or would that be a UEFI config issue?15:49
EriC^^Frogger-: is the package misconfigured currently? dpkg -l | grep -Ev "^ii|^rc" should show misconfigured ones15:49
ioriait should be15:50
Frogger-Yes, both grub-efi-amd64-signed & shim-signed  are reported.15:51
ioriaFrogger-,  ls /sys/firmware/efi/efivars | grep -i dump15:51
EriC^^Frogger-: well, you could try creating an entry right now, for instance sudo efibootmgr -c -w -l \\EFI\\ubuntu\\grubx64.efi -L "ubuntu-test" -p 1 -d /dev/sda15:51
Frogger-ioria:  Null output15:52
EriC^^Frogger-: aha, can you try the above command and see if it successfully adds an entry called ubuntu-test?15:52
ioriaFrogger-,  ok15:52
Frogger-EriC^^:  No.  still get no space left on device message.15:52
EriC^^Frogger-: ok, i wonder if it's read-only issue or actually out of space, what does "sudo efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com 9999" give? paste the link here please15:53
Frogger-EriC^^:  https://termbin.com/5d2515:53
EriC^^Frogger-: doesn't have that many really15:54
EriC^^i'm tempted to try to change the boot order15:55
Frogger-No, I pretty much only use this machine for Linux.  Very rarely do I boot into Windows - it's installed only in case I ever upgrade to a new machine.15:55
EriC^^what does sudo efibootmgr -o 0001,0002,0004,0005,0006,0007,0000 do?15:56
Frogger-Sudo isn't needed.  I'm running a root terminal.15:56
Frogger-Invalid BootOrder order entry value0001,000215:57
Frogger-I shall remove that.15:57
EriC^^i think you meant 0007 and 0002, but yeah try without them15:58
Frogger-No, it reported both 2 & 7 as invalid.  And after removing them, same "no space left on device".15:58
EriC^^Frogger-: aha15:59
EriC^^seems read-only, did you update the bios recently?15:59
EriC^^it's kind of odd cause ubuntu is there, so previously it was able to add itself, did you change any bios settings at all?15:59
Frogger-I've not been into the UEFI for a long time.15:59
EriC^^Frogger-: i guess you could modify the post-inst stuff of those packages, if that's how they run "efibootmgr" or maybe just modify /var/lib/dpkg/status and set them to "ii"16:01
Frogger-This particular install was a fresh install quite a few versions ago.16:01
EriC^^does "mokutil --sb-state" give anything interesting?16:01
Frogger-EriC^^: But the system won't boot with the 19.10 kernel.16:02
Frogger-SecureBoot disabled.16:03
Frogger-I can boot into an older kernel though (5.06).16:03
EriC^^Frogger-: what happens when you try booting the 19.10 one?16:03
Frogger-Kernel panic, cannot find root device.16:04
EriC^^Frogger-: hmm, can you paste "cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg | nc termbin.com 9999" ?16:04
EriC^^Frogger-: i'd guess then that this is some issue with 19.10's efibootmgr, maybe it thinks the nvram is full for some reason16:05
EriC^^!info efibootmgr bionic16:06
EriC^^!info efibootmgr16:06
ubottuefibootmgr (source: efibootmgr): Interact with the EFI Boot Manager. In component main, is optional. Version 15-1 (bionic), package size 27 kB, installed size 82 kB (Only available for amd64; i386; ia64; armhf; arm64; armel; x32)16:06
ubottuefibootmgr (source: efibootmgr): Interact with the EFI Boot Manager. In component main, is optional. Version 15-1 (eoan), package size 27 kB, installed size 82 kB (Only available for amd64; i386; ia64; armhf; arm64; armel; x32)16:06
EriC^^seem to be same version though *shrug*16:06
ioriafound this parameter : efi_no_storage_paranoia16:06
EriC^^ioria: in what context?16:07
ioriaEriC^^, https://askubuntu.com/questions/1072618/could-not-prepare-boot-variable-no-space-left-on-device-grub-install-error-ef16:07
EriC^^ah interesting16:08
iorianot sure he can reboot with grub half broken16:09
EriC^^it's not really broken, he has an entry in the uefi, but grub-install is failing on the efibootmgr step16:10
Frogger-ioria: Yes, I already have booted with the issue.  Just not the new kernel.16:10
ioriai see16:10
Frogger-EriC^^: https://termbin.com/8fiya16:11
ioriaFrogger-,  dmesg -t | grep ^DMI:16:11
Frogger-ioria: DMI: ASUS All Series/MAXIMUS VII HERO, BIOS 2012 10/01/201416:12
EriC^^uuid seems right in grub.cfg for the 5.3 kernel16:12
ioriaFrogger-, there is an upgrade for your mb16:13
Frogger-Hmm, that AskUbuntu article says that it might be the CSM and that disabling it worked for one fellow.  I can't recall whether I enabled CSM or not.16:13
EriC^^Frogger-: i wonder if a "sudo update-initramfs -u -k all" might help somehow16:13
Frogger-EriC^^:  I'll try that.16:14
EriC^^if that doesn't work, adding a rootdelay=<seconds> in grub might help give it a few seconds before giving up16:15
Frogger-OK, I guess I'll need to reboot after that update-initramfs?16:15
EriC^^yeah, test it out, might as well check the csm bit too16:16
Frogger-Like MacArther, I shall return!  :-)16:16
Frogger-EriC^^:  That worked to allow me to boot into the new kernel but still get the no space message.  I didn't go into the UEFI though.16:20
Frogger-EriC^^:  Success!!!   Disabling CSM worked, no more error.  :-)16:26
EriC^^Frogger-: great!16:26
ioriaFrogger-, i suggest also a firmware upgrade for your motherboard16:27
Frogger-ioria: I'm reluctant to do that.  I have no other issues and upgrading firmware is unnecessarily risky.16:28
ioriaFrogger-, i hear you  but it's a bit outdated (https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/MAXIMUS_VII_HERO/HelpDesk_BIOS/)16:29
Frogger-I may have to re-enable CSM, though, as VirtualBox won't load a VM and the necessary kernel modules won't build without it.16:30
Frogger-ioria:   That's a beta version!!!!  No way, thank you very much.  I bleed too much on the cutting edge as it is already.16:31
ioriaFrogger-, ok, but you  don't use that Beta (there are other versions)16:32
ioriaFrogger-, (click on Show All)16:33
Frogger-So I see.16:33
tomreyn"VirtualBox won't load a VM" and "kernel modules won't build" most likely has nothing to do with CSM, the UEFI extension for BIOS backwards compatibility16:33
Frogger-It says the new firmware improves system stability.  I have no stability problems, I'm very glad to say.  Mind you, I don't overclock.16:34
ryuoFrogger-: i always update BIOS, mostly because it tends to fix linux compatibility issues in the devices I use.16:35
ioriabut he's right, what if something goes  horribly wrong ?16:36
Frogger-tomreyn:  Right.  GCC throws an error.  :-(16:37
Frogger-ryuo: When it comes to things like that, I prefer the conservative approach.  If I were having stability problems, I would upgrade the firmware.  But I'm not.  And stability is much more important to me than sheer performance.16:39
tomreynFrogger-: and "improves system stability" in bios changelogs is usually a synonym for "fixes critical bugs"16:39
Frogger-tomreyn:  Agreed.  But they don't seem to be affecting me.16:39
rfmFrogger-, Vbox doesn't work with linux kernel 5.3 until vbox version 6.0.1416:40
Frogger-rfm: Thanks!  I'll check that out.16:41
tomreynFrogger-: discussing this is beyond the scope of this channel, so i won't drive this any further.16:41
tomreyn'this' -> whether or not you should upgrade your firmware16:41
Frogger-tomreyn: Agreed.  If you want to go to #kubuntu-offtopic, that's where I hang out.16:42
Frogger-rfm: Thanks.  That worked.  :-)16:47
dreamcat4hello i've just upgraded to 19.10 and the media keys for "Audio Lower Volume" "Audio Raise Volume" are no longer customizable for me16:52
dreamcat4when i try to assign them in the gnome settings app --> devices --> keyboard, then press the button it just passes though to whatever the system sound / pulse audio is set to16:53
dreamcat4it's my understanding that there has been some changes with the handling of media keys in 19.10 / eoan now16:54
dreamcat4read something about this and cannot go back / find the reference to that online16:55
dreamcat4maybe it's something in the new version of gnome / gnome-shell ?16:56
dreamcat4ah perhaps it's this service? $ systemctl --user status gsd-media-keys16:59
dreamcat4maybe i should try to stop / disable it. and try again16:59
takashihey guys...is apt and apt-get the same? do you only use apt nowadays? ... trying on my first ubuntu server and I had to install some updates and run into this question16:59
lotuspsychje!uptodate | takashi17:00
ubottutakashi: To ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.17:00
lordcirthtakashi, apt is the newer interface, it has colors and progress bars and such.17:00
EriC^^takashi: apt is newer, only downfall is that it's not so good for scripting17:01
sentimenthi. anyone else here having problems with rygel not being seen by the renderers?17:05
sentimentI have fiddled with the firewall to no avail17:05
sentimentit seems that it broadcasts to which is not my network's broadcast address17:06
pragmaticenigmasentiment: is part of a reserved block of IP addresses designated for broadcast or appropriately multicast, which is what a DLNA service would use to advertise its presense and availability17:11
sentimentwell then what could be wrong?17:13
pragmaticenigmaimproper configuration, you probably need to read through the documentation to see how to setup the service17:13
rr123/etc/resolv.conf was overwritten by systemd-resolve, thanks to systemd I now have to google a few hours to learn how to designate my own DNS IP address, still to no avail17:15
rr123anyone knows how I can just add a few IPs to use them as my dns?17:15
rr123ubuntu 18.04 that is17:15
sentimentpragmaticenigma: is it working for you? I have tried fiddling with its config to no avail17:16
pragmaticenigmasentiment: I don't use the service/application. You might have better luck asking in a dedicated forum for that software17:17
sentimentrr123: I would try this command: apropos dns17:17
rr123sentiment: thanks, not as helpful as google actually, systemd managed to make dns really complicated nowadays17:19
ioriarr123, have you tried in /etc/systemd/resolved.conf  or creating a resolved.conf .d directory ?17:20
ksbalajiLTS 18.04.3 on Acer Aspire.  Please guide to use synaptic. I need to install help files for GIMP etc..17:22
rr123ioria: you saved my day, I just put DNS there and it seems working17:22
ioriarr123, good job17:22
ioria!info gimp-help-en17:23
ubottugimp-help-en (source: gimp-help): Documentation for the GIMP (English). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.2-1 (eoan), package size 24946 kB, installed size 36440 kB17:23
ioria!info gimp-help-en  bionic17:23
ubottugimp-help-en (source: gimp-help): Documentation for the GIMP (English). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.2-0.1 (bionic), package size 25013 kB, installed size 36452 kB17:23
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ksbalajiok , I used apt-get to install gimp-help-en. Can't I use synaptic?17:26
tomreynksbalaji: https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/addremove-install-synaptic.html https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto http://www.nongnu.org/synaptic/ https://www.lifewire.com/guide-to-synaptic-package-manager-2205707 https://wiki.debian.org/Synaptic17:27
tomreynksbalaji: some documentation for you. there's also a !man page.17:27
ioriaksbalaji, what's the problem with synaptic ?17:28
tomreynpersonally, i prefer the command line utilities such as apt and apt-get for package management, but i'm not aware of reasons not to use synaptic at this time.17:28
ksbalajiioria, I am unable to launch synaptic in 18.04. some mit magic error.17:29
ioriaah, are you on waylnad ksbalaji ?17:29
ksbalajiioria, Yes I suppose. Further, I am unable to use anything other than wayland.17:30
ioriaksbalaji, you don't use root gui app on wayland ... do you still want to use it on wyland ?17:30
ksbalajiioria, now, how do I use anything else than wayland please?17:32
ioriaksbalaji, on 18.04 wayland is NOT default, you have to select it17:32
ioriaksbalaji, why are you npot using Xorg ?17:32
ksbalajiioria, My installation loops for anything other than wayland. How to solve this?17:33
ioriaksbalaji, nvidia card ?17:33
ksbalajiioria, I can login only to wayland. I think, something missing in installation17:34
ioriaksbalaji, nvidia card ?17:34
ksbalajihow to find this? nvidia card ?17:35
ioriaksbalaji, lspci -nnk | nc termbin.com 999917:35
tomreynthis command lists devices connected to your computers' PCI bus, then posts the output to termbin.com, a pastebin-like online service, with a unique URL you can then share with us.17:38
eggsaladhey guys, anyone know a webbased irc client that stays connected then lets you jump in / kind of like an rdp session?17:39
eggsaladi have a vps and would like to just connect to that to chat with the boys17:40
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=== Condor_ is now known as Condor
pragmaticenigmaeggsalad: This channel is focused on Ubuntu support. Recommendations for applications should be asked in #ubuntu-offtopic17:47
ksbalajiI think I only have Graphics Intel® HD Graphics 5500 (Broadwell GT2)17:48
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ksbalajiioria, sorry, got disconnected.17:49
=== Condor_ is now known as Condor
ksbalajiioria, How do I choose xorg on 18.04? I am unable to do this at login time.17:52
tomreynksbalaji: after entering you username on the graphiical login screen, you should see a little cog which you can use to select the desired session17:54
pragmaticenigmaksbalaji: https://askubuntu.com/a/961345 shows you how to select between the xorg and wayland options17:55
pragmaticenigmaIf only x-type server is installed, there will not be an option to select17:55
ksbalajitomreyn, Yes that is the normal way. But I am unable to use that. On choosing, I am redirected again to login only.17:55
tomreynksbalaji: upon choosing what?17:56
ksbalajitomreyn, the login does not work other than for wayland.17:56
tomreynksbalaji: do you have other options listed, though?17:56
ioriaksbalaji, atm afk, but try to  uncomment 'WaylandEnable=false' in /etc/gdm3/custom.conf17:57
ksbalajitomreyn, Yes I find some more options though, which do not work.17:57
jhutchins_wkDoes wayland accept X forwarding?17:57
tomreynksbalaji: which other options are listed?17:57
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ksbalajiI remember having seen xorg, gnome, etc17:58
stonedDoes anyone know anything about how to open or support opening webp files in gimp, via some plugin package or something or another?17:58
tomreynksbalaji: okay, please try to login to "Ubuntu on xorg", then come back here and share your log with us.17:59
tomreynksbalaji: that's if you'd like to work on fixing this17:59
ksbalajitomreyn, I wish to fix the login problem for ubuntu on xorg. How to do this please?18:00
tomreynksbalaji: first of all we need to find out what the problem is. which is why i suggested the above. also, are you using machine translation for chatting?18:00
stonedOh because I have 2.8 gimp18:01
ksbalajitomreyn, Well. I do not know whether I am making it clear. I repeat -  I am not able to login into ubuntu on xorg. Only wayland works.18:01
stonedHow to get 2.10 gimp in 18.04 please thank you :)18:02
ducassestoned: try #gimp, maybe?18:02
ducassestoned: for 2.10 you can look for a ppa, but that is unsupported18:03
tomreynksbalaji: i understand that you cannot login to Xorg sessions. to understand why this is, you need to reproduce this issue, so that the error occurs again and is logged to a log file which we can then review.18:03
stonedOh ok18:03
stonedI think they said I can use flatpak18:03
ksbalajistoned, gimp 2.10 is in Ubuntu Software. But if you have 2.8, better uninstall it first. I had problems not unstalling that.18:04
stonedI'll see. there are plugins in 2.8 which I also need which may not be in 2.1018:04
pragmaticenigmaksbalaji: You are incorrect, 2.8 is the highest version available for Ubuntu 18.04. Please note version numbers when helping others.18:04
stonedor maybe I can try a gimp snapd18:04
pragmaticenigmastoned: Ubuntu has built in support for snaps... It is a better option to look for a snap installl of gimp than a flatpack18:05
ksbalajitomreyn, ok. I get it. Now, I shall  logout, try to login using xorg,  Then paste errors here. Right?18:05
stonedyes it's doing snap instlal now18:06
stonedI want to keep that separate and test to see if it has all the puglins in eed18:06
stonedresynthesize and heal etc.18:06
tomreynksbalaji: \o/  yes, that's what i'm suggesting. i will tell you how you can share the log when you return.18:06
stonedinpaint plugins18:06
ksbalajipragmaticenigma, I have gimp 2.10 installed from ubuntu software please. I do not want to misguide anyone though.18:07
ksbalajitomreyn, thanks and bye for now.18:07
stonedhey thanks18:10
stonedsnap ins still installing. I got slow connection18:10
lotuspsychjestoned: dont use this channel to describe every step you trying please18:11
lotuspsychjefocus on actualy ubuntu questions instead stoned18:11
stonedlotuspsychje: please do not try to police the behavior of adults. They know how to comport themselves. All that's going to happen is that you'll annoy me and I'll ignore you.18:12
stonedNow, before I was rudely interrupted, I was trying to say, snap versions takes a while to isntall, it's still downloading things, but the package ubutnu version is not so big in size, installs very fast18:13
stonedIs this something like  docker where it has to get other system stuff, why it's big? I dunno18:13
lotuspsychje!chat | stoned18:13
ubottustoned: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:13
stonedI'm sorry that you don't understand myqestion which directly has to do with ubuntu package size vs snap. :)18:15
stonedLOL. This guy knows exactly how to make friends in the world.18:15
pragmaticenigmastoned: The question about sizes is off topic for this channel. The focus here is helping you get Ubuntu and officially supported applications up and running. Questions about file sizes, speed of download, etc aren't appropriate for here.18:16
stonedThank you for clarifying that respectfully. Much appreciated.18:16
stonedlotuspsychje can learn from your example.18:16
stonedThough if someone h ad mentioned very low bandwidth snap might not have been the best solution, perhaps an uofficial PPA instead. It really is taking a swhile18:19
stonedAnd considerin that not everyone is on fast connections, I think speed becomes a relevant issue.18:20
stonedNot offopitic.18:20
ksbalajiI tried unsuccessfully logging into ubuntu on xorg and reverted back to wayland. I am back to find tomreyn :(18:21
tomreyn!discuss | stoned18:22
ubottustoned: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!18:22
stonedI ahve gimp 2.8 in 18.94, but I also install 2.10 form snap, how do I launch the snap version when it's done downloading?18:22
stonedI didn't you partitioned into ubutnu-discuss and off-topic. I wonder what exactly is considered support. I still don't have gimp 2.10 from snap run. It's installed now. How do run it?18:23
ksbalajitomreyn, after an unsuccessful attempt at xorg, I am back.18:23
lotuspsychjestoned: gimp snap support at: contact:   https://github.com/snapcrafters/gimp/issues18:23
stonedI'd like to run the snap version and not the ubuntu package version. I did snap list and it shows: gimp               2.10.12           189   stable    snapcrafters18:24
tomreynstroned: probably /snap/bin/gimp*18:24
bpromptstoned:  I gather you can always do a -> whereis gimp <- to check where each one is at and launch that18:25
ksbalajitomreyn, How to find and post that error log please?18:25
tomreynksbalaji: please run:  journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 9999; journalctl -n 500 | nc termbin.com 999918:25
stonedOk, now I ahve a problem after I launched the new gimp. The issue is that there are no more plugins like the ones found in 2.8 which I need, such as 'heal selection, resynthesizer' (in painting plugins to remove objects from pics)18:26
tomreynksbalaji: this should return two urls, please post those here18:26
stonedI wonder how to get plugins and scripts in the snap version of gimp18:26
stonedis that an ubuntu question?18:26
lotuspsychjestoned: contact:   https://github.com/snapcrafters/gimp/issues18:26
kadirostoned> the same way you get gimp from snap18:26
ksbalajitomreyn, https://termbin.com/6ebb618:27
stonedI will try the other route. Maybe get webp plugin for 2.818:27
stonedsee ya18:27
tomreynstoned: the first url shows the beginning of your current kernel sessions' system log (when you last booted), the second shows what is currently being logged. if you look at the second you will notice a repeating message which is logged several times every second. thismessage points to drm - which is the graphics stack. there is probably something quitre wrong with this stack on your computer.18:30
tomreynstoned: actually this wasn't for you, sorry18:31
tomreynksbalaji: the first url shows the beginning of your current kernel sessions' system log (when you last booted), the second shows what is currently being logged. if you look at the second you will notice a repeating message which is logged several times every second. thismessage points to drm - which is the graphics stack. there is probably something quitre wrong with this stack on your computer.18:32
tomreynksbalaji i see you'Re booting with these kernel command line parameters "drm.debug=0xe plymouth:debug" - this is likely the source of the many repeating messages on the second url. why do you use these parameters?18:33
ksbalajitomreyn, being repeated twice every second? My! May be my laptop gets running around for nothing.. How to stop this pleaase?18:34
tomreynksbalaji: see my question above18:35
ksbalajitomreyn, I vaguely remember that I tried using plymouth to bring back sound on booting to ubuntu, which never worked.18:36
ksbalajitomreyn, now, how to uninstall this plymouth thing?18:37
LuckyManI have a question18:38
tomreynksbalaji: you don't want to uninstall plymouth most likely. but you can remove those kernel command line parameters if you don't use them. they are probably configured in /etc/default/grub18:38
tomreyn!ask | LuckyMan18:38
ubottuLuckyMan: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:38
LuckyManI installed 19.10 but now I have a strange entry on my autostart commands18:38
LuckyMansh -c 'if ! [ -e "/usr/bin/ibus-daemon" ] && [ "x$XDG_SESSION_TYPE" = "xwayland" ] ; then exec env IM_CONFIG_CHECK_ENV=1 im-launch true; fi'18:39
ksbalajitomreyn, I will try to find that in grub..18:39
tomreynksbalaji: your system has outdated firmware version 1.15 installed. newer firmware versions contain video bios updates, which *may* solve the Xorg session issues. i would recommend you install those bios upgrades from https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/support-product/5976?b=118:40
LuckyManis this a normal entry?18:40
tomreynLuckyMan: which ubuntu flavor are you using?18:40
LuckyMan19.10 normal ubuntu18:40
LuckyManI upgraded from 19.0418:41
LuckyManand I think I'm on Xorg18:41
ksbalajitomreyn, thanks. I shall update firmware also.18:42
tomreynLuckyMan: i assume you mean "im-lauNch". the command    dpkg -S im-launch    can be used to determine which package provides this command.18:42
LuckyManim-config: /usr/share/man/man1/im-launch.1.gz18:42
LuckyManim-config: /etc/xdg/autostart/im-launch.desktop18:42
LuckyManim-config: /usr/bin/im-launch18:42
tomreynLuckyMan: once you know the package name, you can run   apt show PACKAGE     (replacing "PACKAGE" by the name of the package) and read the package "Description:"18:42
tomreyn!paste | LuckyMan18:43
ubottuLuckyMan: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:43
LuckyMandid you saw what I pasted?18:43
tomreynLuckyMan: yes. did you see what else i wrote?18:44
kadiroin the link18:44
tomreynokay, do yu have any other questions then?18:44
LuckyManI still didn't understood18:45
tomreynwhich part exactly?18:45
LuckyManI thought you were refering to the ubottu paste message18:45
LuckyMantomreyn, which link?18:46
tomreynLuckyMan: i did not mention a link, what are you referring to?18:46
kadirothis part 'pastebinit to paste directly from command line'18:46
tomreynkadiro: are you talking to LuckyMan or me? if it's me, i'm not sure what you're meaning to say.18:47
LuckyMansorry, I read the kadiro sentence18:47
kadirotomreyn> to him just to point him to what i mean by the 'link'18:48
LuckyManwhat is im-lauch and why do I have it on autostart?18:48
tomreynkadiro: ok, i see.18:48
oerheksLuckyMan,  to see if you run wayland session, or xorg, nothing special, that im-launch wass already there before you upgraded18:49
tomreynLuckyMan: so you ran    dpkg -S im-launch    and posted the output here. i told you it "can be used to determine which package provides this command"18:49
tomreynLuckyMan: basedon the output you pasted, whihc package provides the "im-launch" command?18:50
LuckyManI'm posing all this questions because when I start ubuntu, I see kind of a window that disapears very quickly18:50
LuckyManand I cant see what it does18:50
LuckyManand I guess it's not ssh agent18:51
oerheksthis command does not open a windows, so keep on investigating18:51
oerheksmaybe the nvidia driver screen?18:51
LuckyManI don't have a graphics board18:51
LuckyManI use telegram though18:52
oerhekssure you have a graphics chip18:52
LuckyManand Gnome-pie18:52
oerheksmisleading info :-P18:52
LuckyManmy graphics come from the processor18:53
LuckyManalso I'm still having some trouble with VM's, I can't move the VM window when using Virtualbox18:55
LuckyManand it only resizes sporadically18:55
LuckyMansometimes it does sometimes it doesn't, and sometimes my mouse freezes if opera is opened at the same time as the VM18:56
oerhekshave you installed virtualbox guest additions?18:57
oerheksthat fixes most of those problems18:58
LuckyManyes, it was already installed18:58
tomreynLuckyMan: how much physical RAM do you have there, which graphical desktop are you using and how much is assigned to the VM?19:01
LuckyManI have 8 Gb RAM, 4 is assigned to the VM, my graphical desktop is Gnome19:02
tomreyni see, maybe assign just 3 to the guest, this may work better.19:02
LuckyManwell on 19.04 it worked preety well with this config19:03
tomreynmake sure oyu don't run many other processes on your ubuntu system while you have the VM running19:03
tomreyni agree it should then also work fine on 19.10 if you didn't make other changes19:04
LuckyManis gnome using more memory?19:04
LuckyMancan this be related to snaps? Opera comes from a snap19:04
tomreynis your question "is gnome-shell reserving more memory on 19.10 than it did on 19.04?" then i'd expect it not to, more to the opposite.19:05
LuckyMantomreyn, yes, gnome seems faster19:05
LuckyMana lot faster actually19:05
tomreyni don't see it as related to snap, not immediately. browsers can allocate a lot of memory.19:06
LuckyManI'm using 128MB of graphic memory on the VM19:07
LuckyManat least that's what virtualbox tell me19:07
oerheksoh, that is the culprit19:07
oerheks256 mb at least19:08
LuckyManwill changing it wont change my windoze licence?19:08
tomreyn128 MB VRAM is the maximum you can assign in virtualbox, at least on the GUI.19:09
LuckyMan(it complain for a licence when I exported the VM and opened it on 18.04)19:09
oerheks128 mb max ??? noo, i do 256 all the time19:09
tomreynwe don't usually do windows support here.19:09
LuckyManI rephrase the question, will a virtualbox configuration change modify the VM?19:11
oerheksit will modify the way it is running.19:11
tomreynoerheks: https://i.imgur.com/K8QkgOw.png19:11
=== dionysus70 is now known as dionysus69
LuckyManI'm currently working on a project and I need that VM to keep running without issues19:12
tomreynoerheks: maybe it's hardware or vbox version specific, though19:12
* tomreyn runs vbox 6.0.1419:13
tomreynLuckyMan: then you'll best not change its properties, i guess.19:14
LuckyManok I will work on the vm in full screen mode when I need it, that way it works fine19:15
LuckyManback to the other problem, where can I find which things are started when entering gnome?19:16
ioriaLuckyMan, /etc/xdg/autostart19:17
LuckyManioria, can you check my list? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/dt47CSk87V/19:20
ioriaLuckyMan, what version , 19.10 ?19:20
LuckyManioria, yes19:21
ioriaLuckyMan, yes, i think is ok (idk what vdagent is, btw)19:21
ioriaLuckyMan, also ckeck ls ~/.config/autostart/ (if you set something manually)19:23
LuckyManioria, I also don't know what is vdagent19:24
ioria!info spice-vdagent19:25
ubottuspice-vdagent (source: spice-vdagent): Spice agent for Linux. In component main, is optional. Version 0.19.0-2 (eoan), package size 49 kB, installed size 189 kB19:25
oerhekssimple search tells it is about spice/livepatch kernel tool19:26
oerheksoh, not livepatch ...19:26
oerheks spice-vdagent is used only in virtualized guest systems to provide features like sharing the clipboard19:26
LuckyMancould it be remina related? I got remmina-applet.desktop in - /config/autostart19:26
oerheksvirtualbox it is19:26
LuckyManI'm actually sharing the clipboard on my VM19:27
LuckyMancould the window be remmina-applet ?19:28
LuckyManit doesn't actually show a applet19:28
LuckyManI think I've used remmina once to access raspbery pi on VNC19:29
ioriaLuckyMan, run gnome-session-properties  and delete it19:29
LuckyMangnome session properties opens apps autostart and I can't see remmina in there19:31
LuckyManioria, ^^^19:32
ioriaLuckyMan,  ls -al ~/.config/autostart | nc termbin.com 999919:34
LuckyManioria, it shows https://termbin.com/yfqv19:36
LuckyMandidn't click on the link though19:36
ioriaLuckyMan,  mm, i think you can safely backup remmina-applet .desktop19:38
LuckyManioria, backup?19:38
ioriaLuckyMan, rename to remmina-applet.desktop.back19:39
ioriaLuckyMan, is it running ? ps -A | grep remm19:39
LuckyManI've just opened it19:40
LuckyManto see if it had preferences to remove from autostart19:40
ioriaLuckyMan, ps  -A | grep remm19:40
LuckyManit has, but I think it leaves the file in autostart19:40
LuckyManioria, ps returns nothing19:41
ioriaLuckyMan, that file shows automatically when remmina runs19:42
=== zzlatev is now known as kre10
ioriaLuckyMan, you can remove it19:42
LuckyManjust did19:44
LuckyManioria, restarting session to see if there's a window19:44
ioriaa window ?19:44
LuckyManioria, This whole thing stated because a very quick window appeared when entering gnome19:45
ioriai see19:46
LuckyManand I don't know where it comes from19:46
LuckyManioria, there's no window this time19:48
LuckyManIt could also have been some update thing19:48
LuckyManif the problem reappears I'll come here19:48
LuckyManThank you all, gotta work now19:49
DirtyEarHi. I have a situation in my ubuntuStudio. I have a secundary disk to save all my projects, but I cannot save any change in my files because I cannot change permissions in my disk. I need to work with the files in that disk, how can I do it?19:51
DirtyEarI know UbuntuStudio is a distribution with Ubuntu, for that reason I ask you here looking for some help19:52
ioriaDirtyEar, i'd check the mount options19:52
oerhekswhat filesystem is that 2nd disk?19:53
DirtyEarioria: Hi. How can I check  that?19:53
oerhekssounds like ntfs ..19:53
ioriaDirtyEar, idk if Studio has gnome-disks, but try to run it from terminal19:53
DirtyEaroerheks: Thanks. I have installed W10 and Ubuntu in my primary disk and I am not shure the Filesystem of my secondary disk, but I think is ntfs19:54
ioriaDirtyEar, also paste   sudo parted -l   and ls -al /mnt  for the people in here to help19:55
EriC^^DirtyEar: can you paste the output of "mount | nc termbin.com 9999" ?19:55
EriC^^(after you've mounted the 2nd disk from your file manager)19:56
DirtyEarioria: I am already installing gnome-disk-utility, is ti good?19:56
EriC^^DirtyEar: no need really19:56
EriC^^first let's see how the disk is mounted, what fs, options etc19:57
oerhekssudo parted -l   and ls -al /mnt would do19:57
DirtyEarioria: This is what I got: https://pastebin.com/GEwKSb4P19:57
oerheksntfs, ubuntu studio wants a posix filesystem, like ext419:58
DirtyEarEriC^^: Thanks. I got this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5yNMxZ9XdR/19:59
DirtyEaroerheks: What can I do?20:01
EriC^^DirtyEar: it's mounted read only20:04
EriC^^/dev/sdb2 on /mnt/windows type fuseblk (ro,20:04
EriC^^it's the one mounted on /mnt/windows right now, just to confirm, right?20:04
DirtyEarEriC^^: Yes Is the only disk I have mounted in /mnt/20:05
DirtyEarSomebody help me two days back, but only works until I restart the PC20:06
oerheksnot sure why it is mounted RO, maybe it has errors on the filesystem?20:08
oerheksgnome-disks gives an option: check-filesystem20:09
DirtyEarToday when I turn on the PC shows me and error in some program but it doest show me what program. I suposed is something with the disk20:09
DirtyEaroerheks: How can I do that?. Excuse me but I am new with all this things20:10
oerhekslike in windows?20:10
oerheksgnome disks, select that sdb ntfs disk, then in the menu20:11
EriC^^DirtyEar: try 'sudo mount -o remount,rw /mnt/windows'20:11
DirtyEaroerheks: Ok. I have open gnome-disks. When I choose my secundary disk (1TB) show me a bar with: Partition 1= 17 MB, partition 2=1TB ntfs and, free space 1.8MB20:13
DirtyEarEriC^^: I got this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/jSjhVymDFK/20:15
EriC^^DirtyEar: try "dmesg | grep sdb2"20:17
DirtyEaroerheks: I do not find check fileSystem in gnome-disks20:17
DirtyEarEriC^^: Got his: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6dYvw9BGb7/20:18
EriC^^DirtyEar: ok, let's try to manually mount it20:19
EriC^^DirtyEar: type "sudo umount /mnt/windows"20:19
EriC^^then "sudo mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt/windows"20:19
DirtyEarEriC^^: I got his: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2Dqggvc38Y/20:20
DirtyEarEriC^^: Thanks for your time.20:20
=== kadiro_ is now known as kadiro
oerheksthat what i thought, ntfs would mound RW normally, when clean20:22
oerheksfix this from windows, or gnome disks, there is check filesystem, in the 3 icons under the window20:22
DirtyEaroerheks: In gnome-disks cannot find chech filesystem. I found an option "test disk performance", is this?20:24
oerheks in the 3 icons under the window ..20:25
EriC^^DirtyEar: ok, the problem is that you were in windows and you shut it down instead of restarting, and windows does a trick on the user where it pretends to shutdown but actually hibernates20:27
EriC^^DirtyEar: type 'sudo ntfsfix /dev/sdb2'20:28
DirtyEaroerheks: Thanks for your patience. I have this https://ibb.co/cbpXNJT20:28
EriC^^DirtyEar: you can disable this sneaky behavior in windows power management somewhere pretty obscure, or just restart whenever you're in windows instead of shutting down20:28
javaJakeThe "Intel 8265 / 8275" wireless device (8086:24fd) shows as "not working" in 19.10. The only option I can select is "Continue using a manually installed driver".20:28
DirtyEarEriC^^: I got this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/hmzgCdSvhc/20:29
DirtyEarEriC^^: Ok. The trick is always I run windows, never shut down but always restart, right?20:30
EriC^^DirtyEar: ok, you should be able to mount it normally from the file manager now and write to it20:30
EriC^^DirtyEar: yeah, or just disable the 'fast start' feature20:30
DirtyEarEriC^^: Ok. It works, Thanks.20:31
EriC^^DirtyEar: great, no problem20:32
DirtyEarEriC^^ I just have some files for TuxGuitar (tablature software) what does not open any files on my secundary disk, but If I copy the file to my primary disk, it opens the file. Is the only thing I cannot fixed it yet. Is there any advice you may share with me?20:32
EriC^^DirtyEar: hmm, what happens when you try to open from the disk?20:33
oerheksubuntu studio wants a posix filesystem, like ext420:33
DirtyEarEriC^^: Tux guitar open, but shows me that the it cannot open the file20:34
EriC^^DirtyEar: does it say why?20:34
EriC^^DirtyEar: how are you copying the file? as your user or using root?20:34
DirtyEarEriC^^: No. This is what it shows me https://ibb.co/v16GZ1720:35
DirtyEarEriC^^: I just click on it and pull it to my desktop and open the file. But I work with a lot of this type of files20:36
DirtyEarDirtyEar: *Drag to my desktop20:38
oerhekssudo snap remove tuxguitar-vs && sudo snap install tuxguitar-vs --classic20:40
oerheksSnap app runs in sandbox. To disable this disable security confinement, re-install it via --classic mode20:40
SrRavenEz one for all you folks, I got ubuntu server booted onto a intel NUC, no eth found. I guess if I use standard ubuntu, same issue?20:40
EriC^^DirtyEar: see what oerheks said20:42
EriC^^might be the case i guess20:42
oerheksSrRaven, you could test it with a livesession.20:42
DirtyEaroerheks: OK. What you say is that I need to reinstall tuxguitar with the line you share with me?20:42
oerheksEriC^^, still, ubuntu studio stuff wants posix.. carla and such20:42
DirtyEarI will try thanks to all of you! I really apreciatte your help20:42
EriC^^DirtyEar: if you can type "ls -l /mnt/windows/Salvar2019/Descargas/*.gpx" it might show some clues too20:43
EriC^^oerheks: why though isn't ubuntu studio just an ubuntu remix? normal ubuntu with some preinstalled programs and a low-latency kernel?20:44
DirtyEaroerheks: EriC^^ : Ok I alredy did it. This is what I got https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/cX3FvMyP8g/20:44
EriC^^DirtyEar: seems it ignored it20:45
EriC^^maybe try installing normal tuxguitar using apt-get instead of snap?20:45
EriC^^i've used it on my pc without problems, reading from ntfs ext hdd20:45
DirtyEarEriC^^ : I got his: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ZXrB98ghk6/20:46
=== wodencafe is now known as wodemoncafe
DirtyEarEriC^^: Like this: "sudo apt-get install tuxguitar-vs --classic" ?20:47
DirtyEaroerheks: Thanks. I cannot open file yet. But really thanks.20:48
geniiSrRaven: Some of the very latest Intel NICs either require kernels later than 5.2, or the iwlwifi driver backported from Intel source to previous kernel20:48
SrRavenits an older one, D54250WYKH20:48
EriC^^DirtyEar: no just sudo apt-get install tuxguitar20:48
SrRavenubuntu-server simply only shows loopback20:49
DirtyEarEriC^^: I already did it: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/M53gyPdCQJ/20:49
DirtyEarIt does not work yet.20:50
EriC^^DirtyEar: ah seems already installed20:50
EriC^^DirtyEar: try "which tuxguitar"20:50
tomreynSrRaven: can you switch to a tty and take a smartphone screenshot of lspci -nn  (or "lspci -knn if it fits the screen) and post that?"20:51
DirtyEarEriC^^: I got this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5J6DBS7XBq/20:52
SrRavensure give me a few20:52
tomreynhttps://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/81164/intel-nuc-kit-d54250wykh.html states it's an I218-V20:54
SrRavenhttps://pasteboard.co/IDvr5d9.jpg tomreyn20:55
tomreynSrRaven: check also     dmesg | grep DMI:    to see your firmware version. download: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/29075?product=81164  changelog: https://downloadmirror.intel.com/29075/eng/WY_0054_ReleaseNotes.pdf20:56
tomreynSrRaven: can you this on imgur.com instead? i can't use pasteboard.co20:57
SrRavenbios i updated an hour or two ago to the one from 09/02/201920:59
SrRavendotn ask me wtf the dd/mm part is there, probably merican20:59
DirtyEarH. excuse me, my internet falls sleep for a moment jeje. Thanks for your support. The last thing I did was this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/DQWYxWh3KC/21:01
tomreynSrRaven: and the I218-V is detected. are the right drivers detected and loaded, too?   lspci -d 8086:1559 -knnv21:01
SrRavenit lists an ethernet controller21:02
EriC^^DirtyEar: wb what does 'which tuxguitar give' ?21:02
tomreynSrRaven: the last two lines say?21:02
SrRavenany specific line you want to know?21:02
EriC^^i mean "which tuxguitar"21:02
SrRavenkernel driver in use: e1000e21:02
SrRavenkernel modules: e1000e21:02
DirtyEarEriC^^: Thanks. It shows me this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/DQWYxWh3KC/21:03
DirtyEarIs this what you asking for?21:03
tomreynSrRaven: does    "ip link"    list it, too? does it say "NO CARRIER"?21:03
EriC^^DirtyEar: yes thanks21:03
SrRaveniplink shows lo and eno121:03
EriC^^DirtyEar: no idea why tuxguitar isnt reading directly21:04
tomreynSrRaven: in the first eno1 line, what does it say after "state"?21:04
DirtyEarEriC^^: Thanks a lot to you!! I am very grateful with all of you willing to help us! Thanks21:04
bluefox83so uhm, i have a not-entirely tech related question....could i use past experience giving help and advice in this channel on a resume?21:04
solsTiCehi. I just noticed that on 19.10 the night mode in gnome shell/wayland is doing nothing. no hue orange and still blue light... any one knows wyh and how to fix this ? using intel driver21:04
EriC^^DirtyEar: you are very welcome! no problem21:04
tomreynSrRaven: so we could try and bring it up, or you can check whether if you reload the installer screen it is now listed21:05
SrRavenim upto anything21:05
SrRavenall a learning process21:05
tomreynSrRaven: first check if it's listed at the installer now21:05
DirtyEarEriC^^: I can work copying everytime for now. But I f have any other idea just go ahead. I am willing to do more in order to work more effiecently21:05
DirtyEarEriC^^ *but if you have21:06
SrRavenSure, how?21:06
tomreynSrRaven: did you say which ubuntu version this is exactly?21:06
SrRavenlatest ubuntu lts21:06
EriC^^DirtyEar: hmm, try to see what "cat /mnt/windows/Salvar2019/Descargas/Cyborg.gpx" gives, no need to paste here, just see if it gives any error or no21:07
tomreynSrRaven: yes, i mean the release version. the iso you downloaded would say.21:07
tomreynin its file name21:07
EriC^^DirtyEar: or rather, just try "head /mnt/windows/Salvar2019/Descargas/Cyborg.gpx" so it doesnt flood the terminal too much21:07
SrRaven18.04.3 LTS21:07
SrRavensorry, had to google how to do it first21:07
tomreynok, no problem ;) i could actually have told you how to check it from the system, but didnt think of it21:08
EriC^^DirtyEar: hmmm i wonder something, try "mount" again and paste its output21:08
tomreynSrRaven: i just started a vm to see what yu see, will quickly advance to the network screen21:08
SrRavenyeah but you want me to restart installer I assume21:08
SrRavenwhats the command for that?21:09
EriC^^DirtyEar: i think maybe it has some settings that doesn't allow to execute maybe21:09
tomreynSrRaven: no, just go "back" (on the bottom) and then go forward again21:09
SrRaveneh? its already installed21:09
SrRavenim booted into it21:09
tomreynSrRaven: oh, i was somehow thinking you were sitting at the installer, sorry.21:09
tomreynSrRaven: okay so just   ip link set dev eno1 up21:10
tomreynSrRaven: then do    ip link eno1     and see whether "state" has changed21:11
SrRavendoesnt work, at least when I do the ip link command again it still shows as down21:11
=== fcastillo_ is now known as fcastillo
tomreynSrRaven: ip link set dev eno1 down; sleep 3; ip link set dev eno1 up21:12
DirtyEarEriC^^: I try the line with "cat" and the line with "head" but I got a lot of things if you want ot see it this https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/86nS4f5fx3/21:12
SrRavenbuuuut if I try eno1 as "ip link eno1" it wont even work21:12
SrRavensays eno1 unknown21:12
tomreynSrRaven: ah that's     ip link show en01    to check the satte, sorry21:12
tomreynSrRaven: was the ethernet detected and brought up during installation though?21:13
EriC^^DirtyEar: ok, it looks like it can read it fine, i wonder if the mount options are the problem, try "mount"21:13
SrRavenI didnt had an ethernet nearby when installing it21:13
SrRavenhad to find a 10m lan cable first21:13
DirtyEarEriC^^: Ok with "mount" I got this https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/MSsTmGJXBR/21:13
tomreynSrRaven: ah so ethernet is just not configured, i guess21:14
SrRavenI can just plug in the ubuntu server usb stick again and reinstall if thats faster/less painless21:14
EriC^^DirtyEar: oh gosh, it is mounted read only again21:14
tomreynSrRaven: it can, be, unless you want to learn netplan21:14
tomreyn!netplan | SrRaven21:14
ubottuSrRaven: Netplan is a network configuration abstraction renderer which uses YAML descriptions of a network to work with either a NetworkManager or Systemd-networkd "renderer". More information at https://netplan.io/21:14
EriC^^DirtyEar: i guess the ntfsfix didn't help much, you have to boot into windows and restart it, then into ubuntu21:14
SrRavenwell....it doesnt sound like a terrible thing to learn something21:14
SrRavenbut on the other hand, if I can accomplish something with less work, why bother21:15
tomreynSrRaven: i'm happy with either choice you make there ;)21:15
tomreynthe installation should not take long, but you will know, since you did it21:15
DirtyEarEriC^^ : If I understand you. I have to turn off my PC run windows, then restart and runs Ubuntu?21:16
SrRavenyeah im kinda amazed how fast it boots21:16
EriC^^DirtyEar: yup that's it21:16
=== kadiro_ is now known as kadiro
SrRavenim only a mediocre linux user, I cant switch yet...my PC wont let hibernate work and thats infuriating me21:16
DirtyEarEriC^^: Ok. I will do and I let you know. Tanks a lot for your patience and help21:16
EriC^^DirtyEar: alright, no problem21:16
DirtyEarGive 5 minutes21:16
SrRavenreinstalling, will give an update in a few when im at that screen tomreyn21:17
tomreynSrRaven: hibernation is not a very common operation mode on servers21:17
SrRavenno I meant for my personal PC21:17
SrRavengot ubuntu on there21:17
tomreynoh i see21:17
tomreynwe can look into that next ;)21:17
SrRavenalright, so im at the network connection screen21:17
tomreynsure, i'll be around a bit more21:18
SrRavenit says not connected though21:18
SrRavenwhich...makes no sense21:18
tomreynis the NIC light lit? constantly? or flashing? which color?21:18
SrRaven I only see a power light21:19
SrRavenbut could set the ipv4/ipv6 method to DHCP if I wanted to21:19
SrRavenshould I try that?21:19
tomreynyou can try, but it attempts dhcp by default21:19
SrRavenyeah timed out21:19
tomreynhmm, and you would expect this to work?21:20
tomreynlike, it should get a dhcp lease and address assigned?21:20
SrRavenconsidering im just hooking up another cable to my switch, im pretty sure21:20
tomreynand this switch connectes to some other computer which will be happy to hand out ip addresses via dhcp to any computers asking for one?21:21
SrRavenjust a private router provided by ISP21:22
tomreynSrRaven: so, i kind of would like to debug this more, but only a little bit, and it would potentially take a long time. so insteasd i guess we should just try to make it work (TM)21:22
tomreynswitch to tty again, snap refresh subiquity21:23
DirtyEarOk. I am back21:23
SrRavenehh...you want me to do what now?21:23
tomreynSrRaven: what i just said ;) but your other option is still to just reboot normally and do the manual configuration via netplan21:24
DirtyEarI can open almost every file ecxept for the *.gpx.21:24
SrRavenlet me just real quick check with a laptop if the cable is just fucky21:25
SrRavengotta eliminate some variables21:25
tomreyni'm sure you meant "funky" there21:26
EriC^^DirtyEar: wb21:26
DirtyEarEriC^^: Excuse me. I do not understand21:27
apetrescDirtyEar: it means "welcome back"21:28
apetresc(because you said you were back)21:28
SrRavenof course my mouse wont work now21:28
SrRavenonly a matter of seconds now21:28
EriC^^DirtyEar: wb  = welcome back21:28
kadiroDirtyEar> see what gives you: file your_file.gpx21:28
DirtyEarapetresc: Jajajaj thanks. Every day you learn new things jajaja thanks21:28
EriC^^DirtyEar: what happens if you open tuxguitar then go to file > open and choose file on ext hdd?21:29
DirtyEarkadiro: Thanks. I got this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ywwwB5PVv9/21:31
SrRavenok...dont kill me tomreyn but it may just have been a funky cable...21:31
kadiroDirtyEar> you missed file like this: file Cyborg.gpx21:32
tomreynSrRaven: so it's solved?21:32
DirtyEarEriC^^: And that way the file opens.21:32
kadiroDirtyEar> that will just tell you what type of file you have21:32
EriC^^DirtyEar: ah nice21:32
SrRavenbooting it up atm, but it seems like it21:32
DirtyEarEriC^^: I think is the best way to open the files, right?21:32
SrRavenit asked me for mirrors etc21:32
EriC^^DirtyEar: yeah, it works, i wonder whats different, its very mysterious21:33
SrRavenits the third lan cable I tried though21:33
SrRaven...very annoying21:33
tomreynSrRaven: maybe trash the bad ones, then it's easier next time ;)21:34
tomreynor mark them at least21:34
DirtyEarkadiro: I have all the files in a secundaty disk. When I try to open from the folder, does not open. But when I open the program and look for the file, opens good21:34
SrRaventhey were new and sealed21:34
tomreynoh :-/21:34
SrRavenstill had the wrapping etc21:34
EriC^^DirtyEar: the real mystery is why from the desktop clicking on them works normally, weird21:35
DirtyEarEriC^^: Misterious but thanks.21:35
kadiroDirtyEar> yeah i understand, it miiss the mime type of that specific extension21:35
oerheksEriC^^, as his desktop is on ext421:35
tomreynSrRaven: and i assume they're less than 100 meters?21:35
EriC^^oerheks: he's able to open them even from ext, but he has to open the program first, then go to file > open > and browse to ext hdd21:35
SrRavenlike 4 or 521:35
EriC^^*i mean even from the ntfs21:35
SrRavenprobably more like 321:35
tomreynhmm, that's rather unusual.21:36
oerheksi understand he cannot open it from that disk at all.21:36
SrRavenim setting it all up at home, so I can homelab21:36
EriC^^oerheks: nope, i recently asked him to open the program, file > open > ext hdd , it works21:36
EriC^^i wonder if when he double clicks, it's actually using the snap one that has a problem with ntfs? and other times it uses the apt-get one?21:37
SrRavensorry to have taken your time21:37
SrRavenbut at least I checked at some point :/21:37
oerheksso, there is no issue.21:37
EriC^^but it seems some inherent problem with tuxguitar, i saw another user with the same issue while googling21:37
tomreynSrRaven: that's fine, no problem21:37
EriC^^oerheks: nah there is, from the filemanager it doesnt work21:38
DirtyEarEriC^^, oerheks, kadiro : I found the error. This program is able to open two types of files: *.gtp and *.gpx. The *.gtp are guitar pro files and *.gpx are native files from TuxGuitar, but TuxGuitar only opens *.gpt21:38
kadiroah that make sens21:38
SrRavenjust in short, because doing it all will be iffy. as I have to constantly reboot21:38
SrRavenhow would I go about troubleshooting hibernation on a desktop PC?21:38
EriC^^DirtyEar: ah it's also working now from the ext hdd directly? with .gpt?21:39
DirtyEarI wonder why TuxGuitar cannot open files native from TuxGuitar. Do I miss something?21:39
EriC^^yeah that's not making sense21:39
EriC^^DirtyEar: the *.gpx files, do they open if you do the file > open or drag to desktop?21:40
DirtyEarEriC^^: Yes. I can open files directly from the folder in my secunday disk with extension *.gpt, but not gpx21:40
tomreynSrRaven: you would do it, then review logs:     journalctl -b0    if it made it to return from hibernation fine, or    journalctl -b -1   if it failed to (and you had to powercycle manually).21:40
EriC^^DirtyEar: ok, but gpx works from desktop, right?21:40
SrRaventhanks ill remember that21:41
SrRavenI dont game anymore since my GPU died, so might as well21:41
tomreynSrRaven: there will be "PM:" lines on this log which will indicate start and stop of those actions21:41
kadiroDirtyEar> may be under the directory: /usr/share/applications/TuxGuitar.desktop you will find a line say: MimeType= ... see if gpx is there21:41
kadirojust a hint21:41
DirtyEarEriC^^: No. Now I see that the files I have copied until now, was gpt21:41
SrRavennow time to setup SSH so I can remove all this mess21:41
tomreynSrRaven: you may want to get more verbose output on screen, too, since at some point file systems are unmounted (and not mounted yet after reboot) so some messages wont get logged21:42
DirtyEarkadiro: No. It has *.gp5 (the 5 version of gtp)21:42
tomreyn!bootlog | SrRaven21:42
ubottuSrRaven: To get a more verbose log of the boot process, remove "quiet" and "splash" from the kernel boot parameters and add "debug systemd.log_level=info". For info on editing kernel boot parameters, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters21:42
kadiroDirtyEar> that's it21:42
DirtyEarI mean. Tuxguitar now opens all my files no matter the folder location. But no opens native files I wrote in TuxGuitar21:43
kadiroDirtyEar> that's why it is not presented in the mime type21:44
DirtyEarAnd Guitar Pro cannot open that type of files. I am new in ubuntuStudio 19.10. I used ubuntuStudio 16 until 2 weeks ago but I do not have that error in UbunutStudio 1621:44
DirtyEarkadiro: What you mean is: I have to try the line you share in order to "allow" open tht type of files?21:45
DrManhattanDirtyEar, maybe you should run GuitarPro in a windows virtual Machine21:46
DirtyEarkadiro: I got this https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Vz4qX5FBRh/21:46
kadiroDirtyEar> no, because the gpx is not in the mime type, the double click on that file doesn't open them with that program21:46
DrManhattanwow, linux output sounds so fancy in spanish21:47
DirtyEarDrManhattan: Guitar pro cannot open files from TuxGuitar. And my goal is to use only linux software. But thanks for your help.21:47
DrManhattanDirtyEar, can TuxGuitar open files from Guitar Pro?21:48
kadiroDirtyEar> it could be tuxguitar or something but anyway may be it is just a bug why it doesn't open them directly21:48
SrRaventhanks for everything tomreyn !21:48
DirtyEarkadiro: Yes. Now is the only type of files that it opens.21:48
DirtyEarDrManhattan: Yes. Now is the only type of files that it opens.21:49
oerheksoh, Guitar pro cannot open files from TuxGuitar21:49
DrManhattanSounds a lot like PS/Gimp21:49
DrManhattanDirtyEar, well, if you're migrating to linux-only, what do you need Guitar Pro for?21:49
DrManhattanGuitar Pro is Mac/Windows21:49
kadirogpx have many mime type as gpx (gps ) or guitar or something else21:50
DirtyEarDrManhattan: I do not need GuitarPro. I just have a lot of files write in Guitar Pro and I can open that files in TuxGuitar. And I have a lot of files write in TuxGuitar, but It cannot open any of these files21:50
DrManhattancolor me confused. I'm missing something here.21:51
kadiroDirtyEar> I found this https://elementaryos.stackexchange.com/questions/3995/how-can-i-change-the-icon-for-a-specific-file-type ( may be it is the same case as yours )21:51
DirtyEarkadiro: I do not understand about MIME21:51
DrManhattanWhy can't you open the files you're written in TuxGuitar IN TuxGuitar?21:51
oerhekshe can, but no guitar pro.. he changes the problem constantly21:52
DrManhattanbut he's not using Guitar Pro anymore21:52
DrManhattanhe said he wants to go linux-only21:52
DirtyEarDrManhattan: I do not now. I have been using Ubuntu 16 until 2 weeks ago that my computer broke. I have a new one and I installed Ubuntu 19 and now I have this situation with my *. gpx files21:53
kadiroI'm confused now21:53
DrManhattanDirtyEar, If you're on ubuntu only, and you can read Guitar Pro files in TuxGuitar, then you don't have a problem. Guitar Pro is a windows/mac product.21:54
DirtyEarkadiro: I can open every file written in guitar pro, but any of the TuxGuitar.21:54
DrManhattanDirtyEar, so to clarify, you are unable to open the TuxGuitar files WITH TuxGuitar?21:54
kadiroDirtyEar> the tuxguitar can recognize the guitar pro files?21:54
DirtyEarDrManhattan: Yes.21:54
DirtyEarkadiro: Yes. And it opens without problem all guitar pro files21:55
DrManhattanok - the windows based files don't even appear to be part of this issue then21:55
DirtyEarBut I cannot open TuxGuitar Files21:55
DrManhattantheir forum got hacked21:56
kadiroDirtyEar> did you tryed the solution I gave to you in the link above21:56
kadiroIn the place of 'guitarpro.xml' use something like 'tuxguitar' ( the same name as the desktop file21:57
peepsaloti got a kernel and nvidia driver update, but the dkms step failed because i had set my cc alternatives to clang-9 and it was calling with an option that only gcc supports.21:58
kadirosame thing with application/x-guitarpro21:58
peepsaloti switched cc back to gcc now, but I can't get the dkms to run again21:59
peepsaloti tried "sudo dpk-reconfigure nvidia-driver-430" but it doesnt appear to do anything21:59
oerheksreinstall the dkms?22:00
DirtyEarkadiro: I just tried but I cannot open .gpx yet22:00
peepsalotah, didn't realize its a separate package22:01
peepsalotok, rebooting now :)22:01
peepsalotgraphics are back. thanks oerheks!22:03
kadiroDirtyEar> can you paste the link from this: find /usr/share/applications -iname "Tux*" -exec grep MimeType {} \; | nc termbin.com 999922:03
DirtyEarkadiro: tuxguitar.xml already exist22:03
oerhekspeepsalot, have fun!22:04
kadiroDirtyEar> paste the command above and the content of that xml file22:04
oerhekspeepsalot, maybe you can figure out howto write a dkms for clang-9 https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DKMS22:05
kadirocat /usr/share/mime/packages/tuxguitar.xml | nc termbin.com 999922:05
kadiroDirtyEar> please paste both, i will try to fix it22:06
DirtyEarkadiro: I have the tuxguitar.xml opens. I have to add this line? : find /usr/share/applications -iname "Tux*" -exec grep MimeType {} \; | nc termbin.com 999922:07
kadiroDirtyEar> no, do thoses command from your terminal22:08
kadiroI will see them both22:08
kadiroIt will give you an url22:08
DirtyEarkadiro: This is the first:https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/yqxnJskZ6f/22:10
kadironow the scond22:10
DirtyEarDirtyEar: Now the second https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/S978vKMnVc/22:10
DirtyEarkadiro: The second https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/S978vKMnVc/22:11
oerheksGPX only opens with Guitar Pro 6.22:12
kadiroDirtyEar> In your tuxguitar.xml add this <glob pattern="*.gpx"/> before <glob pattern="*.gtp"/> , save it and type in your terminal:  sudo update-mime-database /usr/share/mime/22:12
DirtyEarkadiro: Before https://ibb.co/fnzBcwD22:16
DirtyEarDirtyEar: After https://ibb.co/bgzGkXj22:16
DirtyEarkadiro: After https://ibb.co/bgzGkXj22:16
kadirosudo update-mime-database /usr/share/mime/22:17
kadiromay be you need to reboot, not sure22:17
DirtyEarkadiro: ok. No works yet. I will restart adn I will be back! Thanks for your help. I now my englih is no good but thanks for your patience22:19
kadiroDirtyEar> no worry my english is very bad too22:22
DirtyEarHI. I am back. TuxGuitar does not open the files yet22:22
DirtyEarkadiro: Jajaja at least we can chat jaja22:23
kadiro__I got disconnected22:25
=== kadiro__ is now known as kadiro
DirtyEarkadiro__ : I open tuxGuitar and save a file and it saves files with *.tg22:26
DirtyEarMaybe If I change the extension will work?22:26
DirtyEarWhat do you recommended?22:26
kadirohmmtry to make a copy of any gpx file to tg and see if it open it22:27
kadiroIt could22:28
kadiroI have annother idea but may be it will not work22:29
DirtyEarIt does not work.22:30
DirtyEarI will instal TuxGuitar on my Windows and rewrite everything. Because I see the extension is different now22:30
kadiroIf you have wine may be you will not be forced to boot in windows22:31
DirtyEarThanks to everybody helping me. I am very grateful with all of you. I am new and some things are difficult to me22:31
kadiroDirtyEar> you are welcome22:32
DirtyEarI have installed wine. I will try22:32
DirtyEarkadiro: Thanks a lot. You always help me in this forum.22:32
kadiroDirtyEar> with my pleasure :)22:32
DirtyEarThanks to kadiro, EriC^^, oakridge, and all of you for your time and patience22:34
DirtyEarHave a really good week!22:34
kadirothank you DirtyEar22:34
PriceyWhat does DNE mean on https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2019/CVE-2019-11043.html ?22:37
=== kadiro_ is now known as kadiro
Priceydoes not exist... doesn't help me...22:38
oerheksdoes not exist, or does not apply to this version22:38
oerheksgreen is good22:38
Pyro_KillerThere is no php5 in the repo for those versions of ubuntu22:39
Pyro_Killerhence it does not exist22:39
sarnoldoerheks: it only means "does not exist" -- doesn't apply is marked with "not-affected"22:40
oerheksoke, but 'does not apply' covers the same, though?22:41
sarnoldoerheks: perhaps, from the perspective of a user, but from the perspective of the package existing or not, vulnerability existing in the package or not, etc, it's a different story :)22:43
fourrootwhat does "<<<" do if i add it after a command ? like cat<<<22:43
bpromptfourroot:  hmmm sounds like an HEREdoc block, tis not a redirection for sure22:45
fourrootcat<<<$'echo hello world" | can u explain what does it do ?22:47
oerheksman cat < is for passing file (or directory)  <<  for passing multiple lines, and <<< to pass a string (instead of file).22:48
raidghostHow can i fix so ubuntu 18.04 LTS shuts down (on a Hp Proobook G1 laptop)23:28
raidghostI thught poweroff/shutdown now was gonna do the magic of turn the computer off. But neeeh. It just boots the computer again.23:29
=== ben_r_ is now known as ben_r
sarnoldraidghost: you can try fiddling with the reboot= kernel command line parameters https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/master/Documentation/admin-guide/kernel-parameters.txt#L413723:48
stonedDoes ubuntu 18.04 have Hibernate option? If so, how do I enable it? I only get Suspend23:51
sarnoldstoned: I think hibernate is in the "your milage may vary" category -- I don't think we've got it exposed in friendly gui things. I think hibernate requires that you have enough swap space to store all ram. try systemctl hibernate and see what happens?23:55
stonedIf I try it, will it instantly hibernate?23:55
sarnoldI believe so23:55
oerheksGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”quiet splash resume=UUID=XXX-XXX = system swap UUID. Then do an update-grub.  ##23:56
oerheks“sudo systemctl hibernate” will now work perfectly and hibernate button can be added by following steps in these tutorial23:56
stonedI have 8gb ram, and 12gb swap spread across 3 drives23:56
Eickmeyersarnold: My understanding is that it was disabled due to inconsistencies with UEFI secure boot.23:56
sarnoldEickmeyer: oh my23:56
stonedOk, thanks23:56
oerheksEickmeyer, secure boot and or encrypted disk23:56
Eickmeyeroerheks: Yep.23:56

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